Stop Procrastination So You Can Finally "Get Stuff Done" With Ease (Even If You Don't Feel Like It)... Guaranteed!

Delany’s Sonaris Sound Healing activates light energy in the tiny, yet powerful, Pineal Gland Crystals in your third eye and will turn you into an energy machine!

Here's What Others Have Already Experienced With Delany and Transcendence Sonaris Healing...

Listen to Annora’s Story

Before the procrastination work with Delany she would force herself to do the daily details. Now she has no overthinking or no force. There is so much more ease with how she is managing myself. She now has more energy for other things.

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Listen to Jackie's Story

“Already this week, I received an upgrade on my hotel room to a suite and breakfast each morning! And I won prizes at an event I was at!! DIGBTT?!” ~ Sharleen

“Hellooo beautiful, dazzling, vibrant being ❤ your money class in the UK allowed me to really acknowledge my true power!! It was amazing!! I am so grateful 💕 I'm coming to Bali!! 💃🌸 I'm in the money 🎶🎶🎶❤” ~ Julie Hall

“Grateful because the day I signed up for this course... I won over 1300€!!!” ~ Sonja Callant

“YES ♥️ thank you for today's call Delany... It was so great my Grandma forgot to take her walking stick at the end of the energy activation!! ✨🦄 So grateful!” ~ Denise Winterer-Eggler Switzerland

“I am full of gratitude to you and the wonderful and empowering way you have inspired and contributed to me! Embracing my telepathic abilities is creating so much more joy and ease in my world.!” ~ Irit Israel

“After our private sessions, my husband and I are no longer at war! Patterns we’ve had for years have gone! And $2200 USD dropped into our laps. We have our airfares to Bali for Delany’s retreat 2019!!!” ~ Julie H.

“I sense a vitally in (my) molecules I have not experienced before… like an energetic massage of molecules! My true nature keeps on cracking through the barrieres! It feels so ‘beautiful’... THANK YOU!” ~ Inbal, Israel

“Delaney’s voice is another dimension and experience you step into. The spectrum of light and tonality codes she channels completely opens your heart and sets you on a deep inner healing journey! I have deep respect for Delany.” ~ Xavier Flow

“I got real clear about what was missing in my creation, it was a true knowing, which instantly lead to inner peace, to me dropping any doubt and become the space and presence I am. This sensation of not having enough is gone, I now have plenty!” ~ Noa Z.

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Discount: 87%

Total Package Value $1200

From Heartache to Joy
Special Offer



Transcendence Mastery Online Event

Transcendence Elite Bundle - MP3s

Super Bonus: Transcendency Tower Boosters
90 Days of Remote Activations


Discount: 87%

Total Package Value $1600

From Heartache to Joy



Transcendence Mastery Online Event

Transcendence Elite Bundle - MP3s

Super Bonus: Transcendency Tower Boosters

90 Days of Remote Activations

Future Activation 1:1 Dynamic Session

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Package A: 30 Day Refund.
Package B: No refunds after group session starts or session is taken, whichever comes first.

There's something called "Procrastination Freeze" that happens to so many people because of one bad thing that happened to them...

If you feel like you've done the work to create an extraordinary life for yourself.... and you're in a spiral of stress, regret, and guilt over procrastinating things you "SHOULD" do… but didn't… there's a good reason why this bad thing has happened to you!

At every turn, frustration and overwhelm seem to block any movement forward when it comes to finishing important projects… They just never seem to get finished!

Or you feel like the hamster on a wheel when you think about your giant to-do list…

There are so many projects, you feel like you're losing control…

And you can't even keep up with the little things (that seem like big things!) on your list like doing laundry or paying the electricity bill.

The worry, guilt, and shame are all that you see when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning… Because you feel inadequate about the few little things you did accomplish... they just didn't seem like enough.

All you can think of is the dreaded list of chores... let alone put your focus on the brilliant business ideas you've been thinking about for what seems like a lifetime.

People tell you to make a list and cross out everything on your list. But if you have this Procrastination Problem—Just because society thinks you should do it — doesn’t mean you can!

Your to-do list will never go away…

But for some reason, it feels like there's some unseen force cutting the hours in your day— in half…

The fact is, It makes worry, stress, depression, and toxic judgment become your normal.

You get used to not feeling good, and you end up stuck in a negative holding pattern in your subconscious brain because of what you didn't do.

And not getting one thing done (that you wanted to do) forces your brain to go negative and not even come close to doing the big things you want to do.

In addition to that… Negative thoughts feed off of each other like tissue paper in a fire.

This negativity distorts your mental state and forces your mind to go into a burning negative loop and makes your life goals seem too far out of reach.

The reality of what you think you can accomplish gets twisted, and you feel frozen when you need to get things done.

And the result?

You have trouble finishing even the smallest tasks, that should be easy…

But they don’t seem easy.

The pile only gets bigger, and you just can’t keep up.

The one thing that causes procrastination is this…

One negative thought gets trapped in your mind.

And there’s one more thing…

Every single negative thought piles on top of the other negative thoughts— over and over and over.

It’s like a negative domino collapse that gets wired in your subconscious brain.

… and it makes you get nothing done!

But that’s only half the story...

This “Procrastination Freeze” forces you to do NOTHING with your real-life purpose — again and again!.

And what's worse is... these stacks of negative thoughts (that stem from past programming... or even ONE incident that happened to you) turn into

…. Negative feelings.

The thoughts and feelings connect together to form powerful beliefs.

And when your mind believes something negative…

It affects your physical body, your focus, and in turn… your motivation.

You can FINALLY discover the shortcut secrets of following through with your big goals…

You'll learn about Delany's Sonaris Sound Healing and how it easily releases subconscious blocks that will empower you to leave procrastination behind— forever!

Here’s what else… you’ll go from not wanting to get out of bed to... burning with passion for life…’ll want to wake up earlier in the morning, and your job, chores and even work will become fun!

This is how it works…

When you connect with cosmic visionaries, light beings, and angels through this process…

They will help you clear opposing forces in your mind and tap into divine "Energy Boosters," like never felt before… you'll feel connected to your creative conscious awareness while you feel total joy and bliss in the doing!

Just imagine what your life will be like when you liberate yourself from the prison of procrastination!

You'll feel goosebumps when you finally have a Sublime Soul Connection with Source— and tap into your Inner Powerful "Procrasination Crushing" Warrior Princess… you’ll feel unstoppable!

When you discover and start speaking with your Soul Voice, you'll feel the ultimate peace and joy while living your life's real purpose and procrastination will disappear!

You'll also become more radiant to yourself and everyone around you. Your feeling of "Cosmic Worth" gives you the ultimate permission to trust and follow through with your inner wisdom's ideas and dreams… and you'll finally stand tall because you're living your true destiny!

You'll reclaim your energetic soul that will lift the weight off of your shoulders, and you'll feel like you're floating into the life you've always envisioned for yourself.

Skip years of frustration with Sonaris Sound Healing that transmutes time and space so you will leave fear and mediocrity behind— forever!

Here's What Others Have Already Experienced With Delany and Transcendence Sonaris Healing...

“The Clarity And Awareness I Gained Are Making A Tremendous Difference In My Business And… My Life!”

“I came to Delany asking for more Connection with myself and with my voice. I knew I was resisting using my voice to its full potential. When we started working, I got to see where all my blocks were and how they influenced me not stepping into my full potential and speaking up.

Delany helped me to connect with my very source in a way I never had before! It really helped me to become aware of where I am holding myself back… I received so much in this one session! It was like a Mother Earth kinda atmosphere that made it so easy to connect with that natural part of who I am and all of my potentials for creating my business, my life!

You intuitively hit the spot time after time and we were able to unfold some amazing awareness! You go deep with this work and in such a playful way that I’m now more playful too! You got me out of my head and I have so much more awareness of self and body.

The work we did set the foundation for further creations in my business, as I am not only more confident in knowing what truly lights me up and where my energy is in my business, but also in stepping into creating it. I am so excited to see what else is unfolding - this has unlocked a wealth vibration in my life!"

~ Bettina Laux, Germany

“This Changed My Life In Such A BIG Way… My Marriage Is Better, I Got A New Job And Money Is Flowing In Effortlessly !”

““We were both in a hole, not much good happening and things were getting worse and worse. Money was hard to come by, making rent was difficult. I was being unkind to me and it was flowing onto others, particularly my husband. After working with delany… Life turned around so fast and in so many ways it was incredible!

I got a job as a counsellor with most of my work being at home... this allowed me to run the house and continue to work on creating my own business. It was the easiest I’d ever got a job and I was impressed with the acknowledgement of my skills ... we could pay the rent!

It didn’t stop there though, my body turned on for the first time in years! I stopped hiding and pretending I was totally shy and I remembered I could have and be FUN! I stepped into my leadership abilities and my relationship with my husband improved too!

Since working with Delany, my husband and I have both stopped the destructive communication patterns in our marriage that had been going on for years. I now claim my power and know I can do anything WITHOUT having to push or make things happen!

More money is coming in! We are saving to go to Bali in November this year, our first trip overseas! Things we’ve talked about doing for years... we are both now creating! Delany has this ability to shine a light on what you can’t see or don’t want to see that’s stopping you. She has this space of no judgment and lightness. She knows how to make this fun, what an inspiration! Through Delany’s trust in her intuitive knowing, I’ve been inspired to trust me!

~ Julie Hall, England

“We Got The House By The Ocean Amidst The Stiff Competition! Since Working With Delany… EVERYTHING Is So Much Better In My Life!”

Without fail, my sessions with Delany create more ease, space and a deeper connection with my body and my own knowing! I found a house near the ocean and I knew it was the one and we had to compete for it in an auction! So I worked with Delany from the start… and we got the house amidst stiff competition and within our budget!

She’s helped me with my marriage to know how to operate without constantly projecting, blaming and judging my husband... Our relationship is now way more fun and easy! Delany provides practical tools along with energetic clearing and healing... this results in change that sustains.

She runs each session from that wonderful space of being REAL, and being MORE... the pragmatic, and the magical! This flows into how I deal with my kids (more presence, less pressure), my performing (less judgement, more joy) and my business (less linear, more flow).

I totally changed my view from lack to thinking of money as just another energy and form of creation. That has changed everything! Thank you!

~ Trish Brown, Sydney, Australia

“This Work Has Created So Much More For Me In My Life… Including Saving My Newly Adopted Dog!!”

“The blocks that stopped me from having more are now gone! Delany gifted me with incredible energy and the 'tools' to come out of that place of doubt and smallness. I can now recognise them myself and melt them away! I have trained in many therapies over a period of thirty years and none has gifted me so much in so short a time!

Delany’s work has created so much more expansion in my world! I even took my newly adopted 7 year old dog to the classes and she's dropped the abandonment issues that where keeping her unhappy and unsafe… they’re ALL gone! Her face has changed, her eyes opened up and her affection and calmness are beyond what I thought possible. This whole experience with Delany has created so much more in my life... including FUN!!

~ Jen McFarlane, UK

“Everything Is Changing & Showing Up… More Than I Ever Thought Possible For Myself And My Daughter!”

“Since working with Delany, everything is changing and expanding! My awareness, my creative capacities, my telepathic abilities and my business are flying and so much more is showing up than I ever thought was possible!

Plus, Delany’s work with children is unique and inspirational... she has assisted my daughter with self confidence issues which were affected her mental health and also her abilities with performing arts, particularly singing. Just two sessions with Delany have released and changed more for my daughter than many (many) singing lessons and attempts at therapy elsewhere have got anywhere near to achieving!

I am so grateful for this, it is wonderful to hear my daughter singing, speaking out and performing so confidently!"

~ Tracy Howlett, UK

“I’m More Care-Free, More Relaxed… And I’m Able To Express Myself More Clearly Now!”

“Getting my life so much better organised and re-directed as a result of my session with Delany. I’m more care-free, more relaxed and I’m able to express myself more clearly. It has set in motion (finally!) engaging with my writing and a whole lot more! Exciting times ahead... Thank YOU! Xxx”

~ Erica Brown, UK

“I’m Now In The Fast Lane With My Business, My Finances… And My Life!”

“I’m running at life without the brakes on now. I easily make time for myself, my people AND business with the ability to jump into inspired action… right now! It feels like I’m playing - I’ve let go of all the pressure I put on myself to prove anything to anyone. I’ve increased my gratitude for the financial position that we already had and business continues to grow... more clients, more money and more projects with my business!

I’m following through these days and it feels easy…. I even have new collaborations with other businesses! People around me are benefiting from my awareness, kindness and creativity as I continue to learn and grow with Delany! She is helping me get real with my finances… and live a happy life!"

~ Annora Longhurst, Perth, Australia

“My World Has Opened Up… My Shyness And Confidence Have Virtually Disappeared!”

“Delany has enabled me to recognise the endless possibilities in my life. Her work is multifaceted and beyond this reality! It involves direct communication with other beings or spirits, seeing into the body to discover hidden agendas, trapped energy, disease and a whole lot of tools that shift any situation, regardless of what space or time they exist in!!

Through her work I have learned to be in gratitude, to love and to be present in every single moment. My shyness and confidence has virtually disappeared and I now react to unpleasant situations with laughter and joy!

~ Richard Sawyer, New Zealand

“This Saved My Life… Infinite Gratitude to Delany!”

“I asked: ‘Universe, show me something else, otherwise I'm leaving, it's ok for me to leave, I'm tired.’ Yes, I was pathetic about this reality… but Delany helped me to see the beauties of this reality. That I could make the choice and I became aware of the contribution I am making to the world!

An infinite gratitude for you, your energy, your sweetness, your kindness. I know that nothing separates me from the beauty, the fun, the infinite benevolence of the universe. Thank You!"

~ Ludmilla Schmidt, France

“My Family, My relationships, My Money… Have ALL Improved And Benefitted From My Work With Delany!”

“So much has changed from Working with Delany... the impact on the whole dynamic within our family continues to grow and make life easier, happier. I once had to control everything and now I find it so much easier to let go and allow things to change and flow to me. I have learnt to step aside, not back, and to get out of my own way and allow the Universe to deliver beyond the limitation of my expectations!

Since unlocking my telepathic abilities through Delany’s training, our family can now communicate telepathically more than I could have ever imagined! This has improved all our relationships and all communication, including mine with my husband. Now my family can look forward to new experiences with excitement and gratitude. I truly can see the possibility in situations rather than the problems

My relationship with money and my abilities have grown... I have learned that money comes from all sorts of places, not just my paycheck! I have the space of truly knowing what I desire to create and the ability to focus and commit to having everything in my life supporting that.

I have more confidence to speak, including about money. I now find it easy to keep track of income and expenses! I am so grateful to Delany for being the catalyst to opening up every area of my life!”

~ Andrea Oberwinkler, Vienna, Austria

“I Instantly Felt The Shifts… And I Now Feel Free, Opportunities Are Showing Up Out Of Nowhere And Doors Are Finally Opening!”

“’d desperately been seeking change... no matter what tools I tried, nothing seemed to shift things. I felt stuck and frustrated. There were so many things I wanted to change but felt like there were constant barriers in my way. Just one session with Delany and it felt like everything that was holding me back suddenly shifted!

I instantly felt free and my whole world felt like it was full of possibilities. Soon after working with Delany, opportunities started showing up out of nowhere... doors are finally opening! I’ve finally learned to trust my awareness and follow my knowing. I’m having a lot of fun creating a life that’s true for me! Thank you Delany, I’m so grateful for you! Xx"

~ Patricia Reynolds, UK

“Stopped Worrying And Started Living… I Have MORE Money And It’s Absolutely Magical!”

“I spent the entire month's budget on trips every month for the next 3 months and lots of beautiful things that I have been desiring with absolutely no idea how I would get through the rest of the month! Well, the end of the month came and even though I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RECOLLECTION OF MAKING MUCH MONEY, I HAVE MORE IN MY BANK ACCOUNT TODAY THAN I HAVE FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS. WHAT?!!? That's some seriously crazy magic!

~ Tanya, USA

“Changed My Financial Reality Significantly!”

“I had made a choice to significantly change my financial reality. The work was so much fun and the energy of each call was off the charts! From the very first call things began to change and by the end I knew that I had just raised the bar on what was possible for me with money. Woo hoo! What else is possible?"

~ Keryn, Adelaide

“Just One Session Is All It Took… Pain Is GONE And My Body Is Happy Again!”

“How does it get better than this? I just had a super quick session with Delany, 15 mins was all it took to change things up in my world... Back Pain is gone, my body is happy, poor pathetic me has been replaced with now what is possible!”

~ Sharee Fennel, Melbourne, Australia

Why Is Delany Unique?

You'll transcend procrastination when you see how easy it is to de-program your subconscious blocks… you’ll release negative contracts, limiting beliefs, and even curses … you'll INSTANTLY raise your get-things-done vibration.

Skip years of frustration (you know all-too-well) and fuel your cosmically-inspired creations with the eternal Sacred Flame inside of you, that lets the Authentic YOU become divinely inspired— and take action!

See your goals and dreams falling into place after you experience the little-known Sonaris Sound Healing… (It's unknown to 99.999% of the population— you’ll be “in the high-vibration-know!”).

Here Are Just Some Of The Results Clients Have Received...

“I Am Now A Leader In My Own Life… Something Has Definitely Shifted Within Me!”

“I was attempting to get life right and I often sat in silence wondering how to do that. After working with Delany, I am now confident to laugh and change and even ask more questions! She has a capacity to see energetic patterns and a matrix that can be rearranged and this continues long after the session with her!

I now have more kindness for me and others, I’m more present in my body and more fun! I keep asking for what lights me UP and I’m getting it... I am able to speak up in my relationship and at work from a space of more possibilities, that was a huge one for me!!!Yippee!!!! 

Delany showed me how, surprisingly, being a leader can be fun and light! And that being a leader in your own life is about cultivating trust, confidence and gratitude in yourself."

~ Wendy Anne Schober, Sydney, Australia

“In Just 7 Minutes ALL My Pain Was GONE!”

“Delany lifted the pain from my body with her intuition and gift for healing.
Since that day onwards my pain has not returned! The feeling of not being comfortable in my own skin is also gone... I feel aligned and healed in a way I can only describe as peace within myself again. This whole session took no more than 7 mins… miraculous, amazing! Thank God for you Delaney… you are a gift to us all!”

~ Ambar Culhane, Crookwell

“With My Newfound Courage, I Also Found My Voice... Thanks to Delany!!”

“Delany you have given me and lots of others a voice, and the power to accept, to receive their own voice and the knowledge that they could and can do more than they ever thought possible! I now sing and play my ukulele for age care patients and make their day just a little better. Without you, I never would have had the courage to do that as I did not think, nor acknowledge I could do such a thing… thank you!”

~ Joke Veitch-Vaneechoutte, Australia

“Wow, I’m Finally Stepping Into ALL That I Am... My Business Is Growing, My relationship With My Husband Continues To Deepen… And My Confidence Is Soaring For The First Time Since Childhood!”

“For a long time, I felt shut down and uncomfortable in expressing my true self. I was told that I could not sing! The thought of singing and even speaking in public and truly letting myself go (without all the judgement) terrified me! I felt anxious and unable to fully trust myself.

Since working with Delany, my throat is clearer and my heart is much calmer. My sacral chakra activated. I have been remembering words to songs from when I was little! I’m freer, happier and I find myself singing and dancing cos it’s fun!

I have much more connection and confidence with my body and voice. The level of clarity this has brought to my life is off the charts! I no longer feel like I’m cut off and in two parts. Delany showed me how to connect with myself and the Earth in a way I use daily to bypass any fears holding me back in any situation.

Everything positive in my life is amplified, including a feeling of overall calm! I’m less reactive, clearer and I have more orgasmic sexual energy! My relationship with my husband continues to deepen! And my business is growing! Thank You Delany!”

~ Andy Pentecost, Beck, Australia

“Everything Changed For Me In Just ONE Session… It Was INSTANT! The Release Was HUGE And Now Business Is Booming!”

In just one session there was instant change, I really felt the energy shifting and the release was huge! The positive impact on my career and personal life was immediate. My business was booming and clientele keeps GROWING! Everything continues to get better and better!

So much gratitude and love to you my newest and phenomenal friend.
PS...Drinking every night and waking up with memory loss is a thing of the past!"

~ Virginia Mealing, Australia

“I Experienced Quantum Shifts In My Work… And My Motivation Has Skyrocketed! My Ability To Stay Present And Move Fast In My Life Is Blowing My Old Reality Out Of The Water!”

“Delany has a deep insight into sensitivity and has transformed many overwhelming days to outright joy. The kind of joy that soothes the body and rejuvenates the mind. In my case, I’ve noticed sudden and quantum shifts in my abilities in bodywork for clients, more ease with the kids, who also think she’s fab!

I have a deeper understanding of how to manage myself and my body – how to have peace despite any angst that may be going on around. My willingness to receive is increasing, my motivation is jumping up and shaking its booty! And my ability to stay present and move fast in my life is basically blowing my old reality out of the water! It tastes like freedom… I’m excited to see what else is possible!”

~ Annora Elizabeth

“She Helped Me Explore The Unknown And Empowered Me To Embrace Life And All It’s Magic!”

“Delany is one of the few facilitators that have empowered me in embracing all of my magic. She truly is a space of no-judgement and I feel there’s no topic too weird or too personal I can’t get her assistance with. As you know this is very rare as most people still operate from their own agendas.

Delany shows up from a place of contribution which allows me to contribute to her and the rest of the world too. She inspires me to keep exploring my “weird” and helps me be the orgasmic lover of life that I truly am. It feels good to be cheered on in a world where limitation is still commonplace."

~ Elfy Jo, China

“My Energy Shifted So Dynamically… Everything Changed Leaving Me Light & Happy!”

“Delany has been a wide open space for me. From the first time I listened to her I knew she introduced something different to the world, more different than the different I already knew! The willingness to look at things as they are, while also looking through and beyond them, knowing there’s a possibility just waiting there.

The ability to crystalize everything with such an amazing awareness, willingness and kindness. The effortlessly uniqueness and presence. If I’m having a cranky day all I have to do is listen to, or better yet, translate one of Delany’s classes or broadcasts and everything changes, the energy shifts so dynamically, dissipating all the shi@#$ that was piling up, leaving me light and happy to do my own energetic magic.

I am beyond grateful for taking some part of Delany’s creation, and for the great contribution she is to my life and living.”

~ Noa Zalle, Israel

“We Laughed Our Way Through All The Pain And I Felt Myself Being Held In The Warmest, Most Loving Embrace!”

“I had the privilege of meeting Delany in Glastonbury UK, and was immediately struck by her beautiful heart and presence. I am in awe at the depth of holding, humour, and intuitive seeing that supported the collapse of some very challenging structures within my field.

We laughed our way through the pain, and I felt myself being held in the warmest, most loving embrace. There are few beings with this level of ability to hold such a strong and safe space. I highly recommend this exquisite woman, and will be seeing her again for sure!"

~ Sophia Davies, UK

“All My Limitations Have Been Unlocked… My Path Is Crystal Clear To Create Whatever I Desire!”

“I’ve had the fond pleasure of befriending Delany as well as co-facilitating with this powerful woman. She has a spot on awareness that leads to unlocking limitations so smoothly allowing the person to upgrade in a way that empowers them. She has personally assisted me with a few deep and destructive patterns with kindness and ease leaving me knowing what choice I needed to make next. She does not push or force, but unlocks doors and let’s you walk through. I believe Delany is here as a catalyst to change the world, and she is on her way!”

~ Cory Michelle, USA

“I Can Finally Breathe And Not Shut Down… This Changes EVERYTHING For Me!”

Choosing an online class with Delany changed everything for me! I haven't been at all comfortable, being so deeply aware of what others are thinking / feeling, and not having any sense of resilience with it and dealing with the level of pain that I have in my body from compounded PTSD. I was just accepting it, and that there was no other way to be.

Until Delany I had never known how to deal with this before and I generally have found ways to run away and to shut down as a coping method... until now! It’s a brand new day today and everyday! I can breathe, not shut down, and choose to be me no matter what!

Thank you Delany for being that space assisting me to find a different way of being!"

~ Christine Hicks, Victoria, Australia

“This Provided The Gateway For Me To Create Greater Possibilities In My Life… Being ‘Me’ Has Never Felt Better!”

“Delany infuses joy and kindness along with the tools, steps and processes that uniquely provide a gateway to creating greater possibilities for individuals and all those around them. Working with Delany showed me how to have me! I am utterly grateful for Delany, the healing, nourishing and her way of empowering me to awaken more of me! Her impact in my life is profound.”

~ Manjit Khalsa, Australia

“My Struggles Are Gone And Being A New Mum is Now Both Easy And Relaxing… Thanks To Delany!”

“I had made a choice to significantly change my financial reality. The work was so much fun and the energy of each call was off the charts! From the very first call things began to change and by the end I knew that I had just raised the bar on what was possible for me with money. Woo hoo! What else is possible?I had a session with Delany in regards to being a new mum and since my session... a lot has changed! I now ask for help from others with no ‘mother guilt’ at all! I have even been enjoying some pampering and space for myself!

I fully acknowledge now that me having my own time is actually a contribution to my daughter and our family. Odessa is more relaxed and sleeping a lot longer too! We are all so relaxed… so grateful to Delany!"

~ Katie Patricia Comyns, Sydney, Australia

Available for a Limited Time Only

LIVE ACE Transformation Webinar Event

Here's What You Get When You Release Procrastination Blocks…

You’ll have the golden key to eliminating blocks that allow you to expand and live the life of your dreams— while you are having fun doing EVERYTHING!

How Much Is It Worth To You To Stop Procrastination, Be In The Flow And Finally Achieve Your Goals And Dreams!

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Discount: 87%

Total Package Value $1200

From Heartache to Joy
Special Offer



Transcendence Mastery Online Event

Transcendence Elite Bundle - MP3s

Super Bonus: Transcendency Tower Boosters
90 Days of Remote Activations


Discount: 87%

Total Package Value $1600

From Heartache to Joy



Transcendence Mastery Online Event

Transcendence Elite Bundle - MP3s

Super Bonus: Transcendency Tower Boosters

90 Days of Remote Activations

Future Activation 1:1 Dynamic Session

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Package A: No refund after first group call.
Package B: No refunds after group session starts or session is taken, whichever comes first.

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package A


Transcendence Mastery Online Event

Format: 2 x 2 hour live Zoom events for the retreat.
(You receive recordings of all events)

1 x 1.5 hr live Q & A - A space for opening up even more possibilities. Tools and processes

1x Live ACE event (Activation, Clearing, Exponentialising Sound event)
A generative ‘top up’, Balistic Booster Event!

These events are where you get to change your life!

Uncover Deep subconscious programming, beliefs and patterns that are keeping you in a holding pattern. (Some of them from when you were just a little child...or even before)

Release and Delete the old and unwanted programming, habits, contracts, vows, fears, beliefs and patterns with the Transcendence Ateshgah. (Ateshgah means the ‘home of fire’!)

Bring in the new energies required for your future

Connect to the Transcendence Tower for the energies you require to live the life you’ve been dreaming of, aching and wishing for.

Experience the peace, calm, space, cellular change and revitalisation of the Sonaris Healing unique to Delany and her voice.

“This Allowed Me To Open Doorways… Allowing Me To Fully Merge With My Divine Self! I Feel Complete And Whole Again!”

“Delany’s voice healing is unworldly... Angels come through her heavenly melodies to shine light within and activate your vocal chords, the key to our highest self. This illumination opened doorways, allowing me to fully merge with my divine self. It’s truly transformative in the most loving and gentle way.

Unexpectedly I released old feelings of unworthiness connected with my Mom. I found it was the first memory I felt of being unworthy. And I now feel so much fuller and whole.

~ Marissa Campos, Chicago


Transcendence Elite Bundle

Format: MP3s

Composed and Recorded with her cosmic team Delany has created a super special sonic series for the FHTJ community. Journey with enlightened creation energies that will energise, revitalise, increase your personal inspiration and confidence, engage and amplify your own personal guidance system AND awaken your deep inner knowing of who you are. These recordings will support you in kicking the procrastination habit and so much more!

  • 1

    Breath of Creation

  • 2

    Channeled Melodic Light Language Guidance System

  • 3

    You are the Gift. Awakening & Release

“My whole body is tingling and I'm actually able to listen while doing things. Real Magic”

“OMG, Your soul voice recording is so powerful. My whole body is tingling and I'm actually able to listen while doing things. Real Magic!!!

As I started listening, I felt that flow of energy moving from my feet and flowing up through my meridians and into my belly, heart and third eye. Definitely doing some powerful activations! I was able to free my voice after the first listen through!

AND... I slept so well. ANOTHER thing that I noticed when I was delivering my class this morning was, the hissing that has been in my ears at various levels, low to extreme, has been silent today!!!! You are total MAGIC, Delany Delaney!!!”

~ Gwen Lepard


Secret Facebook Group

You will be granted access to a Secret Facebook Group!!

I am very excited about this group! In the programs I lead, I see, know and value the Nurturing,Grounding, Support and Inspiration that can be created in a powerfilled, vibrant FB group.

Our Secret FB group will be a hive of frequency raising activities and events immediately. In fact it’s already begun thanks to the work we did in the Beta test program.

The more you engage in the group, the more we all expand and raise our vibrational frequencies.


The goal for this special space is that it be a catalyst for ongoing creation! For all to Contribute, Inspire, Encourage and Share what you know and what has worked and is working.

Ask Questions! Ask for Contribution!

Inspire others with what you’re Creating and Changing... by SHARING in this Group.

It’s a space for being the Vibration that is your TRUE Authentic Self!

You will experience changes… and as you do, you can really be a massive contribution by sharing your journey and awareness with the group.

You will receive all program recordings and documents via email and they will also be posted in this FB Group each week.

Being active in the fb group made me feel connected and I often think of all of you and my heart expands. Thank you!” ~ Tami Boas, Australia

Love this group... my telepathic abilities and other superpowers have improved so much!!! 😁 Everyone I thought about just showed up! 😁👏👏💸💸 Money has shown up in unexpected ways! 🤑 How potent am I 😊💫💫💫” ~ Sharleen

I'm so grateful for all of you in this group and for your contributions!” ~ Elizabeth, Germany



90 Days of Remote Activations

This super bonus is for YOU to receive even more dynamic Procrastination Hacking support with remote activations for 90 days. Delany and her team will connect with YOU daily and channel creation energies that nurture, energise, clear and keep you moving forward.

You also get to make special requests to Delany & Co if there are any specific energies you are requiring and she will include this in the daily broadcast. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS RECEIVE!!!!


Format: MP3s

  • 1

    Living with Ease, what is it and how do I have it?

  • 2

    Ignition Codes to Orgasmic Living

  • 3

    The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattle.

Available for a Limited Time Only

LIVE ACE Transformation Webinar Event

THE BIG BONUS— LIVE ACE Transformation Webinar Event will take you down the ultimate path of creation... with the right relationships, perfect projects, career and wealth expansion — further and faster than you ever thought possible!

During this live connected video celebration you will get…

A: Activate— Your true purpose with Pineal Gland Crystal Amplification!
C: Clear— Confusion, blocks, and old patterns— feel lighter and laugh more instead!
E: Expansion— BOOST your creative energy and inspiration so you can contribute to the planet in a BIG way!

You’ll get to experience the light-energy Sonaris Sound Healing in the NOW with Delany’s healing voice and channeled light language!

Thisbooster session will release ALL the old limiting beliefs that have been stuck like cement in your energy field…

Package A

Total Package Value $1200

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147

*** 87% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

This Package Includes:

  • Everything in A plus...
  • Future Activation 1:1 Dynamic Session


Future Activation 1:1 Dynamic Session

In this one on one session with Delany you will:

Get clarity on the who, what, where and when of your life creation.
Know what’s required for your very best possible future.

Receive the peace, space and confidence of knowing the next steps forward to being the greatest possible version of YOU!

You’ll also receive an easy to fill in pre-call recon sheet so you receive the best possible outcome from this dynamic personal session.

Look At What Jewel Had To Say...

“The session with Delaney was amazing. Felt years of tightness and construction start to unravel and break up. As a head person, I was able to feel more into my body.

During our first session, persistent back pain disappeared, and my body felt incredibly lighter. My focus has sharpened. I have ZERO excuses. She's the real deal."

~ Jewel

Package B

Total Package Value $1600

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

*** 87% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is Delany’s Practical Magic for me?

YES! The techniques and methods developed by Delany are successfully tried and tested on a broad spectrum of people from marginalised groups to the corporate sphere around the world. Including people with unique abilities, children and youth, Indigenous people, women and men. (Quite a few plants and animals have benefited from her unique magic too!) From home based creators to CEO’s.

That’s the gift of Practical Magic! It’s for EVERYONE!

Q.How many tracks can I listen to at one time and how often?

You can listen to more than one recording during the course of a day IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD! This is not about doing it hard, it’s about committing to you and having FUN! 

Like WOW!! YES!! Your job is to be curious, joyous & full of gratitude, wonder and joybubbles! You may even find you can listen to some of the tracks many times... you’ll know what works for YOU! 🙂

Q. Do the tracks have to be listened to in order?

There is no particular order for the bonus recordings. Trust yourself and go with your own ‘knowing’!

Know that they will contribute to you receiving more from the online event.

Q. What commitment is expected from me? When will I get results?

It’s up to you how committed to to YOU you’re willing to be. This program has been tested and it works if you dive in, clear and activate the energies required to give YOU what you’re asking for. And follow through with the easy tips and tools for creating your life your way.

There is no right or wrong way to do this!

And you have my full support and the community within the Secret Facebook Group to bounce off and inspire you. Any questions, issues, wins, wonkiness... share it in the group or write to me! The FB Program groups I create are a place of interaction and support it’s an aspect of social media I’m truly grateful for. And it’s fun!

Q. What commitment is expected from me? When will I get results?

It’s up to you how committed to to YOU you’re willing to be. This program has been tested and it works if you dive in, clear and activate the energies required to give YOU what you’re asking for. And follow through with the easy tips and tools for creating your life your way.

There is no right or wrong way to do this!

And you have my full support and the community within the Secret Facebook Group to bounce off and inspire you. Any questions, issues, wins, wonkiness... share it in the group or write to me! The FB Program groups I create are a place of interaction and support it’s an aspect of social media I’m truly grateful for. And it’s fun!

Just in case you hadn’t noticed FUN is a really important aspect to how we be the greatest we can be!

Q. Is there anything else I need to know?

There will be a lot of joy and laughter in this process. There will also be a mega ton of energy shifting. So there may be some uncomfortable moments that test your ‘comfort zone’! So here are some things to be aware of to make this adventure easy!

The 10 Rules of Play:

  • Be Kind To You!
  • Eat, Drink & Rest… this is what makes your body feel Good, Healthy and Happy!
  • Get Your Gratitude List Active
  • No Judging You
  • Have Fun
  • Trust You
  • Ask Questions
  • Acknowledge Your Abilities and every success (even the tiny ones)

Here Are Just Some Of The Results Clients Have Received...

“Thanks To Delany… I Found My Telepathic Abilities And Beyond!”

“Since taking the 19 Day Telepathy program with Delany, the blinders are off! At the beginning of the class I knew that I “should” be able to change, be and do telepathy and magical things. But it was almost more of a hope… a wish.

During the class, I marveled at the experiences that others had. This allowed me to take my foot off the breaks. I began to wonder… maybe I AM that too! It has been a few weeks since the class and I now realize I have telepathic abilities and beyond.

Where I used to only accidentally let it slip out in emergencies…. I now choose it everyday! From time to time, a situation presents itself and I momentarily forget who I am… but then I remember, giggling like a schoolgirl… and PLAY. Living is so much easier!"

~ Miriam Smith Robinson

“Doubt has been my shadow, the invisible cloak that has covered me, my talents, my love. I have allowed doubt to play a major part in my life for the last 22 years and yesterday morning I had a session with Delany. Now removing all the doubt within the last 24 hours, I have created, I have loved, I have seen, felt, tasted, heard, smelt and have that reconnection of knowing this is me. Doubt-free!!❤❤❤

~ Sharon Gosling, Western Australia

“Helped me End years of Procrastination!”

“I was a queen of procrastination when it came to having to do or face unpleasant, conflicting or difficult tasks, issues or people. Towards the end of group call 1, it dawned on me I was running away from myself through procrastination. I can no longer run away nor do I wish to any more, all thanks to the clearings and supports during and post the call. I am truly grateful to be part of this awesome program. With much love and gratitudes, Namatse”

~ Sarah Tan

“I Overcame a Destructive Relationship, Reclaimed my Energy!”

“I contacted Delany for a session totally stressed, scared, nervous, exhausted and just so confused. I had again got involved with a narcissist and things had reached an explosive head. In one session I found my core, my own personal space of peace, calm and inner power to take the next steps. What she did ignited my connection with my body through the orgasmic xenergy that is my true power source. Calm was almost instant. I was able to focus and make choices that got me to safety and more possibilities! Thank YOU”

~ Bernadette Doyle

“Delany Is A Powerhouse, RemovedStuck Energies Through Powerful Clearings”

“What a fun and rewarding session I had with Delany! She IS an absolute powerhouse clearing/moving stuck energies so quickly. I felt lighter and better about myself right from the start. Delany has an awesome straight forward, no nonsense approach, while lending support, guidance and tools to help work through the blocks. She inspired and empowered me as I look forward and ahead to all that can transpire for me from the work we did!"

~ Chris, FHTJ Team Member

“Created Powerful Shifts: Received Lottery, Unexpected Refund and more...”

“I witnessed many shifts, in particular, 3 wins on the lottery in the same week and an unexpected refund for overcharges from my bank. A wonderful start, because, I never win anything! I am walking taller and feeling more confident and connected too. Thank you for so many lovely surprises!”

~ Helen Collings

“Instant Same Day Results: Delaney’s program Helped me Realise my Strengths.”

“I had my private session with dear Delany this morning and it was beyond words, a true gift. We went deep to the core and I ended up full of joy energy to create. something not easy for me. It's a blessing to be able to see all the strengths of mine and acknowledge the light I am in this world.. What else is possible? Much gratitude and Love."

~ Shelly Okun

“I am now Present in the Moment and wake up feeling full of Joy”

“Thank you Delany, I wake up feeling full of Joy and I can feel my wholeness return to my centre and the energy and Love fill up inside of me. It feels fantastic and with the vital energy I have in my centre I feel happy doing things but choosing to do them from my centre of Love and not dragging to get things done out of obligation, so empowering and awesome to be in the centre of this beautiful expansion. Things move with ease and grace even when everything may seem chaotic, I don't feel restricted but rather just present in the moment as I move from one thing to the next.”

~ ️Anna Gyongyi Domotor

“This Saved My Life… Infinite Gratitude to Delany!”

“Wow! since I bought package B the other day I have won a pro photoshoot.My husband won welding equipment and today i got a pay rise.'

This is so wild and I am so blown Away."

~ Cellina Schmidt

“Something is Changing: Won a Movie Ticket after DECADES!”

“I just found out I won a movie package with the hospital lottery ticket I bought. I have been buying these tickets for years with no win! Thank you universe. Something is changing!”

~ Denise Porter

“I Received a $57,000 Contract for my Design!!!”

“’Awesome!! . . . I just signed a contract for a $57,000 kitchen that I designed. What else is truly possible beyond our imagination? "

~ Rosanne Zaccagnino

“Transformed me into a Warrior princess: Most Exceptional healer I Met”

“Thank YOU ! Delaney was able to break through the barriers I had put up and gently guided me to reconnect to my body and trust my intuition. I could literally feel goosebumps as I connected to source and sent energy around my body. I have worked with an extensive number of energy healers and some are better than others but Delaney was exceptional. She was able to make me connect to my inner warrior princess in one session and to feel hope for the future.”

~ Debra

“Persistent Back Pain Disappeared, Body feels Lighter and Mind is More Focused…”

“The session with Delaney was amazing. Felt years of tightness and constriction start to unravel and break up. As a head person, I was able to feel more into my body.

During our first session, persistent back pain disappeared and my body felt incredibly lighter. My focus has sharpened. I have ZERO excuses. She’s the real deal."

~ Jewel

“Set me on my Inner Healing Journey!”

“Delaney’s voice is just another dimension and experience you step in. The spectrum of light and tonality codes completely opens your heart and sets you on a deep inner healing journey.”

~ Xavier Flow

“With Delany’s Voice Healing I healed deep wounds and re-connected with Mother”

“Delany’s voice healing is other-worldly. Angels come through her heavenly melodies to shine light within and activate your vocal chords, the key to our highest self. This illumination will open doorways, allowing you to fully merge with this divine self. It’s truly transformative in the most loving and gentle way. I healed deep wounds and disconnection with Mother that had been with me for years."

~ Marissa

“100% recommend working with Delany; Got me out of a Habit of Fear and Procrastination...”

“Working with Delaney has been a pure joy. I had started out depressed, in a holding pattern of fear and procrastination to achieve my goals that had been going on for years. I did all the classes, tapes & felt good after but still had these feelings of frustration. When we did our 1:1 session, with her sweet and powerful voice she helped me to dig deep, release my biggest fears of moving forward and procrastination. Everything turned on! It was so easy. Delany’s awareness is spot on and she even helped me to devise a plan to move towards my goals to serve the world. I can 100% recommend working with Delany and I can’t wait for more!”

~ Judi Castro

“Unexpected and Incredible Results: Entrusted with a huge projected, represented my company on TV and Radio!”

“I'm being more present with my kids and healthy eating and for once it's not forced. I'm a single parent and this is huge for me. I had been feeling very frustrated professionally and now I've been entrusted with a big project at work. Recently I was on TV and on 2 radio stations representing my company. One RJ turned out to be an old friend and gave me extended air time and showcased me as a woman working in the corporate space in Pakistan ( a country that is slowly but surely opening up for women in public spaces). It has been unexpected and incredible! Thank you, thank you and thank you, Delaney."

~ Shahrezad

“5 Minutes of Activation Changed my Life! More Confident and Stronger with People!”

“That was an awesome 5 minutes! I have had issues with being seen and heard my whole life. Thank you so much! I feel lighter, more confident and pain I had in my shoulders and neck are gone. Today I didn’t shrink at all when out with a client today I feel stronger and I am speaking up! I love your activations, Delany.

And I even did a video broadcast in our FB group! I would never have believed I would do that!”

~ Jackie Wright, NZ

“In 10 Mins my stress fell from 8/10 to ZERO and my Crown Chakra opened… Even Doubled my Monthly Income!”

“To begin I was stressed out and confused about (pricing)/ or an issue in my business. In 10 mins I went from an 8 out of 10 with stress levels to 0, being calm, clear and my crown chakra opened. Amazing! Your vibration is sure raising the roof! Oh and I've doubled my monthly income for the first time ever!"

~ Virginia Mealing, Australia

“Every Cell in my Body is Alive, Panic and Depression has been replaced by peace and Belongingness”

“The sense of peace, belonging and gratefulness from working with Delany was immediate. This morning I woke in the same beautiful space instead of my usual panic, depressive, exhausted state. What a gift this is, there are no words!! I sat in complete gratitude for about 90 minutes, being able to connect with my heart space which was buried years ago. Feeling energies swirling, feeling connected once again, feeling my sexuality and this aliveness that is dancing in all my cells. ”

~ ️Roseanne

“Immediate Results! Gentle yet powerful...”

“Thank you for last night's call Delany. The activation was both gentle and powerful in its effect. As soon as the call had finished, I 'dusted off the mala' and meditated. At the end of the meditation, I noticed that there were tears streaming down my face..tears of release and gratitude at the resumption of the journey of connection to my Self.

After work today, without resistance and happily, I've mended clothes, thrown out some clutter and studied."

~ Karen Barker

“What a BLAST! The daily transmissions are phenomenal...”

“Before the procrastination program, I would force myself to handle the small details of life and now I find myself living with more ease and awareness of what is required. Things like getting an RSVP in for a children's birthday party, booking clients efficiently while still allowing myself downtime to rest. Delany has cracked the code for a happy productive life. Most importantly, she's not about being wrong or being successful by the standards of this world. She's about what's true for you and what really works for YOU. Its a choice and the tools and techniques in this course can make it happen far more easily than I ever thought possible. A big plus is the enjoyable energy work that she uses, what a BLAST! The daily transmissions are phenomenal, they really help to keep the momentum.”

~ Annora Longhurst

“NO MORE MONKEY BRAIN!!! Living my Life at last”

“Bless you Delany, and thanks for continually inspiring us all. SUCH a massive shift and positive change since starting this, is beyond fantastic! Loving the space I now feel within me, the peace, and NO MORE MONKEY BRAIN!!! How fantastic is this!!! Bursting with gratitude!!!

What to do with it? Simple: live my life at last, yay! No longer a prisoner of fear, the words 'what if' no longer exist in my thoughts nor vocabulary. Am free and uninhibited as I was at birth, yeehaw, now to achieve all I want for myself: !! So what if I am not perfect, pah! So what if I make a booboo, pah! The shackles have been removed, time for me and my spirit to run free and explore. Beautiful Delany has crossed my path imparting the invaluable awareness and liberation of incinerating the crippling fear once and for all, yay!"

~ Margaret Lockwood

“Switched off the mental Chatter, Helped me Sell my own Clothing Range at 50- a dream I Procrastinated since i was 14!!!”

“Before I did Delany Delaney's procrastination beta test program I would have called myself "One of The Queens of Procrastination". Through the course, I have come to know where I lack understanding, block myself and hold myself back from becoming the person I only dreamed about. I have learnt to switch the mental chatter off and come from a place of presence and heart. From the age of 14, I had the desire to design, make and sell my own clothing range. Now at the age of 50 that has come to fruition. I’ve just done a photoshoot for a women’s range. And Submitted for a big Arts fair in Melbourne Australia for December. I'm continuing to recognize the old patterns, not happy to sit with them any longer, I now change them into new ones. I value my talents and am stepping forward as who I want to be. Love you, Delany.”

~ Sharon Gosling

“Finally Defeated Procrastination By Going to the Root cuase, Cleared Clutter that was 10 years Old!”

“I am so grateful to have participated in the Beta Test Procrastination Hack Project. At the start of the project, I'd identified that I was extremely gifted at procrastination as well as resistance and identified as a 10+ for invoking the Gods of Procrastination for the ironing/mending pile, some of which had lived in the same spot for about 10 years.

Prior to the first call, reviewing my procrastination habits, I identified that the reason for the procrastination was avoidance of my Self. Asking the question 'What is the next step?' and embodying that question has resulted in all the ironing and mending being done and any clothes that would never be worn again being thrown away. This was accomplished with happiness and ease and within two weeks.

Additionally, as soon as the first call had finished, I also started to meditate again, which has continued each day. The 'next step' in the body has been a wonder in action, being both centred in the body and often at the same time witnessing the miracle of awareness of tasks being performed. The Transcendence Tower Broadcasts were a gift to contemplate and receive qualities that raise vibrations, more joy! Thank you Delany for also overcoming your resistance to offer the magical Ateshgah, the home of fire that transmutes waste into fuel for creations. I would recommend this project to's magic!"

~ Karen Barker

“I am Back to Writing my Book...Delany’s Powerful New Procrastination-Busting Program Over Delivers!”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Delany before, so when she invited me to participate in the Beta Testing Group for her new program to end procrastination, I jumped at the opportunity! My primary focus for the program was to finish writing my book; I also wanted to move the needle on creating a substantial, consistent flow of money. The program promised to help me MOVE BEYOND THE UNCONSCIOUS RESISTANCE holding me back and FULLY ENGAGE AND COMMIT with presence and knowing. One of my favorite parts of the program was receiving the POWERFUL DAILY ENERGY BLASTS Delany broadcast from the TRANSCENDENCE TOWER to help attune us to the higher frequency of whichever energy was being broadcast that day, then watching in awe as the Magic unfolded!

Another aspect of the program I really loved was Delany’s FREQUENT SUPPORTIVE INTERACTIONS and GUIDANCE, both privately and in the Secret Facebook Group. A key awareness that came from those exchanges is the question, “What Energy can I BE?” The answer is profound because it transforms intention, e.g., to be Abundant, into Being, e.g., I AM the energy and frequency of ABUNDANCE!

As a result of the program, I'm back to writing and doing research for my book. I’ve resumed practising and fine-tuning my ability to Contact, Connect, and Communicate with all that is. I’m choosing to allow more happiness, creativity, joy, playfulness, and fun into every area of my life. I’m more adept at exploring the metaphors and messages my body is showing me and what it’s asking me to see. I've received a number of huge downloads and realizations; become aware of and cleared beliefs and self-judgments that were holding me back; uncovered what was at the core of my resistance and procrastination; and discovered and cleared an ancient past-life fear and equally ancient vow. How does it get any better than that!

Delany’s new procrastination-busting program over-delivers! I highly recommend it to everyone being held back by unconscious resistance! It will help you move past the frustration of procrastination and shift your energy from contraction to expansion!”


“Helped me Reconnect to Myself, Find my inner Light and Put an end to Avoidance and Laziness...”

“ have spent thousands of hours and hundreds of thousand dollars attempting to find the more I have been in search of!!! Delaney and this class have opened ME to my inner knowing and my inner source/light... WoW !! I had to ask a lot of questions about what is procrastination to me? before a glimmer of light came through...With the class questions I could see where I had been locked in my separation from me and my source. The class has just completed and my journey continues to unwrap, I”m excited. The ease, peace and grace with who I am is new and I love this. For the first time I know I’m fabulous at my core, not just lip service. No more avoidance/procrastination for this girl...I’m ready to create and then out create myself from the space of kindness, ease and love !! I now have tools to transmute energy and have it work for me not against me. There’s is the lightness with me and I have more allowance for myself and others. As I show up more every day, my creations are greater.. on every level...
Thank YOU, Delany "

~ Wendy Schober
(Retail guru and product and strategic partnership specialist)

“Hack Procrastination Program Helped me Overcome Years of this Bad Habit!”

“Delaney's Hack Procrastination programme really helped me to identify & become more aware of where & when I am procrastinating, what questions to ask myself when I spot I’m procrastinating & clearings to create more space to allow other possibilities to show up! I’m truly grateful for Delaney's programme as procrastination has been a part of my life for a long time. I would highly recommend Delaneys Hack Procrastination programme to anyone willing to look at this area within their life to create more space, ease, joy & glory for themselves & move forward too!! Thank you so much Delaney for your experience & contribution!!! ”

~ Sxx

About Delany Delaney:

Delany is a multi-modal, and multi-dimensional activator of change. She's deeply connected with her team of light beings, guides, angels, and cosmic visionaries.

With this unlimited access to realms beyond, she can peel away the layers and eliminate all the lies your mind tells you. That will unleash your own innate beauty and abilities.

Delany embodies practical magic. Her lightness of being, humor, and kindness facilitates all of her clients to open up and receive all of the divine and beautiful facets of themselves— without judgment.

IN 2019, Delany received the gift of Sonaris Healing on her spiritual journey in India.

Her healing voice manipulates the very molecules that transcend time and open your inner being to unlimited possibilities, focus and clarity.

When she clears past hurts and burdens, it helps you transcend the mundane and mediocre… and flow into your greatness!

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Discount: 87%

Total Package Value $1200

From Heartache to Joy
Special Offer



Transcendence Mastery Online Event

Transcendence Elite Bundle - MP3s

Super Bonus: Transcendency Tower Boosters
90 Days of Remote Activations


Discount: 87%

Total Package Value $1600

From Heartache to Joy



Transcendence Mastery Online Event

Transcendence Elite Bundle - MP3s

Super Bonus: Transcendency Tower Boosters

90 Days of Remote Activations

Future Activation 1:1 Dynamic Session

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Package B: No refunds after group session starts or session is taken, whichever comes first.

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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