Limited time Offer: Add Additional Friend or Family members to Package B for Just $47!

How to (Ethically) Profit From Anything (No Matter What)

Uplevel your Divine Immunity to be able to receive Magical Divine Intervention and Healing as Fast and Fun as Possible!

  • Are you in full panic mode about your current health and money situation?
  • Does it feel like everything that happens is outside of your control and you're powerless to manifest anything different?
  • Does it seem impossible for things to improve any time soon?

The world is changing at an alarming rate.

It's "sink or swim" time as many shadow energies and blocks are coming to the surface to receive healing. (Ignoring the energies will only create more overwhelm and create a negative feedback loop.)

Doing nothing is a death sentence! It’s time to adapt!

Never before has it been so critical to make the powerful CHOICE to not just survive, but to THRIVE.

What if RIGHT NOW you could easily ...

  • Become immune to mass anxiety, fear and overwhelm
  • Finally have financial freedom
  • Become unstoppable, unshakeable and invincible
  • Create infinite health, wealth, prosperity and abundance
  • Have deeper intuition and clarity
  • Experience infinite and constant miracles and blessings

“An opportunity came onto my radar quickly and I was offered the position immediately”

I have a win-in-progress to report and also do some clearings around. I was offered a full-time contract with benefits that is scheduled to start on Monday. The opportunity came onto my radar quickly and I was offered the position immediately after I successfully completed a writing test. I'm sure that it's part of the core money booster we are working with and I am so grateful. Like my last long-term, enterprise client, this is an opportunity to shine light and healing out into the businesses around the world with digital communications."

~ C.M.

“I’ve been offered a position in an area I’ve wanted to try for ages”

“So this I’m considering a huge win. I’ve been offered a position in an area I’ve wanted to try for ages. In an environment I use to work. I’m very excited that by end of April I should have signed the paper work and be leaving my current role. I will get free Accommodation and a pay rise."

~ Samantha

“With the money me and my bro have made during the past few weeks, we are ok even if everything shut down for a month”

“We are in the process of shutdown. Most places where more than 3-5 people can gather together are now closed. I am happy and I do feel lucky that with the money me and my bro have made during the past few weeks, we are ok even if everything shut down for a month. We have bought enough food and supplies to last for at least a month."

~ Marisa

“Got an unexpected deposit of $40,335 in my account – And its all Mine!!”

“I really feel that I am not good at inventing my own EBH, but I have done all the clearings here and listened to the mp3s and really shifted energy! So much energy that I feel sore this morning. Wow! I think I could go for the easy bit! What I really wanted to share is that I freaked out because I checked my bank account and found that someone had deposited the equivalent of $40,335.54 onto the account! I could not believe it! Thought there was some mistake and I would have to pay it all back, was very uncomfortable. It turns out it's mine!!!! So thank you all! Thank you, Vera This is amazing"

~ H.S.

“Got a project opportunity worth $100K!!”

“Upon my silent clearing with Vera - I felt that a few things have shifted namely old friends whom I haven’t heard from for years got in touch out of the blue, people are nicer to me in general, I was resolutely calmer when dealing with my “angry” Ex and a project opportunity worth usd 100k fell on my lap! ..."

~ S.H.

Introducing ...

Transcending Health and Money Fears: Claim Your Infinite Abundance Blueprint

Here is the thing ...

Deep down, you know as an infinite being, it's your Divine right to command and demand God/Source/Universe to bring you all your heart's desires. You KNOW you were meant for greater things. You KNOW creating Heaven on Earth is something your soul has asked you to take action on and create.

Yet everywhere you look, people are suffering. The news is oversaturated with pain, agony, and lower vibrations. So many people seem to be stuck and at the end of the rope.

You may be experiencing your own inner conflict.

Are these the thoughts that are racing through your head right now?

  • How can I possibly ask for more from God/Source/Universe when everyone else is going through so much more than me?
  • How can I even think about asking people to pay me for my services with the current state of the world?
  • What right do I have to live my dream life when everyone else is in so much pain?

If you've been in survival mode for a long time, then the people that always thrive no matter what aren't even showing up on your radar. It might sound like a fairy tale, a fantasy, a fluke.

Yet there are tons of people that are currently thriving and are searching for beautiful souls like you with your unique skill set. These are the people that are ready to invest in you, your products, and services, and have more than enough money and abundance to go around. These are the people that feel like they win the lottery every time you offer your gifts to the world. These are the people that are ready to honor your worth and respect the energy exchange.

Are you ready to step up and answer the call and receive the amazing life you were meant for?

This is your invitation to choose to be part of the elite group of beings that always thrive in any situation, no matter what. (Ethically, of course!)

Why Vera Mirna Package Is Unique

Even in the current global situation, Vera continues to recieve daily reports of wins from her clients that are using the tools.

They are still having lottery wins, reporting unexpected financial windfalls, making huge profits on the stock market, are being gifted things (including money) from loved ones, clients, and strangers, have been given extra hours and shifts at work, and others are reporting being hired for new jobs and projects.

They have evidence on a daily basis that God/Source/Universe is unconditionally supporting them through an infinite number of channels.

The state of the world hasn’t stopped them. It can’t stop you, either.

Here's what others have experienced

  • 1

    I was invited to a "fashion show" last week by a friend whose friend was walking as a "model." Turns out, it was in a clothing store, and for attending with the model, we got 50% off anything we purchased. I got 11 items I LOVE at 50% off, another $29 off for opening an account with them, and another 15% off when I pay the credit card bill. My total for all the items will be about $140.

  • 2

    Everywhere I go, I park and find money on the ground - $2 once, coins the other times. It's fun!

  • 3

    I've been treated to dinner 3 times recently.

  • 4

    An issue with a neighbor has resolved with ease and peace (his property caused damage to mine).

  • 5

    My cell phone bill was lowered $50 a month and service increased to unlimited data.

  • 6

    My son received $1,000 from family when he had to replace his car.

  • 7

    I have received many discounts at stores I wasn't expecting.

  • 8

    My Kohl's cash had expired - I crumpled it up to throw it away, and felt, Wait. So I took it to the store, and she told me they honor it 10 days past the expiration date, and then she also gave me $10 in rewards that had expired in December - so I got $36 worth of items for $4.

  • 9

    Intuitive guidance had me fill my freezer in January (good sales) which is something I have never done. I had started purchasing extra of everything in January, "just because" so I wouldn't have to go to the store as often. I also bought tons of vitamins (again, on sale) and many I chose weren't the normal things I get. It turns out, they build the immune system, so we've been on those items for a couple of months. I bought vitamin D with K2 because it tested better than the regular D. I hadn't heard of K2 before. Turns out, it's being recommended right now.

  • 10

    I received an extra birthday this year, too - which turned into a huge gratitude/appreciation energy for me. Thank you, Charanjit.

  • 11

    My win for the week .. I made $140 in the market and have an unrealized profit of $1400 in the market. -M.S

  • 12

    Win for this week...I host monthly group healing calls. For last night's call (the first for March), I had 5 new signups – Donna

  • 13

    March 19, 2020: My wins this week. I won $5 from the lottery and Got to work extra hours at one of my part time jobs – Amy

  • 14

    I am receiving payments owed from clients – Dana

  • 15

    My daughter, my money booster pal, got a bonus at work and gave me $100. Win for both of us. – Maryann

  • 16

    I have already 3 clients and they are waiting for my Law Office's start in summer 2020 🎉🎆🌟Vera, you are just awesome 🍀❤ - Clara

  • 17

    Won $27.00 in scratch lottery. My son got back pay from his job from 2 years ago. – Hazel

  • 18

    Looks like I'm eligible to take a *free* refresher of a 3-day course I liked (but is out of my comfort zone)...that could lead to a fun teaching job!! (& it's a $525. course! 😊) Woohoo!! – Lisbet

  • 19

    I think the core money booster is working already! I just received $900 in my paypal. Thank you Vera Happy - Ning

Available for a Limited Time Only

Healing the “I’m a High Risk” Factor - MP3

  • “My husband got 5 roller stands (to do with table saw) for the price of one.
  • we finalized the sale of our mobile pizza oven( a transaction that started last summer).
  • my daughter received waaay more $ from her tax return than expected.
  • received a quote for getting eave troughs replaced that was 1/2 the price of the original.
  • various ‘fun’ wins on scratch tickets!

Again thank you to all!"

~ Kasandra

“I am so happy to be working with more students”

“My latest big win: I have completed the whole syllabus to become a mentor to Trager students and practitioners. I only need to be approved now, so it's a matter of paperwork. I am so happy to be working more with students of the work."

~ Hilary

“Feeling good about life ...”

LAST UPDATE 3.17.2020:
The fence is fixed thanks to neighbours (we didn't know before this) etc stepping in, and everything else also fell nicely in place. Feeling good about life & loving the community we have here 🙂

I just discovered some keys I didn't realize we had, that lock the garage doors inside our garden, so our stuff will be safe now. Yay for the positive vibe and the calm that came over me thanks to EBH 😁

I have been listening to the Luck session for several days now. Loving it!

But then this happened. Have I been stirring up some stuff? Vera?

Yesterday, the lock to our gate in the inner courtyard broke. And tonight a car crashed through our outer fence. This leaves our car in the garage, our tools, pantry items, storage and our whole house exposed (though we do have some security in place). This is in an area where you need a lot of security measures."

~ K. H

Limited time Offer: Add Additional Friend or Family members to Package B for Just $47!

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Discount: 80%

Total Package Value $485

From Heartache to Joy
Special Offer



Awaken the Unshakeable Healer Within - MP3

Receiving the Fun of the Unknown - MP3

Activate Your Intuition and Access Eternal Wisdom - MP3

Shifting from Adversity to Opportunity - MP3

Limited Time Bonus: Healing the "I'm a High Risk" Factor - MP3


Discount: 96%

Total Package Value $3485

From Heartache to Joy



Awaken the Unshakeable Healer Within - MP3

Receiving the Fun of the Unknown - MP3

Activate Your Intuition and Access Eternal Wisdom - MP3

Shifting from Adversity to Opportunity - MP3

Limited Time Bonus: Healing the "I'm a High Risk" Factor - MP3

3 Months of Emergency Immunity Booster 24/7 Remote Healing for You + 3 Loved Ones

90 Minute Supercharged Live Group Energy Transmission Session

Recording of Spring 2020 Q&A Call: Boosting Your Immunity

money back logo


Package A: 30 Day refund

Package B: No refund after first group call or 3 months of remote healing is activated, whichever comes first.

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package A


Awaken the Unshakeable Healer Within - MP3

Value: $97

  • Boost your immunity to the highest vibration possible
  • Strengthen every nanocell in your body
  • Remove sluggish energy that slows down your vitality and joy
  • Disintegrate “attractor patterns” associated with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and other types of infections
  • Reverse current side effects and symptoms of health issues at miraculous speed
  • Embody the healthiest version of yourself now

“Pain is completely gone”

“My shoulder and neck pain disappeared! Vera answered my request on our first call, and it took awhile but the pain is now completely gone!!! It has been painful for a long time and it feels so good that it is 100% gone! I'm so grateful and in awe of this work! 🙂 🙂 Thank you Vera Happy!"

~ Deborah


Receiving the Fun of the Unknown - MP3

Value: $97

  • Alleviate anxiety and fear from the root cause
  • Bring in more peace, relaxation, and certainty
  • Disconnect with mass consciousness and morphic fields and unplug from 3D matrix infrastructures fueled by anxiety, fear, despair, uncertainty, and other lower emotions
  • Reverse empathic overwhelm and strengthen your boundaries and resolve
  • Free yourself from all the places in time you were ever frozen or paralyzed
  • Speed up your energy to handle major changes with ease and grace Learn how to be calm in the face of any adversity or challenge


“My six-year-old son is now free from school anxiety and enjoys learning."

~ S.J.

“My brother is gifting me again another $3,000 and I made $51,000 from the stock market.”

“Today is Friday the 13th and it is another win for me, kind of one of the best win ever in my work experience. Today my health is improving slowly but surely. My financial win for today is that brother is gifting me again another $3,000 and I made $51,000 from the stock market."

~ M.S


Activate Your Intuition and Access Eternal Wisdom - MP3

Value: $97

  • Improve your connection and relationship with God/Source/Universe
  • Feel supported to make more beneficial choices
  • Avoid the pain, heartbreak, and financial losses of trial and error
  • Shift from guessing to deeper knowing
  • Have more clarity on what foods, vitamins, supplements, and treatments work best for your body
  • Be on top of upcoming trends and tap into limitless opportunities while raising your vibration

“My weight has mostly left now”

“Sharing some results from the Decision and intuition class. I had had severe gut pain and unhealthy intestines for a couple of months All gone !!

My weight has mostly left now (got fat for me during my cancer challenge.)

Our "gut instinct" our gut brain we have so many neutrons in this area all used for deciding what to use and what to let go of !! Huge win with this class !!

Ohh and the other day someone couldn’t believe I was 53, said the most they would give me was 40 !! Loving the ageless container Thank you all so much together we Heal for all the planet."

~ Alison


Shifting from Adversity to Opportunity - MP3

Value: $97

  • Find your purpose and have fun (ethically) profiting from your gifts
  • Let go of all the blocks designed to stop you from being successful
  • Bring in supportive teachers, mentors, coaches, and partnerships to hone and grow your skills
  • Heal ancestral patterns of suffering, scarcity, perishing, and poverty
  • Improve your relationship with money and increase your capacity to receive money in infinitely large quantities
  • Become a money magnet while being an inspiration to others

“I feel I am back in the flow”

“So I was on the group healing Wed. night and then yesterday out of the blue, I get a call for a job opportunity and have a phone interview on Monday. I haven't had employment for about 1 1/2 years. I was so stuck and couldn't get anything going. Now I feel like I'm back in the flow. Thanks Vera Happy and everyone in the group for all your clearings!"

~ Amy

“Big and Small wins keep coming my way”

“I’ve been reading everybody wins and it’s a great motivation. But I felt left-out and start asking why I have not progressing at all? Then I realized that I’ve been winning too. Everyday someone will treat me for lunch or a cup of coffee or dessert. These were in a small amount that why I didn’t count it as wins.

Once I acknowledged those as wins, I notice that I’ve been winning in other areas too. I had negotiated a contractual claims from 2M to 100K and another one from 10M to 1M. Even though these are a big wins and I should be proud of them, I feel very sad since I’m saving my company a big amount but the most I’ll get is 1 month bonus.

And yesterday my beautician called offering me a $500 worth of facial package for free. Another win.

Now I look forward for all the wins, big or small coming my ways."

~ H

Available for a Limited Time Only

Healing the “I’m a High Risk” Factor - MP3

  • Clear the karma, drama, and trauma that keeps you out of your power
  • Reduce the risk of infection no matter what your age, income, and other health situations currently are
  • Let go of lifetimes of being a victim by circumstance
  • Heal unconscious secret beliefs and other secret agendas that block you from raising your vibration and being a manifestation master

How do these MP3s work?

These MP3s are the combination of two healing modalities, Easy Button Healing and Dynamic Engineering.

How Does Easy Button Healing Work?

Easy Button Healing features three simple phrases programmed with Pure Source Energy to clear out, bring in, and lock in place whatever you desire. It reverberates across all time, space, dimensions, and realities of every nook and cranny of every molecule in existence. It scans all energy bodies, all DNA strands, all lifetimes, all cords and connections, and anything else imaginable (or unimaginable).

Each phrase automates thousands of energetic processes when activated.
The energies continue to run as long as they need to run for your direct benefit. Easy Button Healing is the fastest manifestation tool on the planet!

How Does Dynamic Engineering Work?

As new information becomes available regarding the topic of the mp3, the mp3s are dynamically engineered to uplevel the frequencies encoded in the audio to an unparalleled level of potency. These mp3s continue to grow with you for life on autopilot!

Many Winnings Updates:

"I won $ 53.00 ( Infinity number) in the Casino yesterday from the Free Play money.💲💲💲"

“Two Hotel offers for 2/3 Day Free Stay in Las Vegas🏩🌅🗻🎠🌃”

“Receive 6 free meals coupon in the mail ( Thank you Melinda Dixon for registering me last year)☺💖💫💞”

“Vons Groceries offer me Tons of Free Food Coupons for downloading their apps🍑🍰🍧🍩☕🎂💐🍨🍹🍻🍸💝”

“Winning Lotteries I cant keep up counting how many times I have own ( every drawing since January)💲💲💲🍸🍹🍷📷”

“Getting/Winning back the Attention of Dan, Love of My Life💖😘💝”

“I received a Notice from State of California that I need to contact the Bank for my " Forgotten Safe Deposit Box items" ( I have at least 6 Safe Deposit Boxes that I either loss keys or forget which State I have it) Recovery at it best! Yeah!!!💯”

“Healing All aspect of My Life and Moving Forward ☺♋.”

“Planning my next move to " Palm Spring By The Sea... Here We Come😘"✈🚝⛵”

“Having a better understanding of the World and People around Me and My Daughter👯☺😘 💃💃💖💖.” ~ Ruthjean

“AMAZING gift from a friend”

“Wins today- £9.50 in supermarket vouchers (not the type where you have to spend a lot to use them :-))and an AMAZING gift from a friend-I went to a business event with three friends and we were offered a three day mindset makeover plus a party plus video coaching plus a support group for half price...I just could not afford it -checked all my credit card balances on my phone- nothing doing -I really FELT I was going to be on it and all my friends decided to go....then at the last minute (the offer was on the day only) a friend said to me 'I'll pay for you and you can pay me back whenever...' I hesitated .She said 'It's a gift. Do you want it? ' So I said 'YES'!! So it;s a big win for me on many levels-accepting, and having the confidence to go for it."

~ A.H.

  • I had a money win today!
  • I'm preparing my taxes, and reviewing my expenses over the last year. I noticed that I was double-billed for one service last July.
  • I contacted the provider, expressed my concern that I was double billed.
  • Indeed I had been, and will be receiving a refund in the amount of $335.00!
  • One more reason to review my monthly expenditures / statements in a more rigorous fashion

"A win is a win....¡thank you!

~ Mark

“Received a check and some unexpected money”

“Within a couple of hours of listening to the call on FHTJ, I heard from my father that he was sending me money which he hasn't done in a few years, and then a few days later, I received a check for $100. I had also received three number signs while listening to the call so it seems the universe was practically screaming at me to join up."

~ R.M.

Started taking action finally!

“Started some projects I had been procrastinating on for a couple of years; got a free e-Book worth at least $10 that I have been wanting for a long time, and which is a main resource in courses I am taking; started doing surveys and panels again after stopping and have gotten, oh, I would say about $15 total which is more than I used to get in the same amount of time, and which can lead to greater up-scaling later; attended a free seminar last night with cutting-edge knowledge and advice about how to make money in 2020 and changes that are rapidly coming that I need to know about, and another free e-Book to go with that; a lot of coupons and savings; a greater ability see the opportunity in adversity; entered a few sweepstakes which have been fun and get my wealth imagination juices flowing; I'm sure there are more that are to come and that I will think of later. I have all that, LHT and more of that. RR.TY. ATDAT, LCT. RR.TY.👍😃👍"

~ Holly

“$70 credit applied to my next bill”

“Having more wins. We negotiated a reduced phone/internet monthly bill and our provider also gave us a $70 credit to apply to our next bill. Also, we discovered that we had full cans of left over paint from our initial renovations that are still good to use that saved us from buying paint. Remaining conscious of the wins that take many forms."

~ Sally

“Received gift from father after years!”

“Here's a win for my sister who I gifted the bonus attunements to, unbeknownst to her. She received $100 in birthday money from our father. I had received the same from him and he hadn't sent either of us (or our other sister) any gifts in a few years."

~ R.M.

“I have been accepted for a lectureship at the further education department of the association of medical masseuses”

“SOME WINS I'VE BEEN AWARE OF... I am to be gifted a healing session just for being me; I showed up at an event for life-coaches-in-training and was gifted a session; a client would like to book a new series of sessions with me, whether the health insurance pays or not; I have been accepted for a lectureship at the further education department of the association of medical masseuses (in a different modality)."

~ H.S.

“Opportunities occur when I focus on things I need.”

“I also gotten unexpected cash from my father at a total of 400 dollars which I so thankful for. I also find things that I wanted to buy before but didn't because they were too expensive... now I bought several of them at a price 50-70% lower than before. I even find that opportunities occur when I focus on things I need."

~ S.A.

My wins from last week...

  • Got a restriction removed on my debit card unknown to me at the time
  • Won $20 on a weekly lottery, another free ticket and $2 on a scratch ticket
  • Moving forward with an opportunity to help organize an event
  • Was invited to take on a second volunteer role for a tech event this summer

"Looking forward to see what March holds 🎁❤"

~ A. L.


Total Package Value $485

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97

*** 80% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

This Package Includes:

  • Everything in A plus...
  • 3 Months of Emergency Immunity Booster 24/7 Remote Healing for You + 3 Loved Ones
  • 90 Minute Supercharged Live Group Energy Transmission Session
  • Recording of Spring 2020 Q&A Call: Boosting Your Immunity


3 Months of Emergency Immunity Booster Remote Healing For You and 3 Loved Ones! - Remote Healing

Value: $2400

Experience new non-stop high-vibe healing for you and 3 loved ones for 3 months!

New challenges on the planet require new tools to overcome them. The Emergency Immunity Booster is a brand new form of remote healing that is sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to target and heal your immune system. New codes are added to the container on a daily basis based on global shifts in real time.

The Emergency Immunity Booster's primary function is to scan and heal you and your body of any blocks, weaknesses, and outdated programming that creates susceptibility to infections, including the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Emergency Immunity Booster has many secondary functions, including:

  • Energetic Nutrition

The remote healing sends energetic nutrition in every moment and heals blocks and resistance to receiving nutrition directly from Source. It also heals the blocks in the way from your body absorbing and processing the vitamins and minerals in your food and supplements.

  • Dental Healing

Energetic support is sent for dental issues and also for strengthening your gums and teeth to be healthy. This also helps to minimize and negate dental issues that could possibly be created due to cancelled dentist appointments.

  • Eye Healing

Protective energies are sent to the eyes to prevent trauma from forming and taking root as a result of watching the news or witnessing disasters.

  • Pleasure Chemicals Booster

Brain-balancing healing energies are sent to stimulate the appropriate creation of pleasure chemicals (endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine), without needing an external stimulus. This helps keep your morale boosted when needing to practice social distancing.

  • Introspection Support

Energetic support is automatically included for those that would like to use the time and space created to go deeper in doing the inner work for both introverts and extroverts. It also helps pull things into your reality to shift and heal faster while also amplifying the joy created from creative endeavors such as journaling, writing, arts, and crafts, cleaning and organizing, creating and taking action on business ideas, products, and services, and much more.

  • Miracle Integrator

This is high-level healing to clear any disconnects between you and your Highest Self to increase your capacity to tap into your miracle creation zone and materialize infinite miracles on all levels in all ways.

You get to improve your energy and you don’t have to do it alone! You get to choose 3 loved ones that will also get all the benefits of the remote healing.

These loved ones can be a spouse, a business partner, a relative, a friend, or even a beloved pet. They do not need to be aware of or believe in energy healing for this to work because this energy comes from pure Source energy, so it is universally receivable by all, in accordance with their highest and best good.


A Supercharged Live Group Energy Transmission Session To Clear & Heal Collective Common Blocks to Infinitely Thriving - Zoom group call

Value: $300

On this Powerful Live Energy Session you will experience the power of the collective group energy that will allow positive intentions to manifest and materialize at the speed of light.

This powerful session will clear and heal money blocks, abundance blocks, health blocks, and bring in the energetic support you require at the moment.

This powerful Session will be 90 minutes long on the Zoom platform. (Please familiarize yourself with Zoom beforehand if you would like to raise your hand for the opportunity to receive personalized attention.)

Attending the class live is just as powerful as the replay. The replay will be added to your deliverables page a few days after the live call.


Boosting Your Immunity - MP4

Value: $300

The energies that came through on the Spring 2020 Q&A call were off the charts!

Here are a few of the energetic highlights of all the fun that occurred during the Spring 2020 Q&A call:

  • Receive a brand new channeled energetic process to uplevel your immune system and break free from all the fear
  • Learn the truth about why the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is easy to heal
  • Receive a Scalar Light energetic transmission to cleanse and purify your space and possessions
  • Bring in more clarity and intuition to know the best course of action for yourself at this time
  • Feel more ready to answer the call to be a healer, now more than ever
  • Let go of trauma from the need to suffer if other people are in suffering (98% of the world would benefit from this clearing process alone!)


Total Package Value $3485

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

*** 96% Saving ***

Add Additional Friend or Family members for Just $47! Available at Checkout

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Here's what others have experienced

Turned $500 into $1000!

“I finally figured out how to transfer $500 of some weird crypto coin into usable bitcoin that I can now invest and DOUBLE it! I’ve been trying for months to figure out what to do with this weird crypto coin and I just found a way to swap it ! Not only $500, but will now turn it into $1,000 ! I’m sure that sounds soooo confusing. But I’m just saying, this was a huge win ! 😁😁😁😁"

~ A.B.

Got my first paid job in over  30 years!

“Okay, posting wins, long overdue! Recently just got my first paycheck from a commercial advertising job, my first paid job in over thirty years! Husband just got his salary doubled. Landlord, for the first time in 10 years did NOT increase the rent. Luggage delayed at the airport resulted in direct to door delivery, no lugging the units around. Other little things; a lost pair of earrings found, far from where I though I had mislaid them. Saw a beautiful travel poster going for $600.00, found an excellent copy on ebay for $25. So appreciative, and looking forward to even more. Bring it on!"

~ Karen

“Ok. So a win. Since the program started my plus 1 has seen gross sales in the pipeline (before commissions, etc.) of over $4Million.
Significantly more than Jan, Dec."

~ J.M.

Got a 4% raise and a $1000 bonus!

“Win Time!!!! I work from home. I received an email from my boss that she wanted to go over my performance. I was dreading it because I have always felt like when I do my best it has never been enough. I have been working on that with easy button healing. She called me and out of nowhere is giving me a 4% raise and a $1,000 bonus!!!! You cant see me but I am literally doing he running man dance right now!!! I am so shocked and excited. Shout out to vera and my easy button fam that always remind me of my power!!! I am going to spend a little bit of my power when I get my check!!! Yes!"

~ Nicolr

Found many sales that will help us to complete the renovations at a lesser cost

“On the way to work this morning, I had an epiphany of my wins and gratitude for the same. My husband and I had stalled our house renovations for various reasons, including mostly financial, and have been living in a half renovated house for the last eight years. Since joining this program, I was advised of a sale on paint. Then, as we started to paint, I came across a really good sale on plank flooring. If that wasn't enough, I received a sale price on carpet for the stairs and area carpet. Just today, I came across a sale on a bathroom vanity that will also allow us to replace our home office furniture. All of these sales will help us to complete the renovations at a lesser cost. What I have realized is that the flow of money is not only about what comes in, it's also reducing what goes out to get what we needed and finally clear our space of stagnant energy.

~ S.R.

Got a new flexible part time job

“Soo this stuff works 😃 I had my appointment with the orthopedic doctor and scheduled a follow up MRI...but, I also got a very flexible part time job today too where I can work from home and get courses for free! It was weird...within 10 minutes of the lady interviewing me, and without me saying anything (she did most of the talking) , I knew she was going to hire me. She also bumped up the starting hourly pay by $5 after I asked for it (she literally said what the pay was and asked if that was ok and I thought what the heck...ask for what I really want 😁). Woot! More of that please"

~ Susan

“I rented my garage unused space smoothly and can collect $300 per month by doing nothing. I’m so grateful and happy. Money flows to me in many expected ways with total ease and grace! Thank you, universe! Thank you, Vera Happy"

~ S.R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this work for me?

Yes! Both Easy Button Healing and Emergency Immunity Booster are channeled from pure Source energy. Since everyone is made of pure Source energy, it is universally compatible with everyone. From the very beginning, we’ll also clear any resistance and blocks to receiving the most out of the program.

Q. How many tracks can I listen to at one time?

It is best to listen to one mp3 once a day or every few days if you are new to Easy Button Healing. Please check in with your intuition before listing to multiple mp3s in one day as these recordings are very potent.

Once you are acclimated to the higher energies, you are welcome to play the mp3s on a loop (either with volume or silently), awake or sleeping, if your guidance recommends it.

Q. How often do I need to listen to the recordings?

After you have listened to an mp3 fully, you have activated all the clearing energies available in that track to run on autopilot.

As new information becomes available regarding the current state of the world, the mp3s are dynamically engineered to uplevel the frequencies encoded in the audio to an unparalleled level of potency. These mp3s continue to grow with you for life!

If you should happen to go through a new stressful or traumatic experience, then it is recommended to relisten to the track or tracks best suited to clear the new negative energy with the new upleveled healing energies.

Q. What commitment is expected from me?

While this package contains an incredible amount of potent energy healing, energy healing is only part of a balanced life.

It's important to not only commit to listening to the mp3s, but also to commit to yourself by taking inspired action when appropriate.

You will have all the tools, resources, and support from this package for life, but it is necessary for you to accept that it is your responsibility to take the steps necessary to manifest your dreams.

Follow your guidance on opportunities and/or things that are available to bring into your reality to speed up your results. This can include certain foods, trainings, products and services, exercise programs, additional energy work, etc.

Q. What if I don't feel any energy once the Emergency Immunity Booster is activated?

This is intentional. The energies are programmed to run at a high frequency in a way that will not overwhelm or over-process you so you can live your life without the side effects of certain energy processes that make people tired, groggy, dizzy, uncontrollably cry, pass out, alter states of consciousness, or feel temporarily disoriented.

Those that are energetically sensitive may experience tingles and other energetic sensations at the beginning of the activation. These sensations become less noticeable as you begin to acclimate to the high vibrational energies. The Emergency Immunity Booster is always working at full strength even if it cannot be felt.

It is absolutely safe to receive The Emergency Immunity Booster even if you are receiving remote healing from other modalities, healers, and programs.

Q. What if things appear to get worse?

We are working with Divine energy, which will not trigger you or over-process you or cause a negative detox or healing crisis experience or make things worse.

When unpleasant things show up, the momentum behind them has been building up for a long time before the tools were activated.

When possible, the Emergency Immunity Booster will scan and prevent the unpleasant things from showing up. When it is not able to do that in time, the Emergency Immunity Booster is already working on the root of the immune system issue to reverse it as soon as possible.

Q. What is the benefit of receiving the Emergency Immunity Booster remote healing if I am already receiving remote healing from one of your other programs?

Every modality I create is coded in a dynamically different way to address the issues at hand from a different perspective with unique energies and frequencies. The energies are run at a high frequency through different channels and do not compete or clash with each other.

Each modality has programming to harmonize, amplify, and speed up the healing from other remote healing modalities, including Rapid Core Transformation, Core Money Booster, and the Easy Beauty Facelift.

It creates a multiplicative effect (similar to adding another computer to a cluster of computers solving a complex equation) every time you experience multiple remote healing modalities at the same time.

This is all done with zero negative side effects, and will not negatively interfere with any other energy work you are doing.

Q. When can I expect results?

It's different for everyone and how long it takes depends on the speed of which a person's system can process the energy and alignment with taking inspired action when required.

Shifts happen instantly so results can happen instantly. Even in the most stubborn situations, evidence that things are shifting positively can usually be seen in less than a month.

Everything unpreferred can be reversed given enough time and energy.

Q. Is there a guarantee?

I set a strong intention that everyone that invests in my packages and follows the directions gets their investment in the program back ten-fold or higher.

Here’s proof:

“I feel I’m taking back my power”

“Hi Vera, Hi Everyone,
can I send out a big thank you and mahoosive hugs to you all 🧡

I’m feeling loved and I’m getting there in feeling worthy, all down to you all here, thank you.

I’m feeling stronger in myself and feel I’m walking forward, i feel the pull of the universe, I feel changes in myself, all down to you here, thank you 🧡

I feel I’m taking back my power.

I am still a little nervous of the way forward but I do so much welcome it’s change with a loving and open heart 🧡

Thank you all for your beautiful energies that are sent here, thank you all for your kindness that you show here...thank you 🧡

I am a child of the universe, it is time to step forward to be part of its miracles again, to stand in my power again, no more hiding, I am grateful and be worthy of its love and gifts rrty 🧡

(I just need to keep reminding myself of that every time I slip into self sabotage.....😕)

A mahoosive thank you to my beautiful friend that brought me to you all, thank you 🧡"

~ J.A.

“I am making sales”

“Here's some wins since starting Vera's amazing Money Booster! I completed my income tax return in record time, and even wanted to do them! (Usually I wait until the last minute and get majorly stressed out, and then have to pay outrageous penalties for not getting it done in time.) My accountant did my return as a courtesy/ free of charge, as my daughter is the receptionist at his office. I won scratch ticket $. I'm asking for front row parking and getting it every time! I'm making sales while hanging out and having fun by meeting new people who want to buy my products. Working on projects that are beyond my comfort zone with ease and inspiration. And above all, Lisa C. Anderson's statements rocked my world, she hit on my deepest blocks! And Vera Happy's statements she so generously has given me, they are amplified with this money booster energy!! My honey, whom I was able to add into the package for 3 months is shifting fast too, another huge win! Thank you so much Vera Happy!!!"

~ Deborah

“I had enough for payroll and my personal bills”

“As I complete my first week with this tribe, so many amazing things have happened. With few options to meet payroll for my staff, I had to let go and let God. The next morning when I checked my account, a client paid me two weeks earlier. I had enough for payroll and my personal bills. 2 current clients also added to their contracts and I now have a sense that everything and anything is possible! So grateful and feeling blessed to be on this journey with all of you!"

~ Florence

“New thoughts and perspectives about money and abundance and got paid for an account I had written off last year!”

“Since I purchased the package, I have been having new thoughts and perspectives about money and abundance, like I stopped myself now when I think about lack and changed the idea.

Also, yesterday one of my clients called me and basically demanded I send her an invoice because she wanted to pay her bill! I had written off her account last year, so this was a pleasant surprise. I sent the invoice right away!"

~ Stacy

“Had my late fees reversed”

“Some more wins: I took ACTION-Paypal charged me £12 late fee (and it was late!). But I paid immediately and rang them.Part of me didn't want to bother.I told them I'd had problems with payments not going through before (true). The guy said 'Yup your payment's gone through'. I could have left it there but I said 'Can you reverse the fee?' He said 'What? You want me to reverse the fee?' I just wanted to hide then -felt the 'idiot' feeling rising. Then I let the feeling subside and thought 'What have I got to lose? ' so I breathed and said 'Yes'...long pause (and I felt totally relaxed (another win) ) and he hmmned and ha'd and then said 'OK then;! 🤑🤑🤑Also,I have a friend's funeral on Friday. We were talking about her and I said to my partner 'I'm gonna have to go down to London- I didn't actually use ebh but sometimes I think my unconscious is applying it anyway.He said 'I'll pay your fare' WHAAAT? That's nearly £60 as I have to go at peak time!"

~ A.H.

  • “Vera's Class on Marketing...I can't thank you enough Vera Happy for your words about Marketing. When I got on the call, I was absolutely paralyzed by thinking I was even going to ask a question about my lifelong "nemesis" of sales and marketing. I was so traumatized that I could not even raise my hand so I typed it in the chat, then I cleared it, then I typed it in again and cleared it again. I never did get it sent.
  • But, nevertheless, my questioned was answered. I had wonderful dreams all night about successful encounters and creating my own perfect job and marketing myself to receive it. I woke up this morning feeling happier than I have felt (maybe ever).
  • First thing this morning, I received a message asking about my "Energy Accelerator". WOW that was fast. It is the same experience I had during your beta test on the Money Makeover.Which I also bought.
  • Thank you again. I am totally overwhelmed with "happy, happy and more happy"

    ~ Maryann

“I sense that this dramatically helped the gifts that have been arriving out of this experience.”

“I am celebrating you for creating Easy Button Healing🎉🎉

My 7-year-old son and I had a traumatic experience happen on our Mother Son Fun Date Day 1.5 weeks ago. His arm bone completely disconnected from the elbow the only thing holding it in was his skin! We are in the hospital for two days plus surgery. He now has a full arm cast and we are moving forward focusing on the gifts out of all of this. During my 2 hr drive following the ambulance to the ER, I was using easy button Healing Continuously for every way that my intuition led me.

I sense that this dramatically helped the gifts that have been arriving out of this experience.

I continue to be in such gratitude daily for this tool in my toolbox."

~ Cynthia

About Vera Mirna:

Vera Mirna is an energy healer, medical intuitive, and empath with decades of experience. She has helped her clients manifest dream houses, fulfilling careers, perfect mates, healthy bodies, financial freedom and more.

Vera is the founder of several Ground-Breaking, Radically Effective Healing Modalities, including Rapid Core Transformation, Core Money Booster, Easy Button Healing, and Easy Beauty Facelifts.

She is a practitioner of Intuitive Life Coaching, Grace Healing, Regenerate Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Infinity Healing, Accelerated Light Healing, Energetic Facelifts, and continues to learn new cutting-edge techniques as a daily practice.

She’s unlocked her manifesting potential and turned her life around…

  • Lottery wins— over and over
  • Reversed $250,000 in debt— to cash
  • Incredible speaking engagements all around the world
  • Brand new (and free!) furniture for her home
  • Ideal relationships in every area of her life
  • Even with her years of life, energy experience, an practice— she still looks like a teenager!

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Awaken the Unshakeable Healer Within - MP3

Receiving the Fun of the Unknown - MP3

Activate Your Intuition and Access Eternal Wisdom - MP3

Shifting from Adversity to Opportunity - MP3

Limited Time Bonus: Healing the "I'm a High Risk" Factor - MP3


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From Heartache to Joy



Awaken the Unshakeable Healer Within - MP3

Receiving the Fun of the Unknown - MP3

Activate Your Intuition and Access Eternal Wisdom - MP3

Shifting from Adversity to Opportunity - MP3

Limited Time Bonus: Healing the "I'm a High Risk" Factor - MP3

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90 Minute Supercharged Live Group Energy Transmission Session

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