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Discover The Ancient & Shocking Mystical Secrets of Beauty & Power Only the Pharaohs Knew

The Ancient Egyptians were known for their insight into excellence and their valuation for extravagance.

Their mission for flawlessness was not constrained to the considerable pyramids and they were the first culture to create and record their healthy skin techniques and procedures.

You’re about to discover one of the best-kept secrets of beauty only ancient Egyptian queens like Cleopatra used to understand…  

These secrets of the supernatural are affecting your beauty today! Find out what you never suspected about the Pharaohs and what they understood beauty and the power of essences.

The Pharaohs were known for their supernatural powers, such as:

  • The Eternal Power of divine dynamism
  • The power to travel to Higher Realms
  • The power to communicate with ancestral spirits
  • The power to single-handedly subduing the inner forces of chaos and darkness
  • The divine power to influence the works of nature itself
  • And many more…

Anya has Discovered a Breakthrough Formula Infused with these POWERFUL Energies that Reverse The Appearance Of Aging On The Face & Body

Imagine being able to look 10 years younger & have your body feel better without surgery, injections, creams, or pills...

Research shows that our face is a direct reflection of how we are living and feeling.

Every emotion you have experienced - be it sadness, frustration, distress, or grief - all are stored in the delicate tissues of your facial area.

If something is not right internally, your skin shows it first!

Research shows that the face is the first thing people notice and is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor in the impression you leave.


Your face is constantly receiving energy from your environment. 

The negative energy clogs the facial area, making cells sluggish, giving you a worn and tired look… 

A tired and troubled face is a sign of struggle and problems, while a happy face opens up doors, and ushers in new opportunities…

The Beauty Industry Is Messed Up & Makes It Even Worse

Beauty magazines will sell you Botox, Face Lifts, and many types of Facial Surgery…

These techniques are not natural AND can have serious drawbacks!

They are often invasive and painful, will last you a few months at most, and some of them even form serious health risks...

Are You Tired Of Always Looking Tired?

  • Do you often feel unhappy when you look in the mirror?
  • Does your skin express more woes and worries, than it does happiness and joy?
  • Do your looks sometimes make you feel insecure?
  • Do you feel bad skin is preventing you from being your highest self?
  • Do you suffer from blemishes and spots on your skin and face?
  • Do you sometimes feel you look older than you actually are?
  • Do you wish your skin would look youthful again?


Harmonized Face Treatment No. 1™
Nature’s Mystical Way of Beauty Transformation

Let The Sacred Modalities Of Nature’s Divine Grace Heal Your Skin From The Inside Out & Feel Refreshed, Energized And Healthy Again In A Matter Of Days

You are about to look 10 years younger!!!

Say GOODBYE to wrinkles, lines, peeling skin, and red areas on your face!!!

Let The Modalities Of Nature’s Divine Grace Heal Your Skin
From The Inside Out & Feel Refreshed, Energized And Healthy Again In A Matter Of Days

Repair Your Skin

Restore Your Confidence

Revive Your Beauty.

Anya’s Energetic Facial Rejuvenation Process balances and harmonizes the energetic processes in the body – disintegrating facial stress energy, resulting in a toned and nourished skin - helping the face glow & radiate not just at surface-level, but from deep within!

This TIME-TESTED and EMPIRICALLY PROVEN non-invasive, no-pain, risk-free Face Treatment Formula removes accumulated stress and painful psychological energy from the face with astounding LASTING results...

  • Tap into nature’s mystical healing modalities to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul
  • Balance & harmonize your body’s energetic processes
  • Emerge from behind the ‘mask’ and regain your self-confidence
  • Open up your face & presence like a blossoming flower
  • Look & feel like you had a sip from the ‘Cup of Life’ itself
  • Shift to a place of release & beauty from the inside out
  • Look & feel 10 years younger!!

But Don’t Take My Word For It... See For Yourself!

Harmonized Face Treatment No. 1 Has Worked For 100s Of People Before You And It Will Work For You Too!!!

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“Amazing Success with Harmonized Face! Full Satisfaction, Looking Younger in just 3 Days”

“I'm 57 years old. I tried it, and wow! What a success. After a few treatments the results were amazing. No more red areas and no peeling skin. From then on I've used Harmonized Face Treatment No 1 daily and the effect is still to my full satisfaction. I look better and younger every time. Thank you, Harmonized Face Treatment No.1 Benny

The pictures show how The FACE TREATMENT No.1 worked after only 3 days.”

~ Benny

“Cured my Itchy Neck Within Just 2 Days, Reduced Inflamed Area in Just 10 Days!!!”

“In the last two years I developed a skin condition on my neck that dermatologists diagnosed as inflammation of the skin. I’ve tried many products including steroids and antihistamine as prescribed by doctors, but was still left with patches of affected skin that not only itched terribly despite frequent lotion application, but had an impact on my confidence as it was such a noticeable area on my neck. I tried Harmonized face treatment No.1 with the hope of lessening both itchiness and inflammation. The effect I experienced was dramatic! Within two days the itchiness completely stopped. Over the course of 10 days I also noticed the sizes of the area affected was noticeably smaller. It is amazing to use a product which is completely natural and not having to worry about how synthetic chemicals could be damaging my skin. Additionally, the smell and the feel is truly delightful. It feels silky smooth on the skin. The lavender scent has an instant calming effect. I look forward to continuing to use this amazing product after the positive benefits I experienced in such a short time."

~ Susan Swirsky

“Success in Reducing Eye Wrinkles, Puffiness and Red Skin Tones! I'm Thrilled!”

“I LOVE Harmonized! The changes in my skin are impressive. I've done other anti aging programs and had success. However, Harmonized takes it to the next level. I notice my eye wrinkles and puffiness going down quite a bit and also my skin tone is less red and a much brighter. I am thrilled with the results!”

Gretchen Pritts
FHTJ Team Member

“Within 5 days I see a noticeable difference in my skin tone and wrinkles!”

“I love Harmonized! I didn't know what to expect. However, within 5 days I see a noticeable difference in my skin tone and my wrinkles. I am thrilled with the results and can't wait to see what happens after 2 weeks and a month!"

~ P.R

“After only one week I am noticing a big difference in my fine line and wrinkles!”

“I started using Harmonized to help with my fine line and wrinkles. I wanted to track my progress and am impressed with the results so far. After only one week, I am noticing a big difference in my fine line and wrinkles, especially around my eyes and on my forehead. Thank you Harmonized!”


The Mystical Secrets Of Beauty & How It Works

Here are some of the many more results people are getting with energetic facelifts…

  • Much more relaxed both in appearance (especially eyes) and demeanor
  • More radiant and younger looking
  • Invigorated and energized personality
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles, lines and swelling
  • Smoother, clearer, tighter skin and glow
  • Jowl lifts, brow lifts, neck lifts, breast lifts, butt lifts and all-over-body lifts
  • Reduced scarring and pigmentation
  • Cleared up inflamed, itching, erupting skin conditions
  • Eyebrows returned to original brown color (from grey)
  • Improved distance vision
  • Noticeably improved mental outlook
  • And many, MANY more…!

Treat Yourself To An Energetic Facelift TODAY And
Enjoy The Results For A Lifetime

People who received the Energetic Facelift reported it’s like having a ‘life-lift’ providing more Energy, Stability, and Clarity.
What great side effects!

“Cured my Scaly Appearance. No need to Hide my Face in Public Anymore!”

“I suffered greatly for many years, my face was covered with scales and I looked like a monster. People were pointing their fingers at me on the street. I know the pain, I know the suffering, I know the price of not being seen and not being able to see yourself. Harmonized face has cured my condition considerably and now I no longer need to hide from the world"

~ Marly

“Extremely Helping! The Face treatment is the BEST part of my Day!”

“Anya Schwartzberg has a magical mix of mind, intuition and connection.Her ability to reach a person through the use of energy therapy is extremely healing. Personally, watching her create a space for clients to be themselves and be open for healing at the same time, is a trait hard to find. Her humor and easygoing personality keep the energy open and fun. I absolutely love the therapy method Anya uses and it is a powerful yet noninvasive tool to feel healthy, empowered, happy and of course always smelling divine.‘The FACE TREATMENT No.1 is the best part of my day

~ Chana Traxler

“Makes me look 30 at 42! Gave my skin Great Texture…”

“Anya was a dream come true when it came to understanding my essence and how to get me and my life to glow. As a working woman with a busy schedule and large family my skin was showing signs of exhaustion even when I felt energized. I heard about her work and reputation. She restored my skin to a great texture and gave me back ten years of my life. I am 47 and feel 22, but now I look 30. Anya has magic potions and powers."

~ Shelby Bernhaut

“In Just One Week My Husband and Friends Noticed My Skin Looking Younger and Dark Spots Lightening!”

“Dark spots started appearing on my face on my 2nd trimester. I didn’t bother about them but they kept spreading over time and became darker. I felt ashamed when my friends told me that I have a lot of dark spots and my pregnancy is making me look so dull.

After getting Harmonized Face treatment in just a week, my skin is fairer and the tone is more even. My husband even notice the difference in just 1 week and my friends think I look younger!

My dark spots are no longer making me feel unpretty. I’m really happy and satisfied! And oh if I may add, the smell is so relaxing and it's making me feel sleepy right after using it.”

~ Fam

Why Is Anya Schwartzberg Unique?

At the early age of 14, Anya experienced her first severe psoriasis episode. Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease that causes red, scaly patches on the skin. But psoriasis is much more than just flare-ups and scales; as a teenager at the age of 14 it is also a source of intense shame, embarrassment, and humiliation.

She suffered greatly for many years, her face covered with scales she felt as if she looked like a monster. To make things worse, people were pointing their fingers at her on the street, only adding to the already overwhelming pain and suffering. Anya knows first-hand what it’s like to not be seen - and worse - not being able to see yourself.

During the following thirty years, Anya researched and experimented tirelessly to find relief for her condition. This deeply personal experience laid the foundation for the development of her one-of-a-kind beauty products and remote healing abilities. Harmonized Face Treatment No. 1 is the fruit of her suffering and consequent hard work.

Along with her quest for healing, she also sought refuge in the mystics of nature, the divine, and Ein Sof, the Kabbalistic interpretation of Source or God. She became a licensed aromatherapist, energetic healer, mystic, and alchemist. Anya is in awe of the marvellous healing properties of the botanics and flora, and continues to dedicate herself to discovering more of the unending wonders of nature

Harmonized Face Treatment No. 1™

Mystical Beautifier In A Bottle

1 bottle to be shipped

Available for a Limited Time Only

90-Day Beauty Healing
Connect Yourself To Mother Nature And Her Grace
From The Void Of The Ein Sof
(Begins March 29th)

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

*Includes FREE Worldwide Shipping*

Sold Out

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

No refund after bottle is shipped and non returns.

The Kabbalah (the esoteric teaching of sacred texts) speaks of oneness: the all-important unity of mind, body, and spirit. Anya infuses this principle into the development of her skin treatment products, emphasizing balance between our skin’s natural oils and our essence of nature oils. 

Anya understands the delicate balance between people and the planet, so all of our ingredients are locally sourced in an environmentally responsible manner from local farmers around the globe. 

Anya believes that our inner beauty is as important as our external beauty and her products are designed to illuminate your soul’s inner light. Many women feel conflicted about focusing on beauty, but Anya believes we can honor our beauty, while avoiding vanity. Pushing back against the beauty industry tactics that exploit women’s fears and insecurities, this Harmonized is proud to be the first step in a self-love revolution.

All Harmonized products are carefully crafted in line with our principles of healing and wellness. All of the products are 100% organic, for the ultimate in therapeutic skincare. Harmonized products are completely natural and chemical free, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Cruelty-free and exploitation-free, Harmonized masterfully creates artisanal oils that are created with zero industrial processing. 

Harmonized Face Treatment No. 1™ combines the finest essences of Nature with scientific research. The brand-new facial treatment contains 3 powerful all-natural ingredients to deliver amazing benefits to your skin; Natural Cajeput, Wild Kashmir Lavender, and Organic Peruvian Jojoba.

Cajeput is known for its antimicrobial, carminative, stimulant and tonic properties. It smooths, brightens, and tones the skin, keeping it free from infection and looking and feeling firm and radiant. Cajeput has medicinal and magical properties to bring exquisite intimacy, and link to the deeper emotions in relationships.

Lavender inhibits bacterial growth and balances over-excretion of sebum; a naturally occurring oily substance produced in the skin that in excess can lead to acne and an overly oily complexion. The wildcrafted lavender used in Face Treatment No. 1 is from Kashmir and differs significantly from other types of lavender in its enhanced ability to reduce lines and scarring, smooth stressed and aged skin, and boost healing of troubled areas.

Lavender is known for its restorative and calming spiritual modalities, and its warmth of the protective love of Mother Earth itself. Like a wise woman, Lavender is calming yet intuitive, lifting the weight of depression and sadness from your spirit.

Jojoba functions as the perfect carrier oil with the healing essential oils. Only the highest grade Jojoba oil is used, pressed from plant seeds native to the Peruvian deserts. Like the skin’s natural sebum, organic jojoba offers hydration, relief and protection to the skin, hair and scalp, calming oily areas and moisturizing dry ones.

The Results that people have experienced after using Anya’s HARMONIZED FACE TREATAMENT No.1 are Astounding!

“After just 1 week: Reduced redness and blotchiness and smoother skin!”

“I am always looking for something new and different to try for my skin. I am definitely drawn to more natural products and have tried many different creams and lotions. After a week of using Harmonized I can already tell an overall difference. For starters, this product smells amazing and instantly gives you the sense of using a luxury product. The serum goes on smoothly and evenly without needing much effort at all and feels absolutely weightless on my skin while leaving feeling hydrated and smooth. Furthermore, I can already see reduced redness and blotchiness and smoother skin! I look forward to continuing using this product and can't wait to see how my skin will feel in a month! Thank you!"

~ Stefanie Leigthon

“Amazing product, nourishes without being oily. Husband loves my glowing skin!”

“Just wanted to say that your product is AMAZING! It's not too oily and yet feels really nourishing! My husband says it makes my skin look smoother and more glowing! I have only been using it just over a week or so – wonderful results!”

~ Lital Juster

“Changed my Dry Skin to Better texture and More Moisturized”

“ I am enjoying this product! Unlike creams I’ve tried in the past, the natural oils in this product really nourished my skin. My face feels moisturized all day but not oily. It’s really amazing how it has changed the texture of my skin... which is usually dry."

~ Keren H

“My Skin is Now Incredibly Soft, Perfectly Suits Sensitive Skin Type!”

“My skin is so freaking smooth now! And the smell of it is so calming. LOVE IT!I finally found a product that I can use without any problems for my sensitive skin, it is really great! Always had good skin but since I started using this I definitely notice a difference it's incredibly soft & no more dryness issues.”

~ Natalie Ivgi

Available for a Limited Time Only

90-Day Beauty Healing
Connect Yourself To Mother Nature And Her Grace
From The Void Of The Ein Sof
(Begins March 29th)

Allow Anya to spend 90 days working on your beautiful self!

During these 90 days, receive a constantly upgraded remote healing beautification! Using the modalities of the mystical principles of creation and recreation, lifting your face and body tone, and reboost and regenerating your cells, Anya will take you through a transformational journey - both inside and out!

Expect to experience an intense and deep sense of youthing and reversal of age.

This process of regeneration starts at the soul level for an optimal physical appearance of radiance and grace. The modalities of nature and its generosity will assist and shower you with its blueprint of bedazzling healing and beauty.

These are things you can expect during this TRANSFORMATIONAL remote healing:

  • Healthy Hair and Nails: the potency of growth, for healthy hair and volume and beauty and strong healthy nails.
  • Face Rejuvenation and Lift: the organic process and a timeless look.
  • Firm, Fit and Tuned Up Body: the cell booster and a firm embrace of mother nature for a vigorous silhouette.
  • Positive Beauty Image: a mind and body reflection of selves and a deeper understanding of your true beauty in experience.

Here's what our Beta Test Group Experienced After Working With Anya:

“From Dull and Boring to Soft Vibrant Hair! Even my Hairdresser Noticed...”

“I LOVED working with Anya. Before I started working with her, my hair was dull and boring. After our hair group healing, she gave me a message that my hair sent her. So I changed the style based on the message and since then it is so much softer and more vibrant. It feels so healthy! Even when I went to my hairdresser she told me that my hair is very healthy and doesn’t need any kind of special conditioning! I highly recommend Anya’s work."

Gretchen Pritts
FHTJ Team Member

“I don't notice my grey hairs as much! Anya's programme was brilliant!”

“I have been suffering with skin and hair issues for many years now and both lacked life lustre Anya's programme was brilliant! More so because she tailored the programme to our needs. She's very approachable and caring and has a genuine desire to help people. She gave much more than what the programme offered.

What was interesting for me were some detox symptoms I'd experienced but she helped me move through them with ease. But the detox was necessary in order to get to the deeper rooted issues. It's amazing how much our hair and skin carry and the deeper story they tell about our lives. After working through the program, I don't notice my grey hairs as much because I'm more at ease.

Anya goes beyond what's needed. Loved working with her. Loved her approach and ability to help people build on the deeper issues.”

~ N. Kaur

“Skin and Hair Looks Pretty and Soft, Even my Stomach Became Flatter!”

“I was prompted to work with this healer because I wanted healthier hair and nails. I have been coloring my hair and hilighting my hair and it was so dry and damaged. Some of the changes that I noticed were that my hair looks and feels soft. Two months ago I got more highlights in my hair and my hair was very dry and damaged. People have noticed and said that my hair looks shiny and soft. I noticed that my face looks very smooth and more defined and less full. I love this!!! My friends said that my skin looked so nice and smooth. I received compliments on my eyebrows and how nice they looked. I noticed that they look fuller. My eyes look more open and my lashes look longer and don’t need so much mascara. Yay!!! I was looking at my abdomen/stomach and it looks flatter. This is so exciting and I’m so happy!! I am so grateful for Anya and everything that she has done. She is so sweet and you can feel all the love! Anya helped me with my hair, skin and nails. The live healing session was amazing. I wasn't expecting the soft baby like skin. My skin looks so pretty and soft. I also wasn’t expecting my hair to feel so soft and full because it’s been through a lot.

I was able to see and feel the results right away and I was excited as other people commented on how great my skin and hair looked. I would definitely recommend Anya. She is so sweet and she radiates love, beauty and youth."


“Feeling happy, cared for, positive...Insomnia, Dry Hair and Skin Improving...”

“Issues that prompted me to work with healer were Chronic insomnia, Dry hair and skin etc which I faced for many years. Anya worked in depth on all these issues and beyond. I felt so cared for during the entire program and the insights that came through were powerful and I could very much relate. I haven't seen a shift yet however with the information that Anya provided me - I know more how to move forward and get un-stuck. Anya was able to really get to the core of what is holding me in this fight or flight state and it was 2 core emotions/states which I could 100% relate to. Anya gave me insights and information on how to release this. I feel happy, cared for, positive that things will shift. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Anya and her work and programs. She truly is a gifted intuitive healer.”

~ Belinda Hayward

“Blisters, Pimples & Sagging skin Gone! I look much Younger...”

“My hair had no volume, my skin was very oily and I got irritated skin, pimples and blisters on my face. The skin on my body was sagging more, looking a bit old. My skin problem has been a problem for a couple of years but had gotten worse the past 6-8 month. I was frustrated new blisters every morning. I noticed, just after 2 days of the healing with Anya, a huge difference on my facial skin, the blisters were fewer and my skin looked so fresh and glowing. After the 4 calls I had no blisters left and I looked so much younger! My hair had more volume and my body started to become more shaped and my skin on the rest of my body started to firm up as well. I noticed that my thought patterns were shifting too. I became more accepting and forgiving towards myself. Even though all my problems haven´t gone away I still have the results as lasting shift still today, 9 days after I finished backstage pass. I Would Absolutely recommend this healer's work to other people wholeheartedly!!!!"

~ Susann Åkerström

“Wonderful Sessions, Hairfall Improved”

“The sessions with Anya were wonderful There is definitely I feel a change in the texture of my skin which i feel is more even in tone My hairfall which was quite severe has become less I feel more positive changes are on the way as far as my appearances is concerned Thank you”

~ Kamal

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

*Includes FREE Worldwide Shipping*

Sold Out

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

No refund after bottle is shipped and non returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I use the Face Treatment?

Use on cleaned face. Little goes a long way with face oil; 5-6 drops should be enough to cover your entire face. But if you’re extending the love to your neck and décolleté as well, feel free to use a few more drops.

Use the dropper to drip the oil into your palm. Rub your hands together to warm up the oil. Next, gently press your palms up to your face, neck and décolleté, smoothing the oil over your skin, allowing the formula to
be fully absorbed.

Morning use: After cleaning the face, let the formula sit for a few minute to absorb before applying make-up.

Night use: After cleansing the face, spread the oil well. Use your night cream on top. Highly recommended to use before a special event for an even and glowing tone.

Q. How quickly will I see results using the Face Treatment?

Depending on the issue, but usually in week 2 there will be a difference in texture and glow.

Q. How long does it last?

Around 3 months all depends how often and how much you apply.

Q. Can I buy the face treatment online or somewhere else?

No, not at this time.

About Anya Schwartzberg:

At fourteen years of age, she experienced her first severe psoriasis episode. She worked in the fashion business and the arts for years and saw the exploitation of beauty. It became increasingly difficult to ignore. During the following thirty years, Anya researched and experimented tirelessly to find relief for her condition seeking to understand the deeper aspects of beauty and mankind. Along with her quest for healing, she became a licensed aromatherapist, energetic healer, mystic and alchemist. Her personal experience has laid the foundation for the development of her one-of-a-kind beauty products and remote healing abilities.

She is in awe of the marvellous healing properties of the botanics, flora and continues to dedicate herself to discovering more of the unending wonders of nature.

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

*Includes FREE Worldwide Shipping*

Sold Out

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

No refund after bottle is shipped and non returns.

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