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4 Live Group Sessions

Upgrade your face, skin, body, and overall well-being during 4x LIVE group sessions. Anya will create your sanctuary via Nature’s modalities in which your essence will be gently placed. This is the sacred space in which your healing will take place by working with direct consciousness using divine Source

  • 1

    Session A: Hair & Nails:

    for healthy and voluminous hair & beautiful, strong nails.

  • 2

    Session B: Face Lift:

    the organic process & a timeless, youthful look.

  • 3

    Session C: Firm. Fit. Tuned Up:

    A cell-booster and a firm embrace of Mother Nature for a vigorous silhouette.

  • 4

    Session D: Beauty Image:

    A mind and body reflection of self, and a deeper understanding of your true beauty.

They are part of the 90 day remote healing process where abcd will be specific themes where Anya will speak about these variations of subject.

It's a shift in perception, and a higher level of remote healing as the work is not just on the outside, it’s also a process that takes place on the inside/perception.You will awaken and shred of lavers of illusions and misconceptions as you experience yourself in this transformational phase.

“From Dull and Boring to Soft Vibrant Hair! Even my Hairdresser Noticed...”

“I LOVED working with Anya. Before I started working with her, my hair was dull and boring. After our hair group healing, she gave me a message that my hair sent her. So I changed the style based on the message and since then it is so much softer and more vibrant. It feels so healthy! Even when I went to my hairdresser she told me that my hair is very healthy and doesn’t need any kind of special conditioning! I highly recommend Anya’s work."

Gretchen Pritts
FHTJ Team Member

“Skin and Hair Looks Pretty and Soft, Even my Stomach Became Flatter!”

“I was prompted to work with this healer because I wanted healthier hair and nails. I have been coloring my hair and hilighting my hair and it was so dry and damaged. Some of the changes that I noticed were that my hair looks and feels soft. Two months ago I got more highlights in my hair and my hair was very dry and damaged. People have noticed and said that my hair looks shiny and soft. I noticed that my face looks very smooth and more defined and less full. I love this!!! My friends said that my skin looked so nice and smooth. I received compliments on my eyebrows and how nice they looked. I noticed that they look fuller. My eyes look more open and my lashes look longer and don’t need so much mascara. Yay!!! I was looking at my abdomen/stomach and it looks flatter. This is so exciting and I’m so happy!! I am so grateful for Anya and everything that she has done. She is so sweet and you can feel all the love! Anya helped me with my hair, skin and nails. The live healing session was amazing. I wasn't expecting the soft baby like skin. My skin looks so pretty and soft. I also wasn’t expecting my hair to feel so soft and full because it’s been through a lot.

I was able to see and feel the results right away and I was excited as other people commented on how great my skin and hair looked. I would definitely recommend Anya. She is so sweet and she radiates love, beauty and youth."


“Feeling happy, cared for, positive...Insomnia, Dry Hair and Skin Improving...”

“Issues that prompted me to work with healer were Chronic insomnia, Dry hair and skin etc which I faced for many years. Anya worked in depth on all these issues and beyond. I felt so cared for during the entire program and the insights that came through were powerful and I could very much relate. I haven't seen a shift yet however with the information that Anya provided me - I know more how to move forward and get un-stuck. Anya was able to really get to the core of what is holding me in this fight or flight state and it was 2 core emotions/states which I could 100% relate to. Anya gave me insights and information on how to release this. I feel happy, cared for, positive that things will shift. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Anya and her work and programs. She truly is a gifted intuitive healer.”

~ Belinda Hayward

“Blisters, Pimples & Sagging skin Gone! I look much Younger...”

“My hair had no volume, my skin was very oily and I got irritated skin, pimples and blisters on my face. The skin on my body was sagging more, looking a bit old. My skin problem has been a problem for a couple of years but had gotten worse the past 6-8 month. I was frustrated new blisters every morning. I noticed, just after 2 days of the healing with Anya, a huge difference on my facial skin, the blisters were fewer and my skin looked so fresh and glowing. After the 4 calls I had no blisters left and I looked so much younger! My hair had more volume and my body started to become more shaped and my skin on the rest of my body started to firm up as well. I noticed that my thought patterns were shifting too. I became more accepting and forgiving towards myself. Even though all my problems haven´t gone away I still have the results as lasting shift still today, 9 days after I finished backstage pass. I Would Absolutely recommend this healer's work to other people wholeheartedly!!!!"

~ Susann Åkerström

“Wonderful Sessions, Hairfall Improved”

“The sessions with Anya were wonderful There is definitely I feel a change in the texture of my skin which i feel is more even in tone My hairfall which was quite severe has become less I feel more positive changes are on the way as far as my appearances is concerned Thank you”

~ Kamal

Treat Yourself To An Energetic Facelift TODAY And
Enjoy The Results For A Lifetime

People who received the Energetic Facelift reported it’s like having a ‘life-lift’ providing more Energy, Stability, and Clarity.
What great side effects!

“Cured my Scaly Appearance. No need to Hide my Face in Public Anymore!”

“I suffered greatly for many years, my face was covered with scales and I looked like a monster. People were pointing their fingers at me on the street. I know the pain, I know the suffering, I know the price of not being seen and not being able to see yourself. Harmonized face has cured my condition considerably and now I no longer need to hide from the world"

~ Marly

“Extremely Helping! The Face treatment is the BEST part of my Day!”

“Anya Schwartzberg has a magical mix of mind, intuition and connection.Her ability to reach a person through the use of energy therapy is extremely healing. Personally, watching her create a space for clients to be themselves and be open for healing at the same time, is a trait hard to find. Her humor and easygoing personality keep the energy open and fun. I absolutely love the therapy method Anya uses and it is a powerful yet noninvasive tool to feel healthy, empowered, happy and of course always smelling divine.‘The FACE TREATMENT No.1 is the best part of my day

~ Chana Traxler

“Makes me look 30 at 42! Gave my skin Great Texture…”

“Anya was a dream come true when it came to understanding my essence and how to get me and my life to glow. As a working woman with a busy schedule and large family my skin was showing signs of exhaustion even when I felt energized. I heard about her work and reputation. She restored my skin to a great texture and gave me back ten years of my life. I am 47 and feel 22, but now I look 30. Anya has magic potions and powers."

~ Shelby Bernhaut

“I don't notice my grey hairs as much! Anya's programme was brilliant!”

“I have been suffering with skin and hair issues for many years now and both lacked life lustre Anya's programme was brilliant! More so because she tailored the programme to our needs. She's very approachable and caring and has a genuine desire to help people. She gave much more than what the programme offered.

What was interesting for me were some detox symptoms I'd experienced but she helped me move through them with ease. But the detox was necessary in order to get to the deeper rooted issues. It's amazing how much our hair and skin carry and the deeper story they tell about our lives. After working through the program, I don't notice my grey hairs as much because I'm more at ease.

Anya goes beyond what's needed. Loved working with her. Loved her approach and ability to help people build on the deeper issues.”

~ N. Kaur

Available for a Limited Time Only

2 x Remote Healing MP3s

Leverage Nature’s Mystical Modalities
To Rejuvenate Mind, Body, and Soul

These unique and powerful remote healing MP3s operate on the physical, emotional, spiritual, soul, and mystical level. They are designed to enhance beauty - to rebuild, regenerate, recreate, smoothen, revitalize, tighten, and tone your skin. You will feel empowered as you connect yourself to Mother Nature and her Grace from the void of the Ein Sof; where nothingness has no end and where all begins.

Both MP3s come with sound and frequencies that regenerate your cells with delta binaural beats vibrating at 528Hz.

MP3 #1 Connect yourself to heaven and earth through a full-body immersion into the ancient pool of timelessness via the modalities of Ein Sof - the void from within.

MP3 #2 A sore sight of delight and flowery beauty via the modalities of the constant regrowth and vitality of nature. mes with sound and frequencies.

Q. How often should I listen to them? And when will I see a difference?

I suggest listening to them in order for the first 6 days. Then each night for the first 6 days listen to each one at night as you’re drifting off to sleep.


Monday: Listen to the 1st MP3 1 time during the day, 1 time at night

Tuesday: Listen to the 2nd MP3 1 time during the day, 1 time at bedtime.

After the first 6 days, listen to your heart and choose the one you feel resonates most with you and continue listening to that each night for 21 days if needed or more – however long you feel you need it. The goal is to reprogram your mind and neural pathways – your mind has had programs running for years and years, so 21 days to release and reprogram your mind is pretty quick

Remember we are working with the energy of your body which is unique to you and only you - everyone’s way of processing is different. Some people notice shifts right away, and others take longer than others to get the results you want. You may begin to notice shifts within minutes of listening, or it may take a month.

Your part in this is making the commitment to YOU and following the guidance for what you need in this process. Make sure your intention is clear and you allow the shifts.

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