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VIP Private 1- 55 Minute Sessions with Susan Sinclair
(20 sessions Only)

Did you know that Soul Contracts, Past-Life Agreements, and Past-Life Ancestral Issues usually CANNOT be fully cleared just from your side of the energies?

And did you know that, with personal guidance, you can actually EDIT your Akashic Records to rewrite your Soul Story into one that changes your life NOW?

Your life is literally your Soul Story! You wrote much of it before you even came into this lifetime, and it involves agreements with many other Souls (sometimes originating in long-ago lifetimes) to create learning, healing, growth, and success for you on your Soul mission.

BUT...many of those old agreements were written in older ages of Earth, and need to be updated or even revoked, now that you’ve entered the 9th Age of Integration and Harmony and want to ascend along with the planet.

AND because those agreements involve two (or more) Sovereign Beings, they usually CANNOT be cleared just from your side. All parties must cooperate at the Soul level to change the energies!

Here’s where you need to become proactive in unlocking your full Ascension by calling in a spiritual expert—a Soul Arbiter—in meeting with all parties in the pure energy fields of the Akashic Records and making the changes to ALL the agreements for the highest good of everyone involved.

Susan is the Soul Arbiter you need to be your Guide and Advocate in the Records. She’s been Divinely appointed to assist Meta-Human souls like you to unbind themselves from outdated and even harmful Soul contracts that are negatively impacting their lives and keeping them from their Soul’s purpose.

Beyond clearing Soul contracts (and any entities involved), in the sacred space of your own Akashic Records you can receive profound healing of even your deepest soul wounds—at their SourcePoint, no matter how long ago that occurred. The healing is instant, the effects lifelong.

AND you will receive inspired wisdom and guidance to:

  • answer your most pressing questions
  • make the best decisions on significant issues (job, housing, relationships)
  • discern your best actions in confusing situations
  • activate energy practices that keep you safe, strong, and Sovereign in your daily routines and interactions with even the most “negative” people
  • find lasting peace and JOY that go all the way to the core of your being

How is this different from the 55 minute session you just bought?

Sometimes you need both the added depth AND the added scope of healing that four sessions offer, beyond just a single focused session.

Most Meta-Humans have multiple energetic issues that require a Soul Arbiter to fully address, and because of your more sensitive energy systems, that powerful healing work needs to be spread out over time with several "healing touches"--so your physical and energy body can process the BIG changes you are making! Plus, your home, family, and workplace may need Susan's special gifts of Clearing and Healing.

With the added sessions, your loved ones can benefit along with you!

To help you rewrite your Soul Story into one you LOVE living!

You definitely want to experience the power of Akashic Healing and Guidance with Soul Arbiter Susan Sinclair if:

  • You’ve tried clearing yourself and you don’t feel any different
  • You feel a low-grade, constant discontent with your life, a sense of blockage or something just being “off” that you can’t pinpoint
  • You keep helplessly repeating painful patterns in relationships or jobs
  • You struggle with anxieties or even phobias that you can’t explain or shake off
  • You feel “weighed down” or “stuck” somehow, but you can’t figure out what’s causing it
  • You’re constantly overwhelmed by the highs and lows of other people’s emotions, or other energies around you
  • You have inexplicable runs of bad luck or mistreatment by others
  • You feel like nobody can see the “real you”
  • You don’t feel in command of your life, like “something out there” is running things in a way you don’t like

In these 2 sessions with Susan, she will stand with you as Soul Advocate and Arbiter, to lovingly release you and the other Beings from all that has bound you into painful and negative agreements, including karmic obligations and imbalances.

She’ll uncover core negative beliefs and your Soul’s oldest traumas, to clear those energies from every lifetime they’ve affected and open the way to a cleaner, brighter future.

She’ll help you hear the wisdom of your Akashic Masters and Teachers, to edit and even rewrite your Soul Story, and to navigate any necessary Soul-building challenges with greater Grace for the best possible outcomes—for everyone concerned!

The Akashic energies will bathe you throughout each session, gently rewiring and nurturing your physical and energy bodies as your conscious mind is opened to receive Akashic counsel and guidance through Susan’s healing voice and toning of sacred sounds.

Each session will build upon the previous one, creating your personal Arc of Ascension with a unique and totally customized blend of energy healing, deep insights, practical exercises to keep you in alignment with your Soul in all the bustle of daily life, and gentle humor to activate the deep Joy that is your Soul’s birthright and natural state.

Say YES to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to free your Soul, rewrite your Story, and live in the fullness and joy of Graceflow—for life!

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