Fear, dental issues, karma...

These are three things that many people want to clear and heal at all costs. That's why these issues are part of our Best of the Best week on FHTJ!

Our team has pulled together a powerful line-up of programs for this week only that will help you break free from fear, heal your dental issues and clear your karma!

Program #1: Freedom Focus Formula by Tanja James

If you have been feeling like you don’t know which way to go, like you’re walking blindfolded and have no clue where the path is, please know that you aren’t alone! Tanja James has also felt this way quite often this past year and has created this program just for you that she believes will help you not only walk blindfolded but run with trust while taking as many rest breaks as you need to!

There is no time like the present to transform your fears into passionate fuel! This package is here to help you achieve a powerful peace, a quiet strength, being able to give from a full cup, that knows how and when to refill itself!

CLICK HERE to Learn About The Freedom Focus Formula

Look at the INCREDIBLE Shifts Tanja’s Clients Have Had by Working with Her:

“The Results Were INSTANT… In Just One Session Tanja Cleared Me From Years OF Self Neglect & Procrastination!” ~ Radha R.

In Just ONE Session I Felt An Immediate Shift And A HUGE Lift From My Shoulders That Had Been There For 23 Years!!” ~ Moenieba

“I Felt The Energy Right Away From The Cord Of Golden Light… Cleared ALL My Old Energy… It Was GREAT!” ~ Shelly R.

My Results Were INSTANT… I Could Feel The Shifts In My Energy Immediately And Now I Am Finally Sleeping Good Again!” ~ Terry

“My Session Was SPOT ON… Straight To The Core Of The Issue!” ~ Elisabeth

“In Just 1 Session I INSTANTLY Felt Better… I Started Receiving Things With ZERO Effort.... AMAZING!!” ~ Stevie

“Tanja Instantly Identified The Root Of My Fear And Unease... Replacing Them With Trust, Peace, Confidence And Excitement For The Future!” ~ Sarah T.

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Program #2: Energy Dentistry with Grace-Yin Hom

What Is Your Mouth Saying About Your Life?

Did You Know Each Tooth Represents An Area Of Your Health AND An Archetypal Energy That is Working For You?

Dental problems can be painful and expensive to fix…

But they’re also a sign of other things going on in your life (or past).

Learn how to “read between the lines” when it comes to your teeth and heal WITHOUT going to the dentist.

Plus how your Archetypal Energy can unlock so many amazing benefits in your life!

CLICK HERE to Learn About Energy Dentistry

Here’s Just Some Of Grace’s Amazing Success Stories

“Slept Better and the Tension in my Jaw has Significantly Subsided” ~ Roshelle

“Seeing the Deeper Meaning in Tooth Infection” ~ Jyll

“Abscess Gone and Jaw Back to Normal” ~ Kai

“Abscess Gone and Surgery Cancelled” ~ Santiago

“24 Hours Later Gums Still Tingling from Gum Regeneration Process” ~ Renee

“Bleeding Gums Stopped Completely After One Session” ~ Peg

Grace opened up additional 1-1 sessions for our FHTJ community!

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Program #3: Become Your Own Master of Karma with Dipal Shah

Now More Than EVER, It is Critical to Clear Your Karma!

Your Karma right now will impact you Forever if it is not cleared. Why? Because when there is a "major storm" you are creating more Karma than you can dissolve.

Clearing out old Karma will affect each person differently but you will notice big and small shifts depending on how you respond to the energies.

You will notice a shift in the way you respond to certain situations, how quickly you dissolve negative emotions through present moment awareness, how you start to practice forgiveness, detachment and equanimity and kindness to yourselves and others.

You will also notice how you handle stress, how you deal with disappointments, how you react to other people's nonsense.

Gone are the days of unexpected outbursts, uncontrollable emotions and high flying reactions to the world and other external factors!

Get ready for a Positive Transformation in your relationship patterns, abundance patterns, and health patterns.

CLICK HERE to Learn about Become Your Own Master of Karma

Read What Happens to Dipal’s Clients After Their Karma is Cleared!

“Within 30 minutes Dipal found the karma, cleared it and healed my health issues!” ~ Pooja

“I felt a huge shift and am no longer stuck or self sabotaging” ~ Maya

“I feel as if I went through a purification process” ~ Janet

“I have never experienced this kind of healing in the 25 years” ~ Jorge

“Dipal was able to get to the root cause of my anxiety and clear it” ~ Jane

“I was shocked to know that I was carrying so much Karma. As Dipal was working on me I was crying and trying to let go of all the things.” ~ D.L.

“Dipal does a powerful clearing through all the levels of Karma” ~ F. S..

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