Are you overwhelmed with all the energy healing options that are available?

Do you worry about whether or not an energy healer is legitimate?

Are you frustrated because you’d like to have a constant flow of energy healing, but just can’t afford it?

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Energy healing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to resolve ANY issue you are facing. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, there is nothing that compares to the power of energy work. It can truly transform your life!

However, let’s face it…

There are a few concerns with energy healing.

First of all...

Unfortunately there are a lot of imposters out there…

People making claims about the results they get with their work that are simply not true!

That’s why throughout the past 10 years FHTJ has been a pioneer in introducing, diamond in the rough, energy healers to our community. These unknown talents turn out to be some of the BEST energy healers in the world!

Every year we spend thousands of hours researching and testing these healers to make sure they are who they say they are, to ensure we only bring the best of the best to our community.

The next concern…

Understanding the benefit and power of energy healing is one thing…

Being able to afford it on a regular basis is something else!

This is one of the biggest reservations that we hear from our community…


And we hear you LOUD & CLEAR!

One of our goals at FHTJ is to not only ensure we bring you top notch energy healing programs that get results…

We also want to help as many people as possible!


Having ONE PLACE to access your energy healing tools so you can quickly and easily find them when you need them most…

Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that the energy healers you work with get REAL results…

Having a CONSTANT flow of energy healing sent to you for FREE for an ENTIRE year!


Bliss You: Energy Healing Made Easy

Bliss You is an affordable energy healing membership program with BIG BLISSFUL PERKS!

Whether you want to transform your health, relationships, abundance, business…

Whatever it is, Bliss You is designed to help! 

From an extensive energy library that you can access on demand or a full year of remote healing by some of our top healers…

Bliss You has it all!

1 Year of Remote Healing

Extensive Energy Healing Library

10% Discount Program on ALL Programs

Easy Access to All Your Energy Healing Programs in One Location

Discount on private sessions

Member rewards program

As a FHTJ community member, you have FIRST ACCESS to this valuable membership program. 

We’ve made it SUPER AFFORDABLE for you (prices will be going up in the future) in hopes that...

You will be the pioneers in this program…

Giving us valuable feedback (because we trust you)...

Plus, getting first access to new programs before energy healing goes mainstream!

Yeah that’s right, energy healing is going to be going MAINSTREAM!

In case you haven’t heard, FHTJ is creating a docu-series! It is set to release early in 2022. And a few of your FAVORITE FHTJ healers are part of this series!

The world is going to find out about their incredible work…

That means they are going to be VERY BUSY!

However, a BLISSFUL PERK of Bliss You is members will have access to these 4 POWER HEALERS.

Meet Your Healers

Virginia Rounds Griffiths is a Spiritual Coach & Teacher, Energy Alchemist, Medical Intuitive, Past, Present & Future Trainer & Financial Freedom Entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping those who need energy transmuted and transformed in their environment, in their personal energy fields, physical bodies and any other areas they require, from negative to positive allowing them to access those infinite possibilities which is their birthright.

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Marlene Allen is an Internationally Renowned Master Spiritual Healer, Quantum Stem Cell Rejuvenator and Past Life Intuitive, of Your Body Power Life Expansion Coaching. She is the go-to Quantum expert, affecting desired change on multiple levels for celebrity clients, leaders in business, speakers, coaches, consultants, and for discerning women everywhere. She’s worked with countless women to restore their authenticity!

Marlene Allen

Grace Hom is an alchemist, medical intuitive, and speaker with over 20 years of combined experience in health care and alternative healing. While Grace is known for her ability to tune into subconscious and intergenerational issues, she is also an expert in helping others to reprogram their subconscious beliefs so that they are empowered to create new self-affirming and uplifting beliefs. She holds sacred space for everyone to discover and embody their natural gifts for healing and living an awesome life.

Grace Hom

Dawn Crystal is an Internationally Recognized Voice Sound Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, respected Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Reader, Medium, Pain Release Expert and Best-selling Author of "4'" Books. Dawn is passionate about helping people clear emotional and physical blockages, so they can manifest from their higher selves, step into their full potential, and lead their lives and businesses in ways that align effectively with their souls’ purpose.

Dawn Crystal

When you become a year long member of Bliss You, you will receive an ENTIRE YEAR of remote healing from these INCREDIBLE ladies! 

Yes, that’s an ENTIRE YEAR of remote healing!

And if you decide that you aren’t quite ready for a year, you can join at the monthly subscription level and get 3 MONTHS of remote energy healing for FREE!

Right now you can join Bliss You for ONLY $99 for the year or $9.99 a month…

You decide what is right for you and we will take care of the rest :-)

More Details About Your BLISSFUL PERKS…

Blissful Perk 1
One year of free remote healing

Each month one of our Featured Healers will be sending remote healing to our Bliss You members. This remote healing is designed to give you a constant flow of energy healing to help you transform your life. All you do is just sit back and receive while remaining in a continuous bath of high vibrational energy healing throughout your day.

Whether you join for a year or monthly, you will have access to this remote healing. 

* 3 months free remote energy healing for monthly subscribers

* 1 year of remote energy healing for free once you become an annual member

Blissful Perk 2
10% Discount on FHTJ Offers

Love FHTJ healer programs? Don’t worry...those are NOT going away! In fact as a Bliss You member, you will receive a 10% discount on new purchases of ALL past and future programs that is  made available on FHTJ!

Blissful Perk 3
Extensive Energy Healing Library

Need a boost to your energy? Want to improve your eyesight? Looking to clear out blocks?

Bliss You’s Extensive Energy Healing Library is just want you need for On Demand healing. Featured healers and some of our top FHTJ healers have gifted you some of their most powerful healings, activations and clearings. All you need to do is access them when you need them!

Blissful Perk 4
Easy Access to All Your Energy Healing Programs in One Location

It is frustrating when you want to access one of your old programs. Like - you have a headache and want to listen to one of your healing MP3’s for pain but can’t find it - right?!

We know because this happens to us too! However, that ALL changes when you become a member of Bliss You!

As a member, ALL of your future programs will be in one location...inside your Bliss You App!

No more searching through emails…

Instead, you can quickly and easily find your programs when you need them most.

Blissful Perk 5
Discount on private sessions with healers

Whether you want to work with one of our featured healers or one of our Bliss You healers, we have contracted with each one of them to give you the lowest possible price on private session! And you can buy these sessions directly inside of the app for whenever you need them!

Blissful Perk 6
Member rewards program

Rewards program (points for every purchase you make) 1000 points = $50 voucher

Right now you can join Bliss You for ONLY $99 for the year or $9.99 a month…

But as an FYI…

The price of this membership will be going up...

JOIN NOW to get started!

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