Unleash Your Creation Power And Watch Your Dreams Come Alive!

Are you tired of dreaming without achieving?

Yearning for a life where everything you desire becomes reality?

You’re at the crossroads of a transformation.

We all have stories - tales of grief, anger, and missteps. For many, these narratives shape life, keeping dreams just out of reach. But what if we told you that your past isn’t the obstacle you believe it to be?

Introducing Dee Wallace's Creation Process Mastery:
Creation Simplified, Dreams Amplified

  • Unlock Your True Potential: Learn how to finally get what you desire from life, leaving the tales of sorrow behind.
  • Simple & Effective: Demystify the creation process. No jargon, no complexities. Simple language, profound results.

  • The Power of Self-Love: Dive deep into the importance of self-love and its unparalleled role in crafting your dream life.

You’re not just reading this...

...you're on the cusp of living it.

With Dee's expert insights combined with her exclusive tools, you're set to embark on a journey like no other.


Regular Package  Price $237

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer: $111


Dee Wallace

DEE WALLACE is an internationally known actress, best known for her role as the mother in Steven Spielberg’s E.T.! She has appeared on every major network and talk show, including Oprah and The Today Show. Ms. Wallace earned her teaching credentials from The University of Kansas, the principles she found empowering for children. Her work is based on the principles of accepting responsibility, and loving ourselves early in life to create the life we desire. 

Dee is a strong advocate for accepting our own magnificence and power in a positive, loving way. A child’s personality is set between 0-8 years of age which has a direct impact on the creation of their life. Dee’s important message to the world is: Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more. 

Dee has authored five books on the subject of self-creation: Conscious Creation, The Big E!, Bright Light, Getting Stuff and Wake Up Now! She conducts a live (call-in) internet radio show each Sunday morning at 9 AM Pacific, and offers monthly webinars on a variety of creation subjects. Dee conducts private sessions from her home in Woodland Hills, California via phone and in person.

As a much sought after speaker, Dee has spoken at numerous national and international venues including the Love and Harmony Forum in Japan, The Dillon Lecture Series, Unity Temple, The Kansas Film Commission, and asked to speak in China, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Australia, England and all across the United States and Canada.

"I am consistently working, money is flowing in, and I really love who I am"

"I have never had anyone so accurately speak to my core.

“There’s no stopping my creativity now.”

Creation Process Mastery

  • The Ionosphere and Why Does It Affect me so Much? MP4 & PDF ($50 Value)
  • Conscious Creation Video MP4 ($40 value)
  • The Little Child Experience MP4, MP3 & PDF ($147 value)



The Ionosphere and Why Does It Affect me so Much?

What does The Ionosphere have to do with getting what I want?

This is an explanation that answers all your questions re: I thought I had cleared that/I thought I was past that/ I didn’t think I was doing this anymore — SO WHY DOES IT STILL HAPPEN???

This is imperative knowledge to know that will support you in continual creation.

If you don’t understand how this works, then you get frustrated and give up.

Understand and empower yourself!!

Video + PDF


Conscious Creation Video

See Dee live teaching Conscious Creation.

There is nothing like watching Dee and her infectious joy and succinct channel bring the information to life in person.

After all, she is an actress!

There is a lot of audience interaction and involvement in this one.

Have a ball and get it all!



The Little Child Experience

Our "little children" inside of us got very different messages that are not advantageous to what our adult selves want to create now.

These messages are formed through direct teachings, witnessing what is modeled in front of us, and by our own incorrect deductions and connections.

In order to truly manifest what we want NOW, we need all of our belief systems to be integrated as One Voice.

In this on camera, four part presentation, you will learn how to access your little child, their fears and their limiting beliefs.

You will learn how to redirect them, and how to integrate them so they are working with you toward your desires.

Join Dee in this amazing program that will give you insights and freedom!

Videos, Meditation, PDF


Regular Package  Price $237

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer: $111

"There’s no stopping my creativity now.”

The down to Earth, wholesome, true, and focused reconnection to my Best Self Dee Wallace rekindled in my Spirit are the roots of a Legacy of Love I am now able to share with the world.

Her teaching, art, and healing practices are simple, loving, focused, and right on. She is fair, honest, and a boatload of fun. Any of her great programs, one-on-one, live events, books, movies, are priceless.

I don’t know how to put into words the scope of what she has taught me to know and be able to do. I am so grateful for her fierce compassion and determination that I “get it”! And, I got it. There’s no stopping my creativity now.


"I have never had anyone so accurately speak to my core.

I have never had anyone so accurately speak to my core. It is time to approach life differently. And the great thing is that, when you start doing it, life changes. I have bought lots of classes over the years. None of them helped me like this one. Thank you, Dee, for creating this! I highly recommend it.

"I have become the person I have always wanted to be

I have been working with Dee for over five years. When I started working with her, I was at a really low point in my life. Now, every day I wake up in Joy. I have become the person I have always wanted to be, happy from within, who knows her self-worth and value, who is abundant and healthy. The tools that she gives you are life changing and they work! Dee is magical!

"I am consistently working, money is flowing in, and I really love who I am.

I’ve known and worked with Dee Wallace for 13+ years. When I met her, I was virtually broke. I’d read many books on the energy of money, practiced abundance affirmations and prayed! And I was still broke. Money and prosperity just weren’t clicking for me at all!!

Then I really started applying Dee’s work. I attended a workshop at her home around self-love, and realized I spent most of my day complaining and focusing on not having enough. Through her teachings, I learned to focus on what I wanted: Money, abundance, and self-love. Now I am consistently working, money is flowing in, and I really love who I am.


Regular Package  Price $237

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer: $111

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