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Download Eram and Dipal interview

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Package A

Quantum Body Awakening Energy Track MP3 Series for Karma Clearing

  • Quantum Body Awakening is the only modality that works with the Hara line
  • Quantum Body Awakening Frequencies for Karmic Clearing are the highest on the Planet right now
  • Quantum Body Awakening is the works at Quantum Speed for fast results
  • Quantum Body Awakening is the ultimate modality for health, spirituality and abundance
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Energy Track 1:

Quantum Body Awakening Upgrade Karmic Grid Finances

Format: MP3

You may feel like you are stuck in a vortex of energy revolving around a certain thought and action, especially regarding abundance! Dissolve that energy vortex, and you are dissolving the karma.

Quantum Body Awakening energies will scan your Karmic Grid for Financial blocks.

Goddess Laxmi energy will help you clear the financial blocks(cords, implants, dark energies, low vibrations) through the 4 levels of the Karmic grid.

By listening to this energy track you will reconnect to your Hara line (intention/purpose). Once cleared the new seeds you sow will help bring in the prosperity and abundance you deserve.

Download MP3

Energy Track 2:

Quantum Body Awakening Upgrade Karmic Grid for Health

Format: MP3

Unresolved issues can manifest as pain or illness as well as blocks to personal fulfillment and accomplishment. Often, these issues are karmic carryovers from other lifetimes. These karmic carryovers reside in different areas of the Karmic Grid.

Quantum Body Awakening energies will scan your Karmic Grid for Health blocks.

The Powerful Frequencies will clear through all 4 levels of Health issues that you brought into this lifetime. It will detox the emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs that are also stuck to the health issues of the past that you carried over to this lifetime.

This mp3 is unique as it will clear target parental Karma that may have affected you as a fetus from 0-9months.

Download MP3

Energy Track 3:

Quantum Body Awakening Upgrade Karmic Grid for Relationships

Format: MP3

As the Pandemic, Quarantine and Lockdowns continue all over the world you may be experiencing old repressed energies (thoughts, feelings, emotions, and limiting beliefs) showing up from time to time or consistently, especially in RELATIONSHIPS!

Now more than ever, these struggles are showing themselves in a BIG way so that we can finally clear them once and for all.

Quantum Body Awakening energies will scan your Karmic Grid for Relationship blocks.

The Powerful Frequencies will clear through all 4 levels of Relationship issues that you carried over into this lifetime.

This mp3 will clear blockages, cords, imprints and unforgiveness between family members and other people such as bosses, ex’s, colleagues, distant family members, and pets.

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Energy Track 4:

Quantum Body Awakening Bridging the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Format: MP3

Subconscious cells are playing out your Karma right now as lifetimes of old memories, patterns, addictions and behaviors may be coming up for you!

Quantum Body Awakening energies will scan your entire brain.

The Powerful Frequencies will clear through all 4 levels of the Karmic Grid. It will clear old Karmic thought patterns that you carried over into this lifetime as it increases communication between the two minds.

This will help you be more in control of your life and think consciously.

Release the conflicts of the conscious and subconscious immediately!

Download MP3

Energy Track 5:

Quantum Body Awakening Clearing Ancestral Karmic Liability

Format: MP3

Whether it's a challenging childhood, a problematic boss, or a failed relationship, we all have our baggage. Often, these issues are karmic carryovers from other lifetimes. These karmic carryovers reside in different areas of the Karmic Grid.

Quantum Body Awakening energies will scan your Karmic Grid though all 4 Levels for Ancestral Karmic Liability . The Powerful Frequencies will clear through all 4 levels of the Karmic Grid.

You may have inherited issues (financial,health, relationship, etc), unhealthy patterns, or unresolved trauma from your ancestral lineage and DNA that keep you stuck in all areas of your life.

This mp3 helps release you from energetic patterns that are tied to your ancestors and residue within your DNA.

Remove the karmic burdens decided to carry for your ancestors. This will allow you to live an empowered life through all life circumstances. You will feel more connected to the Self as you clear others energies.

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Energy Track 6:

Quantum Body Awakening Clearing Shadow Self and Shadow of Spiritual Interferences

Format: MP3

The shadow self is that part of you that you don’t want to admit having. It keeps you stuck in the past traumas, limiting beliefs, emotions, feelings and thoughts. It consistently persuades you.

Due to the shadow energies your soul pieces get lost little by little.

Quantum Body Awakening energies will scan your Karmic Grid though all 4 Levels for Shadow Self.

The Powerful Frequencies will clear through all 4 levels of the Karmic Grid for Shadow energies that are causing interferences.

Clear Shadow of spiritual interferences such as entities, blackmagic, curses, low vibrations of energy, that keeps you from moving forward and take over your body, purpose and soul.

This Mp3 will help you bring them back so that you can feel grounded, protected, 1000% in your body, and whole again.

Download MP3

RE-align with the Flow

When you are constantly faced with challenges and obstacles that can hinder your growth, energies can show up to be moving in an opposite direction. This  opposite flow of energy will affect your DNA template.

This mp3 will help realign your energies by unlocking the seals within your DNA so that you can become the greatest manifestor of your reality!

You will notice events, challenges, and obstacles in your life moving forward with ease and grace from now on.

This mp3 can be used on silent or out loud. There is no limit on how many times you can listen to this mp3.

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Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus

Remote Healing 1:

Quantum Body Awakening 24/7 Remote Karmic Relationship Healing for life

Watch your current relationships flourish and create new ones that support your journey!

With Dipal's Quantum Body Awakening 24/7 Remote Karmic Relationship Healing for life, you can stop worrying about everything that is keeping you stuck in relationship patterns and issues. Whether it is family, partners, work or friends, this Remote Karmic Relationship Healing will work on all issues from past, current and future FOR LIFE!

You will receive 24/7 Clearing FOREVER for past relationships, present and future karmic relationships.

Remote Healing 2:

Quantum Body Awakening 24/7 Karmic Protection Bubble for life

All humans build up Karma 100 times faster than they dissolve it. This protection bubble slow down and/or eliminate the karmic built-up. EVERY DAYyou are creating 50 to 100 times more karma than you are dissolving!

With the Quantum Body Awakening 24/7 Karmic Protection Bubble, you will receive 24/7 Protection FOREVER for low vibrational Karmic built up.

This POWERFUL protection allows you to keep your karma clean and clear throughout YOUR LIFETIME!

Remote Healing 3:

Quantum Body Awakening 24/7 Remote Clearing of Karmic Debt for life

Karmic Debt is carried through past life times. In this clearing everything you owe to others is a clean slate now. You no longer have to worry about Karmic debt piling up unless you create more.

Once your “slate is clean” there is no more karmic load to overwhelm and weigh you down. The karmic dissolution allows spiritual growth, a higher potential and to live by Divine love and focus on your Divine mission without so much resistance and struggle

You will receive 24/7 Clearing FOREVER for Karmic Debt.

Remote Healing 4:

Remote Karmic Healing on relationship, health, and finances for your immediate family members up to 4 members for 30 days.

Just hold intention for the 4 family members who you want the energy to go to.

Families come together on this planet as soul families.

They share each other's Karma when necessary.

Your family members may need your help!

With Remote Karmic Healing for family members, you can help them clear their Karma for the next 30 days! During this time you can have 4 of your immediate family members receive Remote Karmic Healing from Dipal. She will send this healing 2 times a day.

You will LOVE how you can watch them flourish and feel like their divine selves again. Give them the gift of growth, health and happiness!

Recorded Group Healing Session:

Powerful High Frequency Group Healing Session
Light Up Your Brain. Light Up Your Being.

In this Light Up Your Brain. Light Up Your Being. Group Session, Dipal and her Guide Team will be clearing negative lower brain feedback loops that keep you stuck and unhappy.

She will be activating the higher evolutionary brain structures within the "angel lobes' ' of the brain, especially the prefrontal cortex.

You can expect higher creativity, bliss, higher solutions, and higher realities. With this process in the Group you will be able to maintain polarity and a new center of gravity bringing you into the 15 Dimensional healing realm to help you manifest your desires!

Download MP3

Private Session:

15 Dimensional Karma clearing for 25 minutes

15th Dimensional Karma clearing for 25 minutes will help you: 

Integrate Quantum Body Awakening High Frequency light and coding within your whole being through the 15 levels of awareness, hara line, chakras, and energy field.

With this healing your life can change quite drastically!

You will begin to attract new people, places, events, opportunities, possibilities, relationships. As a master creator you will feel this new reality you live in and create more in your life for you and your lineage.

Dipal will dissolve only the old karmic imprints that are not in your highest good by connecting with your karmic Grid though the 15th dimension. She will scan through the deep layers of your cells and see how much is alloted, accumulated, present and future karma affecting you in this lifetime.

Once she gets the percentages of how many karmic imprints there are, Dipal and her guides team start the clearing. They need to bring your past energies to completion then you can start to create new seeds that we can nurture consciously with thought forms and actions.

  • Clear and reconnect the Personal Blueprint and DNA Blueprint
  • Clearing Karmic imprints and all 15 levels of Awareness to help illuminate consciousness that is tailored to the unique energy and vibration of your soul at this time
  • Clear all walk-ins, dark energies, portals, wormholes(passageways or tunnels) attached to your 15 chakras as well as outdated beliefs that are no longer aligned with your Souls' current Divine Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the Karmic Clearing work for and Will the Karmic Clearing work for me?

Dipal’s modality is called Quantum Body Awakening. Dipal uses Quantum Healing energies that are gentle yet powerful and directly channeled from Dipal’s Guide Team, Your Guide Team and Your Body. She then dives into your body to help clear energetic and physical blockages.

Karmic Clearing work is for everyone. Anyone will benefit from it.

Q. How many times a day do I need to listen to the mp3s?

It is best to listen to one mp3 and see how it feels in your body and mind. If it feels good you can play another mp3. If your body feels tired at any point you can stop listening to any more mp3s. Wait for the next day until the energies that have surfaced have cleared.

If you are new to Quantum Body Awakening with Dipal Shah please check in with your intuition before listening to multiple mp3s all at once.

If you are familiar with Dipal’s work and have bought previous packages then please use the mp3s as your body allows you to. You can use this in addition to the Quantum Health Reboot Package if you have it.

Mp3s can be looped. You can listen to mp3s on silent or out loud while you are asleep or awake.

Q. How could I get the most benefit from the Karmic Clearing mp3s?

It is important that you listen to the mp3s as much as you need to. As you build Karma you need to clear it. Once you clear the majority of Karma that no longer serves you, you can start to use the mp3s less. The energies will continue clearing out cellular memory as you continue to use the mp3s.

Q. What if I don't feel any energy once the Karmic Clearing is Done?

Remember you are always building Karma. As old energies clear, the programming of new energies of the package will continue to run.

Clients experience sensations of heat, cold, shakes, tingles, calmness, lightness, ecstasy, bliss, happy and other energetic sensations. These sensations may become less noticeable or more noticeable as you begin to acclimate to the high vibrational energies.

Q. What if I bought other packages and am working with other healers at the same time as your package?

It is absolutely safe to continuously clear Karma 24/7. Using this package will not break or disrupt any other energies. It will actually enhance the healing.

Q. How does 24/7 Karmic clearing work?

The Karmic Clearing will automatically scan and prevent the unpleasant things from showing up. You may have challenges and obstacles that may show up but you will be able to handle them with more ease.

Q. When can I see the shifts with the 15th D Karmic Clearing Program?

Shift will happen all the time. We are shifting as the environment and our body shifts. How you take in the environment and create a new environment within you will create the shift you want to see. Your body will learn to quickly entrain to the energies. Sometimes it takes the body time as it is deep work of old karmic patterns.

You will see shifts in the energetically, physically, mentally and emotionally. Please be sure to check on levels.As this is important for your growth and clearings..

Q. Can I share my MP3 with others?

These MP3 are yours only. It is recommended that you do not share them with others. If you share the MP3 via copying for others, just note that the healing energies will not come through with these copies. You can help others by including them into your healing as you play the MP3.

Q. Are the MP3s safe for everyone?

Yes the MP3s are safe for children, adults, and pets. The body will only take whatever energies it needs.

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