ONE STEP SOLUTION: NEW Grace Master Level Healer Training

Be Able to Heal Everything & Everyone Effectively Including
COVID-19, Human Traffickers, Abusers & Their Victims, Politicians, Self, Family and Hidden People Who Need Help!

“This program is beyond welcome. . . . This is the most phenomenal healing program for the planet! . . . Deepest gratitude.

I use the Abuse healing in all my sessions with very fine results. Thank you again for developing it!! Namaste💕"

~ Diane Linn

Stacey Mayo trains people to heal yourself and others with Stacey’s Master Level Grace Healing modality. (Previously this was only taught to her medical intuitive students)

Healing with Grace is safe, very easy to learn and use even if you have never done any energy healing before!

  • You can save money by being able to heal your family and yourself without having to purchase Grace healing in the future. You can also use it with clients, friends, pets and anyone you desire.
  • You do not have to currently be a healer to learn to heal yourself, animals and others with Grace.
  • People who heal with other modalities can also learn “Grace Healing” via this special live 6-class training program.
  • The training is helpful for people of all levels. Stacey teaches in a very practical style that her students love. You will learn a great deal about what people need to heal via this special training program as well as how to use Grace via distance (remote) or in-person healing.
  • It is easy to learn and use. You can set it in place for life or any period of time desired by saying a simple sentence!
  • It is safe to use. You will learn to help people heal without taking on their symptoms, issues, diseases, beliefs, fears or anything else.


  • NEW! Heal COVID-19 and strengthen immunity to it 24/7.
  • BONUS: Heal Abusers, Terrorists, Mentally Ill, Violent People, Politicians, Criminals, Human Traffickers & Hidden People in Need in addition to all other people and animals.
  • Transform thousands of old beliefs and install new beliefs within seconds.
  • Transmute stuck emotions and old patterns.
  • Open up the life force/chi.
  • Heal and strengthen the etheric field.
  • Heal and balance the chakras in divine order.
  • Grow bone.
  • Transmute and/or eliminate toxins and toxic matter including bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast, metals, cancerous cells, mold, parasites and more.
  • Heal sensitivities, allergies and intolerances to foods, chemicals, EMF, most environmental toxins and airborne allergens and toxins.
  • Deliver 222 essential nutrients as needed (including protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and more).
  • Deliver equivalent of most supplements, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, herbs, energy of crystals, ayurvedic remedies and more.
  • Lift above and transmute energetic patterns that contribute to specific symptoms.
  • Heal on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels including present and past life issues.
  • Safely remove toxins from the body.
  • Heal genetic issues/DNA including ancestral lines
  • Activate 27 strands of DNA.
  • Divinely lead client to information, people and whatever else is needed for their health and well being.
  • Heal organs and systems in divine order.
  • Transmute curses, spells, vows, obligations, karma, karmic ties, karmic debt, negative energies.
  • Raise vibration/frequency.
  • Harmonize home and work environment 24/7
  • Heal tendency to take on others energies/illnesses, etc and remove others toxins from one’s system.
  • Heal traumas.
  • Heal the ego and the whole cell (only Stacey’s healing modalities heal the ego and the whole cell)
  • Prevent surgery when caught soon enough.
  • Heal integrity of etheric field over time such that nothing negative such as curses or any outside interference can enter from outside one’s field.
  • Repattern energetic blueprint.
  • Restore the health of the cells.
  • Heal dehydration issues.
  • Heal and remove attachments.
  • Balance hormones.
  • Heal financial issues, relationship issues, productivity and career challenges, health challenges
  • Offer remote healing and scanning by Source that continues 24/7 for as long as desired.
  • Heal more than 1 person at a time including group healing.
  • Plus a lot more.

NEW! As soon as you complete your registration you will be given written instructions to enable you able to use easily the Power of 40 Master Healers modality right away!

*All who already purchased have already been upleveled to the Power of 40 Master Level Healers modality

Once you register and fill out the webform after checkout, you will get an email with the statement needed to put healing in place for yourself and others now and anytime desired in the future.*

You will say the simple statement silently to to yourself and it will set distance healing in place via Source that will continue 24/7. It will not cause any side effects or problems. You can also stop the healing anytime if desired and a statement will be provided for that. If you are receiving other healing at this time, this will work with it and help you get even better and faster results. This is true, no matter how many other healing programs you are on

This includes healing for:

  • Covid-19,
  • Building immunity to Covid-19 to a 10 and continuing support for this
  • Healing any and all issues/challenges desired for self, other humans and for animals including health, emotional, mental, spiritual, genetic, environmental, money, relationships, curses, entities, etc
  • Protection from new negative programming sent from abusers or anyone
  • Victims of abuse
  • Healing sexual, physical and all abusers, human traffickers, politicians, hidden people in need, violent people and animals, criminals, terrorists and mentally ill (including sociopaths and all other psychological diagnoses), family self, anyone and any animal.

It is simple to do and you can't hurt yourself or anyone with the statement you will be provided with. You will be able to send healing to 1 - 200 people at a time with this statement.

You will get more detailed training about how this healing works and what to say to people in the formal classes.


“I Used Grace Healing on a Man I Didn’t Know and His Symptoms Stopped Quickly!”

“I love the many unexpected opportunities to use Grace Healing. I was checking my email in the Public Library, among several other people doing the same. One gentleman was loudly coughing, snuffling, blowing his nose, clearing his throat, and unable to stop for even a moment. I used Grace Healing. It all immediately subsided and a moment later stopped. Then, one little sniff, and that was all. Thank you for this wonderful gift."

~Barbara M.

“Amazing Results With Those I Practiced With!”

“I really enjoyed the Grace Healing Training Program. This is to confirm that Grace Healing was sent to six participants and two animals with excellent results plus many more. Here are the results noticed:

  • All of those I practiced Grace healing with noticed less stress, more calm, increased energy and sleeping better.
  • One participant had alcohol and cigarette cravings all of which were less severe and continue to reduce.
  • Others had injuries and arthritic pain and reported after 24 hours that the pain had decreased, not as intense.
  • One participant texted on the following Friday to say that the pain had gone completely from her hip an injury sustained from falling off a horse when she was young.
  • The owners also remarked that their pets were much calmer and happier.
  • One person in particular had an operation to have cancerous lumps removed, more lumps were appearing and they have reduced in size and are continuing to do so.

All in all Stacey, I thoroughly enjoyed the Grace Healing and was impressed with the gentleness and fast results and continue to use it. I look forward to further courses with you."

~ Lori M.

“Confident and Excited and Using it Daily!”

I am so confident when I talk to people about Grace Healing. The healings done for us during the training program have really helped.

I am staying interested in doing the Grace Healing. Other things I have been attuned to or trained for I would be excited and not use it as I had said in the call. This I am using daily for myself and others."

~ Victoria Elledge

“I Was In Awe at How Quickly Grace Worked!”

“I was in awe at how quickly Grace worked for several of the people I practiced on.

My sister’s sore throat was instantly gone! I continue to practice and use this healing on a daily basis. I am excited to see where this takes me in the future. Thanks for all you do!"

~ Gretchen

“My Cat’s Seizures Are Nearly Gone!”

I used Grace healing for my cat. She had seizures about once every 2 weeks. Now they occur very rare, as in one in past 6 weeks. Also I gave Grace to a good friend who had new arm pain and in a few days the pain subsided."

~ Robert Rossi

“Received More Benefit Than All The Years of Going to a Physiologist!”

“Approximately 6 weeks ago I did grace healing on a 80 year old man who has had PTSD from being in Vietnam as well as other issues that were worked on via Grace Healing. I received a text message from him around a week later saying how much calmer and at peace he has felt within himself since and that he felt that he received more benefit from Grace than all the years of going to a physiologist."

~ Heather F.

“I Wake Up Every Morning Feeling Better and Less Stiff Than Before!”

“Thank you for offering the Grace Healer Training Program. Most of my physical concerns are of long standing, but using Grace Healing eases things right away and I wake up every morning feeling better and less stiff than before. I find I’m making better choices, losing bad habits, and have greater clarity. I would like to mention my special appreciation for it’s deepening and expanding my own experience of Grace. Applying it to my thoughts and emotions gives a much lighter experience throughout the day! Blessings,"

~ Barbara Mackenzie

“Witnessed More Shifts With My Clients Than With Other Modalities!”

“I can’t express in words how much I love Grace Healing!! I am so incredibly honored and grateful to be able to reach out & help people with such a beautiful, gentle and loving healing energy.

I am an EFT Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and a Holistic Health Counselor. I have witnessed more shifts in my clients with Grace Healing than with the other modalities. And they are amazing modalities."

~ Judy H.

“My Arthritic Pain Along With My Headaches Has Cleared Considerably!”

“The arthritic pain in my neck & shoulders along with my headaches has cleared considerably for which I am very, very, grateful!!! I have been waiting all my 77 years of life for this amazing training! Thank you so much for making it available for such a reasonable price! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

~ Sybil Barbour

Total Package Value $1154

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $897 $645

*** 46% Saving ***

OR Pay in 4 Easy Installments


Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Special Price for FHTJ Healers and Those Who Took Grace Training Previously!

If you are:

  • A FHTJ Healer ( appeared on Eram’s summit as a guest healer during the past 3 years) OR
  • Took Grace Healer Training from Stacey before OR
  • Both of the above


Package A


  • 1

    An attunement to Master Level Grace Healer level via distance healing.

    You will be attuned at the same Master Level Grace Healer as Stacey within 24 hours after you purchase the Grace training program.

  • 2

    Five 60-minute recorded online training classes (plus bonus class) for a total of 6 classes, to teach you how to use Grace.

    The class dates will be determined after everyone registers and sent via email. Source will scan to find the time and dates that work for the most people. If you cannot attend live, the classes will be recorded. You can submit your questions to Stacey ahead of time and she will answer them in the class. Many people have taken this class this way and successfully gotten certified.

  • 3

    Live case studies

    during the online classes to demonstrate how to heal self and others with “Grace”.

  • 4

    Assignments in between classes to practice what you learn and build your confidence.

    Plan on 1 hour/week to do do the assignments in between classes.

  • 5

    Release your fears of healing, being a healer, taking on other’s stuff and making mistakes.

    It is normal to have these fears and they will start healing as soon as you register (via distance healing) and will continue healing throughout the training program and beyond (as needed).

  • 6

    You will be sent activations to open up your intuition and connection to Source to high levels

    and help you discern and trust your knowing.

  • 7

    Ability to heal COVID-19 and strengthen one’s immunity to level 10 to Covid-19

    and also strengthen one’s immunity to other unknown and known toxins.

Optional: You will have the opportunity to get certified as a Master Level Grace Healer.

  • To get certified, you will need to do the practice assignments given as a part of the above training program. Plan on about 1 hour/week for this.
  • This certification option can be added on later for an additional cost of $50.


to Send Healing to Yourself, Family, Heal Abusers, Terrorists, Mentally Ill, Violent People, Politicians, Criminals, Human Traffickers, Hidden People in Need, All the People and Animals on this Planet and/or Mother Earth With one Simple Statement!

Value: $1000.00

  • This attunement will connect you with high level healing and a very high level connection to Source that will enable Source to find these people and send them healing that will be received by them.
  • They do NOT need to know they are being sent healing for it to be effective.
  • The multiplicative effect is very important for government officials/politicians and others who have never done any healing on themselves before. See beta study below.
  • By hidden people, we are referring to people who no one knows where they are and/or knows they are being harmed/abuse/neglected. Source will scan to find these people and send them healing and energetic support for getting out of their situation. This is able to be done to to a very high level attunement to Source that each participant will receive.
  • The attunement for each person who takes this program will be automatically upleveled as able. Over time the healing ability and connection to Source will get more effective and the multiplicative effect will increase.
  • There will be a bonus class to teach you how to do this effectively and easily. The healing will be sent to each person 24/7 by Source.
  • *NOTE: If you took Stacey’s Abuse Healer Training, you have been upleveled to the same level as this bonus already and attuned to heal COVID-19 at this level.

Here Are Beta Study Results of People Receiving This Bonus Healing Method:

  • Ten people who were doing human trafficking have stopped doing it and 10 people are doing it less often. For 1 year, they were engaging in this activity daily. Now they are doing it 2 x week.
  • 3 people who were sexually abusing people frequently have stopped doing it.
  • 10 people who were violently hurting others daily, have discontinued hitting and beating others for 10 days so far on average.
  • 1 politician has shifted his way of thinking about abortion for those who were raped. He wants to make sure those who were raped have the ability to get an abortion by a certified doctor if so desired.
  • 1 Iraqi terrorist left his group and chose a new life after being with this group for 1 year.
  • 2 criminals confessed to their violent crimes and turned themselves in.
  • 1 mentally ill person who was diagnosed with mental illness is feeling sane for the first time ever and has been feeling this way consistently for 1 week.
  • 2 people who were being abused and no one knew about, received healing and escaped from their abusers.
  • The above results were from 1 person (Stacey Mayo) sending healing for 1 month to 100 people. The other people have deeper issues and are healing at deep levels.
  • When 10 people send healing to the same people, the results will be 10 x better!


  • For government officials and politicians, the multiplicative effect is very important. People send healing to politicians and government officials all the time. We have seen bigger changes in them using this method than any other healing method.
  • A study Stacey did showed that out of 100 government officials who received a lot of healing from hundreds of healers around the globe, none changed much. The reason being their issues are extremely deep. They have never done any healing work on themselves and there is much to heal.
  • When these same 100 government officials were sent this NEW healing method by 10 healers attuned to this method, they had significant shifts. The shifts were visible in 80% of them. The remaining 20% shifted significantly in their systems, showing that the deep cause of their issues are healing.

Here’s the Results from a Beta Study on Healing COVID-19:

  • Healing was sent to 10 people who had significant COVID-19 symptoms and COVID-19 was found in their systems. 100% of these people recovered fully from COVID-19 within 3 months without taking any medicine (alternative or allopathic) for it.
  • Healing was sent to 10 people who had moderate COVID-19 symptoms and COVID-19 was found in their systems. 100% of these people recovered fully from COVID-19 within 5 days without taking any medicine (alternative or allopathic) for it.
  • Healing was sent to 10 people who had minor COVID-19 symptoms and COVID-19 was found in their systems. 100% of these people recovered fully from COVID-19 within 1 day without taking any medicine (alternative or allopathic) for it.


Healing was sent 24/7 to 100 people to build their immunity to COVID-19. All of them attained a level 10 immunity to COVID-19.

That level of 10 immunity remained strong for the majority of these people for 6 weeks so far.

Those people who had a weakened immunity to COVID-19 to start with did not retain the protection as well. Their immunity went down significantly several times and then went back up with continued healing.

No other healing method strengthens one’s immunity to COVID-19 to a level 10.

Strengthening people’s immunity to COVID-19 to 10 is very important protection against this virus.

All registrants in this UPLEVELED Grace Healer Training Program will be attuned to send the above healing for COVID-19 and to build people’s immunity to this virus to a 10. You will learn to how to have Source send it 24/7.

NOTE: If you were already trained as a Grace Healer AND/OR were in any of Stacey’s previous healer training programs, you have already been attuned to be able to do this UPLEVELED HEALING FOR COVID-19.
If you took Grace training previously and would like to take this class as a reviewer, you will learn more and can get a special savings of 50% off. If you choose to review the program (take the new upleveled program) you will get the Bonus POWER OF TEN MASTER LEVEL HEALERS ATTUNEMENT with the bonus class and the other 2 bonuses along with the 5 new classes. Stacey will provide upleveled information that will be very helpful for you and those you send healing to. See below for how to do this.



UPLEVELED Allowing the Flow Audio!

Value: $77

This upleveled 6 minute healing audio will support you in allowing more flow into your life in areas desired. It will clear blocks in the way of receiving money, relationships, health, energy, business, gifts and everything desired.

The energies are custom for each person each time you listen to it. You can listen to it out-loud or put it on silent and get the same benefit. Listen as often as desired. It will not over-process you, cause any problems or conflict with anything else you are doing.


Confidence in Being a Grace Healer and Doing Effective Healing on Difficult Cases!

Value: $77

This 18 minute healing audio will help you open up to clearing what is in your way of healing with Grace accurately and confidently. This audio uses a high level proprietary healing modality to help you heal these blocks faster.

It will also clear blocks in the way of you knowing that you can effectively send the above healing via Source for challenging cases and it will be received and transform the difficult issues.

Total Package Value $1154

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $897 $645

*** 46% Saving ***

OR Pay in 4 Easy Installments


Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Special Price for FHTJ Healers and Those Who Took Grace Training Previously!

If you are:

  • A FHTJ Healer ( appeared on Eram’s summit as a guest healer during the past 3 years) OR
  • Took Grace Healer Training from Stacey before OR
  • Both of the above


Here’s What People Say About “Grace Healing”:

“My Bone Grew Back and I was Able to Avoid Surgery!”

“Thanks so much for facilitating the healing of my bone with your beautiful healing work. We wanted to avoid another surgery and thanks to you, we have. My wife and I are amazed at the substantial bone growth in my leg!"

BEFORE: Note the gap in bone in the femur. (Leg is pinned together)

BEFORE: Note the gap in bone in the femur. (Leg is pinned together)

IN PROGRESS: Significant bone growth in femur as a result of Stacey's healing energies.

IN PROGRESS: Significant bone growth in femur as a result of Stacey's healing energies.

~ R. Johnson

“My vision is returning”

A large mass in my abdominal area is being dissolved by this process and I can feel the healing happening almost every day as my body heals from the inside out. I have also noticed that the grey spot blocking the center vision in my left eye is dissolving and my vision is returning."

~ Rosann Effron

“My do does not have to have any surgery”

“I have a dog named Mikey who had a nodule on his spleen. Mikey had been getting daily healing from me for many years for other physical/emotional issues with positive results, however the nodule on his spleen had not changed in size.

Since receiving Grace Healing, the nodule is gone and my dog, Mikey does not have to have any surgery. His behavior has also improved and I plan to take advanced Grace training with Stacey."

~ Moe and Mikey

“This program is working miracles for me”

“No matter how gifted the therapist is that you may have worked with before, they are still human and may have had a fight with a spouse or kids or lost their mother recently or is worried about a friend or has a notion about what your body needs based only on what they know at that time. This work is done by G-d and is totally divine without any human interference. This program is working miracles for me."

~ Rosann

“Your distance healing work has moved my energy in a more palpable way that any other healer I’ve worked with!"

~ Mary Tuma

“I do not need thyroid surgery”

“Thanks so much for your help. As a result I was able to get off my thyroid medication and did not have to have thyroid surgery. I am eternally grateful as this problem runs in my family and you helped me change this pattern."

~ Jennifer

“The raw spots on my dog's scalp healed very quickly”

My son has been exposed to asbestos and toxic chemicals for many years and he has a dog so I was sure that he had parasites too. He says he does not “really believe in all this healing stuff,” but agreed to try Grace Healing for raw, itchy and painful spots on his scalp. He has been receiving Grace Healing now for 4 months. The raw spots on his scalp healed very quickly.

I have also noticed a change in his energy in that he has a peace, patience and sweetness about him that has allowed us to spend more time together even if just on the phone. This has been such a blessing for me."

~ R. E.

“I am losing inches and my pain is improving”

“I have noticed two things since receiving 2 weeks of Grace healing energies. I had asked for help with my arthritic hip and knee which I know will take a bit longer; however I have found it to be improved already. I also asked for help with my weight and I am losing inches which I am also happy with.

Thank you so much for offering this service."

~ Deborah Wiseman

“The next morning my pain was gone”

“I started having pain in my left side that was getting more and more uncomfortable. I purchased Grace for this. The next morning my pain was gone and over the last several weeks, has not returned.

Thanks so much"

~ Lori Thayer

“My worry has disappeared”

“Hi Stacey,

Since receiving grace healing transmissions, I can honestly say that a peace has surrounded me.

I was nervous about a nodule in my lung that was discovered on an X-ray and subsequent ct scan in December.

However, since receiving the grace transmissions, I have a sense that all is well in my world and my worry has disappeared. Solutions appear whenever an issue arises and I do feel that I am surrounded by Grace."

~ Susan

“I am no longer depressed”

“I am no longer depressed, my anxiety is pretty much gone. When I started working with you I was fatigued and now my energy level is an 8 on a scale of 1-10."

~ Izza L.

“I got my life back”

“Thanks for the difference you made with me. I got my life back. Am living life more fully now than I have in a very long time and didn’t have to have surgery on my foot."

~ Lorraine O’Brien

NOTE: Here are the changes that were documented from Stacey’s work with Lorraine O’Brien over time:

Heart went from operating at 28% to 92%
Thyroid went from operating at 41% to 92%
Lymphatic system went from operating at 51% to 89%

“I am more at peace and have confidence to start a business”

“I am much more at peace. I now have the confidence to begin a small business AND during a “money issue” my husband noticed a difference! He said how proud he was that I “didn’t freak out” where normally I would have been VERY nervous about the outcome. I just felt an inner peace that it would all work out and it did."

~ Sharon C.

About Stacey Mayo:

A well-known Master Level Medical Intuitive, Master Level Healer and Teacher of Medical Intuitives and Healers with a wide following, Stacey established the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 as a vehicle to carry out her life’s work. She has assisted thousands of people across the nation, heal in amazing ways and live out their dreams. In her journey, Stacey realized that health issues and issues that stop you from living your dreams are often related.

She is the creator of Grace and many other powerful healing modalities. She also teaches healers and intuitives how to build very successful businesses. She is a Certified Career Intuitive and a Master Level Coach. She received a B.S. in Business from Tulane University. Stacey took Medical Intuitive Training from Carolyn Myss and is the former Medical Intuitive Columnist for The Sedona Journal of Emergence.

Stacey was profiled on television in the CBS Evening News segment, “Confident Women.” She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Total Package Value $1154

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $897 $645

*** 46% Saving ***

OR Pay in 4 Easy Installments


Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Special Price for FHTJ Healers and Those Who Took Grace Training Previously!

If you are:

  • A FHTJ Healer ( appeared on Eram’s summit as a guest healer during the past 3 years) OR
  • Took Grace Healer Training from Stacey before OR
  • Both of the above


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