Quickly Heal ALL Areas of the Heart Without Adding Extra Stress, Harmful Medications or Relying on Drastic Measures!

A physically youthful heart is foundational for your wellbeing, but when paired with emotional healing and a spiritual reawakening, it's nothing short of miraculous

Master Healer, Virginia Rounds Griffiths, is unveiling a comprehensive healing process that first restores the heart’s physical vigor, then mends emotional wounds, and finally reignites the Divine within...

Full-Spectrum Heart Healing: A Sacred Healing Journey for a Life of Balance, Harmony and Well-being!

Think of this as a holistic heart overhaul.

Intrigued by the promise of complete heart wellness?

Read on and watch both videos below to learn more and experience this healing energy for yourself.

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I did your grounding tool on Tuesday and brought my blood pressure down to 126/73, pulse 57. That is excellent for me!

Irene W.

 This tool is more than life saving because I now can control my stress and make it work for me not against me as in the past. Words are inadequate — thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here's What It Is:

  1. Delve into processes that rejuvenate your heart, focusing on vitality, energy, and embracing life without the reliance on harmful medications or invasive measures.
  2. Venture through healing journeys that allow you to break free from heartaches and past traumas, releasing pent-up emotions for genuine mental and emotional serenity.
  3. Explore the depths of your spiritual core, forging a powerful bond with the Divine and letting pure love influence every aspect of your existence.
  4. Engage in practices to reset your emotional compass, embracing a life filled with joy, passion, and positivity, far from artificial or external influences.
  5. Master tailored strategies that convert stress from an enemy into an ally, channeling it positively and navigating life's challenges with unparalleled grace and ease.

Here's What It Will Do For You:

  1. Revitalize Your Circulatory System. Instead of just managing symptoms or seeking temporary fixes, experience a holistic approach that offers lasting health for your heart. The essence isn't merely to survive but to THRIVE in every heartbeat, every pulse, every moment.
  2. Transform Emotional Pain into Power. Those memories, past traumas, or heartaches won't hold you hostage anymore. By addressing the root, Virginia guides you on a path where you can release, rejuvenate, and reclaim your emotional strength.
  3. Unlock A Profound Spiritual Connection. More than just routines or rituals, connect with the Divine in a manner so intimate, it becomes a part of your daily life. Your spiritual heart will not just believe; it will feel, it will know.
  4. Achieve Emotional Stability. Emotional highs and lows can be exhausting. Discover the techniques that allow you to stay centered. Embrace joy, passion, and positivity consistently, creating an emotional environment that supports your best self.
  5. Master Life's Challenges with Ease. Stress, challenges, and unexpected twists are inevitable. But with the tools and insights from this program, you'll navigate these with a calm confidence, turning adversities into advantages.

Jessica W.

I was constantly in an out of hospital with tachycardia which I was diagnosed with for years. I have had all kinds of medication thrown at me by the various doctors I have consulted but no change in my condition. With the work I did with Virginia and using her MP3s I can hand on heart say that was the only thing that stopped my fast-beating heart from its erratic behavior.

Ron M.

I was experiencing shortness of breath and cold sweats and felt like fainting especially when I went up and down the stairs in my house. It just happened out of nowhere, really frightening. I don't know what Virginia did but within 7 days my symptoms disappeared and now 6 months later I have none of the symptoms and I have my life back without medication.

Here's Why You Need This:

  1. Ensure every facet of your heart—physical, emotional, spiritual—is at its peak.
  2. Shed the burdens of past traumas and relish in daily rejuvenation.
  3. Reignite your bond with the Divine, accessing boundless love and wisdom.
  4. Transform fleeting moments of peace into your day-to-day reality.
  5. Face challenges with confidence, turning hurdles into growth opportunities.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Full Spectrum Heart Healing includes 9 powerful activations for FAST TRACK heart healing. Experience rapid healing in all areas of your heart. Feel lighter, brighter, and joyously elevated.
  2. Every Monday for three whole months, feel the ripples of rejuvenation touching your body and soul as Virginia sends you remote healing to compliment the activations. The energy targets what YOU need at that very moment, adapting and transforming to serve your unique journey.
  3. Let Virginia be your beacon during her Three Recorded Group Healing sessions. Every scar, be it from physical ailments or emotional storms, can be healed with due diligence and care as you walk side by side with Virginia during this journey.

Here is what is included in Full Spectrum Heart Healing...

  • Healing Activation 1: Limiting Beliefs Banished
  • Healing Activation 2: Controlling Stress for Emotional Heart Health
  • Healing Activation 3: Depression and Emotional Health
  • Healing Activation 4: Broken Heart Syndrome
  • Healing Activation 5: Vagus Nerve and Your Heart
  • Healing Activation 6: Atriums and Ventricles — the 4 Chambers of the Heart
  • Healing Activation 7: Heart Rhythm 'Energy' Reset*
  • Healing Activation 8: 'Energy' of High Blood Pressure
  • Healing Activation 9: Full Circulatory System 'Energy' Cleanse
  • Three (3) Months Of Remote Energy Healing
  • Healing the Triple Heart: 3 Recorded Group Healing Sessions

Order Today!

Refund Policy: No refund after the remote healing or group session start.

Start Date:

  • INSTANT Access to Healing Activation MP3's
  • 3 Months Remote Healing: The divine energy transmissions kick off the Monday after you secure your place. No waiting, just instant immersion into a sea of positivity.
  • Instant Access to Recorded Group Healing Sessions.

The Investment: $397

Virginia's expertise delivers results that are truly unmatched. Clients are willing to invest at any price to benefit from her transformative services...

While the regular value of this entire program touches a significant $2,100, that's not what we're discussing today.

Just consider the 9 heart healing MP3 activations — valued at $100 each. These aren't mere files but transformative tools. They're not just for the present but a safeguard for the unforeseen future, addressing every surprise life may throw at you.

Harness the magic of these MP3 activations, plus add in her recorded group healing sessions and the 90 day remote healing as Virginia transmutes negative energies into positive ripples, touching your spiritual, emotional, and physical hearts...

And you can quickly understand the value of this powerful program.

Add in the 21-day power surge, a $597 value, and the program's worth soars to $2,597.

But hold on, Virginia isn't asking you to make that kind of investment...

The invitation today isn't even for the $900 activations fee.

Because of Virginia's mission to empower and transform the FHTJ community, she's presenting the entire heart healing program for a mere $397.

Yes, you read that right. That’s a massive 80% saving.

Jump aboard now!


Refund Policy: No refund after the remote healing or group session start.

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