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Anti Aging DECU Cellular Reading 4 week Virtual Course!

Are you Ready to Become the NEW You?

Reprogramming cellular intelligence is the foundation of the heart. It is the voice of empowerment, the wisdom of life. Yes, it is an all natural skincare line, but it holds within it the awareness of what it means to expand consciousness, the awakening of humanity!

We believe we have a choice in how we will take this journey through life. We can move through unconsciously having moments of knowing there is another way, or we can wake up in those moments and never go back. I woke up and chose to not go back. In choosing this, we became the creator of the New Human. Using ORMUS Elements everyday through Eternal Gold skincare, and adding DECU dramatically enhance this Experience. ORMUS is a gateway to becoming conscious. It is a gift from the universe to all those who want to awaken and take back our birthright as the NEW human.


The fountain of youth is attractive to us all. But why? Because society is obsessed with beauty? Maybe. The passion for eternal life started long before the celebrities and models showed us what we "should" look like. Life is also a choice, at least that is what was intended before unconsciousness flooded the minds of humanity. I believe if we truly use our minds we are capable of anything…. and I do mean ANYTHING!

We can live without aging. It is a choice and we have dedicated ourselves to uplifting other to reprogram the body to hold the frequency of Eternal Youth. DECU holds the intelligence of Eternal Life and the consciousness of ‘Living’ in this truth. We have dedicated our life to this truth, living our lives beyond the beliefs or agreements of society. Living a life of choice is living an eternal life. It’s not about being a supermodel, it's about being conscious.

Choosing how we want to age is to choose to AWAKEN, choosing to be responsible for yourself and not to be a victim of life or of aging.

We believe Eternal Life is a state of consciousness and using the DECU Method is a pathway to achieving it. We are creating a higher blueprint or matrix of consciousness that holds the gateway or the ability to live beyond the agreement of aging. Are you ready to dedicate yourself to the practice of awakening your consciousness to the New Human Experience?

Each choice made in awareness allows us to hold onto life force energy that we may otherwise lose ‘unconsciously’. We can choose to die in awareness or live consciously, or die without ‘knowing’ we were ever alive.

We have a choice in how we want to age. We age unconsciously because that is what has been done over and over. We have the power to age consciously and choose the path of our livelihood. The mind is more powerful than even the most advanced scientist can imagine! Let's tap in and live beyond the illusion of aging.

Living a life that is uncharted, beyond the programming of society, beyond what every other human has done before us. It is time to take what we may see as impossibilities and reprogram our cells to hold the possibilities. This will give YOU the power to choose how you want to age, opening the gateway of your life beyond what you know in the now. DECU has its own intelligence to assist you in reaching your highest potential!

DECU is Anti-Aging of the future!

We are reprogramming our cells to eternal life. Not by working with what has been broken, but by bringing the cells to a higher level. .Aging is a disease of consciousness. Let’s claim our right to reprogram the cells with our conscious decision…the decision to LIVE as the NEW Human. Live as the NEW You!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can we use reflection to turn on our Divine Technology? What is Divine Technology? You say we only use 10% of our human potential… what do you mean by this?

When we use reality or what we see in reality as information we can use this information to move beyond programmed reality. When we do this, an energy is created beyond form (programmed reality) that can be accessed through an intelligence within our DNA. I call this Divine Technology. When we start to access this technology, we being to awaken or activate the energy responses of the body that are lying dormant. This gives us the ability to experience the potential that lies in the other 90% of the human electrical system we are not using at this time.

Q. What is an epigenetic code and how can we use them to reverse aging?

An epigenetic code is a genetic expression that is turned on over time. It is turned on through the environment our body is resonating in. Meaning our thoughts and agreements. The great thing about epigenetic codes is they can also be turned off! Science is now showing that Aging is an epigenetic code.

Q. Why do we want to reprogram on a cellular level instead of through thought or the brain?

When we focus on reprogramming the brain, we limit ourselves to subconscious programming and use thought to overcome limitations or agreements. We can easily get stuck with the ego fighting the ego. Science is proving that consciousness is in the body not the brain. Your cells hold an intelligence beyond the programming your brain registers as reality. When we reprogram on a cellular level, we shift the very environment our consciousness is in, bypassing subconscious programming.

Q. What is the number one reason people don’t change, heal or shift limiting beliefs? How can we use DECU and scalar enhanced products to not only change but change quickly? 1-10

The number one reason people don't change, heal or shift is identifying with the reality and who they are within that reality. To change is to become someone different. When we cannot see who we are in the change we want to make, the body takes over and creates a chemical response. If we are not conscious of this response, we will lower our frequency to meet the vibration of the chemical and create a reality around it. This reality is a direct reflection of the frequency we are working to move out of and it creates a looping cycle. When placing an intention to create change, we activate a frequency in our DNA to express an intelligence beyond the reality we are in. When we actively reprogram our cells to hold this intelligence, we have the ability to bypass programmed reality and shift into an identity beyond what is experience. The body holds this new frequency until your conscious mind attunes to it. In this moment you awaken in the new reality and wonder how it could be so easy! 1-10!

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