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Download Eram and Jo interview

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Package A

Regenerate and restore the Gut - Brain System.


SOMA to connect to the Divine

Format: MP3

As vibrations are speeding up to high frequencies we are being pushed out as the 3D vibrations are clearing. Soma produced in the gut flows through fascia, Lymph, interstitium and gall bladder enabling us to align to the Universe. Any resistance creates ‘Wind” in our bodies. This track gets you out of fight flight. This will get you in a state of Bliss.

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Vagus Nerve Tone

Format: MP3

Enhances Gut-brain-vagus nerve connection. You should feel relaxed. This is a good one to use if you are overwhelmed in any way.

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Align with your microbiome

Format: MP3

Enhances Microbiota-gut-brain communication. The composition of our body has three times more microorganisms than human cells

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Format: MP3

Healing happens at night. Essential to heal. You will feel your mind clearing of all mental clutter.

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Format: MP3

New research states we are 99% Water! This enables us to metabolise and utilize Water effectively as it moves into different states in the body and constantly changing as Soma flows through us. You should feel relaxed, have mental clarity.

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How do these MP3s work?

The mp3’s are embedded with specific frequencies intended to release old energies and lift us to the higher vibrations so we can align to the Universe. The frequencies on their own are not audible, what you hear is the carrier sound. This does not affect the frequencies.


3 Group Calls

Format: Live sessions Duration 1 Hour
All calls will be recorded

Regenerate Your Digestive and immune systems.
85% of Health concerns originate in the digestive system. 

90% of your immune system is in the intestinal lining.

Call 1 (7th May 2020 at 2:00 PM EST)

Erin had tummy ache, severe cramping, body itching with no rash and heat bumps. The histamine reaction was so severe it kept her awake at night for hours at a time and she could not get to sleep. Entities were the root cause of her problem.

During this call we will address issues within the digestive and immune systems of the body to bring them into alignment at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to achieve complete and lasting relief. Issues often come up at the cellular level and these will be considered. External interferences often cause constipation, cravings, malnourishment and feelings of powerlessness, confusion and other emotions. A combination of processes, exercises and attunements will be utilized to bring about healing.

Download MP3

Call 2 – Brain and Central Nervous System
(14th May 2020 at 2:00 PM EST)

In this second Group call we will address the Brain, Nervous System inc. Brain Stem, Glymphatics and the Gut-Brain- microbiome connections, the vagus nerve. Issues within the brain and the Central Nervous systems be will be addressed at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and again a combination of processes, exercises and attunements will be utilized to regenerate and restore structures.

Download MP3

Call 3 (21st May 2020 at 2:00 PM EST)

In this session we will look at hormones, as the gut is a key player as far as hormones go. The gut is the largest endocrine gland. When your hormones are not functioning properly, you maybe struggling with sleep
cycles, circadian rhythms, appetite, libido, energy, mental clarity, anxiety and many more. We will address emotional and mental and employ various tools to bring the hormones into balance.

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Limited Time Bonus

21 days remote Stress remedies

It will be broadcast twice daily to allow you to connect to the frequencies at a suitable time in your time zone 07.00 am EST and 17.00 EST. You may connect on both times if you wish.

We recommend you sit down quietly and take a slow deep breath in and out and then yawn 3-4 times to boost circulation and tune into the frequencies. If you are not able to yawn, start by making an 'aaH' after the the out breath.

The frequencies are made using specific remedies, potencies, or essences to address your mental, emotional, etheric, spiritual, nadis, auras, core, channel, chakras. adrenals, cortisol, mitochrondria, central nervous system amongst others, and are radionically broadcast each day via your supplied email contact or telephone. Once you supply these details, there is an energetic link between us.

  • 1

    Energetic Oxytocin

    which is a bonding hormone for heart consciousness and connecting everything, from leaky gut, anxiety, and fight flight stressed out nervous system amongst others.

Download MP3
  • 2

    Forest Bathing

    I had the inspiration when I was producing to bring in all five senses, sight, smell, hearing and touch as one would experience in a forest environment.

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  • 3


    The capacity to create change in anything.

Download MP3

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to play the Mp3s

These mp3’s should be played on the lowest volume or on a moderate one to obtain the best results from them. The frequencies are very subtle, but powerful, but should not overwhelm you.

Q. How will these tracks help me?

SOMA: Soma will assist you to adapt to the new high frequencies that are affecting us currently as new portals are opening up in our ascension process. This one can be played anytime but best in the evening.

Vagus Nerve Tone: The Vagus Nerve tone can be used at any time, but especially when you may be overwhelmed.

Microbiome: The Microbiome Tone can be used at any time, but very effective when you are stressed.

Sleep: This can be played at any time to balance your vibrations, but it is very effective if you would like a good night’s sleep.

Hydration: While this can be played at any time, it would be best listened in the morning soon after you wake up. You can also listen to this while you drink some water so that your body can utilize and metabolize it. 

Taming of the Shrew – Balance Blood Pressure: This is a good one if you are overwhelmed or have had a traumatic experience.

Q. How many tracks can I listen to at one time?

No but You may wish to play these on a loop.

Q. How often do I need to listen to the recordings?

After the initial week you can play one or more depending on your intuition.
If you like to replay tracks over and over again, that is fine and the energies will not overwhelm you.

If you should happen to go through a stressful or traumatic experience, then it is recommended to listen to the Taming of the Shew and you may want to follow on with the Vagus tone.

Q. What commitment is expected from me?

Attend the 1 Hr Group Healing
Attend the 2nd Follow-up call
Attend the 3rd Follow-up call

Join the supportive Facebook Group so you can share your goals and post any issues for the follow-up Group Call

Please do not drive when participating in the group call or when listening to the MP3s.

You will be attuning to a lot of powerful energies and also releasing a lot of unwanted ones in a very short time so it is recommended that you keep yourself well hydrated. It is important that you rest after a session. Often after a session your body will require certain foods. Follow your body’s intuition.

Q. When can I expect results?

The Processes work instantaneously and often results happen right away, but in rare cases you may find that shifts on the next day.

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