NEW: How To End The Fight With Chronic Illnesses And Return to Good Health Without Becoming Frustrated From Multiple Different Energy Healing Methods That Don’t Seem To Work For You!

One of the main reasons why healing energy is rejected by the body is because the body is designed to protect itself. Although it may be compromised, corrupted, depleted or damaged, the body does not recognize the incoming energy as helpful to it.

Failure to heal is partially due to the rejection of even powerful energies. In other words, the system is password locked.

Keep reading and watch the videos below to learn how to IMMEDIATELY download special passwords that unlock access so you can receive healing energy much more powerfully, and allow your body to digest the energy better. 

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Kaye Lee is a spectacular role model for applying the science and philosophy of human development to up-level performance in virtually any area of life. His prowess in realms of intuitive perception, remote viewing and inner guidance are absolutely stellar. This man's study of the genius potential that resides within the mind makes him a valued asset on any team.

Paul R. Scheele, PhD, CEO of Scheele Learning Systems, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation, author of PhotoReading, Natural Brilliance, and Drop Into GeniusS.

Kaye Lee’s abilities in multiple areas of study make him a true Renaissance man.

Dr. Win Wenger, PhD, Founder of Project Renaissance, developer of ImageStreaming, author of The Einstein Factor

What Are Healing Access Codes?

  • The Healing Access Codes are special passwords that allow healing frequencies to be transmitted to the body many times more effectively.
  • When an Access Code is used, the body recognizes the healing help, and does not fight the healing.
  • The Access Codes help the body to absorb, digest, integrate and harmonize the energies very quickly to accelerate healing.

What Will Healing Access Codes Do For You?

  • Detect the root causes of your illnesses and heal them with accurate medical intuition.
  • Make the body able to receive healing even if it could not in the past.
  • Make the healing stick and become stable, because the Access Code embeds and engraves it firmly into the body.
  • Heal your whole system, not just one component with your completely customized Personal Health Code and energy blend.
  • Bypass the need for multiple expensive healing sessions, because you have your Personal Health Code healing at the push of a button.

Why You Need Healing Access Codes?

  • Forget the frustration and struggle of years of fighting chronic illnesses that won’t go away. Use this targeted, customized Personal Health Code blend audio to deliver the exact energies needed to clear the origins of the illness.
  • Find new hope for perfect health as you receive vital energy boosts and healing help directly to the part of your body that needs it.
  • Release all the confusion about different health systems. Let an accurate Medical Intuitive Scan reveal exactly what you need.
  • Gain confidence as the Access Codes pump vital Life Force energy and new life into you.
  • Finally receive permanence in healing with your Personal Health Code for wiring new health deep into the system.

I have personally reviewed and tested the Healing Access Codes with Kaye and have felt the energy shifts instantly. As someone who is highly sensitive to energetic changes as they happen I can highly recommend his Healing Access Codes. I felt each change happen in real time and in the specific places being targeted.

Karina Grant, Healer and Teacher

I have experienced palpable, real time sustained resolution of GI issues during command healing sessions with Kaye.

Dr. Jo Pelho - Scientist  U.K.

How Healing Access Codes Work:

  • The 17 MP3s contain the Healing Access Codes for delivering powerful healing energy for your chronic illness or ailment directly to the energy body, organ, system or cells that need them.
  • The codes will embed, stabilize, harmonize and optimize these frequencies for your optimal health.
  • Listen to these audios for 12 days to 12 weeks and feel these deep healing energies take effect.
  • All audios will also charge any water placed in the vicinity whilst it plays with healing vibrations to speed up your healing.
  • Kaye's Remote Healing further embeds updated and upgraded energies for the special needs of the group during this period. This will upgrade and update the energies in the audios, and also help them to penetrate more deeply.
  • During the Recorded Group Healing sessions, you will also receive the latest Healing Access Codes energy upgrades as Kaye tunes into the energy of the group and downloads for what each person needs.
  • For even greater effectiveness, Kaye will intuit and prepare your very own specially-prepared Personal Health Code audio for you, and load it up with the exact energy blend that you need to turn the tide against the ailments that you have struggled with for so long.

What Do You Receive When You Invest In Healing Access Codes?

17 Core Health Access Code Audios

  • Heart-related Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Hypertension/High Blood Pressure and Associated Chronic Diseases Healing Access Codes Audio

  • Thyroid Issues and Associated Chronic Diseases Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Arthritis, Gout, Joint Diseases and Associated Chronic Diseases Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Chronic Dental Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Brain, Migraine, Mental Degeneration, Depression, Memory, Brain Fog and Other Related Chronic Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Diabetes and Chronic Kidney-related Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Fibromyalgia, Mobility Restrictions, Chronic Pain and Related Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Chronic Fatigue and Related Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Gastrointestinal and Other Related Chronic Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Chronic Infections and Related Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Chronic Urinary Tract and Other Related Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Chronic Allergies Throughout the Body Healing Access Codes Audio
  • High Cholesterol and Chronic Liver Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Chronic Lung and Other Related Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Stroke, Stroke Recovery and Other Related Issues Healing Access Codes Audio
  • Lupus, SLE and Other Auto-immune Issues Healing Access Codes Audio

Personal Health Code and Premium Energy Blend Audio

  • Submit your top three health outcomes on the website after payment. 
  • Kaye will download your Personal Health Code into an audio, together with the exact energy blend to attain your optimal health outcomes.
  • This audio will encode exactly what you need into your body.
  • All you need to do is play and listen to it daily for 12 days to 12 weeks, and open to receive the powerful Access Code energies to move you to new, vibrant levels of energy, confidence and health.

60 Days of Healing Access Codes Energy Upgrades

  • The 60-day Healing Access Codes further embeds updated and upgraded energies for the special needs of the group during this period.
  • This will upgrade and update the energies in the audios, and also help them to penetrate more deeply.
  • In combination with the Personal Health Code audio, it will be a powerful additional support for your move towards optimal, vibrant health.

4 Recorded Group Healing Sessions

  • Jan 9th, 2024, 8 am Eastern Time: Brain Healing Codes Upgrades
  • Jan 16th, 2024, 8 am Eastern Time: Immunity Healing Codes Upgrades
  • Jan 23rd, 2024, 8 am Eastern Time: Pain Away Healing Codes Upgrades
  • Jan 30th, 2024, 8 am Eastern Time: Hormone and Endocrine System Balancing Healing Codes Upgrade
  • Get the latest Healing Access Codes energy upgrades in these recorded group calls as Kaye tunes into the energy of the group and downloads for what each person needs.
  • Kaye can do Healing Access Codes for groups very well, and each person will get what they need from both the live session and its recordings.

BONUS 1: Total Body and Energy System Upgrade Healing Access Codes

  • Use Healing Access Codes to quickly receive, absorb and effectively digest powerful quantum health energies for upgrading your cells, organs and body systems, flushing out old energetic programs that no longer support your health, upgrading your chakras, meridians and auric layers and releasing past trauma and energies.

BONUS 2: Accelerated Healing and Pain Away Access Codes

  • Use Healing Access Codes to quickly receive, absorb and effectively digest powerful quantum health energies for accelerating healing at all levels, including the cells themselves, removing pain anywhere in your body, clearing away the pain energy to prevent them coming back, installing new and healthy health patterns in the spaces, and rejuvenating and renewing the body generally.

Start Date:

You will have INSTANT access to 17 Healing Access Codes + Bonus Audio upon joining.

Remote Healing begins as soon as you purchase Healing Access Codes.

The Recorded Group Healing Sessions Dates:
Jan 9th, 2024, 8 am Eastern Time: Brain Healing Codes Upgrades

Jan 16th, 2024, 8 am Eastern Time: Immunity Healing Codes Upgrades

Jan 23rd, 2024, 8 am Eastern Time: Pain Away Healing Codes Upgrades

Jan 30th, 2024, 8 am Eastern Time: Hormone and Endocrine System Balancing Healing Codes Upgrade


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To help as many people as possible activate Personal Healing Codes for arthritis, chronic pain, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders, dental issues, brain fog, gastrointestinal issues, chronic fatigue, chronic infections, migraines, urinary tract issues, allergies and more!

Consider this...

The 17 Health Access Codes, the very heart of this program, are valued at $49 each.

Those Health Access Codes alone at full price would be $833.

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The 4 Recorded Group Healing Sessions for $800...

The 2 Bonus Access Codes for $194...

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Why this incredible offer?

Kaye believes in the power of these these Healing Access Codes so much, he’s confident that once you experience them, you'll understand their true worth.

Don’t wait – seize this exceptional opportunity before time runs out!


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Kaye’s Brainwaves Speed to 120 Hz (4x Normal) When Accessing Intuition.

Negative Energy Cleared Up, Things Worked Out

Sohail Khan Yousafzai

I found during my interaction with Kaye that he is a very powerful healer very proficient in using sciences of human philosophy and energy and has been helping his community and people for a very long time. As I am a Seer myself and only believe in what I see but Kaye introduced me to another world of healing ….I very casually took a session from him when I was really down and into darkness recently.

The session was immense and I would say he really cleared up the negative energy from around me and I was skeptical during the session but I really started feeling very positive and good since then and strangely things did work out for me as he had said so!!

I could further identify Kaye as a leader in the sciences of the Divine in remote viewing in a human’s destiny and be able to give an inner guidance to that person towards his or her destiny as a seer also.

Master Healer Reading and Healing All in One, 100% Accurate”


Kaye is a master healer like no other.

I can honestly say that he is the most incredible healer that I have been blessed to encounter.

The night before my session with Kaye, I was thinking about all the many many healers I have worked with yet not one of them was able to help.  I am a pretty difficult case though.

That all changed when I had my session with Kaye.

It was absolutely mind blowing.  Not only is he the most incredible healer, he has an amazing ability to read you and let you know what is going on for you and causing your issues.  I found him to be 100% accurate.

It's like you are getting a reading and a healing all in one.

Kaye I just wanted to let you know that I can not believe how much better I am feeling since my session with you.  Thanks so much Kaye.  You are absolutely awesome.  

It's wonderful to know that everything is going to be ok.  This is thanks to you!!

Knee Pain Significantly Improved

Galley L.

I am thrilled to share my incredible experience with Kaye and the remarkable healing they provided for my persistent knee pain. I had been suffering from knee discomfort for years, and it had started to severely impact my daily life. Traditional medical treatments had offered only temporary relief, and I was losing hope.

However, after just a few sessions with Kaye, I began to notice a significant improvement in my knee pain. It was nothing short of miraculous. I could walk, run, and even engage in activities I thought I had to give up for good. The pain that had been a constant companion in my life had gradually subsided.

I am truly grateful for the life-changing results Kaye has provided me. They have not only alleviated my physical pain but also rekindled my belief in the power of alternative healing methods. Kaye has a gift, and I am fortunate to have found them. I would highly recommend Kaye to anyone seeking relief from physical or emotional pain, as they have made a significant impact on my life.

I’ve Been Getting Better Every Single Day and Feel a Huge Decline from Debilitating Anxiety of 23 Years from Just One Online Session with Kaye

Andrew M.

I've been holding off on the review I was going to send about Kaye, simply because the results I've had since the bespoke session with him have been way too amazing for 

me to even mention sooner! 

I thought all week I was imagining it, I had to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  

After almost 15 years of every conceivable form of energy healing treatments, and courses, and all to no avail, I've just been getting better every single day this last seven days now and 

feel a huge decline from debilitating anxiety of 23 Years. 

And that was from just one online session with Kaye! 

I hadn't even used a script from the weekend course itself, which took place almost two weeks ago - purely from being a bit nervous of 'getting it wrong'. 

I needn't have been nervous about that because I used two today and it turned out just as he said: Easy! Just read the words! 

This is a course like no other. Everyone needs to know about it and Kaye is the Healer that I've always known was out there somewhere

Helped Release Much Trauma Stored Within My Cells from My Personal Life and Working as Nurse through the Covid Pandemic


I have done much shadow and healing work and something feels very complete for me now. I think it helped release much trauma stored within my cells from my personal life and working as a nurse and ending with working through the Covid pandemic. It was ready to go. It was no longer serving me and Kaye’s work and scripts were so complete it felt extremely safe and calm. I would highly recommend his work.

Mind and Emotions Cleared, Performance At Work Improved Dramatically


As a consultant, I was struggling with dealing with financial calls at work and this was becoming a problem. This is when I spoke to Kaye. He did an energy clearing for me, and also gave me a practice for protecting and empowering my work. My mind and emotions immediately became clearer, and the following week I did better than I ever have before. My trainers at work were very pleased with my performance, and I have confidence that this will continue. - Mark


Refund Policy: Non-Refundable

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

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