How Do You Activate Abundance?

A question Kenji gets asked A LOT.

There is a mindset shift that took him from a poverty mindset into one of abundance. It is an activation within the mind and the heart. Once it clicks, you’ve found your abundance key.

This is a 4 part series designed to help you find your quantum abundance key.

First, you will Activate your Awareness to the idea of an abundant mindset.
Then, you will focus on the basics of using Quantum Meditation to get what you want in life: think about your soul desires.

Next, you will be guided to Finding Your Abundance Keys.

Discover your success signature.

Finally, with this foundation, Kenji will guide you to Accelerate into your Infinite Possibilities.

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Meet Kenji Kumara

Kenji, 77 and born in Berkeley, CA, is a visionary consciousness guide and facilitator for higher consciousness and his specialty is ascension assistance for Starseeds, wayshowers and planetary catalysts. He brings over 50 years of research in the consciousness field and is globally known for his "activations" and empowerments. Kenji serves as a guide for spiritual awakening and emergence for the younger generation of Indigos and Starseeds.

Kenji is currently in private practice in Asheville, NC offering Envisioning Work, 1:1 mentorship, "Wave Sessions" and Awakening Your Higher Consciousness mastery programs (his signature program), an online Membership program for Starseeds and has produced over 300 activations, retreats, workshops and special programs since 2008. He is known for his dry sense of humor, lightness of being and his simple approach to transformation work.

People LOVE Kenji's Activations!

“The energy is potent and life-changing; I have been powerfully impacted in a very positive way by Kenji’s activations.” ~ Amber

“The unconditional love is palpable on these calls. I love your teachings and thank you for everything.” ~ Elaine

“Your meditation’s are transforming me and my life. Thank you Kenji Kumara!!!” ~ Laura

“Highly recommend Kenji if you’re ready for miracles jump in the water of transformation to live your passion and service to world!” ~ M.C.

“Amazing blessing series,, Still feeling the immense power.. The effect have been huge.” ~ G.G

“Kenji raises our level of consciousness so we are in higher level of understanding………from this point we are able to solve the problem in a way that serves Our highest good.” ~ Rose

“WOW WOW – my spiritual connection today is THRU THE ROOF. Man I am going to keep rocking it out with the activations. Kenji – you are seriously amazing!” ~ KN

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“Best Of” Magnetizing Money – Activation Package

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Regular Package  Price $279

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer: $97

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Package Details


Quantum Key to Activate Abundance — Activate
Wealth & Well-Being

What's included...

  • 4 Hours of Audio
  • 4 Guided Mp3 Activations

Activate Your Awareness Activation

Kenji invokes blessings from the angels and ascended masters and with grace guides you through this activation divinely created in the quantum. This includes blessings of exponential growth, expansion, prosperity, abundance, blessings of higher consciousness and the vision of truth while we bring forth the New Earth consciousness through our joyful awakening.

Art of Quantum Meditation Activation

In this powerful attunement, Kenji asks you to release all expectations of what you will experience in meditation, and enter a field of imagination where you have the ability to manifest with ease and grace. As the voyager, you will move into the Stillness at the doorway of Creation to receive your next vibrational awareness, your next level of empowerment and self-healing, and your next level of Illumination. This is a deep and profound journey into the Void, and you will return from this Quantum journey with new frequencies. You will also be given a special blessing and gift of etheric Angel/Fairy Dust to use in your life, wherever it is needed.

Keys To Your Kingdom

This event is for anyone desiring to find and embrace their success signature in a climate of trust and loving support. Young and old alike are invited – no matter your cultural, religious or spiritual path. The activation will support where ever you are at, and help move you to the next level of spiritual awakening into Eternal Peace and well being.

Acceleration Into Possibility

In this recording Kenji teaches how to effortlessly merge into the unified field of oneness and helps bring your awareness into the still point, free of all worldly concerns in to a ready state to deeply receive. After about a 30:00 minute class room training Kenji leads the live group into a live activation meditation leading the brain into a very deep delta state where you can consciously (re)connect yourself with your I AM presence and live more fully on the earth plane.

Available for a Limited Time


You are invited to a much requested stargate activation on Money. Given the current world situation of chaos and fear and in which 6.3 million people are unemployed in America, it is time to remove and clear our energetic connection to the old matrix of pain and suffering and move into our natural state of sovereignty and mastery regarding the right use of money and power. It is time to remove our focus from lack to abundance, from scarcity to prosperity, from low self esteem to supreme self confidence. We will use the power of the 2:2 Stargate and the divine feminine energy to support your money transformation and the re-establishment of your money sovereignty and creatorship.

Money Activation: Clearing ancestral, historical, cultural and energetic concepts of money as debt to be on this planet. Untangling from the old matrix of servitude and slavery to debt for the right to be on this planet. Clearing survival fears and base chakra concepts of fear of not making it. Releasing from the collective consciousness lack, struggle, poverty and suffering. Bringing in the New Earth ideas of abundance, prosperity, ease, grace and flow. Money Angels and the Violet Flame will assist in uplifting and elevating the body and mind frequencies and clearing blocks in consciousness regarding money, power and manifesting.

Your ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Package A

Regular Package  Price $279

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer: $97

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Don't Miss This Add On Available at Check Out!
“Best Of” Magnetizing Money – Activation Package

Check Out What Kenji's Clients Have to Say About Her Work

“I had a job interview set up and two weeks later a job offer!”

“I can honestly say that until I did Kenji’s first quantum healing call I felt completely stuck. Right after the call I had a job interview set up and two weeks later a job offer! I had been interviewing for like a year prior. I set up a one to one session with Kenji and so much healing is happening – layers of past trauma and energy are unraveling and miracles are happening. Thank you Kenji! Can’t wait to see what else unfolds. It’s sooo exciting!”

~ Suzanne

“Kenji Kumara is one of the most wise and endearing teachers that I know. Kenji is a beautiful soul with a giving spirit and he goes above and beyond in all of his work. He is a transdimensional healer and practitioner of frequency healing and Kenji’s meditations help transport participants to other realms and bring back love, joy, peace, harmony, and information from the unseen into the seen. If you are looking for wise counsel, healing or transformative experiences, I highly recommend Kenji Kumara and his work.”

~ Addison

“Kenji’s relaxing voice that turns his meditation into medication!”

“Kenji’s method is out of this world with modality and all the results of his healing. His current profile doesn’t begin to represent the mastery that Kenji exhibits in his work. He was the first Master that made me able to feel energy. Now, when I listen to him teach, I still remember why I am such a fanatic. He is eloquent, unabashed, and so knowledgeable with such a remarkably smooth and relaxing voice that turns his meditation into medication. I am on this path, thanks to Kenji and other light weavers.”

~ Evette

“Kenji, you are such a gift to us!”

“I love Kenji’s work. Both his teachings and his guided meditations have such authenticity and integrity, and are always offered with his special playful humor. (He never takes himself too seriously which, to me, is a mark of a true teacher.) I especially appreciate how consistently and masterfully he creates a sacred space and then guides us so smoothly and easily into deep meditation in the Quantum. Thank you, Kenji! You are a such a gift to us!”

~ Susan

“Studying with Kenji has truly helped me in all areas of life!”

“With depth of wisdom, authentic pure heart, love and Christ Light Consciousness, Kenji Kumara offers a clear and evolved path to enlightened Spiritual teachings. I have listened to numerous presentations guided by Kenji delivering life changing Spiritual gifts with positive results. Studying with him has truly helped me in all areas of life. Personal evolvement, empowerment, inner peace, compassion, balance, and happiness are all embraced in my studies with Kenji…along with entertaining commercial breaks from the Comedy Team! I am eternally grateful, thank you.”

~ S.R.

“I am always fascinated by how you construct the activations. It is pure genius!”

“This activation was sooo different for some reason. It is like you put some twists and turns in it. I may have been resisting it or something? I don’t know. Anxious to do it again now that I feel like I am allowing it to work. I am always, I mean always fascinated by how you construct the activations. It is pure genius. Big time RESPECT for your creative genius in having each new activation be something that “hooks” me in. Also they are so right on that I feel like they are just for me a whole lot of the time!

So looking forward to the New Moon Activation coming up!!! Love you KENJI!!!!! ( I am sure it will be “over the moon”, just like I am for your work, and you!)”

~ Jeannie

Package A

Regular Package  Price $279

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer: $97

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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