Quickly and Easily  Access the Timeline Where Your Ideal Future Already Exists Without the Shackles and Blocks of the Past Holding You Back!

The Ideal Future You Have Been Desiring So Badly Already Exists...

It's not something you have to create. It's something that you simply NEED to access. 

And the only reason you have not been able to access it is because of blocks that interfere with your direct access to that timeline.

If you have tried a lot of healing, coaching and maybe even therapy and are feeling frustrated, defeated, angry or disappointed because you still aren't living a life that you are not truly passionate about...

...Watch this video and read all the information below, because it can FOREVER change your life!

Join Before The Timer Hits Zero And Save $556


You missed out!

Refund Policy: There are no refunds once you book a Block Synthesiser session. If you decide to cancel your reservation within 48 hours and choose not to reschedule for another session, a refund can be issued.

What It Is:

  • Rewire your reality with a collective Timeline Transformation™
  • One-and-DONE permanent removal of the largest deepest block to pursuing your dreams
  • Individually and together, you'll venture through transformative realms, aligning with the timeline you've envisioned.
  • As each person molds their distinct narrative, your combined journeys weave a tapestry, both rich in personal aspirations and collective power.
  • Embrace this unique dance of destiny where your personal path becomes a pivotal thread in a grander design.

What It Will Do For You:

  • Break free from the shackles of the past and witness the dawn of a new, unburdened you.
  • Watch long-held blocks and beliefs dissolve, clearing the path for your true potential.
  • Whether you're in search of tranquility or a surge of enthusiasm, find your perfect rhythm and dance to its beat.
  • Feel every fiber of your being resonate with the dream you're tirelessly pursuing.
  • Fulfillment is more than a feeling – it's a symphony. Tune in and let the music elevate you.
  • Gaze into the mirror of tomorrow where past blocks are but a fading memory.
  • Embrace boundless opportunities, as vast as the sky, and redefine your limits.
  • Revel in the thrill of alignment as every neuron and thought gears towards your envisioned masterpiece.
  • Get ready to craft the bridge to your desires, ensuring every step is a memorable part of your grand journey to realized dreams.

Why You Need This:

  • Lots of coaches offer ways to remove blocks–these ways primarily address the workings of the conscious mind.
  • Lots of therapists and hynotherapists offer ways to remove blocks–these ways primarily address the subconscious mind.
  • Lots of healers offer ways to remove blocks–these ways primarily address the energies.
  • Time exists across multiple dimensions, therefore, if you have a long-held block or belief it is likely you have had it not just for this lifetime, but many previous ones.
  • However, it may not play out exactly the same in all of them–what repeats is the vibration.
  • Because of this, working with the issue in only one dimension will leave the vibration in the others quickly bringing it back into the one it was short-term “healed” in.
  • The body wants to be in a state of health, just as we want to be living our purpose, but it’s out-of-balance and to get it back in balance, it both needs to be reminded what the frequency of balance is and address the underlying cause(s) or source(s) of the imbalance.
  • Leah combines all of the 3D grounded conscious mind’s identification with the block or belief with the 4D delving into how the subconscious has stored and retrieves the foundation of the block or belief with the 5D energetics.
  • By addressing all of these levels at once, in one process you PERMANENTLY shift your timeline and resolve the block or belief you focused on.

How it Works:

  • Kick-Off with the Ultimate Toolkit! Get your hands on the exclusive Collective Timeline Transformation™ Success Kit. Crafted meticulously, this kit is your key to ensuring that every moment of your transformative journey is optimized. Dive deep into its guidelines and prep yourself to embrace what's ahead.
  • Unearth Hidden Blocks with the Block Synthesis Session! Think you know what's holding you back? Think again! With the aid of the Success Kit, you'll start by identifying what you believe is your block. But here's the twist: most only see the surface. With Leah's expertise as a Master Certified Coach and a Certified Master Intuitive, she'll help unveil the deeper, hidden beliefs anchoring your dreams.
  • Pinpoint Precision in Addressing Blocks! Leah’s uncanny intuition isn’t just for show. In intimate groups of ten or fewer, she dives deep, working one-on-one to crystallize and articulate your core block or belief. Get ready to zero in on the heart of the matter and position yourself perfectly on the timeline for transformative healing.
  • Flexible Schedules for Global Dreamers! Starting this September, pick a session that complements your rhythm. With an array of timings, we embrace dream-chasers from every time zone.
  • Conclude with a Powerful New Moon Ritual! As the moon wanes, you’ll be drawn to the RECORDED Collective Timeline Transformation™ for Pursuing Your Dreams. Lasting an invigorating 2 - 2.5 hours, this Shamanic journey taps into the grounding energies of the New Moon, a time known for introspection and the sparking of new beginnings.
  • A Sacred Chamber Awaits! Within this carefully constructed energetic sanctuary, Leah infuses the very frequencies that supercharge your timeline shifts and cognitive rewiring. All specifically tailored for aligning you with your life’s purpose and fervor.
  • Voice Out, Transform Within! Let the weight of your block be heard. Speak it into this sacred space, and watch as it's alchemized.
  • Embark on a Soulful Odyssey! Led by Leah’s mesmerizing voice, let the tapestry of past life regression, timeline therapy, NLP, and visioning envelop you. Dive deep, journey far, and re-emerge with a clear path to your dreams.
  • The life you've always dreamed of? It's not just a dream. It's a timeline awaiting your leap.

FREE BONUS: Quantum Integration Chamber

  • Continuous Quantum Support for 88 Days! Imagine being enveloped in a nurturing frequency field, day and night. For 88 transformative days, Leah becomes your cosmic guardian, ensuring you remain in this powerful energetic field, accelerating and supporting your integration journey.
  • Timed to Perfection! Once you've experienced the intensity of the Timeline Transformation™, it's time to truly cement that change. These 88 days, starting right after, are calibrated for deep-rooted alignment and stabilization.
  • The Magic of the Number 88: In numerology, 88 is a symbol of abundance and power. By syncing your transformation process with this number, you're not just integrating changes; you're opening the door to boundless opportunities and a reinforced connection to the universe.
  • Daily Energetic Boosts: Every day for 88 days, feel the subtle yet profound recalibrations working in your favor, refining and reinforcing the timeline shifts from the core.
  • The Quantum Integration Chamber isn't just a bonus; it's a universe of experiences. A journey of alignment, awakening, and ascension, it's the missing piece you didn't know you needed. Dive in and transform from the quantum level up!

Start Date:

  • Collective Timeline Transformation™ Success Kit: INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  • LIVE Block Synthesis Session: Beginning September 5th and Running All Month. You pick the time that works for you. ***Only 10 people per session***
  • RECORDED on the New Moon - Collective Timeline Transformation™ for Pursuing Your Dreams: Recorded September 14th 5-7 PM Pacific Time. (NOTE: If too many people register, Leah will offer one in the morning from 10am - noon Pacific )
  • BONUS: Quantum Integration Chamber: 88 Days begins after the Timeline Transformation™ session, September 15th.


  • This Offer Expires and The Prices Go Up By $556 When The Timer Hits Zero.

The Investment:

Typically you would pay $2222 for a Timeline Transformation™ with Leah. The Block Synthesis Session is valued at $555.

And the bonus Quantum Integration Chamber...

Having that kind of energetic frequency field accelerating and supporting your integration for an ENTIRE 88 days...

Well that's PRICELESS don't you think?

All of this combined makes the value of this program over $2700!

However, because Leah wants to support our FHTJ/Bliss Up community, she is allowing us to offer this to you for $1111.

But if you join before the timer hits 0...

You can begin this incredible Timeline Transformation for ONLY $555!

So you are saving $556 if you enroll now!!



You missed out!

Refund Policy: There are no refunds once you book a Block Synthesiser session. If you decide to cancel your reservation within 48 hours and choose not to reschedule for another session, a refund can be issued.

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