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Package Offer

The Quantum Soul Cleanse

Join Laya’s powerful 4-month Quantum Soul Clearing process to connect to your divine core center and heal the scars life has left on your Soul. This Quantum Soul Clearing process this 4-month remote clearing process you will allow you to achieve permanent, positive transformation that you can easily learn to use in your everyday life!

The extraordinary power of this unique spiritual healing “technology” accelerates your personal life journey and evolution, so that you’ll never struggle again with issues Laya clears, including feelings of low self-esteem, lack, judgment, sadness, bitterness, fear, and other negative thoughts and beliefs that are attached to you.

Essentially, this is the door to your new life…

A life filled with pure joy, bliss, deep and loving connections, limitless abundance, and an endless sense of freedom!

  • 4x Months of Remote Quantum Soul Clearing
  • 4x Powerful Deep Dive Group Clearing Sessions
  • Bonus: Soulmate Remote Clearing
  • Limited Time Bonus: Additional One Month of Remote Clearing


4x Months of Remote Quantum Soul Clearing

This is a quantum container they are placed in that runs automatically as well as includes check in times by Laya in the moment she checks throughout the day..

When it comes to this, it starts the moment of sign up, by the co-creational agreement with Laya

There is nothing to do but one thing, pay attention to how you and your environment feels and acts

There should be a drop in negative energies overall, often causing less arguing, getting along better with others, as well as they can even show signs of being nicer, less negative in their energy, words/ behavior as well.

This cleans up the energies from where you go, the transportation you were in, the places you work or reside and live.

It also stops any kind of external attack or influence from the non physical realm including such things as dimensional beings, entities, mind posscloseessions, etc.

Things should start to seem smoother with your own inner experience and with interactions with others. Feel lighter

On top of this on automatic

The checking in, is Laya offering her capacity for assisting those in the quantum container, any extra energy support & quantum shifting in the moment so things that are being cleared & addressed can shift the reality with less issue, less healing crisis issues, and faster. 

Enjoy being held in this incredibly powerful protective quantum container!

The 4-month quantum soul clearing process is divided into 3 parts – each part equally important to cleanse your Soul. Multiple factors can cause issues in your life due to non-physical quantum energies.

These issues can often be deeply rooted, but the removal of just one block can have a cascading effect in opening up other blockages – this can shift your entire reality!

As soon as you join Laya's program, you are put into her Remote Quantum Container. That means from day one and every day for 4 months, Laya is doing check in's and processes to keep your energy clean and uplevel your soul.

You will begin to notice changes of feeling less stress, less worry and feeling lighter soon after you are placed in the Quantum Container.

Laya will also send you a questionnaire so she clearly understands your own personal specific issues. Throughout the 4 months of remote healing, Laya will check in on these specific issues to you, making sure that they shift.

Here’s what you’ll learn during these 4 months and the benefits you’ll experience.

Month 1 – Soul Cleanse & Soul Life Support

The incredible healing power of this unique quantum cleansing technology re-ignites your personal evolution.

To start the process of the Quantum Soul Clearing, during the first month you will receive daily remote clearings of a LOT of things that just show up on a regular basis. This will help you to easily remove and release old traumas, limiting beliefs, and thoughts and feelings that keep your Soul from experiencing end enjoying its Highest potential.

These remote clearings have cleared even the most stubborn blocks and negative energies from people from all walks of life. These daily remote clearings alone have solved countless of unique challenge of Laya’s clients, and helped them achieve any goals they want.

Month 2 & 3 – Soul Recovery & Restoration

During these 2 months the re-discovery of your Soul happens as divine intelligence restores the true divine nature of your Soul’s desire. This is when you’ll see miraculous shifts in your daily life happen more and more frequently.

Once your Soul becomes crystal clear about what it wants, universal consciousness has no other choice but to show up in even bigger and better ways that you can possibly imagine – you’ll be granted your Soul’s every desire!

Month 4 – Soul Upkeep

Month 4 is the period during which new patterns have formed and will take over the negative non-physical energies as the default operating system of your Soul.

The remote clearing continues to happen throughout, but the main focus of this last month is the formation of new patterns, beliefs, and positive energies.

Isn’t it time that you create more lasting joy, greater personal empowerment, and unleash the true magical wisdom and intuition of your Soul’s desires?


4x Powerful Deep Dive Group Clearing Sessions

Session Dates:
May 21st & 29th at 7:30pm EST/4:30pm PST
June 9th at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST
July 24th 4:30pm EST/1:30 PST

Laya’s Zoom:
user id is: 6802314201
Passcode: MQHEALS

The 4 live group sessions create a deeper level of focus. When you come to these session and stay in Laya’s energetic field of influence and focus on your personal issue your field will begin to activate and shift towards your soul path alignment.

You don’t even need to talk to Laya to experience profound results!

During these Deep Dive group sessions Laya will clear “quantum gunk” which may be holding you back and sabotaging your life from within the non-physical. This is when the results become very powerful!

You can expect to clear:

Each of the calls will focus on a different type of negative energy. Because there are many different types of negative energies – most of which we are not even aware of at all!

If you want start living the life your Soul truly desires and permanently uplevel your reality, then invest in this package today!

Download Group Call 1 MP3
Download Group Call 2 MP3


Exclusive Private Facebook Community


Soulmate Remote Clearing

Close your eyes, make the intention and agree that Laya can connect you to your next soulmate or more so with your current Soulmate.

Remote clearing be part of the check ins, those that have this will have a secondary check in, sped up, cleared, aligned with your soulmate.

If you decide to invest in this package today – wait no longer! – then you’ll get access to a remote clearing that focuses on clearing individual blocks.

During this process Laya will remotely align you to your soulmate so they can show up faster.

This will clear your current or future relationships and will permanently smooth out current issues and release specific blocks to set you up for the perfect relationship.

Grab this EXCLUSIVE BONUS – only available for a limited time!!!

Available for a Limited Time Only

Additional One Month of Remote Clearing

Laya is also adding in an additional month of remote clearing for everyone who invests in her package! From the moment you say ‘yes’ to this package, you’ll already start noticing shift happening around you.

Isn’t it time for you to start living the life you know you deserve?

Whether you are being held back by unresolved patterns or negative energies from your childhood, past lives, karmic debt, guilt – no matter what it is! – once you start working with Laya to release these energies, your Soul will be set free, and you can choose you want to live on your own terms. The slate is clean!

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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