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Download Eram and Marlene interview

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Package A


Improve Cellular Health, STOP the Decline of Glands & Organs and Reverse The Aging Program

Format: Livestream Webinar (Recordings Provided)

Date & Time: July 30th, 10 AM PDT / 12 Noon CDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM London / July 31 at 1 AM in Perth


  • Medical Intuitive Reading by Marlene (Before & After)
  • Youthful Rejuvenation
  • Quantum Activations, Clearings & Stem Cell Regeneration of the Pituitary, Hypothalamus & Adrenal Glands

First, Marlene will do a Medical Intuitive Reading as soon as you register so you'll be able to compare it later to your Results.

Next, she’ll perform a POWERFUL Youthful Rejuvenation and Upgrade of your Energy and Vitality.

And then she’ll do Quantum Activations, Clearings and STEM CELL REGENERATION of the Pituitary, Hypothalamus and Adrenals Glands! By Upgrading the Masters of our Brain, along with our hormone producing center, we bring back our Vibrancy from a Younger Age.

Marlene will REIGNITE your diminishing Glands and bring them back online to help your body protect you from toxins and infections, to avoid illness now, and further aging in the future.

If you’re worried about getting old, or looking tired and worn out:

Regenerate Your Anti-Aging Glands!

Bring NEW Youthful Life to your:

  • Pituitary: Produces “Your Fountain of Youth” HGH, to enhance Cell growth, healthy muscles, bone density and encourages rapid regeneration of new healthy cells.
  • Hypothalamus: the Master Regulator of the brain sends the Signals for Youthful Health, or Rapid Aging.
  • Adrenals: Producer of essential hormones for reversing Aging symptoms like Fatigue, Obesity, Memory loss, and Osteoporosis. A True Stress Release & Refresh!

We’ll also clear stress causing excess cortisol and adrenaline which increases your heart rate and blood pressure, allowing the nervous system to return to a healthy relaxed state.

Tap into the Fountain of Youth and Protect Yourself from Aging!

The Stem Cell Regeneration Process:

WHY do we do Regeneration?

The Cell that’s in Growth is unable to contract disease. The Membranes of these NEW GROWTH CELLS are too Strong for Disease to Penetrate!

Aging is the accumulation of cellular damage that results in a loss of health, and a substantial decrease in the regenerative potential of cells. Your Genes and your Environment dictate the rate of tissue regeneration and the balance between accumulation and removal of cellular damage. Accumulation of cellular damage and a lack of regeneration results in aging-related problems such as grey hair, and wrinkled skin, and also in several age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, type II Diabetes, and Cardiovascular disease.


Sleep Symptom “Secret Solution”

Format: Audio MP3 & Video MP4


  • "Sleep Symptom "Secret Solution" MP4 Video
  • Melatonin Boost for Deep Restful Sleep, & Anti-Aging MP3 Audio

"Sleep Symptom "Secret Solution": Let go of the Blocks preventing you from getting a good night's rest.

A Melatonin Boost: The secret key to our Beauty Sleep! Found in the Pineal gland it regulates our natural sleep and biorhythms.

Marlene will Boost your Levels of Melatonin, and Provide an MP3 you can listen to anytime you cannot sleep due to its reduced levels.


Download MP4


Download MP3


Quantum Activations & Clearings for Optimized & Accelerated Anti-Aging Hormone Production MP3s (x5)


  • HGH: for tissue growth stimulation
  • DHEA: to combat fatigue, brain fog, obesity & osteoporosis
  • Progesterone: to regulate sleep, boost immunity & brain function
  • Testosterone: to boost energy, memory, moods & sex drive
  • Estrogen: to protect the heart, colon, bones & cholesterol levels

As a BONUS, Marlene will also include 5 Powerful Bonus MP3’s of Quantum Activations and Clearings designed for Optimized Anti-Aging Hormone Production your body requires to stay youthful!

Listen to these when you first get this package, again in 21 days, then again in 28 days, then once a month as maintenance.

HGH is the Fountain of Youth to stimulate new Tissue Growth of our Organs and Glands. It is the secret for youthful regeneration of Cells.

DHEA declines in our 20’s starting the aging process, by age 70 we have only 10% left! DHEA treats fatigue, mood, brain fog, muscle loss, obesity, lack of sex drive, and compromised immune function. You need this to build testosterone and estrogen levels. Provides protection to your Cardio system as it can reduce inflammation, dilates your veins, and diminishes risk of blood clots.

Progesterone regulates sleep, boosts immunity and brain function. When low it leads to higher Cortisol, the “Stress Hormone.”

Testosterone is beneficial to our Energy, Memory, Moods, Muscles, Weight and Sex Drive.

Estrogen protects our heart, colon, bones and cholesterol levels.

Available for a Limited Time Only

Vibrancy Re-Boot & Frequency Elevation - MP3

Vibrancy Re-Boot & Frequency Elevation - a POWERFUL Youthful Rejuvenation and Upgrade of your Energy and Vitality.

Download MP3

Package B

Include Everything In Package A Plus

  • Everything in A, plus…
  • Disconnect from your “Aging Loops”
  • BONUS 2: Lengthen your Telomeres


Disconnect from your “Aging Loops”

Format: Livestream Webinar (Recordings Provided)

Date & Time: August 4th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM London / Aug 5 at 1 AM in Perth

46 strands of Programming materials influence ALL Outcomes of your Life!

Like a predetermined set of internal programs that attracts situations to us, these patterns can age us because they’re embedded in the body’s cellular information and can play out as dysfunctional programs.

Similar to programs on your computer, this is your predetermined “Operating System” and you’ll always revert back to your “Installed Settings.”

To reverse aging, it is critical to “Deprogram your DNA’s Settings” around Aging which will affect your body's ability to function optimally, and to let go of “PRE-SET” limitations that hold you back from the promised abundance of a long life.

You may have DNA of other people from not only blood transfusions or organ donation, but also from Viruses transmitted to you from other people! You may take on the emotions and programs of a chef who cut his finger while preparing your food, or from a water faucet you touched, or someone you kissed as a child perhaps, and contracted the Virus. You may have DNA from many people, causing you to be not entirely YOU!

Clear your Dysfunctional Programming Now!

Marlene identifies your “Pre-Set” Faulty Programs around aging and lifts the limitations from your recessive DNA. These are located in many areas of the body, and she will read these in your brain, and your glands, as well as general faulty programs around “Aging” that keep us stuck in 3D Duality. This process is included in the Livestream that you will attend with Marlene who will do this personally for you.

First, Marlene will do a Medical Intuitive Reading as soon as you register so you'll be able to compare it later to your Results.

Next, she’ll do Clearings of Blocks preventing you from Longevity

Then, Marlene does Quantum Activations of the Faulty Programs for Aging in the DNA.


Lengthen Your Telomeres

Format: Livestream Webinar (Recordings Provided)

Date & Time: August 4th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM London / Aug 5 at 1 AM in Perth

Webinar links will be sent after you register

Telomeres are the protective cap at the ends of chromosomes, and over time they get too short to do their job, causing our cells to age, and stop functioning properly. Telomeres are the aging clock in every cell.

Telomere length decreases with age and may predict your maximum lifespan. Normal cells lose telomeres with each cell division and have a limited lifespan.

Telomeres protect the ends of our chromosomes, preventing genetic damage, and they serve as a clock, limiting the number of times that our cells can divide. This limit serves as a basic defense against cancer.

In 85% of tumor cells, telomerase is dysregulated and allows cancer cells to be immortal and divide indefinitely. This occurs in adult human cells lacking the enzyme telomerase. The rate of telomere shortening in cells increases by exposure to DNA damage such as inflammation, UV, and oxidative stress, that may result in a sudden loss of large amounts of telomere DNA. Telomeres are shortened by a combination of chronic, gradual shortening due to repeated cell division and by DNA damaging agents.

In this BONUS, Marlene will increase the Length of your Telomeres and optimize your telomerase levels!

This is included as PART 2 of the Livestream event on August 4th.

Marlene will read your current length and levels, and note this BEFORE % of function on your Personal CHART. At the completion of Package A you will receive your own CHART along with an AFTER % Reading.

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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