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Introducing Limitless Life Codes created by Maria Martinez...

A groundbreaking program meticulously designed for those who refuse to settle for anything less than perfect health, boundless wealth, and unbridled potential.

This isn't just another program...'s a transformative journey.

A pilgrimage to the center of your soul, where every dream, every aspiration, and every desire you've ever had is waiting to be realized.

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Dive deep into the Limitless Life Codes and unveil a world where everything you've ever dreamed of is within reach.

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Just a few hours after the first audio I received a call that an amazing and abundant business opportunity came my way. It was almost immediate and I knew instantly that I was worthy, and accepted it with ease and grace. 


Maria helped me heal from an auto-immune disorder that almost took my life!


What Prevents You From Creating Perfect Health & Infinite Wealth? 

  • You're missing the real problem
  • Karma's playing tricks on you from other dimensions
  • Family past issues? They could be dragging you down
  • You think there's a cap on how much money you can make
  • You're getting in your own way
  • Money and power? You might've used them the wrong way
  • Feel like you don't deserve the best? Think again
  • Weird vibes and ET interferences are messing with you

Where Do Other Solutions Fall Short: 

  • They make you pick sides: health or wealth. But what if you want both without giving up one?
  • Just visualizations, mantras, or fancy candles or crystals? That's scratching the surface. Real change goes deeper.
  • They only talk to one version of you. What about your other super-cool selves in different dimensions?
  • They don’t get it – how you feel about yourself and the stuff from your past? Super important.
  • Many are one-size-fits-all. You're unique, shouldn't your solution be too?

How Limitless Life Codes Works: 

  • Each Code holds multiple frequencies, healing deeply across dimensions and timelines.
  • The healing vibes in the Codes crank up your inner divine intelligence and abundance. It's like giving wings to your spirit.
  • The Codes tap into the power of zero point, wrap you in pure compassion, loving kindness, and cosmic love.
  • These Codes aren't just powerful, they're miracle-makers waiting to happen.
  • With each Code you will dive deeper into yourself. Reach higher states of consciousness, truly get yourself, master your reality, and rock that divine power and will. It's about confidence and certainty.
  • As the Codes are activated, you will become clearer, stay focused, and trust that voice inside. Make the best choices and feel even more connected to the universe. Your path? The Codes will help you carve the best one.

Thank you so much for my session! The pain is 90% gone now, which is incredible, as I was in chronic pain everyday and since the session I have barely felt it.


I just got a client pay me more than I’ve made in the last seven month. I feel I am more consistently embodying wealth consciousness.


What You Receive: 

8 Limitless Life Codes (MP3's)

  • Code 1: Self Discovery: You are the center of your universe. You are co-creating your reality. Learn to dial in into the frequency of health, joy and abundance.
  • Code 2: Miracle Frequency: Activate within you the miracle frequency to heal, and align with your dreams to manifest with ease.
  • Code 3: Divine Alignment: You already are the greatest form of creation, align with the divine within you to accelerate healing and abundance.
  • Code 4: Activate Divine Intelligence: Find the answers within, heal and restore your divine blueprint, repairing your DNA activating divine intelligence within you.
  • Code 5: Limitations Remover: Remove limitations, cycles, patterns and epigenetic data creating self sabotage, self punishment and deflecting, you divine fortune, and perfect health
  • Code 6: Activate Affluence and Opulence: Balance and Align the frequency codes of Affluence and Opulence to increase your self worth and value.
  • Code 7: Reality Reset: Your Karma, childhood, circumstances, trauma, and timelines are creating a false reality filled with hardship, struggle, delays, hardwork and survival- Clear it all and reset you reality into a powerful unknown.
  • Code 8 Ascension Accelerator: Spirit awakening, light body activation and Divine intelligence brilliance. Accelerate your ascension.

4 I AM Activations (MP3's)

  • I AM abundant, worthy, deserving and the authority of my life: This mp3 helps you access the kingdom within you, your divine right fortune and providence and then move forward from overflow.
  • I AM confident, limitless, and fearless: This mp3 helps you access your courage, transform your relationship with fear to inspiration and see the future full of possibilities and opportunities.
  • I AM trusting in myself, my intuition, and my divine partnership with Source: This mp3 helps you come back to you, restore trust, self belief and heal judgement leaning into radical trust, divine partnership and Source within you.
  • I AM a mighty creator, I create a powerfully aligned reality every day, as the master of my destiny: This mp3 helps you awaken, embody and start moving into mastery in your Divine Power, awaken source within you and move from victim to creator being.

3 Recorded Group Healing Sessions

  • Session 1:  Move into your higher vibration, and ground into a new field of infinite possibilities with confidence, grace and certainty- A review of the mp3s, and move up to the next level of self-actualization, human potential and divine intelligence awakening.
  • Session 2: Clear your energy, body, mind, spirit and soul to adopt a powerful mindset, move into certainty, heal your body and unlock your infinite abundance.
  • Session 3: Next level of expansion, amplification, access Zero Point Energy to create your new reality and upgrade your body to the next highest frequency. Experience the frequencies of abundance, love, prosperity, health, joy and bliss and record them in your field to quantum leap and rapidly manifest your extraordinary life.


  • Activation: You are Divine Light Intelligence: Experience the Divine within you and use this practice to quantum leap, become fearless, limitless, confident and a master creator.

Start Date:

8 Limitless Life Codes will be delivered to your inbox weekly.

4 I AM Activations arrive after the Codes.


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You missed out!

Refund Policy: 14 days after the start of MP3s

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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I have 3 new clients!


Maria I am just so grateful. I had been struggling to get clients for over 5 months now and just in this short time working with you I have 3 new clients. I see things turning around and feel much more confident.

20k less debt in 3 months, earning more and lost 4kgs and 3 inches!


When I enrolled, I was in a debt of around 40,000$. Now my debt is less than 20,000$ in a period of less than 3 months. I am able to earn more. My health wise I have transformed from being painful, very low energy to energetic and painless. My family is impressed on my results. I lost 4 kgs and 3 inches waist reduced. Being a lot better person now. I forgot whom I was before. My mood is great and my relationships improved a lot. Thank you I love you so much.

I have Restored My Vision, No More Glasses!


All of Maria's work gets me to a different higher level. I feel a shift, expansion and overall well-being. I can sense energy and can sense when my vibration is rising. I feel healthier, lighter, more energized and I have restored my visionI recently went to my optometrist and after the check-up I asked if he was going to change my prescription and he said no. He told me I didn’t need glasses anymore! My vision was 20/20 on one eye and 20/25 on another from 20/200.

The transformation happens at all levels, mentally I feel more certain, and powerful, emotionally I feel more loving and at peace, Spiritually I feel brighter, whole and can access more of myself, more in ownership of my body, more present, energetically I feel energized, vital with a greater level of enthusiasm and optimism. Physically my body shows it with my vision, releasing weight and maintaining it off, as well as an improved digestion. I had a long history of ulcers, Gerd, gastritis. My body can now absorb the nutrients and easily process foods and emotions!

I made an additional $24,000, in 3 weeks!


I had money beliefs that were difficult overcome. After working with Maria it felt that I had moved into the vibration of abundance. Money started coming in from different unexpected sources. Someone that owed me money from 2 years ago called to say he was sending money.

My sales spiked up and the more I celebrated the money and joyfully received it, the more it kept flowing. I had my strongest month ever. I made an additional $24,000, in 3 weeks.

The exact amount that Maria had opened me to during our session, in the tens of thousands of dollars was now available to me!


“Maria Martinez is amazing. She’s one of the gentlest and most profound see-ers and healers I’ve worked with (and I’ve been around). I am in entertainment and interview people like her on the regular, and Maria is one who stands out. 

 Recently Maria and I were in a session, and I was anxious about an extremely large bill that I needed to pay and did not the immediate resources to meet the super-sized amount. Maria facilitated some magnificent financial shifting work together.

When we concluded the session there was a voice message waiting for me that had come in during the session. It was a message from an institution telling me that a significant amount of money was available to me and would I return the call. I called them back and guess how much they said they were going to give me? The exact amount that Maria had opened me to during our session – the exact amount – in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

You cannot write this stuff. I am thrilled as the expense is handled and I have a financial breath. That is FAST creation! Maria, thank you goddess. ”



You missed out!

Refund Policy: 14 days after the start of MP3s

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

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