STOP Nano-Tech, Cellular Disruptors & Artificial Intelligence From 'Hijacking' Your Health (this Holiday Season and Beyond!!)

What are Nanobots and Why Do YOU Need to Know About them IMMEDIATELY?

Nanobots are tiny particles of technology in your body that disrupt cellular communication physically and in the quantum spaces within your body. This causes your body to not function properly.

Nanobots come in different forms and from different sources…they are so small they are easily missed by current detection methods.

These days, Kari is finding them in the quantum space in EVERYONE’S body!

What is even stranger is that attachments and entities are piggy backing on this nanotechnology and coming into bodies as well!

This is SO HEAVY and impacting EVERYONE right now…

And with the holiday season knocking on our doorsteps, there is no better time to not only heal yourself but protect yourself too!

Nanobots Affect EVERYTHING! Look at What Others Have Experienced When They are Cleared!

"My eyes feel fresher!" ~ Leanne winner

"Just one session and my weeks of not sleeping well were put to rest! I couldn’t believe how quickly it resolved.! Thank You!!" ~ Ethan L.

"Tooth pain has improved and also lung infection mostly cleared!" ~ Margaret J.

"My right arm and shoulder are very, very sore, and I have greater range of motion. The pain is dissipating and I am grateful." ~ L.B

"The headache and pain up the back of my neck which I had for the past few months is completely gone!" ~ Dana

"My mind was more at ease and I was able to calm down to the point of falling asleep well that night." ~ Madalyn

"I was able to EASILY get back to my fasting. I don’t even think about food now and am not hungry. And best of all, I lost 10 lbs in 10 days!!!" ~ Gretchen

"After my healing session with Kari to work on my gallbladder, After my healing session with Kari to work on my gallbladder, I was able to indulge in fatty foods, mild spices and chocolate for the first time in over a year!" ~ Alexandra

Where are these nanobots coming from?

Since the introduction of the latest jab, far more people are showing up with nanobots than EVER before…

But here’s the thing…

At first experts thought that these nanobots were ONLY coming from those that got the jab….

However, what they are finding is that they show up in all kinds of places (even in those that are unjabbed or had the virus)...

They also can be found in…

  • Food (even organic can be compromised)
  • The air we breathe (chemtrails?)
  • Chemical exposure (cleaning supplies, clothing)
  • Our environment (people we meet or even pass…can you say holiday season?)

Nanobots are DANGEROUS and MUST be cleared out!

Even though nanobots are affecting every area of your health but especially...

Your digestion…
Your hormones…
Your brain...

Clearing these out is no small thing!

There is NO KNOWN way to do this physically! No herbs, no cleanses…

Nanobots MUST Be Cleared Out Energetically!

Kari is considered the BEST of the best when it comes to clearing out nanobots!

She first de-programs them and then removes them from your body. This allows your body to restore communication, heal, and restore its hormonal, digestive, and brain health!

“After experiencing a reaction to a Covid vaccine, I am able to eat again and no longer have blackouts!”

“Soon after receiving my first Sinovac dose, I started experiencing a lot of discomfort in my stomach. I was not able to keep any food down and could barely eat anymore. No doctor was able to give proper treatment and this went on for two months, where I experienced a drastic weight loss of 11 kgs.

In this period I also received my second dose of Sinovac. Soon after I started experiencing blackouts, intense headaches, heart palpitation, dizziness and low blood pressure which was greatly affecting my performance.

Being a culinary student, I was really struggling in my class. Despite consulting various doctors, no one could give a diagnosis.

I was then introduced to Kari, who was the very first person to point out the vaccination could have led to nanobots attacking my system, and she immediately started healing me. She pointed out that my life force was low, and began clearing the nanobots from my system that were preventing my body from healing.

Within days I noticed that I was finally able to consume proper food without throwing up and even in my classes I was no longer having any blackouts.

I am still in the process of healing, but I feel much better compared to the last 4 months. Thank you so much Kari!”

~ Zahra

“The headache and pain up the back of my neck which I had for the past few months is completely gone!”

“Thank you so much for this healing! I can believe there was interference in those areas considering my weight gain, sleep disturbance, hot flashes and low energy.

I have been waking up 7 or 8 times a night for 18 months and after the healing I only woke 4 times which is much better but I was more relaxed and able to return to sleep faster.

The headache and pain up the back of my neck which I had for the past few months is completely gone after the healing and my chronic low energy is improved.

The day after the healing I cleared my counters in the kitchen, washed the floor and wiped down all surfaces and I am ready to do more cleaning and clearing of my space today.

Yesterday as I woke I had a lot of old abuse, victim and abandon/ rejection energy come up. It just all flooded out, so I lay for an hour letting it all surface and giving it love and compassion until the wave was over. This felt like a spontaneous and really powerful healing. I now feel more grounded and peaceful and loving towards myself. Thank you so much Kari for this beautiful healing.”

~ Dana

“I lost 10 lbs in 10 days!!!”

“I am feeling so much better Kari! For several years I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and have lost weight with this. However, since having Covid in July, I was not able to make myself jump back in. Although my weight was holding steady, I wasn’t losing so I was getting frustrated.

You worked on my digestion and found some stuff from my childhood which was affecting my weight. Once this was cleared, I’m happy to report that I was able to EASILY get back to my fasting. I don’t even think about food now and am not hungry. And best of all, I lost 10 lbs in 10 days!!! That’s the fastest weight loss I’ve ever had I think!!

Thank you Kari!”

~ Gretchen

“My concentration has improved!”

“I have suffered for 3 years with significant brain fog and lack of concentration – the inability to remember names/faces or a short string of numbers. Often it would take 15-20 encounters before being able to remember this information. This has been detrimental to my career in a long term care facility.

After my session with Kari, I noticed a large shift. My session showed 70 days to regeneration but after only 7 days I can already see a difference. I can now remember the names/faces of about half the people I meet in just 2-4 encounters. My concentration has improved as well. Thank you so much, Kari, for giving me back a part of myself.”

~ Janelle V

“I feel better with more energy and clearer focus!”

“I feel better with more energy and clearer focus! I did have stomach pain starting on the 10th & 11th of November. After that time my digestion did feel better.

I have felt extremely exhausted with brain fog. I would fall asleep easily throughout the day and had a lack of focus. Often forgetting what day it was along with being easily distracted with what I was doing. This has been going on for over two years now. With your help Kari, I feel refreshed with new energy, clearer focus and completing tasks. As a bonus, I have noticed I am happier throughout the day!

~ Judy

“Haven’t had a problem with anxiety since my remote session!”

“I’ve had feelings of anxiety on and off that have prevented me from sleeping, giving me a heavy chest and a twirling mind. I asked Kari about doing a session to focus on relieving anxiety.

I knew when she was doing the session, as I suddenly felt a heaviness come off my chest and instantly I felt relief. I felt like my mind was more at ease and I was able to calm down to the point of falling asleep well that night.

I really haven’t had a problem with anxiety since that session and also have been having a very peaceful sleep, which is an added bonus. I highly recommend Kari, as this is one of many positive results I have had and look forward to having more sessions soon!!”

~ Madalyn A

“My brain fog has lifted and I am sleeping well. Plus, I have great range of motion in my shoulder!”

“My right arm and shoulder are very, very sore, and yet I have greater range of motion.

The pain is dissipating and I am grateful. I have had pain, weakness and limited range of motion on my right arm/shoulder/deltoid/pec and upper back area for a few months. I went to the chiropractor a few times but the right side pain, weakness and limited range of motion persisted. My shoulder, arm and range of motion are sore, but healing. I'm so excited this is resolving!

I feel more centered and resilient. My brain fog has lifted and I am sleeping well.

I started feeling the results right away.They are deepening with time.
Thanks for removing the nanobots and rebalancing my chakras and aura.”

~ J.P

“Kari locates what the issue is, what is causing it, and then clears it so quickly!”

“I'm so impressed with how Kari locates what the issue is, what is causing it, and then clears it so quickly! Its experience mixed with a deep knowing that develops into breakthroughs for anyone she works with. Whatever she offers I get. In Joy!”

~ Marlene Allen

“I have greater positivity, less anxiety and my digestion is improving too!”

“First of all, thank you! Secondly, reading your notes felt accurate, applicable, spot on... which made me very curious and hopeful!!!


I will let you know about digestion. It DOES seem different in the intestinal portion, which is AMAZING, not in the stomach itself.”

~ Becky

When Nanobots are Cleared You Are IMMEDIATELY Able to Feel…

  • More energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased joy and zest for life
  • Better sleep
  • Less bloating
  • Diminished dry skin and hair
  • Fewer aches and pains

Are you ready to experience nanobot freedom?!?
Rid Your System of Nanobots to Restore Your HEALTH and ENTHUSIASM For Life!

Nanobot Knockout UPGRADED


Inside of this healing program, you will be able to open the pathways for rebalancing so you can have your body back again!


You will have a healing program that you can use ON DEMAND whenever you are traveling, visiting loved ones over the holidays or just when you are feeling ‘off’.

FHTJ Offer: $197

Special Offer $147

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Here's what you get in this Package


Nanobot Healing & Clearing

Recording provided

Lighten the load on feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed!

Inside this POWER PACKED live group healing session, Kari will release nanobots that are diminishing your ability to create new things and new stories.

She will also lift and release denseness from your lungs and upper back to breathe freely and fully.

Finally, this live group healing session will open your brain to be free of monkey brain, and freely express joy and laughter.


Nanobot & Entity Cleanup

Recording provided

Attachments and entities are piggy backing on the nanotechnology and coming into our bodies!

This live group healing experience is all about harmonizing; harmonizing what doesn’t belong in your field of communication and energy centers...

Meaning getting rid of these attachments and entities so your body can thrive!

During the live session, Kari will release tensions from your upper back while harmonizing discordant energies of nanobots that results in infection.

Enjoy the amplification of love to create a strong barrier against lower energies.


Nanobot Removal for Skin and Hair

This healing MP3, Kari tunes into your skin and hair to observe the different layers and discover what is present that doesn’t belong.

Sensing into lower frequencies (nanobots) to allow space for greater cell expression and healing, Kari examines parts of the cell structures to bring harmony at an even deeper level to create a space of flow and balance in your skin and hair, bringing health and vitality in these areas.


Nanobot Removal for Pain

Release nanobots and discordant energies in your body that cause pain in your body from your environment.

Harmonizing from head to toe anything that is causing denseness by increasing frequencies so that there is no longer a place for pain related to nanobots.

Creating space for nutrients to flow to where they are needed. Creating an opening and allowing your body to feel balance and wholeness, free of pain.


Nanobot Removal for Better Sleep

Increase frequency to release what is not needed or necessary to create a space for better sleep in relation to nanobots.

Releasing anything from your environment that is impeding sleep.

Opening the lungs and heart center to allow the discordant energies to de-structure or harmonize. Bringing in happiness and joy to allow healing and bringing in a relaxed state of being by allowing in oxygen for better rest.


Nanobot Knockout on the Go

The Nanobot Knockout audio can release and relieve those Nanobots when you need it most!

  • When you are sick
  • When you are feeling low or down
  • When you can’t avoid being exposed to them

Use this MP3 when you are feeling heavy and weighed down to lighten your body and mind. Listen in the car or on the go to eliminate the overload of nanobots on your system.

Use it after being in groups or at work to clear out anything that may have come in.


5G Harmonizer

This 5G in Harmony MP3 uses a technique that brings 5G frequencies into balance when it enters your energetic fields. Instead of blocking 5G, this technique alters the damaging frequency by increasing the harmony and balance of your own body’s frequency.

Your body becomes trained to this elevated harmony to not only manage 5G but to also experience increased positive emotions for longer periods of time.

For additional benefits, run this MP3 during your energetic practices. Use this MP3 on silent or with the music.


Covid Jab Shedding Harmonizer

We all have to be around people who have received the Covid Jabs. Some experts have shown that some components of the jab can shed and be absorbed by nearby people, especially in close quarters, with close contacts, and when recently jabbed.

In this mp3 Kari will create space all around you that is a harmonizer for the experiences of the jab coming into your field. Increasing your energetic expression causes lower energies to either harmonize or de-structure.

Use before and after you are going to be around jabbed people and especially if they are recently jabbed.


Spike Protein Removal

Since the introduction of the jab to society, we've been hearing about the harmful affects of the spike protein, from the jab itself as well as from the shedding.

Many holistic practitioners have introduced extensive detox protocols to rid the body of these spike proteins.


These detoxes include a lot of hard to find herbs, mixes and supplements. Not only are they hard to find, they are expensive!

Kari has created an energetic mp3 to help you rid yourself of the harmful spike proteins. This allows you to "set it and forget it"...

Meaning, just play the MP3 and it does the work for you!

No more concoctions or frustration trying to decipher exactly what you need!!


Infection Clearing

Rid you body of infection!

As we move into the holiday season infection from one person to another runs quickly. Not only that, but many of these super bugs and viruses are holding on to our bodies much longer than they should.

With this bonus healing MP3, you can rid your body from infection when you need it most. This on demand healing will allow you to tap into the frequencies your body needs to heal and get back to 100% faster than ever before!

FHTJ Offer $197

Special Offer $147

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

“For the first time, my daughter is eating fruit!”

After 1 session, my daughter began eating apples. She previously would not eat any fruits or vegetables.

I had Kari do a session on my daughter related to her feeling bored and overwhelmed…… not only did I notice improvement in that area, but she (this daughter who never touched fruits or vegetables) started eating apples and could not believe how delicious they are. Such a fun and unexpected side effect.”

~ Katrina S.

“For the first time in a year, my gallbladder trigger foods are not bothering me anymore!”

“I first connected with Kari at the end of May to address recurring gallbladder attacks and inflammation. I had lost a lot of weight in a short time due to only being able to tolerate fruits and vegetables at my worst but was determined not to go the surgery route as a young and otherwise healthy person.

After my one-hour gallbladder regeneration/quantum healing (you can pick whatever terms make the most sense for you!) session with Kari, I was able to indulge in fatty foods, mild spices (which had previously guaranteed GB pain) and chocolate for the first time in over a year!

I gained a bunch of weight back and feel energized.

I cannot thank Kari enough for the renewed hope that I have found through my sessions with her. She is accommodating, kind, so deeply intuitive and empathic and it felt like I was reconnecting with an old friend. I have and will continue to recommend Kari to friends, and will be returning to her for help with all of my ailments.

~ Alexandra Timoshenko

“I have increased energy and was able to adjust my hypothyroid medication!”

I’ve noticed a 20-50% energy increase the last two days! I normally do two walks totalling 5 miles, I’m now doing a third walk of another 3.5 mi.

Hypothyroid medication dose was 100 mcg a day last year. I stopped taking a pill on Saturdays the first week of Jan and as of today I have also stopped Tuesdays and replaced both days with Thromax.

~ A. M.

“I no longer need my daily headache medicine!”

“I had been having headaches for what seemed like my whole life. I have taken bottles of pills over the years since nothing else worked.

After Kari did several sessions, I noticed that the frequency became less and less until I almost never have a headache anymore.

She also worked on my liver and digestive system and it seemed that my brain fog and heavy feelings went away and I had so much more energy!”

~ W. Y.

“After 40 years of back pain I am walking much straighter and with less pain!”

“I have suffered from so many years of pain in my back and have had multiple fractures. This has been a problem for probably 40 years now. There is nothing the medical doctors can do to help me at this point. I have tried multiple doctors, chiropractors, and alternative doctors but nothing has really helped.

I have done lots of work with Kari now and the results are unbelievable. I am walking much straighter, with less pain, and I can even walk a short distance without assistance! I have been using a walker mostly. I am so excited to see what will happen next. It’s like a miracle!”

~ Marie J.

“My daughter’s propensity for self harm seems to have lifted”

“My daughter has been struggling with deep emotional pain from early childhood loss of a loved one of a loved one. She has developed hormonal, gut and mental imbalances throughout the years.

After completing sessions with Kari, she is feeling so much better! She is happier, more focused and present, giggling again and seeming as though she has hope. Her propensity for self harm seems to have lifted also. So much darkness lifted!”

~ Janie J.

“I feel more centered and resilient. My brain fog has lifted and I am sleeping well.”

“A few months. I went to the chiropractor a few times but the right side pain, weakness and limited range of motion persisted.
Kari did a remote healing where she measured my life force, removed the nanobots and rebalanced my chakras and aura.

I feel more centered and resilient. My brain fog has lifted and I am sleeping well.

I started feeling the results right away. They are deepening with time. I really appreciate the healing. You have a gift.”

~ Laurice Becker

“I felt immediate relief from my anxiety and stress!”

“Kari worked on me at a time when I was in an emergency situation. I was so anxious and stressed!

I felt immediate relief while she was working on me, resulting in the ability to think clearly during the crisis. Fear was replaced with hope, love and peace during the unknown. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing healing of any kind!”

~ Lissa R.

“Kari helped me find relief from anxiety and negative emotions after a big move!”

“I met Kari shortly after I moved states. I was struggling with belonging and finding my place and a purpose.
I am new to energy healing but decided to go for it when I found out Kari was able to help me, as I am more comfortable being vulnerable with those I am familiar with and trust.

The amount of relief from anxiety and negative emotions I felt after my session was huge.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I felt like I was actually able to take breaths that filled my chest.

Kari helped me realize the disconnection I had between my mind and body and that it was not healthy for me and is something I continue to work on. I love that I was able to experience this with Kari and I continue to work on healing my mind, body and emotions.”

~ Greta C.

“After having headaches since childhood, I haven't had one in weeks!”

“So I went to Kari for headaches I’ve been getting. I’ve always had problems with headaches ever since I was a child. I’ve tried all sorts of different treatments/medicines to try and fix them but only a few things helped but they didn’t solve the problem because I would still get headaches.

I then heard of Kari and energy so I decided to give it a shot, being that I’ve tried many things and nothing truly worked and I wanted to get rid of them for good.

She did work on me, and I didn’t notice the results right away but one day I realized I haven’t had a headache in weeks. It was such a blessing and I’m very grateful for the work she has done and would definitely go back to her if another problem shows up.

I definitely would recommend her to anyone else who has any sort of problem.”

~ Waylon S.

“I've been sleeping great for a year!”

“I went to Kari to have energy work done because I was having trouble falling asleep. I’d never experienced that before, but after a few months of it taking me a few hours to fall asleep every night, I knew something needed to change.

I tried getting on a schedule, stop using electronics before bed, Chamomile tea, etc. but nothing consistently helped. After one session with Kari I had no trouble falling asleep!! None! That was almost a year ago now and I’m still sleeping great! Thanks so much Kari! Would definitely recommend you to others!”

~ Paul E.

“I am able to fit into pants that I have not been able to fit into for a year!”

“After working with Kari I have been able to fit into pants that I have not been able to fit into for a year!

She worked on my hormones and digestive system and I started to notice the weight start to slip away.

She told me I have had a high number of nanobots affecting my system, and it must have been true because my weight has finally shifted!

I have been dealing with high estrogen and leaky gut and so it’s been such a relief to be able to get some balance back in my body. A side benefit is that I am much happier and not so moody. Plus, I can enjoy foods now that I couldn’t before without getting bloated and gassy. Thank You Kari!”

~ J.Gray

About Kari

Years ago, Kari set out to make changes in her life due to feelings of overwhelm of raising a family amidst health challenges, and the inability to achieve the peaceful life she desired. Soon after, she discovered and began the studies of mind-body science, transformational life coaching, and Quantum energetic healing.

Out of this, she connected with her ability to intuitively support others in their healing process in the areas of emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Personal transformational experiences and extensive studies have led her to grow in confidence as a mother, healer, coach and support for her children as they have moved through different stages in life. Clients from countries around the world have benefited from support and healing in these areas.

FHTJ Offer: $197

Special Offer $147

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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