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The Simplest, Fastest, Easiest, Most Powerful Way To Protect, Cleanse, Clear, Prevent And Cure All Ailments

Introducing a POWERFUL Anti-Dote for the Coronavirus. Arm Yourself With This Incredibly Powerful Tool Now!

  • The fastest results in the world!
  • The simplicity of the process - it is just one word!! (although you need the attunement of 4 words)
  • The ease, joy and power of doing it yourself
  • Being able to use it on anything and everything, anyone and everyone


The Light, Bright, White Virus Anti-Dote for Attunement
Format: MP3

Value: Priceless!

The anti-dote to the Corona Virus is here! For 22 mins, the very very low sound of Tibetan bowls masks the silent subliminal programming designed for removing excess negativities and depressed immunity systems. You can expect to feel energies flowing, a buzzy, tingly feeling that means that blood and nerves are functioning better 🙂

You can listen to it everyday, but do be prepared for some detox reactions. It is suggested that it be played while sleeping (on mute, if you wish) for at least three days before playing them in the day - there are more than 1500 decrees in there and they cover all aspects of the fear of falling ill


The Single Word Magic Decree 5D - MP3

The second MP3 with the magic word decree is to be used only after a week of playing the above attunement MP3 and only once in a day, although if you can handle the shifts, you are welcome to play it three times in a day, but no more! Be prepared for EVERYTHING in your life to shift and upgrade! Welcome to 5D!

“I had no difficulty AT ALL in getting toilet papers, masks & sanitizers after doing the decrees with Nidhu!”

“As I mentioned that it has been difficult to buy those items and in the case of masks, the price has gone up by at least 3-5 times, after the session, I had no difficulty AT ALL in getting each of the above items and there was no queue no fight for those items in the supermarkets. There were an abundant supply and i only walked in and got them with ease and peace. 🙂 I also managed to get some toilet rolls and 2 hand santizers for a friend who is unable to go out due to her long-term illness and her maid has been unable to get them without queueing.

The day after I gave the toilet rolls and hand sanitizers to my friend, she texted me saying that her maid was really thankful for them and she cried! Also my cousin has been unable to get hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes and toilet rolls so I asked her to use the decrees for each of them. My cousin said the decrees 10 times in 3 sets for each item. After she said them, the next day she managed to get 2 litres of hand sanitizers at normal price (now the price is doubled) and without any queue. So today she focused on toilet rolls and she told me she managed to get 3 bags of toilet rolls (each bag 10 rolls) and they are made in Italy! Plus they are at normal price.

It's so rare to get Italian ones in Hong Kong and they are anti-bacterial and eco friendly ones! My cousin is soooo happy and said that now she doesn't buy Italian fashion but Italian toilet rolls! It might be very trivial to other people but to us people in Hong Kong, now those basic necessities are real gem to us now, even with money people may not be able to buy and there are robbers of toilet rolls and masks. At this difficult time in Hong Kong, we are blessed to have you and your decrees! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

I forgot to mention about the masks! I have ordered some masks online and they have been held up by custom/post due to the overwhelming volume. After saying the decrees with you at our session, I got the first batch of masks I ordered from Japan (apparently the Japanese post office has announced that they would stop the postage to Hong Kong) and I think I am lucky to receive them as they were the last batch charged at normal price. Some other stuff that I ordered online are coming and definitely more masks that I have ordered will come. Zillion thanks! Masks, hand santizers, toilet rolls, antibacterial wipes....You Can All Increase in Hong Kong Now 100 zillion times!!!

~ Daisy Lam


“I woke up feeling so light, can I have this everyday”

~ Jane R

“Releasing Weight, feeling better!”

“I feel so good after your remote sessions, even my overeating has come down. So glad I took this package!”

~ Clara J

“Feeling fine in 10 mins!”

“My foot was hurting, my throat was sore, my voice was raspy and my back was so tight. One chakra massage and it was all gone! I don't know how you do it, Nidhu, but I can feel the energy move in all the chakra centres”

~ Belinda K


“Sore throat gone in 3 mins and gravelly voice gone in the next three! Nidhu really is a speedy speedster”

~ Niharika R

“Relief, relief, relief!”

“Tummy was paining, hurt, pressurised at a 10 for so long. It is a chronic project. In a second after the magic word decree, the area around it started opening, for a moment it was totally gone and then it all moved to the heart area like something was grabbing it. I identified it as shame and disgust and we cleared it. I could clearly feel something moving around, bubbling and saw a past life of being killed. We focussed on that and sure enough, the pain left (became a headache briefly). Relief, relief, relief”

~ Krina B

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $347 $97

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Disclaimer: While our information is designed to help, please don’t see the information and practices as an adequate substitute for medical treatment. If you exhibit symptoms associated with COVID-19 (a dry cough, fever etc), seek medical attention and follow the directions of your local health authority.

And now, for a very limited time, this entire Speedster Shifts package can be yours for FREE to aid in your healing

Speedster Shifts: Release Years of Suffering and Pain in Seconds

Nidhu’s POWERFUL PROGRAM offers AMAZING shifts in the shortest amount of time possible! By using a super simple, powerful and easy new technique, Nidhu quickly helps you release years of suffering and pain so you can achieve INSTANT RESULTS.

While working thru Nidhu’s BOLD and BEAUTIFUL program, you can expect results to show up internally within seconds and externally within 24 hours! (like, what more can you ask for?!)


5 x 1-1 Remote Auric Cleanse And Protection, Chakra Tuning And Balance Speedster Sessions

Value: $330

Valid till 31st Jan 2021

Sit back or even sleep - your auric field gets cleansed, cleared and chakras tuned up for you!! I even put a layer of protection on 🙂

Since these are remote, you don't have to find a time that you are up - they are potent even if you are sleeping at that time!

For best results and ease of shifts, book your sessions with a gap of 48 hours or for emergencies, two in the same day.

Priceless gift - Sessions can be done for family, friends, pets and plants.

EVERY SESSION with Nidhu leaves people INSTANTLY feeling better, lighter & even happier! (In 11 mins!)

Look at these SPECIFIC SUCCESSES From Nidhu’s Clients (people just like you) …

“Sales have started rightaway!”

“Was so nervous to change jobs - In 10 mins, no more!”

“My hair fall reduced in one 11 min session and stopped after the second!”

“Payment due for two years is coming in!”

“Finally found the courage to ask for my money back!”

“Doubled my bank balance in a day with just one decree!”

“Highly recommend this for all lower back pain - down to a 2 from 9 in five mins”

“I wake up exhausted, do the call and am energised!”

“Knee pain gone completely in one shot - even in 10 minutes, years of fears are being released”

“It took a little while, but I finally got a buyer for my house and could pay off my debts”

“Troubled relationship with sister and husband is better than ever before!”


The Light, White, Bright Ascension Codes Recordings of 6 POWERFUL Group Healing Sessions - Total 12 hours!

Value: $450

The Light White Bright group healing sessions are especially designed for shifts into 5D. During these two hours of group work you you can look forward to:

  • Feeling Better, hopeful, optimistic, confident!
  • Upgrading your immunity system over and over
  • Higher SQ (spiritual quotient)
  • Cleansing and protecting your auric field to keep away negativities/lower vibrations
  • Simple and quick DIY tools to use on you and your family way beyond the calls
  • Transformation at all levels and layers simultaneously
  • Better Sleep
  • Decreased procrastination
  • Deeper connection with your intuition and knowing
  • Tons of mini-healing sessions on the call itself!

We shall be working with Pluto's single magic word decree, Saturn’s Decrees, Jupiter’s Decrees and Uranus’s Decrees. These begin on Wednesday, March 25th, 2019, so grab your seat quickly!


3 Month Access to Light White Bright Moon Light Work
Speedster Shifts Private Community with Moon

Value: $165

Experience even DEEPER HEALING with Nidhu in her Private Community on Whatsapp ( a free mobile app that makes group work and interaction so easy!)

In this POWERFUL group, you will have access to Nidhu and other peers who are taking this life transforming journey. Surrounding yourself with like minded people on a similar journey as you, is one of the keys to lasting success. Besides, we will be doing decrees based on the need of the group and the moon cycle (that would be clearing work in the waning cycle and manifestation work in the waxing cycle) and using group potency, we will bring about more good, more light, more white and more bright in our lives and in the world!

The moon is the one way for us to be in tune with the universe's ebb and flow; after all the moon governs our tides and water and we are 70% water. Let's fully use the power of moonlight and moonshine and align ourselves with all that the universe has to offer

The FHTJ team hears over and over again how Nidhu OVER DELIVERS in every one of her private communities!

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $347 $97

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Disclaimer: While our information is designed to help, please don’t see the information and practices as an adequate substitute for medical treatment. If you exhibit symptoms associated with COVID-19 (a dry cough, fever etc), seek medical attention and follow the directions of your local health authority.


“Ease and Laughter in 2 mins!”

“I was so bugged about clearing the garage and every time I clear, it seems that more stuff comes in. I was also irritated that my husband was not helping out at all and it wasn't just my stuff, it was his, it was the kids. Gosh, it was a lot. In 2 seconds, with the magic word, I was not bugged anymore. In fact, I started laughing immediately and I figured that I could get it done. Our session got over in 2 mins, it is crazy!”

~ Prernabie M

“Meltdown removed in seconds!”

“I was dealing with a lot going on in my building. I am very sensitive and my neighbours were harassing me a lot. I even had a meltdown. I was so scared and shivering and trembling. My thing was at a 10. In a few seconds after Nidhu gave the magic word decree, it was down to a 1. I don't understand how this works so fast, but I am very grateful to my angel Nidhu. I can handle better now and I think I also have a solution to my bad neighbours”

~ Jasmine B

“Positive and uplifted in seconds!”

“I have this continuous rhetoric in my mind and conversations that were beginning to frustrate me. I was also feeling unwell with a cold and cough and not sure I can make it to work. I was also blaming myself being unwell. That one word gave me so much relief in seconds. My thoughts also immediately became, immediately became positive and wonderful. Nidhu is amazing as a person and healer. I am going to office now :)”

~ Bhashi M

“Didn’t have to cancel ski trip - knees are just fine now!”

“Both my knees were paining. And one was not completely aligned as the physiotherapist had actually pulled a ligament. I had to go on a skiing trip. I just could not trust my knees to function. In the speedster session I shared with Nidhu how often I would go to chiropractors and they would actually make it worse. Nidhu brought my attention to the word distrust and how I could not trust those that I should have been able to. She asked if this was true of my parents too and it was, especially my mother. We began work on that and years of memories started flowing out of me. I could see them all pass by. My knees started feeling better and the left one even became more aligned in minutes. We worked on the message of the pain (my knee was asking for love) and I held my left knee gently and said I love you. I am fit and fine to go on my skiing trip :)”

~ Rojas R

“Frustration to motivation in 10 seconds!”

“Frustration was so high, I could not give it a number. In 10 seconds with the magic word, it was WOW, it all went! I also understood how I was unconsciously stopping my business from growing. I am so much more motivated and inspired now”

~ Mary B

“Finally, releasing and relaxing!”

“I was a nervous wreck and had been for some months. I had constant heart palpitations, my bp was fluctuating, my insides were always trembly and I was in jitters all the time. Within seconds of the magic word decree, I was breathing better, my insides calmed down and something came and put pressure in my heart. Nidhu identified it as Distrust and gave the magic word decree again and it was all ok. I am saying it again, it was all ok. After many months, I believed that I was going to rest and sleep well. I am full of relief and love for you, Nidhu, you are an angel in my life”

~ Debra B

“Magic in 3 seconds!”

“Tensed up shoulders came down, rising anger subsided, my chest felt like something was going out. All of this happened in 3 seconds of the magic word decree. Nidhu, you are amazing!”

~ Meena I

“Pain gone even tho knee was just operated on!”

“I had a knee operation 5 days back and thought that pain was therefore normal. Nidhu said we could work on it anyway and in 5 mins, it was down from 8 to 3. It stayed at a 3 for a moment, but as I check with walking, I could see that the knee was holding better, I was walking stronger and feeling more healed. We did the remaining decrees and there was hardly any pain left. This is very gud as just 5 days back I had the operation”

~ Mariya T

“Even hard core disbelievers, now believe :)”

“It takes a lot to impress me, but the single word magic impressed me no end. I have a stiff back and tightness over many years and this time around, in 5 mins my stiffness went down to a 3 from a 9 and I could also bend over easily. I could not do that before. It is a miracle!”

~ Brandy R

“No longer needed to go the ER!”

“I had such a bad vertigo attack. I thought my husband would have to take to the ER. I My ears were also blocked. Nidhu asked if it was the fear of being out of control or out of control fears and I could identify it as out of control fears. When she asked me what had happened, I realised that it was bothering me a lot to see how My son-in-law was my pregnant daughter and when she asked me what it reminded me of, I remembered a school performance where I was so scared. We worked on all of that and Nidhu also identified all my symptoms as a panic attack and as we worked, I started feeling better and stronger. My shakes were gone, my tummy ache was gone, my ears were better and I could breathe better. I am so glad this process exists and works so fast. Now my husband will not have to take me to the ER, I am ok!!”

~ Janey R

“Gout down with the magic word, depression vanished in 1 minute!”

“Depression which was at an 8 for 2 months went to three in 1 minute and 0 in the next 10 seconds! Worked on feeling like a failure with so many failures. My foot was swollen and inflamed and we uncovered a past life where I was burnt at the stake in past lives for being a witch and the foot burnt first. And I am a healer in this lifetime and I am constantly terrified of being found as full time healer and in 10 seconds with the magic word, I wasn't terrified. I was just scared now and that too went away in 10 seconds, became soft like air and shifted and moved to a higher realm. Even my foot stopped hurting and I could move it easily. WOW! Feel so very much better”

~ Trishla W

“Magic on group call makes me unlimited!”

“Right knee pain, mostly muscles around knee and right shoulder and muscles in between arm and shoulder. Pains are zero unless using stairs (knee) and moving right arm out to side, or back. Also have not mentioned numbness in right thigh for so many years I can't recall. And the clapping, OMG! Really helped A LOT! Really amazed! My shoulder is so much better. Ascended & decended stairs again. Still pain in right knee but not debilitating any longer! And then, after the next group call, NO knee pain. Slight muscle weakness but NO KNEE Pain Miracle!!Big Gratitude!!!”

~ Bevi B

“In 24 hours of the speedster session, I got the funds needed for my child's education!”

“So many blessings today. 2 new orders for my business and a client talking about expanding their contract with us. Very exciting times. So grateful to Nidhu and the many doors she had opened for me and our tribe

I wanted a solution for my child’s education expenses; where none seemed to exist, in 24 hours of the speedster session, I got the funds! What is more, the possibility of the contract with the new client is being talked of in millions of dollars!!”

~ Florence A

“Belly feels Lighter and Firmer!!”

“Whatever I do, my weight does not budge. I diet, I exercise, nothing works. Nidhu gave me an amazing decree and within minutes I could feel my stomach suck in automatically. I don’t think this has happened in years! I just love this work! ”

~ Daksha P

“My sister just made the largest sale of her company’s history!”

“My receiving is definitely opening up more. I am beginning to see divine messages around me again. I am incredibly grateful for this!!! Also, Nidhu had said this would work for everybody around us and I just heard tonight that my sister just made the largest sale of her company’s history! Together Rejoice Together Receive”

~ Sheela K

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $347 $97

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Disclaimer: While our information is designed to help, please don’t see the information and practices as an adequate substitute for medical treatment. If you exhibit symptoms associated with COVID-19 (a dry cough, fever etc), seek medical attention and follow the directions of your local health authority.


“Headache gone in 5 mins!”

“My headache seemed like a migraine. With the headache specific decrees Nidhu gave, it was completely gone in 5 mins. And I got so much clarity on what was going on with my body and my carb cravingsMy headache seemed like a migraine. With the headache specific decrees Nidhu gave, it was completely gone in 5 mins. And I got so much clarity on what was going on with my body and my carb cravings”

~ Virajini B

“Strong and confident in 3 mins!”

“I had a pain at 5 in my right hip and as Nidhu identified it as the stress of finding and moving into a new house. I was also stressed at a 5 and in just one minute, it became a dull ache. The next minute it moved to the front hip and then, disappeared! Without working on the stress, it too came down to 2 and went in a few seconds. Technically, the session was over in 3 mins, but we went onto to do fulfillment decrees to manifest a new home. That made me feel so strong and confident 🙂 🙂 :)”

~ Rochelle M

“Positive and uplifted in seconds!”

“I have this continuous rhetoric in my mind and conversations that were beginning to frustrate me. I was also feeling unwell with a cold and cough and not sure I can make it to work. I was also blaming myself being unwell. That one word gave me so much relief in seconds. My thoughts also immediately became, immediately became positive and wonderful. Nidhu is amazing as a person and healer. I am going to office now :)”

~ Bhashi M

“Magic and miracles even in remote sessions!”

“Thank you for the remote clearing. My father is still coughing but not nearly as bad as it use to be”

~ Desiree J

“Breathing better in mins!”

“Such a horrible sinus infection (& perhaps migraine) that has had/have me so nauseous for past 10-12 hrs So much better...thank you!!! Was feeling SUPER horrible for at least 15 hrs...then iffy after that. Have only tried a cup of tea & spoonful of honey in the past 24 hrs hoping I can take in more now... safely. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Nidhu. So so grateful... Namaste. ”

~ Linda K


“Had a miraculous recovery today-Nearly tore my sartorius muscle while riding the bike today-Standing in the midst of a heavy traffic with no access to anything and the pain was so bad !!!

Started to decree pain in thigh ucan stop and leave now loudly ,people around me watching me like what’s going on here -continuef the decree-within 6min flat the pain flattened out Amazed by the power of the decree and that I needed no meds”

~ Radha N


“I just got another client and I gave the decree to my friend and she also got another client the moment she finished saying it! So pleased 🙂 I have been working on debt and feel like it will be removed with your processes”

~ Sue J


“I have a bad habit. HAD. I would keep biting my nails and my lower lip all the time. ALL the time. In 2 mins that was a thing of the past. Nidhu is magic. Now when it comes up sometime, I am more aware and can move to the hand hold she told me about”

~ Jaishre I


“I was not able to drink water and I knew that was a problem. In one session and it has been two months now, I began to drink much more and I feel better and healthier. Is Nidhu a miracle worker or what!”

~ Jovita B


“Got an IT refund more than expected AND unexpected cash in my account from a credit source which I didn’t expect at all!! Just being by on the call, got a gift in the middle itself!

Actually she is above 10 star rating -Magician,High priestess,Triple Moon -she is just beyond Words-beyond time also-Very very ahead of energy practioners of our times and yet she uses every modality from the ancient eastern to the modern western methods in her money work for which she is well known.

Im under her lucky cover from about 3years, constantly doing most(ok 85%) of her workshops which she gracefully offers at a paisa vasool rate along with guarenteed returns(which even sadly our savings bank doesnt give)-Its a Given Nidhu Sovereign Guarantee that whatever she does will work for you -maybe not how you want/how you wish-but in the end for all your good!!

I cant thank her enough for so many times I’ve fallen off the track and had near fatal accidents-she has merely sensed those and gently and silently cleared all the muck countless times-bringing me back on track-physically & emotionally!!!

The money workshop which is ongoing right now has brought literally Triple income to me within 2 weeks(absolutely guaranteed ,no stories here)and my work has also tripled !!!last year this time i was just about working and doing fine-this time with recession everywhere im (touchwood) working with absolutely no time to breathe.

My only regret i dont stay so close to Nidhu else i would literally run to her every time physically & if she gives sooo much in a workshop i can imagine what all magic will happen in person!!

Oh and four years back, I tore my Sartorial muscle and could not do full squat. On the group call within minutes of her saying the clearings, I could do a full squat - WOWZER!!

~ Radha N


“Nidhu is such a wonderful person, kind and angel. Her decrees can heal our body and mind miraculously. Her methods are so simple but very effective. My personal experience abt my tennis elbow pain was suffering from 6 months. Pain in my elbow. .her simple decree and affirmations cured my elbow pain in few hours... After using her decrees my pain and worries have vanished.t .. Feeling great after her session . .. Her decrees are so much effective and simple. .. It heals our mind and body .. We can heal ourselves anywhere and with simple affirmations. A very good experience of pain and worries which vanished miraculously.. . Very happy and down to earth person.. Such a cool nature. . .Much much gratitude to her and her healing tecniques”

~ Prity V


“Nidhu is the best, it's like she has long distance x-ray eyes. She can see and feel what's happening even if there is distance between us.

Her healing techniques are so simple and most effective. I actually rented out my place within a few hours for full price, using her simple, powerful decrees.

Love you Nidhu, thanks for being part of my life. ”

~ Sonia S


“Nidhu mam, you are awesome! I did all the decrees as guided by you… my money was stuck with one person and he was avoiding me due to which I was very stressed out… now he himself messaged me that he will return in due course of time… felt relieved 🙂 🙂 🙂 gratitude to you”

~ Manju K


“I have not been able to complete even one day’s work, but got a gift from a kitty which I did not even attend!! So I believe that just by being part of it is beneficial and all who are following it are in for abundance”

~ Saryu R


“I read the whatsapp messages, checked my email and had a work query where minutes back there was none. Even before I started giving the day’s decree!”

~ Ayeda R


“YAY!... I received approval of a big payment long long long overdue… I had submitted all docuents which they had rejected… I just got that magical mail… payment will be released soon 🙂 🙂 🙂 thankyou, thankyou so much, Nidhu 🙂 🙂 :)”

~ Neelu T


“My skin has started to improve and my pimple outbreaks are much lesser, almost neglible I love working with these WORDS and Nidhu!”

~ B Mhatre

“My stocks are recovering! In two days of the decrees!” ~ Shanthi

“Just joined the group and have already gotten a lovely compliment yesterday and the gift of breakfast!” ~ Linda K

“Using the decree anxiety you can leave now and others is creating ease thankyou and monnies is simultaneously showing up” ~ Ritu Bahri

“I got called for an interview after sitting at home for two years” ~ Priya B

“Hey, this is magic! And it works, I started getting orders!!”~ Ritu S

“Got an unexpected client within a day!” ~ Missy D

“Got an order on Etsy for two of my products in a day - not happened before!”~ Shen N

“I am delighted. Just closing a long pending deal!”~ Ashok N

“I was following up for a refund since March and just received it (August) TOGETHER REJOICE” ~ Amrich D

“I wake up exhausted, do the call and am energised!”

“I got calls from old clients immediately after chanting” ~ Urvashi Z

About Nidhu Kapoor:

Moonworker, Pain exterminator, Clearing expert, and retrograde specialist, Nidhu B Kapoor is owner and sharer of the world's fastest healing modality - WORDS (World Of Retrograde Decrees Switchsentences).

She is a word-scientist with the ability to decode messages of individual energies as well as universal energies of our time. The intuitive planetary reader brings her unique blend of technology to give you the quickest way to heal, shift, change and transform your life, your health and your wealth.

Deep and complete healing work takes anywhere from 8 months to three years, BUT with her work, it take seconds, minutes, weeks and just a few months!

Speester is her middle name and 1000s of people around the world vouch for her and her work. Prepare for some life changing, mind blowing and heart opening healing with the use of just 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 word sentences aka Switchsentences aka decrees!!

They are:

  • The fastest results in the world!
  • Have the ease of doing it yourself
  • The simplest and easiest of processes - it is just a word!
  • Applicable on anything and everything, anyone and everyone of tangible shifts within, especially if you are an empath
  • The most powerful result bringers in the external world (i.e. within 24 hours!)
  • The ultimate medicine for Chronic Projects
  • Intuition enhancing
  • Gut instinct strengthening
  • The best tool for understanding the self and life

The words have the power to direct energies to work a certain way. And because our energies are alive and sentient, they respond Instantly! In fact over time, just thinking about saying the decree makes the shift happen!


“n 10 mins, discolouration with eczema had blended with the skin and become lighter. In 15 mins, the skin was even lighter. And we used just one technique!”

~ Bianca B.


“My brain fog got removed in 5 mins! We used just one sentence! I needed to sleep after that, but woke up feeling fresh and fine!

~ Christy W.


“I was so stunned that I was breathing better in 5 mins that we had to look for something else to work on in the remaining 5 mins!”

~ Beena M.


In 7 mins, I went from a screaming raving, ranting mess to being calm and fine! (I am a teacher and had shouted at my class for the first time in my life) We spent the rest few mins in forgiveness (I am going through a bad time at home) and I now know that I don’t have to bend over backwards and break myself trying to make up to my class.”

~ Kavita B.


“What a luxury this set of multiple sessions is to be able to have access to Nidhu’s energy and work on a daily and weekly basis!

~ Jennifer C.


“In 11 mins I went from being a nervous wreck with a neck spasm at an intensity of 8 down to 0! Just a hint of neck strain was there and we kept that for our next session the next day. It is beyond words to be able to do these sessions almost daily!

~ Sonali S.


I discovered my life purpose in 24 hours of our call and am now taking on the packages to work through the nitty gritties!”

~ Deepali P.


“I was so upset about my partner’s health (he is a stroke victim), I started having wheezing and asthma attacks. We used the 11 mins to work on his health instead of mine and I felt so much clearer and had more energy than before to deal with his constant ups and downs!”

~ Yulis K.


“Suffering with rashes, skin outbreaks and itchiness... these decrees are a blessing! Nidhu showed me the connection with a rash decision, the desire to be free and itching to slap this particular family member. I was so much better in just one session of 15 mins!

~ Nikita H


Knee pain miraculously went away in 2 mins!! Nidhu uncovered the fear I had of the mother and we worked on that for the remaining time and I went on a roller coaster ride of pain in the chest, tightness in my stomach and then miracles over miracles, it all just vanished. I want to learn this technique urgently!”

~ Raj Bansal


“For the first time in my life, I could sense energy in the hip area which had been numb and frozen for the last 20 years after a bad road accident. With every session, the energy flows are more and more tangible to me so my awareness is also becoming stronger!”

~ Prithvini J.


“I am 83 years old and I could not believe what Nidhu did in 10 mins for my walking problem. I could not walk properly for more than a few steps, but now I can. I have signed up for more with Nidhu because now I want to work on feeling stable and being able to turn around without losing my balance. Nidhu works on my brain and it is helping a lot!

~ Pankaj D.

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $347 $97

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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