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  • 3 weeks of Daily Weekday reminders and Workout Decrees
  • 3 group call
  • 3 PDFs with Call notes with The Decrees used
  • 1 Speedster VIP Private Session(20 mins)
  • 1 Speedster Follow up Private Session (10 mins)
  • 1 Telegram home group till March 31st (unlimited support)
  • 1 Permanent access to Exclusive FB Home Group
  • 1 Comprehensive PDF with All The Decrees, call replay links and notes at the end of the program


3 Weeks of Daily Weekday Reminders and Workout Decrees

You will receive your daily weekday Warm Up and Workout reminders and Decrees via email and in our fun Telegram group!

You would do these while in bed or sitting up, walking or standing. It is mandatory to include two glasses of turbo charged water (water that is charged up with The Decrees for your best health and wealth and you will receive this simple 3 step instruction in your welcome email).

Saturdays and Sundays are meant to catch up if you missed any Belly Flattner Words in the week

You will also be able to share your reactions on the home Telegram group and see how everybody else is faring too!

As our bellies flatten and we feel more awesome, we would also be keeping an eye out for money, money messages (for instance, you may get more discounts or treats instead of physical money and that would mean that you are being taken care of by the universe!) or money opportunities.


3 Group Calls

Dates: February 20th, 27th, March 6th

Time: 7pm Kolkata India time / 8:30am ET / 5:30am PT

Not everyone’s belly protrudes equally; for some us it becomes flabby and wobbly more than protruding. Generational trauma and abuse, ancestral trauma and abuse and past life trauma and abuse play a huge role as we tend to mimic and imitate the stories and stomachs of our parents and lineage. The role of family metabolism and ageism cannot be overlooked as it comes down to these 10 behaviors and beliefs that show in our bellies:

  • I can’t have what I want in relationships (unheard, misunderstood and not hugged enough)
  • I can’t have more money (money stresses weaken our core a lot)
  • Denied food or too much control around eating (food trauma, including food allergies always has to do with past lives of famine/death in famine and these need to be cleared)
  • Refusal to give, especially to women
  • Control and power games with a bully or narcissist (the belly then becomes a way of maintaining protective distance)
  • Being cheated/betrayal programs
  • There isn’t enough in the world
  • There isn’t enough for me
  • I don’t have the right to ask (if I do, I won’t get it)
  • I don’t have the right to be me

All our calls take care of these 10 factors and the biggest wounding of all - the wound of abandonment. Prepare to be amazed at how rapidly this heals when we use the generational trauma release Decrees that also returns us to compassion and connection with ourselves, our lineage and the universe

We will meet on instantteleseminar at 7pm India time, 9.30am ET and 6.30am PT on 20th and 27th Feb and 6th March. All calls have replays valid for life!

Your weekly checklist for results and signs to know your progress:

  • Your clothes are fitting better
  • You are feeling stronger and healthier
  • Your core feels taut and you are standing taller
  • Your breather is deeper and better. Since how we breathe is how we live and how long we will live, you are definitely heading to a healthier, longer life!
  • You may or may not shed some weight in time but you look slimmer, especially in the side profile!
  • Your confidence is higher
  • You have more energy and get more done in the day
  • You have more available time (yup, it happens!)
  • Money and money opportunities show up unexpectedly (yup, that happens too!)
  • Improved digestion
  • Over eating, GONE, ALL GONE!
  • Overall sense of well being
  • Calmer with low stress reactions
  • Desire to work out or are working out differently
  • You are stepping out more! Out of your comfort zone, old clothes, house, everything!
  • You are not trying to hide or be invisible anymore
  • Judgements of the self and body are at an all time low!
  • Your awareness catches you at the right time to change how you are reacting into how you are responding

“WOW is all I can say!!!!!”

“Cool story- especially for animal lovers/healers - my darling conure Loki, is a rescue. Since he came home to me, he has had issues with almost EVERY female other than me. As in, if in person and he was out of his cage he would fly to their head and attack/bite their ears or if over the phone, video or while I on a zoom call and he was out he would fly to MY head and attack/bite MY ears I have been using the Love Decree on him for three days now.

Today, I was on your call and forgot that he was free in the room!! He flew over to me and he stayed on my hand for over 30 minutes of the call!!!!! No attacking, no signs of angst….. just content to preen and sit and chew my rings!

WOW is all I can say!!!!

Amazing, I have used other energy modality to heal other issues for him but his behavior (his fear) I still could not change till now…. WOW!”

~ Christine Baker

“Got a 100,000 refund from IT dept all thanks to The Decrees within 48hrs of filing my returns!”

“The best thing? My hubby knows about Nidhu & her magic too. The days I am not feeling good, he tells me to go attend Nidhu's classes or If I bug him too much; “Don't you have Nidhu’s call now?” Coz he knows the power of me attending her sessions & getting pepped up!!!

Got a 100,000 refund from IT dept all thanks to The Decrees within 48hrs of filing my returns!

Thanku IT dept, Thanku Decrees, Thanku Universe!”

~ Dr Radha N

“Manifested! Without ME doing ANYTHING!!!! Just utilizing the decrees!”

“WOW! since these calls I have
1) been called back from a space I had applied to on TWO separate occasions!!!

2) had someone hand write a note on my car saying if I wanted to sell it they were interested in buying (something that I have been considering for quite some time now! Manifested! Without ME doing ANYTHING!!!! Just utilizing the decrees!!!)

3) was at a market today where a woman started speaking about the power of numbers and sharing what the lottery numbers were going to be! Abundance is flowing in in such comical, creative ways!!! ”

~ Dani J

“I integrated the body work I learnt here with a client and It was amazing!”

“I integrated the body work I learnt here with a client and It was amazing. Typically she just lays in her bed, but she literally got up and was willing to do the work!!! Yay for this beautiful practice; So grateful! ”

~ Gwen

“On the very first day of the program I got a New house to rent!”

“Yesssssss!!On the very first day of the program I got a New house on Rent in a good locality. 2BHK but in the rent of a 1BHk (which was my budget planned for 1BHK) and today a gift worth Rs.7700/- I am so happy!”

~ Vandana S


1 Speedster VIP Private Session (20 mins)

Now that you know the lightning speed of The Decrees, you can imagine how much gets completed in 20 mins! Here is where you can share details on an intake form before our call so we can have a more intimate healing for your worries and troubles

Your deadline to schedule - After about 10 days into the program, although any time in 2023 is also fin


1 Speedster Follow up Private Session (10 mins)

It is recommended to schedule this at least two weeks after your VIP session so we can check on your progress and modify the healing to whatever is showing up next


Telegram home group till March 31st
(unlimited support and direct access to me all through the program)

Option to move to Permanent Telegram Home group

Your unlimited support and direct access continues for two years till Dec 31st, 2025! You will also get a minimum of 10 MORE bonus healing calls, weekly healings, Decree posters to use and much much more!


1 Permanent Access to Exclusive FB Home Group

This is our exclusive Decree home on FB. We stay updated with the latest and greatest in The Decree world here, so be prepared, there's always something happening!

Regular Price: $3499

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $700

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