NEW: How to Recharge and Fortify Your Energy Body, So You Never Absorb Unwanted Negative Energies Again!

If you're seeking to rejuvenate and energize your vitality, maintain a clear energy channel, and strengthen your divine connection—all while safeguarding against energy depletion, boundary breaches, and unwanted negative influences—then the video below and every word on this page deserves your attention. Discover what could be the pinnacle of energy repair, care and protection.

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What It Is:

  1. Crystal Chamber Biofield Repair is the most loving, blissful and powerful transmissions that will heal and revitalize your electromagnetic energy field.
  2. This is the ultimate energy care and protection program for empaths and energetically sensitive people.
  3. Each MP3 activates a series of clearings, repairs and protections for each of the seven layers of the energy body.
  4. This program will help you feel revitalized, fortified, and protected by the highest frequencies of light. Your relationships will improve because you will no longer be as sensitive to the energetics highs and lows of others.

What It Will Do For You:

  1. Crystal Chamber Biofield Repair will help you feel protected when you are in lower vibrational circumstances and conditions, such as crowded cities or offices.
  2. It also will protect you if you are spending time with others who may not have an uplifting and supportive energy frequency.
  3. Release negative energy cords and repair holes in your biofield so that you stop leaking energy.
  4. Feel more energetically, full and protected. With a strong energy field, you repel negative energy and are contained within the light of your true divine essence. 
  5. Improvement in ALL relationships plus, mental and physical health.
  6. Experience an energetic vibration aligned with abundance and magnetism. 

“I was so down before I started using these MP3s. I was no longer able to channel or feel connected, and I felt walloped by heavy energy. The amount that was cleared through these MP3s absolutely astonished me. I am channeling divine messages again. I highly recommend this program for anyone who feels the need for support with clearing and protection.” 

Jennifer B.

“I now understand my energy body and walking around with the seven layers of protection is the most incredible feeling. I went from being so drained to feeling energized and strong.” - John E

John E.

How It Works:

  1. Activate 7 layers of divine protection to revitalize and protect your energy!
  2. Each one of the 7 MP3s offers a CUSTOMIZED activation of light, healing, regeneration, repair, and protection for a layer of YOUR UNIQUE energy body.
  3. There are seven layers of energetic protections for each one of the 7 Energy Bodies. Once you’ve cleared out each layer, you can continually use the 8th MP3 to activate the seven layers of energetic protections.
  4. Additionally, if you ever feel like you’ve taken on some unbeneficial energy, you can go back to any one of the seven Aura repair sessions to keep your energy clear and connected to divine love source consciousness.
  5. Each MP3 is encoded with so much light that it is a healing transmission. When you press play, all of the energy will activate and you will be surrounded by a healing team of light that will do all the work for you as you deeply relax to the sound of Hillary's voice, Binaural Beats and Solfeggio frequencies.

What You Receive:

  1. Etheric Reset Activation (MP3): Receive the specific frequencies of light through this transmission, which will bring divine crystalline, herbal, and galactic frequencies to fully optimize and repair the first layer of your aura. This works to amplify your physical strength, health and motivation.
  2. Emotional Body Layer Recalibration Activation (MP3): Experience the deepest peace as you release the emotions and energy you may have been holding onto from other individuals and the collective. Reclaim your sovereignty to feel your truth, while receiving the deepest energetic protection so that you no longer take on the heaviness of others.
  3. Highest Mental Body Clarity Activation (MP3): Release the mental overwhelm as your mind, mental body, and solar plexus chakra receive the most powerful healing transmission. Receive the exact crystalline, herbal, Rose, divine, and galactic frequencies that will harmonize the third layer of your aura, your mental body. You will receive the deepest cleansing of all as divine protection is installed in your mental Energy Body.
  4. Astral Body Layer Harmonizer Activation (MP3): Receive a powerful clearing of any negative astral cords you may have with people or places. Bath in the light of the love of the creator, as all that does not serve your highest good is purified from the astral body and astral layer of the aura. Receive the highest harmonic light that will create a POWERFUL protective field around the fourth layer of your aura.
  5. Divine Light & Protection for your Etheric Template Layer (MP3): Receive this transmission activation of powerful purification and protection that will promote the highest clarity within the fifth layer of your aura, the Etheric Template layer. Receive an upgrade to this layer of your energy field, which represents the entire blueprint of your body; physically and energetically.
  6. Replenish and Fortify your Celestial Body Activation (MP3): This transmission of healing will release all stuck, stagnant, negative energy from your aura. Experience merging with the love of the creator as all of the guides repair your aura and download the exact crystalline, herbal, divine and galactic frequencies to bring the highest strength, clarity and purity, which will create a divine field of protection around the sixth layer of your energy body.
  7. Ketheric Template Cleanse and Protection Activation (MP3): Increase your ability to channel divine light as energy blockages are removed, negative cords are released and any holes or tears, causing energy leaks in the final layer of your aura are fully healed through biofield repair.
  8. Seven Layers of Energetic Protection Activation (MP3): After all of the undesirable energy is cleared out of the seven layers of the aura, you can come back to this transmission activation at any time. Each time you listen to it, the frequencies will install seven layers of energetics protection again. In 20 minutes time, you will receive the most powerful, energetic protection you have ever experienced. These healing energies will help you thrive in your life!


“Every time I was around my family, I felt I was taking on so much dense unconscious energy. After using the Crystal Chamber Aura Repair program when I spend time with my family I no longer feel down, tired or drained - I actually feel incredible and so divinely protected!” 

Samantha V.


“This program changed my life! I feel the best I felt in decades! I love falling asleep to the healing transmission MP3s. They are also amazing to do in the morning! It's the most powerful healing energy I've ever felt!” - Elliot C .

Elliot C.


I feel my true energy again. I feel protected. My digestion is the best it's been and I no longer have any anxiety. This program is a Godsend!” 

Valerie F.

Start Date:

INSTANT ACCESS upon purchase.

The Investment:

Break free from the limitations of a broken energy field. 

Experience the transformative power of Hillary's unparalleled healing program, carefully tailored to repair your unique energy field, enabling you to flourish.

Unlike personal healing sessions that can cost you thousands of dollars and leave you needing to return again and again...

 Hillary's program is a beacon of hope, providing you with CUSTOMIZED healing that you can revisit whenever needed, at an astonishingly affordable price.

Ordinary 1-1 sessions can be expensive, costing you thousands of dollars.

However, Hillary's program is priced at $616, which is significantly less than 1-1 sessions.

And right now she is giving our community a special of $397!

Enroll today, and you'll not only save big but also invest in a future filled with energy, balance, and vibrancy.

Don't miss out on this opportunity for a custom-tailored approach to well-being – enroll now and embark on your journey towards holistic wellness.


Refund Policy: 30 days Refund Condition apply

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