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Download Eram and Reena interview

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Package A

Reclaim & Reawaken Your Energetic Potential

Everybody is unique.

Your energy blueprint and journey are unique and what is right for others isn’t right for you.

That’s why Reena’s energy is uniquely aligned to give YOU exactly what you need to become complete.

This package offers you everything you need including...

Activating, Energizing, Clearing, Healing, Aligning & Empowering Your Highest Self


The Completion Codes Visual Light Language

#1 - The Completion Code Light-Encoded Art Piece

The Completion Code Art Piece will empower you to connect with your Higher Self and offer you the opportunity to experience your totality... your complete and whole self.

This mega code and grid was created while immersed in deep ceremony with the energetic support of various plants, essential oils, crystals and gems, colour coding, sacred geometries and sound frequencies.

When downloaded or printed out, you'll immediately absorb the powerful energy transmissions.

Just being in the presence of this piece will create a sense of completeness within you that will transform your life...

All you need to do is let its powerful energies seep into your life and soul as it gives you the internal strength to reach your highest potential!

Download Image

5G Nano-Technology EMF Shield

While The Completion Code connects you to your Source Light so you strengthen from the inside...

This powerful bonus provides a shield of protection around you so you have both internal and external strength.

Mega Bonus: 5G Nano-Technology EMF Shield

In our world there are many disharmonious energies often disguised as "progressive technology" that keep us numbed down, dumbed down, confused, in pain, and often perpetually ill.

This code will keep you protected and shielded from the ill effects of different forms of mental interferences and coercions, nanotechnology, manipulations, radiation and the ever increasing 5G effects.

Print this code and keep a copy attached to all your electronic devices.

You can also charge your food up with it by using it as a placemat. It will re-energize and heal food that has been genetically manipulated. And as an added bonus, it will also help to restore original coding and lost frequencies to food and water.

Download Image

#3 - Absolute Joy (Light Language Visual Art Code)

This is a channeled art creation...

Is a living piece of golden keys and codes that rebirths, reawakens and resurrects into your fields the energy of Joy… Bliss… Ananda… 

It carries the blueprint for Absolute Joy...

And is that pure joy in a visual representation which will permeate your mind and your life.

Download PDF

How To Use These Light Language Encoded Art Pieces

With all these powerful light language codes, you can simply look at them once or you can put them on your computer background screen or wall etc.

In fact there are a a whole lot of alchemical processes you can use as desired.


Powerful Healing Transmissions Featuring Accomplished International Musician Ashish Joshi

#1 - Light Up Your Life Audio

This is a powerful Guided Meditation that goes through each of your chakras and bursts them into life.

It fully activates your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye & Crown chakras.

And with a fully awakened Chakra system...

Your life is lit up because you are lit up.

Download MP3

#2 - "I Am Speaks" (An Ancient Remembrance)

This is a transmission from the ancient part of you... your I AM presence.

The part of your connected to spirit reminding you to remember who you are.

It's a channeled message of empowerment from your own spirit!

To remember it's own greatness and empowerment.

#3 - Reawaken Your Inner Child

This is your Inner Child speaking a message of loving acceptance so you can tap into it - tap into your freedom and joy, soft pure innocence.

It gives your permission to connect with it again so you can delightfully, childishly free in your joy.

Because without being playful and joyous... what is life for?

And that's why your Inner Child is ready to help you unlock the laughter and fun in your life again.

#4 - Freedom From Bondage

This is Reena's personal favorite that she works with every day!

It is a recording with questions, commands and statements that release you from everything that has trapped you on all levels... body, mind, spirit and soul.

It'll rewire your reality and actualize a life of freedom and joy...

So you can break out from all the chains that have ever held you back in life.

#5 - Salt, Lemons & Limes

This track works to clear spaces of dark energies, density, entities and demons.

The track consists of a mix of energies and perhaps unusual frequencies including sounds of nature, Reena’s Sounds of Self and the energies of a variety of instruments.

It simply dissolves them away and removes them from your space and fields...

And you can use it on a regular basis or just any time you feel like an entity might be holding you back.

Download MP3

#6 - Access Your Peaceful Truth Within

This piece of music restores peace and calm to the body, mind and spirit.

If you're having a hectic day...

Or life just doesn't seem to be going how you want it...

Simply listen to this beautiful music layered with energetic healing to bring you back to a feeling of peace.

Download MP3

#7 - Becoming The Enlightened Embodied Master

This transmission connects you with your ancient, wise self so you can become your own enlightened master.

It'll activate and anchor total mastery of self: body, mind, and spirit.

It's a sound healing audio track featuring sound codes directly transmitted through Reena’s Sounds of Self and carrying the energy of the Triple 11/11/11.

Connecting yourself to your mastery and all the knowledge you thought you'd lost.

Download MP3

Audio Healing Tracks Include Original Background Healing Music

All these audios contain an original music background compiled by the accomplished international musician Ashish Joshi.

The sound healing background music contains frequencies, notes and Sounds of Self as channeled by Reena to heal and soothe and reconnect all disconnection from Self.

Audio tracks can be played on a loop like as they feature beautiful music but you can also play on silent and still receive all of the healing energies.


Reclaim Your Divine Inheritance & Create Your Future

Coloring Activation & Relaxation Mandalas

You can print out and color in these amazing mandalas.

They'll call you into a powerful state of relaxation but also activate you as channeled light language from Reena’s spirit.

You can do them again and again…

Each time getting more activations, clearings and alignment.

  • 1


    Inheritance brings to you the totality of your multidimensional presence, your multiversal inheritance, plus all the gifts you have inherited through your ancestral lines. This code will activate and bring on board all that is yours to claim, while clearing away all blocks that prevent you from connecting to your divine inheritance.

Download PDF
  • 2

    The Egg of Life

    The Egg of Life births new life for you. It gives you wings, a new beginning and a fresh start. It is like a fan, opening up a realm of possibilities. It removes doubt and hesitancy that’s kept you wavering, as it launches a rocket into the spaciousness of the totality of you, allowing you to fill in all of you.

    You are born again, free to be you in the forms and shapes that you desire to be, filling in your world with your light and divine presence. Working with this code will help you to be the best you you have the potential to be.

Download PDF
  • 3

    Anchored Presence

    Anchored Presence tells you that you are a master creator being who has embodied in this human form. There is a wisdom and a soul leadership you hold, and your divine mind has the clues needed to connect you to the “next best steps” you need to take to move ahead in life.

    The changes you wish to see unfold are within your grasp and reach - you just need to connect mindfully to you, to anchor into your presence to recognize and feel into it! You are a mastermind, the commander of the ship that is you, fluid in nature with the ability to shape-shift from where you are into a space that suits the moment best. Working with this code will help you to map out your next steps forward.

Download PDF


Make Space For New Opportunities

2X Fire Rituals

This ritual is conducted using ancient ceremonial techniques to call in the light and burn away all that needs clearing.

As we clear, we create a vacuum and make space for new energy to anchor, seed and plant itself, this way creating a new reality and manifesting a new world of possibilities. 

During this ritual you'll release your negative energy into the fire while rebirthing a new life.

Relax and remember that while fire destroys... it also births new life.

Note: Reena will perform these rituals on your behalf and individually connect to your energy throughout (so there's no need to create your own fire).

Important Note About "Group Healings"

Reena does not believe in group healings because of the dirty energy it can bring to your healing.

Instead, she connects at an individual level with her multidimensional presence and unified self!


Release The Bonds Of Your Ancestors

30 Days of Individual Ancestral Clearing

Our ancestors give to us many gifts and unconditional love.

But often we also take on unfinished business, incomplete tasks, vows and oaths from them.

We want so desperately to help, to be of service and kind and loving to them that we sacrifice aspects of ourselves, we abandon ourselves and give away our lives and sovereign authority in order to have them live out their lives through us.

This ceremony is customized uniquely to YOU, done daily for 1 month and honors the ancestors while taking back our sovereign power and presence so that we can live out our lives in the energy of an independent being of light, living a sovereign life.


Reprogram Your Mind To Its Highest Potential

90 Days of Individual Reality Reset Runs

This is a daily remote clearing, healing and activating transmission conducted on your behalf that works to reprogramme your mind and bring you to your highest potential.

It's done daily for 3 months as Reena connects to you individually to reprogram your mind.

It works at resetting and recreating your reality, align and connect all of you, so as to recognize your worthiness as an embodied being and claim the full spectrum of your divine rights as a being of spirit in human form.

You'll get exactly what you need from this transmission, for your best and highest good.


Heal The 3 Core Wounds From Your Body, Mind & Spirit

3x Heart Light Activation & Healing Codes

A set of three healing light codes to usher in the energies to assist in healing the three core wounds from your body, mind and spirit.

We carry these wounds as they sit in our body, our DNA and meridians...

But these codes will dissolve those wounds that keep you from being peace, love, and joy.

  • 1

    The Abandonment Wound Healing Code Art Activation & Clearing

    This code helps to heal the ancient wounding of abandonment. Many sensitive souls feel pain around abandonment stemming originally from separation from Source and then from their planet of origin/soul tribe. Feeling alien and lost in a foreign land. This wounding is exacerbated on the human level when we separate from our mother at birth and then when we feel rejected or neglected by parents or loved ones at an early age. This wound keeps growing over life through our experiences.

Download PDF
  • 2

    The Betrayal Wound Healing Code Art Activation & Clearing

    Human relationships with their highs and lows, ups and downs, bring with them pain and trauma around betrayal. The wounded inner child feels hurt and carries the hurt of numerous betrayals experienced over time and this, unless and until healed and cleared, simply keeps adding salt to the wounds we already hold. Almost every relationship creates wounds that we carry and very often these involve different levels of betrayal. This energy needs to be rooted out if we are to be free and at peace.

Download PDF
  • 3

    Healing Trauma Healing Code Art Activation & Clearing

    Trauma rips away pieces of our soul. It leaves us fragmented and deeply wounded as we plunge into great sadness every time something traumatic happens to us. This code helps to pull back the missing pieces of you as the trauma and traumatic cellular memory gets healed and whole. Format: High Resolution Picture.

Download PDF


Immuno Boost Karma Clear

This code works in tandem with the other two and it offers support to the physical body. It functions as your body’s commander in chief of the army. The task it carries is to strengthen your immune system and fighter cells. Additionally, it also works to clear away karma.

Download Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a particular order in which I need to work with this programme?

No. Play any which way your heart and soul call you to. There is no linear approach to this programme. You will feel into what pulls you to it, and know that each piece, in each moment is what you need for that specific moment.

Q. I hear you talk about and reference “Sounds of Self” often. What are these Sounds of Self?

Sounds of Self are what I refer to as my “light language”. They are the sounds of my Spirit which has travelled through many holographic forms as Soul Presence. Each soul presence has experienced many lives on different planets, in different galaxies and star systems. And I have instinctively pulled this together into a sound that is non-cognitive and non-linear, a soul that is organic and a part of my natural state of Being. These sounds connect me to the All that is this divine heritage of mine. It is rooted in Pure Source Consciousness and transcends the mind and mental constructs of mental cognition. And therefore it bypasses the cognitive questioning and doubting mind and speaks directly to your soul, filtering down to your heart space. And the other way around too - your heart hears the resonance of it, and connects back to your soul through the divine alchemy that it offers.

Q. Do I need to listen to the recordings for any minimum period of time, or any maximum period of time?

They are designed not to overwhelm the being, so therefore it would be fine to listen as often as you feel inspired to. Let your awareness lead the way - and that is key. You are your own inner guide so don’t doubt the guidance you receive in terms of when to listen or how often.

The 21 Day “Healing the Pain Programme” needs to be listened to and worked with over a 21 day period though, consecutively. If you miss a day, then carry on where you left off.

However, do remember that the more you put in, the more you get out so try to be consistent in working with this programme and the benefits will roll over exponentially.

Q. How best do I work with the art pieces?

I would suggest that you have them printed out at a professional print shop for maximum quality. If this is not possible, then you can connect with them simply online, through the computer screen. Call each piece into you and speak to them, communicate with them and ask them to help you heal. Remember that they are living breathing creations and have a consciousness of their own, as does each and every piece in this package.

The art work can be called into and placed into any part of your body, by intention, to pull out discordant frequencies and to deliver their healing energies. If printed, they can be framed and hung up, or laminated, and used as charging stations and energy points. And then you can eat or drink from that sacred space and the divine energy created.

Work with them as your intuition guides you. Trust yourself. They are here to empower you so trust your self to know how best to connect.

Q. Do I need to be present for the healing work?

The healing work is done entirely remotely. There is no need for any human connection, for that would really just be for your “human self” or the “ego mind” to satisfy itself that it experienced certain things. Each of these offerings can be done remotely and therefore are, and they work as powerfully, if not more powerfully because there will not be any self sabotaging patterns from the limited human perception of you. Meaning - mind often likes to refuse and negate truths and experiences and creates distractions. It also often switches off any sense of connection too, so one doesn’t feel connected to experience.

Q.Is there anything else I need to know that might not have been mentioned yet?

Yes. The various items in this package form a strong equation of alchemy and they will work together to bring to you the highest levels of support. Each of these items will only ever strengthen in their capacities as you continue along your journey. I have taken each and every item on pilgrimage with me, and each has been upgraded to its maximum potency so you will really be receiving a power-full package.

Furthermore, I use the acronym EEAACH (each) to reference the gift that they offer to you. You will be gifted each piece to give you exactly what you need to Energize Empower Activate Align Clear Heal. These are what you will receive in the moment and over time, as and when appropriate for you to receive.

These tools I offer are tools for life and they offer to you gifts for life. Gifts that you can work with over the entire duration of your life and life enhancing gifts too.

Q. How will communication be delivered for these various offerings?

* Package A is entirely self contained. What I mean by that is that it’s very much something that will work with you putting in what you put in, by you, for you, as a gift to you. Even if that just means allowing it into your space. The transmissions and ceremonies included in package A will be done remotely by me, without specific feedback offered.

* Package B consists of the various different healing offerings from me: the group healing and 1:1 transmissions.

For the 1:1 transmissions there will again be no feedback. However, there will be notes sent out after each of the rebirthing journeys. These notes will be posted to a Facebook group set up for this three session journey and all the relevant working notes will be placed there too.

* The 12 week journey will have its own separate Facebook group where we will go through each step of the 12 steps. You will receive the activation by way of both a recorded video with the activation and transmission, and also an image and a sound to connect with.

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