Plug into the Matrix of Creation
Ageless Aging the Quantum Way


Liberation of your Spirit from the 3D Matrix as you expand your consciousness and embody your Luminosity

The Formula for Ageless Aging and Accelerated Ascension
Making the shift to a truly Quantum Leap of Transformation

Menopause is a source of Power in YOUR life for activating and speeding up the Ascension Process!

Menopause is Energy Moving and you can harness The Fire Within and make the shift to a truly Quantum Transformation

The Truth about Menopause is that it is an Activation of new Empowering Frequencies of the Ascension process and will accelerate you stepping into your Power.

Menopause and peri-menopause represent your Birth into the Divine Feminine. With this come energetic upheavals that arrive in the form of psychological, emotional and physical changes. These energetic changes are actually shifts that are part of the Ascension process and the embodying of Light Frequencies that will accelerate your path of raising consciousness for yourself and for others more easily.

Celebrate your Unique Soul Signature : As your physical reproductive system comes to a closing cycle, the spiritual aspects of your system wind up! This is a time when accelerated progress can be made through physical, psychological and emotional changes and it is a time to discover your Soul Signature, embody your Higher Self and sing your Unique Soul Song.


Message from Sandra

“We have been conditioned as women to believe that Menopause is the ‘Beginning of the End’. But what if menopause is actually the Beginning of a New Cycle of change and is a POWERFUL springboard that will propel you into a shift in consciousness so profound that you will be changed forever? We are talking about Ascension and an increased ability to raise your consciousness and to manifest more of what you wish for in your life. The process of ascension and kundalini rising experiences are also a part of the menopausal symptoms BECAUSE this is a time when a woman is stepping into her FULL POWER. It is time for women to connect with their Feminine Power, integrate their Sacred Masculine and to experience this time as stepping into the Authentic Self, the Empowered Self and the Ascended Consciousness that YOU truly are”.

You are born to be empowered, you are born to be Woman and you are born to flow with the cycles of the Universe

Imagine looking more radiant, more youthful, feeling energetic and full of vitality. You have the energy for projects you have put aside because of fatigue, you feel creative and inspired, your weight becomes stabilised, your muscle returns, your eyes glow. All this through the menopause, through ageless aging and embodying the frequencies of your Higher Self, and expressing your True Soul Signature.

Did you know that the Ascension Process is very similar to the menopause with ‘symptoms’ such as hot flushes, heart palpitations, night sweats, abdominal weight gain, heightened and erratic emotions, an inability to lose weight no matter what you do, food cravings, sleepless nights, feeling as though your thoughts are not your own etc etc….?

This Program is for you if :

  • You are having hot flashes, bodily shivers, heart palpitations, digestive problems, changes in eyesight, cold and flu symptoms, bodily aches for no reason, waves of fatigue, problems sleeping, waking up to flashes of light and waves of energy flowing through your body, itchy skin, needing more time alone, high tones ringing in your ears
  • You are tired of struggling with limited beliefs and physical, emotional and mental ‘symptoms’ as you proceed through The Menopause Matrix
  • You wish to learn simple techniques that will bring you into alignment with what you wish to manifest in your World
  • You want to step out of the Morphic Field of “The Menopause” with all the beliefs and limitations it holds for you as a woman and step into the Morphic Field of Ascension and Transformation
  • You feel trapped in a world where there are expectations put upon you from external sources and from within yourself about what menopause is and what you ‘should’ experience
  • You feel ready to transcend the conditioned limitations that have been placed upon what it means to be a woman
  • Old ‘issues’ are coming to the surface and sometimes you feel as though you are going insane with the persistent ‘voice’ in your head
  • You feel you are “not good enough” so you keep trying to live by other people's expectations rather than connecting with the Source of Your Soul and expressing your Authentic Self
  • You feel unfulfilled but you know that there is more to life still to come but you are not sure what that is
  • You have increased body fat that you cannot release
  • You are fearful of aging and what it may bring
  • You are afraid that you are no longer attractive and that the “best” of your years are behind you?
  • You are restless and have problems sleeping
  • You feel you are losing your mind and your memory is fading
  • You feel you are emotionally unstable and cannot control your feelings

These are symptoms that inform you that your Higher and Lower vibrational bodies are not aligned and need now to come into balance with who you are at a Soul level.

In this program you will :

  • Release limiting beliefs about the Menopause and Aging and flow with the psychological, emotional and physical shifts that will usher in a raising of consciousness and ascension
  • Welcome Transformation – hot flashes are a sign of metamorphosis… from the caterpillar to the butterfly!
  • Welcome The Art of The Heart as you realize that your heart palpitations are opening you to your Highest Being and Expression and releasing outdated trauma
  • Master the Menopause as a rite of passage, an initiation out of the Mother Caring phase and into the Wise Woman phase of life and into Accelerated Ascension
  • Raise your Personal Energy Signature and THRIVE!
  • Release old trauma, toxic emotions and outdated ways of being
  • Use hot flashes as a way to integrate higher frequencies
  • Improve memory and mind. Learn to go with the dimensional shifts that you are experiencing and see these as a blessing NOT a curse!
  • Learn how to use hot flashes to burn off old trauma, karma, outdated Soul contracts and Soul Agreements
  • Balance your Subtle Body energy centers as you move through this shift of consciousness, open to higher frequencies and activate greater communion with your Higher Self
  • Burn off the toxic wastes in your body, mind and emotions and Free your Spirit and Purpose
  • Clear the channels for effortless flow and manifestation in your life
  • Anchor in your Light Body and step into your True Soul Identity
  • Experience this Awakening as embodied mastery of YOUR life


7 live weekly 90 minute webinar group sessions + 5 frequency enhanced hypnosis and energy frequency sessions + 2 Bonuses

Discount: 89% Off
Total Package Value $1,200
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $127
Offer Closed


7 live weekly 90 minute webinar group sessions + 5 frequency enhanced hypnosis and energy frequency sessions + 2 Bonuses + A 25 minute private Session with Sandra

Discount: 87% Off
Total Package Value $1,500
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $197
Offer Closed

Package A


7 live 90 minute webinar group sessions

Format: Live Webinar

Dates: Monday 27th September, Friday 1st October, Monday 4th October, Friday 8th October, Monday 11th October, Friday 15th October, Monday 18th October

Time: 5pm Spain time / 8am Pacific

7 live 90 minute webinar group sessions that will deliver releasing of toxic emotions, energetic blocks and activate the integration of higher frequencies and Accelerated Ascension. Quantum-Transformations to release limitations throughout session. Frequency lifts throughout sessions. Q&A Welcome!

Webinar workshops :

Embodying Ascension Frequencies
Releasing Menopause ‘symptoms’


This programme will nourish and Tone your entire hormonal system, clear physical, psychic and emotional toxins and activate Ageless Aging the Quantum way. These webinars are designed to be FUN whilst being extremely EFFECTIVE!

Throughout the sessions we will be releasing through Quantum-Transformations blocks, fears and limitations that are holding you back from being ALL THAT YOU ARE HERE TO BE!

We will be playing within the Quantum Field to Transform and Transmute old energies that have been stuck within your morphogenetic field and to activate the flow of higher frequencies that are waiting to be accepted into your Field to completely embody your Higher Self. Releasing genetic blocks, clearing and activation of dormant DNA.

Note to Participants :
Sandra loves to speak and interact with people in her groups and questions are invited during the class so that each person gains the clarity they are looking for and so that group clearings and activations can take place throughout the calls. This will be a powerful group experience. As we join in the collective field of Ageless Ageing and flowing through the menopause with ease whilst we activate the higher frequencies that become available and speed up your Ascension Process.

Session 1: Introduction to Menopause and the Ascension

week1In this session we will be discussing what are seen as Menopause ‘symptoms’ and Ascension ‘symptoms’. We will be looking at morphogenetic fields and the conditioning that has been programmed into women through childhood, parenting, social media, partners and what the Wise Woman Phase truly means in terms of The Divine Feminine, Personal Empowerment and Planetary Ascension and how you can use menopause as a springboard to embodying Higher frequencies

Energy clearings of doubt and self-sabotage will be continuous throughout the class.

Activations of self-affirmation and trust, and frequency activation of excitement and Joy.

Q & A throughout the session.

Session 2: Ageless Aging – Appreciating the Body as Messenger

week2In this session we will be discussing AGELESS AGING and connecting with the body. Fears around “What comes next?” and feelings of insecurity around aging and the changes that are being experienced, and seen in the body.

We will be releasing through Group Quantum-Transformation sessions limitations and beliefs that are associated with insecurity and aging.
Releasing toxins in the body.

Re-harmonizing hormones and releasing hormonal fat from body.

Time-travel for cellular restructuring of the entire hormonal and physical system leading to body firming.

Releasing insecurity and fear around finance and work.

Releasing Ancestral beliefs that limit financial abundance.

Activating DNA to higher frequency and to KNOWING ALL IS WELL!

Energy work done throughout the class. Clearings and Activations

Q & A throughout session

Session 3: Welcoming Change, Awakening Creativity and Sexuality

week3In this session we will be learning about the integration of what are considered the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. What these qualities are inside of ourselves and how we can embody these qualities through the Higher Self.

We will be releasing through Group Quantum-Transformation sessions limitations and beliefs that are associated with what it means to be a ‘woman’ and what it means to be a ‘man’ and how we are multidimensional beings who contain ALL THAT IS within ourselves using menopause to raise our frequency.

Releasing memetic beliefs that are passed down from mother to daughter and through ancestry.

Restructuring DNA.

Releasing ancestral beliefs about sexuality, creativity and the masculine and feminine ‘roles’.

Activating the frequencies of creativity, empowered sexuality, Joy in Being Yourself

Energy work done throughout the class. Clearings and Activations
Q & A throughout session.

Session 4: The Empowered Feminine - Who I Am!

week4In this session things are really heating up! We are learning about the Empowered Feminine. Even the Dalai Lama has said that it is Women who will be taking this world forwards into the New Era. 

We will be releasing through Group Quantum-Transformation sessions blocks to self-confidence and self-worth. Fear of moving forwards, and lack of trust in the Self, in The Divine and in the Quantum Field to bring to you the BEST that you can experience.

Releasing stress and anxiety.

Embodying Personal Power.

Releasing hip and joint pain ready to activate movement and energy throughout the physical system.

Activating the frequencies of excitement, Joy and anticipation. 

Energy work done throughout the class. Clearings and Activations

Q & A at the end of session

Session 5: The Art of the Heart

week5This session we will be connecting with the Heart and the torsion field that surrounds the heart. Those of you who have been feeling heart Palpitations will LOVE this! Learning to work with and play with the heart palpitations in the realization that this is a clearing of out of the old!

Releasing non-forgiveness, buried resentment, past betrayals and hurts.
Activating compassion, Self-Care, Self-Acceptance and Activating the Torsion field of the heart, which is the place where we manifest our Dreams and aspirations to bring into reality.

We are moving into the place where we are truly stepping into our 5th Dimensional Being! Living in acceptance whilst KNOWING we are manifesting for the Highest Good. Connecting with our Soul knowing. It is here that the ALL manifests.

Energy work done throughout the class. Clearings and Activations

Q & A throughout the session

Session 6: Opening your Voice to Self Expression

week6This session will be giving voice to your Higher Self in making space for embodying the Greatest You that YOU can BE! Many women have been silenced over the ages. Fear of exposure, fear that we will be thought not good enough or stupid. Today we release the fears and open the throat to full embodiment and channeling of higher frequencies of YOU.

Energy work done throughout the class. Clearings and Activations

Q & A throughout the session

Session 7: Metamorphosis : from Caterpillar to Butterfly
Embodying the Higher Self and Integrating High Frequency 5D

week7This session will be focused on opening to your intuition. Hearing the voice of your Heart and Higher Self.

Releasing limiting thoughts and opening to trusting the inner You. 

Integrating all sessions. Quantum-Transformations to release anything that is holding you back from BEING your Higher Self.

Embodiment means LIVING the 5D energies of the New Earth.

Energy work done throughout the class. Clearings and Activations

Q & A throughout the session


5 frequency enhanced hypnosis and energy frequency sessions

Format: Downloadable MP3

2 channeled bonus MP3 with information about the Shift and upcoming Awakening

SAFE AND SECURE - 25 minutes

Format: Downloadable MP3

safeUnplug from The Matrix that says you are not good enough. Release the Collective fears that are being experienced by many Light Bearers as the Awakening is now moving swiftly. Keep your Energetic Field clear and clean through releasing fear and embodying Trust and higher frequency intuition. Release limitations around Financial Abundance. Release past life abuse and trauma, Transmutation of past life fear of Female Empowerment. Releasing ancestral fear and limitations around the physical incarnation and money. Activation of the Empowered Feminine within through New Earth Frequencies.

THE CHALLENGE 30 minutes

Format: Downloadable MP3

challHarnessing the Fire of Menopause and Ascension and integrating the Kundalini energy of enlightenment through the Subtle Body and Chakra system, anchor in the 5th Dimensional Earth Star Chakra and embody the High Frequency Chakras of your Higher Self. Clearing through the Fire of the Awakening, releasing all limitations through the subtle body that come through ancestral lines. Increase self acceptance through the Heart. Activating the Truth of Your Soul Expression, your ability to receive love and to give love to others. Detoxing on a cellular level throughout the body. Listen and allow yourself to absorb the subliminal energy and higher frequency and allow this to integrate as you fall asleep.


Format: Downloadable MP3

sweepHypnosis MP3 for rejuvenation and renewal. Allowing you to come into the present moment. Relaxing and bringing you into a deep and restful sleep. Feel rejuvenated the next morning after the subliminal suggestions are received for you to release stress and to integrate your Higher Self.


Format: Downloadable MP3

timeHypnosis MP3 taking you into your Ideal Self as you sleep. Taking you on a journey along the Golden Energy Thread to your whole and integrated multidimensional Self. Balancing your hormones energetically as you fall asleep. Restructuring the physical body on an energetic and cellular level. Aligning you with balanced hormones, lean body, tight flesh, releasing belly fat, firming breasts and energetic restructuring. Increased flexibility. Fall asleep as you listen and allow the restructuring to happen for you.


Format: Downloadable MP3

morphicFrequency enhanced and recorded on the Solar Eclipse and during the Balinese sacred day of Nyepi which is a day of silence. Clear frequency transmission. Quantum-Transformations for releasing limiting beliefs around menopause and ascension. Releasing the self from the Matrix of limiting beliefs about Menopause and the Ascension. Releasing on all levels. Bringing in Light Frequencies that will speed your ascension process effortlessly. Quantum-Transformations are imbued throughout this recording that will enable you to release from the Matrix of Collective limitation and expand into your Limitless Being and True Authentic Self.

Two Extra Special Bonuses channeled through Directly from Spirit

Bonus 1:


Format: Downloadable MP3

Time : 26 minutes

newsAs higher frequencies are being showered upon us many are feeling the effects of this and are not sure what to do with the shifts that are occurring rapidly now. This recording is frequency enhanced and aligns you with the Fuchsia frequency of heart centered awareness and embodying the Higher Self for you to express your True Authentic Self and to BE YOU!

Bonus 2:


Format: Downloadable MP3

Time : 18 minutes

manoSpontaneously channeled information for participants in the Menopause and Ascension program. Isaac is Sandra’s personal channel who are a Collective Consciousness of High Frequency. Isaac came through spontaneously during a recording session to give information about being yourself, embodying your Light and how much your Personal Soul Signature is needed now at this time on our Earth to assist in the Shifts that are taking place. A message of hope and Light to All.

Package A

Total Package Value $1,200

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $127
*** 89% Saving ***

Offer Closed

Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus


A 25 minute private Session with Sandra
over Skype or Phone

Package B

Total Package Value $1,500

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $197
*** 87% Saving ***

Offer Closed

Sandra's Clients Get AMAZING Results! Take a Look at These Stories Below.

Finally getting back my inspiration and I get things done!

"Hi Sandra!

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful call and your help to remember the importance of using Crystals again and the importance of cleansing myself after work and in most situations really, even at home when people pass by my apartment. It really made a difference to hear you explain how I could use the program, I understood it even better but I still have to cleanse myself several times a day. It has really helped me and I use your program everyday with a really good result, even if I have trouble sometimes to trust in the process but then I always stop and ask myself if this is really my feelings and most times it’s not even my thoughts.

I am finally getting back my inspiration and I get things done. I really feel that Life is changing for the better.

I also wanted to tell you that I felt like you worked with me after my it felt like an enormous funnel were lifted up from inside my head, it really was intense in other ways also.

I send you lots of love and a big thank you!"

~ Susan. Sweden

This program gave me much needed insight and knowledge I've been searching on my road to self discover!


"I feel truly blessed and grateful to have worked with Sandra. Her Quantum Transformation program has provided the much needed insight and knowledge I have long been searching for on my path of self-discovery. Her loving and caring nature will help you discover your heart and soul and the many ways to help your soul soar. If you are searching for a direction or an answer to a life question you will not want to miss an opportunity to work with Sandra. You too will be truly blessed!"

~ Cathy Gates. USA

Sandra is the only one that helped me become pain free!


"Dear Sandra,

Just a note to thank you for your kindness and to wish you the best new Year ever.
I trust that all is well with you. (Strange, the light just flickered.) You often come to thought, and you are still the only one who helped me to be pain free for a few days.

Lots of Love & Blessings,"

~ Marie, USA

Finally I feel abundance lives inside me now!

"I was lucky to meet Sandra two years ago when I came to Bali first time. She explained to me a lot about the process that I was going through and noticed that I had not been trusted to my talents and feelings. Since that time I changed, my life is very different now, I feel powerful I can help people and I discover my talents and abilities every day with a great pleasure and gratitude. That divine kick which moves me have been done by Sandra and Bali itself.

Sandra is very wise, beautiful, unbelievably sensitive, intuitive and powerful woman. Last session that I asked her to give me was about luck of abundance in my life. I had all important intentions to bring material energy in my life and I had the decision to accept gifts from life but I knew something was still blocking me from that. Sandra used an energy work and asked me questions, that pushed me to look deeper and allowed me to find the hidden reason why I have been closed to abundance. After our session finally I felt abundance lives inside me now, it was a physical sensation, and my life started to bring more surprises and gifts. This feeling is magic."

~ Katia Primorskaya (Russia)

Shifting my emotions and mental state then everything flowed and fell into place around me.

"Thank you so much Sandra.

Your awareness and access to influence immediate holistic shifts is uncanny.

I was in an entire state of confusion overwhelm indecisiveness and stuckness which rippled out to my current reality at the time. Through simple questions a few breaths and allowance Sandra energetically cleaned my body. After which I felt spacey then became quite meditative almost asleep for about 30mins during which I rested as my self adjusted to its new way of being. Consequently shifting my emotions and mental state then everything flowed and fell into place around me.

When Sandra was energetically cleaning me I felt instant change and lightness.
And all of this over Skype - remarkable. I'm pleasantly astounded.

I am so truly grateful for your care and intuition. "

~ Big loves Senaja, Australia

Senaja Breathworks

My husband and I are both sleeping better!

"Dear Sandra, bless your lovely soul for the MP3 . I can't begin to tell you how vital it was that I was home this am to hear it. My husband and I are doing much better aside from this frequency transmission keeping us from sleeping well. I am harvesting more fruits veggies and nuts than I ever have here where our growing season is about 3 months. Winter is coming and I have learned if Mother Nature give you a lot of produce, put it up !

Also wanted to tell you about my 3 cats. They are 4 and 5 years old and have practically turned into kittens since your most marvelous Crew of Light has visited and helped us all so much in the divine clearings. This may sound strange but I am dealing with the wayward natives a little at a time as I feel a more appropriate time is coming? I cannot quite understand it yet but I try to follow my instincts. Meanwhile they are misbehaving a bit and I think of how you very calmly and giggly deal with this. I have such a tendency to get soooooo frustrated, so now I picture how you do it. Thank you for being on the planet with us I think I always knew I would find souls like you. "

~ Kim (USA)

Everything is shifting!

"Dear Sandra,
Thank You So Much!!!

I'm in Awe and Gratitude! Everything is Shifting.

My Mother seems to get lifted and i can leave her at her path.
There's a growing feeling of peace in our family.

i can hold my energy at work around 75% increasingly

i am so motivated to find a new job out of survival mode into what would i love to do and am so motivated to writing new applies!

i feel uplifted and light more and more

yes and with the new man it will work out as it has to i am neutral about it.

i will integrate this as tooth brushing in the morning.

i love spending time with the replays it is a time of grace for me.
i feel so blessed and worthy.

thank you Sandra for your generous e-mails and your gift!

Much Blessings to you and i'd love to come back for a session with you when there is need.
in thankfulness "

~ Monika

After my clearing session with Sandra my stomach flatten significantly!

"What a powerful session, firstly Sandra cleared away some entities that were blocking me in many areas of my life. The following day I found some money on the street. That has never happened to me before!

More importantly I am very close to my brother, however Sandra picked up that my my sister in law was making it difficult for my brother to see me, she also picked up the anxiety that I felt when we spoke about my sister in law and how jealous she was of me. She cleared this anxiety immediately. She also healed a block between me and my brother which helped me to feel lighter.

The following day my brother contacted me and we met up a few days later. I spoke openly about how destructive I felt my sister in law was and how much she hurt me. This is the first time I spoke about this subject In ten years. He then assured me that he would not be influenced by others in future where I was concerned. Result!

I really think that Sandra has something special she is not only very healing but I felt on top of the world after the session, I was on such a high!

I really thought I had experienced a miracle. The following day I went to a barbecue and I met the co founder of a well known skin brand. He said he would give me some advice on my business idea even though he was very busy, I was over the moon. I also have a really good feeling about this guy.

Lastly I would just like to mention that I go to the gym at least four times a week but I still have a stomach after my clearing session with Sandra my stomach flatten significantly I just could not believe it. She said it was the result of having entities removed.

I told my friend about the session I had with Sandra and she signed up for her package immediately. She is very new to the Telesummit world and this is the first telesummit she has ever listened to and first package that she has every bought!

Sandra has so many powerful gifts that help to motivate heal and empower women just like me.

Her packages are amazing and the clearing soul contracts MP3 has brought me a lot of peace.

Thank you Eram for bring on such amazing speakers."

With My Warmest Regards And Love
~ Aysha

About Sandra St.Yves:

SandraQuantum Alchemist, Intuitive Energy Worker, Transformational Leader

Sandra is a Mystic, Shaman, Direct Channel, Intuitive Guide, Psychic Tarot reader, Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Founder of Quantum-Transformations and much more! 

Many people come to her to clear entities and wayward spirits from themselves and their homes and loved ones. She is adept at removing dark forces from people and curses, and has worked and studied with Islamic Mystics, shamans and Balinese Priestess to hone her skills and remove the darkness and bring in the light.

Recognised Internationally as a Master of embodied Consciousness Technology, she is a Quantum Pioneer, Psychic Guide, Spiritual Alchemist, and Consciousness Leader. With a wide range of clients from A list celebrities and corporate leaders to, sensitives, healers and Light Workers, Sandra is sought after globally for her ability to give clear guidance and make swift and life changing transformations through the Quantum Field.

Sandra has a mainstream background in Psychology and Counselling, and has over 30 years of metaphysical and psychological experience, co-creating with Guides, Angels and Masters of Consciousness Sandra integrates her channeled information with different modalities, working multidimensionally to encompass a holistic approach. Her knowledge includes Quantum Touch, Matrix, Access, EFT, Tarot, Essential Oil essences, Crystal essences, Transformational Meditation, teaching Reiki and more.

In 2006 Sandra had a heart attack at the age of 46 – her birthday in fact. This was a huge wake up call, a message to change the way she was thinking, feeling and living. She had been in the dark night of the soul for many years, sent her guides away and was angry with life, her guides and The Universe for ‘allowing’ this to happen. The irony is that she was a psychology lecturer, facilitated stress reduction workshops, and taught healing and meditation classes! Yet she was depressed, suicidal and a workaholic.

Sandra changed her life through reconnecting with the voice of her soul, reconnecting with her Guides, Channeling a Collective Consciousness she named Isaac, and mastering consciousness technology. Sandra guides others to do this for themselves and to realise that we all hold the answers to our own lives. She can guide and can psychically see what needs to be changed or facilitated, yet she firmly believe that you already hold the answers to what you need in your life.

Sandra “plays” in the quantum fields of energetics, vibration and frequency and channels these fields for others to experience their own unique transformation that expands out into all areas of their lives. 

“It is an amazing feeling to see someone with tired eyes leave my practice with the soul shining out of them and knowing that what they require is all here for them NOW.”

Sandra also works with guides, angels, her channel Isaac and beautiful beings of light that enter with the clients who come for guidance and transformation. These beings of consciousness are there to facilitate the transmutation of consciousness for their charges. She watches them surround her clients with love and literally with light. 

“I feel blessed to have such experience in my life and in my ‘work’, for how can I call this work?”

Sandra is the founder of Quantum Transformation, an energy technique that integrates energy psychology and working in the quantum field to affect dynamic transformations of the individual. Releasing limiting belief systems, recognizing life themes and releasing emotional, mental and physical pain. She has a strong conviction that she is living her purpose and that we are all here to connect with our hearts and by doing so we learn to enter a peaceful place that enables us to enter into the multidimensional self that we all are.

Sandra integrates her mainstream psychological background with her intuitive energy work in the Quantum Field, which enables her to come from different levels or areas of expertise.


7 live weekly 90 minute webinar group sessions + 5 frequency enhanced hypnosis and energy frequency sessions + 2 Bonuses

Discount: 89% Off
Total Package Value $1,200
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $127
Offer Closed


7 live weekly 90 minute webinar group sessions + 5 frequency enhanced hypnosis and energy frequency sessions + 2 Bonuses + A 25 minute private Session with Sandra

Discount: 87% Off
Total Package Value $1,500
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $197
Offer Closed

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