18.1% Of The Population Suffers From An Anxiety Disorder Or Depression
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This hidden force is shaping your reality - your life. And it’s at the core of determining your level of health, well-being, and overall success. 

Try answering these questions to see if this hidden force is affecting you on or more areas of your life..

Is Your Health Being Sabotage By This Hidden Force?


IIf you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your health is being blocked by this hidden force.


You’re not in this alone. And it’s not your fault.

We are living in an age where anxiety disorders are very, VERY common. 

The Anxiety And Depression Association (ADAA) estimates that 1 in 5 people are affected by this crippling mental illness. And 95% of people aren’t even aware they’re anxious!

One in every five people you meet experience what you’re experiencing right now and are completely unaware of how this powerful hidden force can turn their lives around in an instant…


Once you liberate yourself from being negatively affected by this hidden force you will instantly start to experience astonishing benefits and changes in your life:

So What Is This Hidden Force Preventing You From Living A Healthy & Energetic Life?  

Introducing Lifetron Energy Healing  

Lifetrons are sparks of intelligent energy that constitute life. These are intelligent sub-atomic particles that run our body and mind automatically. If the amount of Lifetrons gets depleted, the body and mind start to become unhealthy. Lifetrons are particles of life energy, just like electricity particles, which science calls electrons. Just like science has found a way to harness electrons and transmit them to your home, Sanjay Nimar has found a way to harness Lifetrons and transmit them to your body directly.

The main purpose of Lifetron Therapy is to help your body and mind to grow in the presence of a positive energetic environment. A baby plant requires a positive environment where there is plenty of sunshine, water and nourishment, to grow into a healthy tree. Similarly, humans need a positive environment to grow into healthy and happy individuals. Unfortunately many of us were born and brought up in very negative energetic environments and as a result developed many physical and emotional diseases as we grew up. The negative environment that we experienced at a young age sets us up on a harmful life trajectory.

The constant presence of positive energy of Lifetrons, helps us reverse the damage done to our body and mind and helps us to start developing in the positive direction. As your body gets replenished with Lifetrons your body and mind begin to heal relatively quickly.

24/7 Lifetron Energy Transmission From Himalayas

Item 1- 30 Days Of 24 Hour Lifetron Energy Transmission From Himalayas

Lifetron Energy Healing is the helping hand that pulls you out from the sinking quicksand that is anxiety and depression. Lifetron provides you with a 24/7 energetic protection and will make you feel safe in your body and your life. The 24/7 positive energy will reverse the damaging effect on the body, mind and life. You will notice an immediate energetic shift and you will start to feel better at every level of your being...


Total Package Value: $250 

From Heartache To Joy Special Offer only $97


Sanjay Nimar is an expert in metaphysics, psychology,​​ energy medicine,​ and technology​. He studied from a teacher in the lineage of Yogananda Paramahansa (Autobiography of a Yogi). He holds advanced degrees in management and engineering from top rated schools in the United States. Sanjay worked at Motorola for sixteen years where he was one of the inventors of 3G and 4G cellular systems. Using his scientific and spiritual knowledge Sanjay has engineered an unprecedented healing system that heals the body and mind with particles of life energy that are remotely transmitted from the Himalayas 24/7 to a person anywhere on the planet.

Sanjay is fast becoming one of the most powerful healers on the planet, with over 400 Google-verified 5 star reviews from clients all over the world. With guidance from some of the most advanced spiritual teachers in history, along with over 50,000 hours of his own practices, Sanjay has gained immense wisdom and spiritual powers over the years.

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