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Download Eram and Susan interview

Download MP3

Opening Your SoulStar Chakra to the Akashic Records

A guided meditation to access, open, and recalibrate the SoulStar chakra (just above back of head). This chakra is your personal portal to all other dimensions of reality. Susan will attune you to access your own Akashic Records through this chakra.

Download MP3

Package A

  • Unlocking Ascension Group Immersion Experience
  • Discover Your SoulPrint Quiz and Special Report
  • Unlocking Ascension Private Facebook Group

This package is designed for you to Unlock Your Ascension, discover your personal SoulPrint, reconnect and reclaim your Soul’s true destiny and personal Sovereignty. Step into your true purpose and open the life changing doorway to the life of profound joy and meaning.

Say YES to this package and you will start to notice the shifts immediately!


Unlocking Ascension Group Immersion Experience

4 x 75-90 minute sessions (including session Q &A times) of powerful energy healing experiences AND bonus audios, all for immediate download. PLUS additional LIVE 75-minute Q & A session on your SoulPrint and Ascension Questions via Zoom.

Unlocking Ascension Group Immersion Experience includes 4, 75 minute powerful energy healing experiences. Susan has tuned in, to Spirit and your unique energy  to take you on profound spiritual journeys AND teach you surprisingly simple, real-life energy skills that will literally change the world around you—because they change the world within you.

As you unlock the mystery of your Soul’s true destiny and your personal Sovereignty in these spiritual and practical processes, you’ll feel great confidence, enjoy deeper happiness, improve your relationships (and manifesting skills), and start creating Soul-powered success in your Earth life.

These are richly experiential sessions which include guided journeys and powerful healing work to clear stuck or tangled energy along with interfering entities/cords/curses/blocks, plus expand your energy awareness and empowerment. You’ll be opened to the magic and joy of being here as the Amazing Soul you truly are.

SPECIAL NOTE: Each session has an opening Group Connection meditation, a teaching time, at least one guided process/journey, and a Q & A section.

Feel free to “break up” your listening time as you choose among these sections, to fully absorb the information, energies, and processes.

Group Healing Session #1: Discover Your Soul Print

Self-awareness is the core of all transformation. As Spirit revealed to Susan:
Seek not to CHANGE who you essentially are,
But to BECOME who you essentially are.

When you know your SoulPrint, you know that core essence of You and can finally align with it instead of unconsciously fighting it and smothering it with conditioned fears and beliefs from others.

Knowing your SoulPrint is the first step into the freedom of personal Sovereignty that is your birthright.

In this session, you’ll unlock the mystery of your Spiritual Secret Identity. Learn where you really came from, why you're here, and what you most need to do to move up your own Arc of Ascension. And take a journey into your spiritual Home Realm to reconnect with your most powerful support energies and spirit beings.

Download Q & A MP3
Download MP3

Group Healing Session #2: Free Your Soul

Each SoulPrint has particular spiritual and Earth-based challenges—think of them as customized resistance training that builds Soul strength, resilience, and empowerment.

Susan calls the spiritual issues "interference" because the energies of the beings and forces involved quite literally interfere with your own energy patterns, your ability to connect to Guidance, and your abilities to step on and stay on your Soul's true path and purpose here.

In this potent session, you’ll efficiently release up to 10 different types of energetic interference, including soul wounds, spirit attachments, karma, ancestral issues, past-life traumas, and energy bindings (cords, contracts, entanglements) in a guided SourcePoint Energy Clearing process.

Plus experience a profoundly healing Akashic Record Redirect to change the “feed” from your past lives out of the pain and trauma of Old Earth energies to joy and wisdom gained from your prior lifetime experiences.

You’ll feel dramatically freer, lighter, more at peace with yourself, and more compassionate toward prior painful events. Obstacles may “magically” move aside as your energy stops attracting unnecessary challenges!

Download Q & A MP3

Group Healing Session #3: Ground and Flow 2.0

Clearing is like a massive clean sweep of your energy "house." But if you have structural issues such as a cracked foundation or broken windows, unwanted energies can still intrude through those weak places and gradually undo the work of the Clearing.

So now you’ll step into personal energy mastery, by taking the basics "up the spiral" into more Ascended forms which will nurture, anchor, and empower your Soul in your embodiment here.

Everyone knows about Grounding, right? But what you may not know is that as a Soul from another Realm (or blended Realms), you may not benefit from "standard" Grounding practices.

If you've ever felt vaguely uncomfortable with "grounding into the earth" or have difficulty grounding in the ways that you were taught, or just plain don't like grounding, this session is going to change that for you!

Not only will you discover two essential (but rarely-shared) aspects of effective Grounding, you'll learn a powerful way to access the Cosmic Flow from your own personal spiritual reservoir to complete the circuit between the heavens and the earth plane through the form of your own body and energy system.

And you'll learn how to ground other people and places to create calmer, more peaceful environments around you, and help other people instantly feel better (even if they don't know why!).

Download Q & A MP3
Download PDF
Download MP3

Group Healing Session #4: Beautiful + Bountiful Energy Boundaries

Meta-Humans are sensitive souls who need effective ways to feel safe in the world AND fully express their desires and gifts. In this unique session, you'll be guided to simple, highly effective practices that literally change the way people treat you—instantly!

This is a huge boost to your manifesting abilities! Enjoy how the Universe and the physical world respond to your true Soul energy and desires, instead of conditioned, stuck energies in your fields that obscure your Soul's natural harmony with the spiritual realms and Earth plane.

Plus, Susan will be treating you to a full Energy Boundary Makeover!

This Energy Boundary repair process has been instantly effective for hundreds of people in Susan’s live workshops and individual sessions. You'll feel the results right away, and you'll be able to reinforce them whenever you wish with your bonus accompanying Energy Boundary Repair Guide.

Now you’ll be able to immediately restore integrity to your Boundaries when life knocks them a bit out of whack.

All sessions have been recorded for you to receive when best for you!

Listen in sections, on your own schedule.

Download Q & A MP3
Download MP3
Download Grab Bag MP3

Group Session #5: New! LIVE 75-minute Q&A session on your Ascension Questions.

Date: April 29, 2022 12:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

  • This renewed package is already enriched from the original offer with 5 Q & A sessions along with the 4 Group Immersions.
  • BUT Susan loves working with people LIVE, and so she has generously added in an additional LIVE 75-minute Q & A session on your Ascension Questions for package purchasers!
  • This is specially timed to allow you to take in all 4 Group Immersion sessions plus the recorded Q & A for each session. Susan wants to be sure that you've received best results from the package, and then focus on your energy LIVE to answer YOUR personal questions PLUS give you a mini-reading or energy healing right on the call! Any topic from the sessions is fair game: clarifying your unique/blended SoulPrint, Clearing, Grounding, Boundaries, or the Ego. This is a powerful opportunity to experience Susan's energy and Akashic downloads LIVE, so be sure to take advantage of it!
Download MP3


Discover Your SoulPrint Quiz & Special Report

Decode your SoulPrint with this simple yet highly accurate and eye-opening quiz, then dive into the Special Report/Guidebook to discover the fascinating journey of your Soul—from Headquarters to the Earth zone and back out to your spiritual Home Realm.

You’ll understand yourself and the most important people in your life more deeply than you’d dreamed you could, and you’ll be ready to unlock your ascension into your most rewarding Earth experience possible when you join the Immersion Experience.

Download Quiz
Download Report


Unlocking Ascension Private Facebook Group

Join our exclusive private Unlocking Ascension community on Facebook to interact with Susan and your Meta-Human Soul Tribe

  • Find Souls from your same Realm, share insights, and get support for whatever is coming up on your 30-day journey.
  • Susan will be in the group frequently to answer your questions, encourage you, and share special bonuses and Spirit downloads only available within the group

Available for a Limited Time Only

Get the FREE Bonus Audio Session: Making Peace with Your Mind and Ego

This full-length (55-minute) audio session offers a radically compassionate, Spirit-guided approach to working with your human mind and ego. We are often trapped by the endless loop of negative thoughts, so much so that we don’t even realise that it’s happening most of the time. We have become so enslaved that we are no longer in charge of how we feel, what we think, or how we act! And what ends up happening is we keep repeating the negative patterns day after day, creating our own suffering…!

This EXCLUSIVE audio session is offered as a blessing from Susan Sinclair to make peace with your mind and ego so that they are faithful companions to your Soul--instead of irritations or even enemies! You’ll feel a sense of ease and peace about being human that you never knew before as you embrace these misunderstood, yet essential elements of your human system.

Download MP3

Package B

  • EVERYTHING in Package A
  • 55-minute VIP Ascension Acceleration Session


55-Minute VIP Ascension Acceleration Session
(12 sessions only)

If you want to truly accelerate your ascension, beyond even Susan Sinclair’s REVOLUTIONARY new program, you have the extraordinary opportunity to claim a private, in-depth, one-on-one, 55-minute Ascension Accelerator Reading + Healing session with Susan. This offer is EXCLUSIVE to our FHTJ community!

As your Soul Advocate and Arbiter, Susan will clear even the most hidden and longstanding, binding agreements/energies that are impacting your life and your living space, and your Spirit Allies will literally change your future in the high vibrations of your Soul Records.

In this deep-dive experience, Susan will be your personal guide into your Akashic Records, to reveal and heal even the most ancient of soul wounds, clear interference from your home, and share direct downloads from your Spirit Allies about your personal concerns or questions.

This is some of the work Susan will be doing with you in this 55 minutes, completely customized session:

  • Identify the exact type of Meta-Human Soul you are–ESPECIALLY if you are a Blend or have a long Soul History–and how can you use that as the superpower it truly is
  • Activate comprehensive clearing of hidden, harmful contracts and energies that are blocking your Ascension
  • Bring into your own body the ease and peace from your highest Akashic energies being directly downloaded into your system--as they change your future for the better
  • Reveal your specific timelines right now--and literally fold, bend, or shift your pathways to cleanse your timeline of needless pain and suffering
  • Transmit profound Spirit-downloaded Guidance on your deepest, unanswered questions about career, relationships, or important decisions to create your best life from here

This can truly be your COMPLETE Soul Ascension support so you can navigate through these turbulent times!

In order to confirm your appointment, you need to review and agree to:

1. The Graceflow, LLC Terms and Conditions HERE:
2. The Graceflow Healing Arts Client Waiver Form HERE:

PLEASE NOTE that you agree to use any audio/video recordings of your session for personal use ONLY, and that you will not share recordings privately or publicly in any form.

{I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Client Waiver Form}

SPECIAL NOTE: Susan has set availability for these exclusive VIP Ascension Sessions to begin in MAY. This is specially timed for your Highest Good!

Susan’s desire is to allow you to take in all 4 Group Immersion sessions + the Live Q & A, BEFORE experiencing your Private Session.

This will ensure you have sufficient time to both receive and ACTIVATE all the information and processes from the Group Immersion and Q & A.

Then, in your Private Session, you’ll have the personal attention and focused healing energies from Susan for YOUR specific questions and concerns about your SoulPrint, Soul Contracts, Entity/Karma Clearing, and anything that is unique to YOUR Meta-Human experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I can’t make the live Q & A Session on April 29?

This special Q & A will be recorded on Zoom, and the link to access/download it will be posted on your FHTJ Download Page. You can tune in when it’s convenient for you! 

Plus, you can email Susan your SoulPrint or Ascension questions ahead of time, so you can be sure your question will be answered during the live session.

Q. What if I don’t have time to listen to a session all at once?

Each session has an opening Group Connection meditation, a teaching time, at least one guided process/journey, and a Q & A section. 

Feel free to “break up” your listening time as you choose among these sections, to fully absorb the information, energies, and processes.

Q. What if I’m not on Facebook?

All the information and bonus materials will also be sent via email (including session recording links), so you won’t miss anything essential from the Immersion experience. However, Susan does offer support and extra attention within the Facebook group (as well as fun posts and special Spirit downloads) that will benefit you. The Facebook group also offers the opportunity to interact with your fellow Meta-Humans more deeply and get day-to-day support for life’s challenges. Please do consider joining temporarily to receive all the Facebook group benefits!

Q. What commitment do I need to make to get the most from the sessions?

Beyond listening to the Zoom sessions and participating in our supportive Facebook group, the biggest requirement is a willingness to allow change in your awareness, choices, and actions. You will have all the tools, resources, and support you need, but you still need to accept that, if you truly want to be a Sovereign Soul, it is your personal responsibility to practice the energy processes and use the tools daily, and to bring questions to the group or to Susan when they arise.

Each session will release significant amounts of old, stuck energies in a very short amount of time, so it’s important that you eat well, stay hydrated, get outside and move your body (to literally move the energies!), and rest when necessary.

Q. When can I expect results?

Subtle energies move faster than light, so energy shifts can happen immediately. Depending on your sensitivity to energy, you may feel tingles, heat or cold, or other physical indications of energy moving. You may also feel lighter, happier, freer, or otherwise “better” during and right after the Group Immersion session.

Because our physical bodies and Earth itself are much denser energy, changes at those levels come more slowly. But when you set your intention to be open to change and to do your part in facilitating it, results are likely to be quicker.

Q. Do I need to repeat listening to the Group Immersion sessions to get faster results?

Because the Group Immersion sessions are quite powerful, it is best to let the energies finish integrating for several days before tuning in again. Each session is intended to release what is ready to go with greatest ease and efficiency at the time of the session, so you may benefit from repeating a process in a session (if you feel a prompt to do so) a few times within or even beyond the 30-day Immersion Experience. Like a good story, the energies hold layers and you may learn or receive something during a repeat that you didn’t notice the first time!

Q. What kinds of results can I expect?

You are a unique vibrational being, and your system will respond individually to the Clearing and healing energies in each Group Immersion session.

Generally, you can expect a bit of energy detox as you release the significant amounts of “debris” that have been held or stuck in your system after each Group Immersion session. Detox is basically a call from the body to slow down your activity so the body can clear the physical toxins. When you honor the body, detoxing naturally eases up considerably! And Susan will provide Aftercare Recommendations that will greatly support and ease any detoxing symptoms.

As you move through the sessions, you can expect improvements in your outlook, relationships, and opportunities. Intend and expect to find more humor in life, more natural joy in your everyday activities, and more certainty about who you are and what you need to do next on your journey to fulfill your Soul’s destiny here.

It’s best to not attach to very specific outcomes (a new job in 3 days, etc), as this actually constricts the energy flow of manifestation from the Universe. Stay open to the essence of what you desire (for example: prosperity—in expected and unexpected ways), and allow the Universe to find the path of greatest Flow and least resistance to bring in what you desire.

Finally, expect to be happily surprised by unexpected gifts from the Universe as the sessions progress!

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