Get Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions,
Reveal Your Purpose & Get Rid Of Blocks!

A REAL LIFE Top Gun Who Not Only Flies Through Air
But Through DIMENSIONS!!!
Will help you in finding the answer to ANY question you have about your past, present or future!

"Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet." Nobel Prize winning physicist Niels Bohr

As woo woo and incredible as jumping dimensions sounds, we recently learned from experts like Pam Oslie, that such things are not only possible but ALREADY EXIST. There are people who are regularly jumping through dimensions and can read timelines in people’s lives easily. You have the chance to talk with me of the best!

With his help, you can . . .

  • Find answers to something that has happened in the past or is happening in the present that is puzzling.
  • Make decisions that require you to make a choice ... should I do this or that?
  • Should I stay or leave? Is this relationship meant to last if I put in effort or should I part amicably now?
  • Health issues: Current or future (Yes he can see if few years down the road you will face issues in any area so you can just your behavior now)
  • If you’re going through a challenge now: When will it end? How can I make it easier on myself or what can I do to mitigate this so it will go away ASAP?
  • What is written in your destiny? How to change what you don’t like.
  • Questions about loved ones, family members, children.


No! While it is true that we can’t measure the phenomenon of dimension jumping as it happens, science has been able to explain that it does happen and HOW it happens.

According to Einstein,
“TIME is the fourth dimension.”

And just like you exist in the 3 dimensional world, you also exist in this 4th dimension, but you just don’t know how to navigate it yet.

A dimension jumper is able to control and focus their frequency so that they are able to jump to the other dimension(s) to find the answers WHILE also being present in the present dimensions so they can relay & describe what they are seeing in the future or the past.

Meet Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan is a personal friend of Eram’s and an accomplished and seasoned quantum jumper. While he has been flying through dimensions for over 30 years, he has NEVER been introduced on any public platform. EVER!

That’s because he likes to stay under the radar and only works with people that come through a personal introduction or referral. You can hear his mind blowing story on the call with Eram….it’s the kind of stuff straight out of a sci-fi movie!

Eram has known him for many years now and has witnessed first hand the incredible accuracy of his talents & predictions. While she wanted for many years to introduce him on her show, he wasn’t ready and didn’t feel it was time.

One of the reasons for his reluctance was that Sohail’s day job is one of the toughest in the world: Test pilot. In his youth he was a Fighter Jet Pilot for Pakistan Air Force and fought in missions. He later left the Air Force and Pakistan to become a test pilot; a job only the best of pilots can perform. Test pilots have to be the best because they fly planes that are not yet proven so they have to react quickly if anything goes wrong. They make sure these new planes are operational and have no faults. Sohail was a test pilot for fighter jets like the F-16 and later he became a test pilot for well known aircraft manufacturing companies. He’s still currently employed as a senior test pilot.

As you can see, his two gifts don’t go together at all! On the one hand, pilots need to go through rigorous mental and fitness tests on a quarterly basis, and on the other hand, one experiences realms at a quantum level internally that simply aren’t comprehensible for average people.

But the Universe has a quirky sense of humor!

He/She/It took one of the most accomplished jet pilots… who had already conquered the air space with his flying; to also become a traveler through dimensions and portals until he mastered that as well! 🙂 Yeah! This could be in one of the comic books really!

In reality, his journey was very arduous and full of difficulties. This is not an easy gift to master! And it requires exceptional will power and strength to carry on.. As you will see….

Although he was most likely born with this ability, it lay dormant until he was an adult. This ability/channel opened up for him quite suddenly in his mid twenties ….when he was just a young pilot flying fighter jets on military missions.

Sohail’s First Brush With Destiny

The first time Sohail’s gift manifested, he was woken in the middle of the night, only to see his roommate at the Air Force base (also a pilot and a friend) on his bed engulfed in flames!

He immediately jumped up and threw blankets over his friend to try to put out the fire and yelled for help frantically.

Only to find a few seconds later, his friend was terribly annoyed at being woken up suddenly. He had been sleeping peacefully and there was no sign of any fire!

This really confused Sohail….since the fire had seemed very, very real. He knew he was awake when he saw the fire. What's more, he had even SMELLED the burning flesh and hair! Perplexed, he chalked it off to a bad dream or a weird hallucination and they both went to sleep after laughing it off. During the day, he still puzzled over it as he had never had hallucinations of any kind before.

A couple of nights later it happened again.

Sohail again saw his friend engulfed in flames and again he felt it so acutely that he couldn’t resist immediately jumping over to his friend's bed to try to save his life and put out the fire.

Yet once again, after a few moments he discovered that there was no fire, no flames and not even any smoke!

By now, he shared a room with a very angry friend who wasn’t happy at all about being woken up over and over for no reason. Since Sohail had a reputation as a prankster, the friend now firmly believed that Sohail was up to his usual antics and warned him that if he didn’t quit this nonsense, he would report Sohail to the commanding officer. No matter how many times Sohail tried to explain he wasn’t goofing around, his friend didn’t believe him. There was no logical explanation for what Sohail had seen or why.

The next night Sohail was resolved not to let this strange thing happen again but happen it did! And exactly the same way as before. His friend engulfed in flames, the smell of burning flesh and hair in the air.

And you guessed it; Sohail frantically tried to put the fire out again.

Yet, as had happened before, after a few moments he saw there was no fire but a really, really p….. off friend!

This time the friend was fed up and reported Sohail to their CO in the morning. Needless to say, Sohail got what was coming to him according to strict military protocol and as part of his punishment, he was removed from the room he shared with his friend.

Life would’ve gone on as normal except for a terrible tragedy at the Air Force Base a few days later.

A jet on a flying mission unfortunately crashed and the pilot died because he was not able to eject in time. His canopy had malfunctioned and gotten stuck and wouldn't open. The pilot was the very same roommate/friend that Sohail had been seeing engulfed in flames during the previous nights. Since his canopy didn’t open, the crashed jet caught fire and the pilot died in the fire, engulfed in flames. May his soul rest in peace.

As one can imagine, this experience shook Sohail to his core. Not just the tragic loss of his friend but the fact that he had “seen” exactly what was going to happen a few days before it actually happened!

Many people on the base knew about the “dreams” but couldn’t explain how or why Sohail had gotten the visions. As is usual when people can’t explain something, eventually everyone brushed it aside. Including Sohail. He was passionate about his flying career and didn’t want to focus on anything but that. After mourning the loss of his friend, Sohail was ready for life to go back to “normal”.

But God had other plans……

The Second warning: Another Crash!

A few weeks later, the visions started again!

This time he saw one of his senior instructors having trouble with his aircraft and crashing. In spite of the strict punishment he had received previously, Sohail couldn't restrain himself. It was as if he was being pushed by some unseen force, so he rushed to warn his senior officer.

(He would later learn that when you receive such “messages” or “warnings” for people, the urge to share it with them is so strong that it feels like you will die if you don’t pass on the message)

Sohail shared his “vision” with the senior officer as the officer was about to go on the flight mission for that day. He rebuffed Sohail sternly; as was expected.

But after sending him away, this officer did pay heed to what Sohail had shared with him. He was aware of the story of the previous crash and Sohail's preceding visions. So he quietly canceled his flight mission for that day and ordered a thorough check up of the aircraft.

This move ended up saving his life!

The check up revealed a serious malfunction in the jet that had somehow gone unnoticed and had he flown off that day, his aircraft would’ve crashed shortly after take off! That crash would have also not left any survivors.

Sohail’s senior officers were all made aware of this instance including the base commander. No one knew what to do about all this. Sohail was one of their top pilots with a bright future and the Air Force now didn’t know what to do with him.

These were very bright minds who had mastered the field of aerodynamics and who had lots of courage ……but no one could explain what was going on with this young pilot! How in the world could one make sense of what he was experiencing? The most perplexed and distressed was the young pilot Sohail who found himself embroiled in the middle of all this.

Sohail had himself had a couple of crashes which he survived. He now started to wonder if maybe they had caused brain damage of some sort!

As you can imagine, he was absolutely desperate for answers.

So the senior officers did what you would expect from a bunch of left brained people. They put him on temporary leave and referred him to the base psychiatrist. Hoping she would figure out what was going on with him or his brain. To be an Air Force fighter pilot, it is a strict requirement to be mentally and physically fit and pilots have to go through routine, rigorous check ups.

By this time, Sohail was getting more “visions” and was convinced he was going mad. The psychistartist put him through a lot of tests and MRIs.

The evaluations and tests found him perfectly normal and of sane mind. The psychiatrist couldn't explain the phenomenon that Sohail was going through….but part of her doubted it was all a coincidence….maybe they were some lucky guesses. Or perhaps temporary hallucinations that somehow came true.

She mentioned that as a possibility to Sohail.

He then asked her, “ Would you like me to tell you about your life? Because while spending time with you I have gotten a lot of information about your past, present and future.”

To humor him, she played along and said sure, why not.

The reading of the Air Force Psychiatrist; a major turning point!

What Sohail then told her about her own life, SHOCKED her. There were things of a very personal nature that no one could’ve known, especially an officer who only knew her in an official capacity. He could not only describe important aspects from her own life but of those connected to her.

All of it was 100% accurate! She was speechless!

She then asked him if he could see her future? He said yes and could tell her. She was blown away! (And it all came true by the way)

At the conclusion of her official evaluation, she told Sohail that while there was no medical justification for what was happening, her considered opinion was that whatever Sohail’s “gift” was, it was real. And that he should consider it seriously. But in order not to jeopardize his career, she was going to give a certificate of “mentally stable and fit,” because in reality he was quite stable and fit. Both mentally and physically.

In parting, she advised Sohail that he should become much more careful about what he shared regarding his visions and with whom. Such gifts would not be understood nor welcome in the normal world, especially the military. Especially in the 1980s! It could ruin his future as a pilot.

And this started Sohail’s long journey of learning and mastering the art of jumping dimensions, viewing time lines, making timeline adjustments and helping many, many people around the world!

An interdimensional "portal," is like an opening in the fabric of space and time that allows space voyagers to travel faster than the speed of light, through "hyperspace," as a quick shortcut to anywhere, or any-when, in the universe.

Almost 30 years later, Sohail can read a person within seconds….even if they are not in front of him or even if someone just mentions something about them.

As a fighter jet pilot, Sohail could already travel at speeds faster than the speed of sound, now he was able to travel interdimensionally at speeds faster than the speed of light, at will and with a destination in mind!!!

No Top Gun in any Air Force or Space program in the world has been known to do this (unless there's someone hiding in the closet somewhere)!

Along the way over the the last 30 years, Sohail moved to Toronto and has helped many people with challenges like:

  • Make better choices
  • Readings about their futures
  • Understand why they are in the situation they are in and how to adjust it
  • Make better business decisions
  • Make informed decisions in personal life that are of the highest benefit
  • Make better investments or avoid bad investments
  • Identify the back stabbers in one's life that appear to be friends
  • Save marriages/avert divorce
  • Identify a soulmate/love interest in the future (he can give accurate descriptions as he can actually see them)
  • Warn people about their own or loved one’s health issues that they may not yet be aware of.
  • Find out what the future holds and make adjustments now that are needed for a more beneficial outcome
  • And much more

(Note: Although Sohail can easily see if his client’s partner is having an affair, he chooses not to share that information unless it’s absolutely in the client’s best interest to know or they are in danger of harm from the partner)

In these 30 years Sohail has never appeared publicly with his talent nor does he like to talk about it publicly.

Understandably so, as Sohail is still a test pilot for a jet manufacturing company. With over 8,000 flying hours under his belt, he is considered one of the most experienced pilots in his field.

But he has also built an exclusive practice of high end clients that he has guided through all kinds of life issues; both professional and personal. He has:

  • Prevented many divorces
  • Warned people to get a check up for a particular organ BEFORE the disease manifested
  • Detected a serious disease with people that were complete strangers but who took heed of his warning and sure enough got the treatment just in time.

Sohail has himself been an entrepreneur and has run and sold businesses and gives financial advice in making decisions.

How Eram Met Sohail & Was Blown Away!

Sohail was introduced to Eram many years ago through a mutual friend. She immediately realized and understood that this guy has a special gift. But it took her a while to realize how unique that gift was. Since she is always surrounded by healers and psychics because of her business, she is not easily impressed by psychic readings, even if they are good.

Eram thought he would be like many other psychics she dealt with on a regular basis. Good, but nothing she hadn’t seen before.

But even she wasn’t prepared for the uncanny accuracy of his predictions and readings. Truly, she had never met anyone like him.

To “test” him, she asked, “What can you read about me?”

To which he replied, “Anything you want.”

Being a public figure and a professional speaker, she knew that a lot of information about who she was and her past was available online. So, she threw him a curve ball and asked him to describe her house and her bedroom in particular. This information was only known to her, her very close friends, and her own daughters.

Sohail not only described her house in detail, but the way he described it, knocked her socks off! Not only was this info not of any particular importance, none of it was available publicly. Even if you put the address in Google Earth, it wouldn’t give you the info that Sohail gave her. The color of the curtains, the furniture, the layout of the house, the people he saw in the house, her yard and even the basketball court in the back that wasn’t used!

In her own words she describes it as,

"When Sohail started describing my house and my room, the words he used were as if he was standing in the room right next to me and looking at the house from that perspective. He could even see my house from the top. He ended the description by saying that you have tall glass doors in your bedroom and you are looking through them into your backyard where there is a pool and the pool has a waterfall…..I nearly dropped my phone because that's exactly where I was standing and what I was looking at… felt as if he is standing right next to me but I knew he was thousands of miles away in Toronto!!!!"

After that, Eram started consulting with Sohail as one of her “regular” go to people when faced with a challenge and they became good friends. Sometimes Sohail's analysis or prediction would be completely out of the box or unexpected and at times was in complete opposition to what others were saying, but unerringly he would always turn out to be correct in the end.

Over the years, Sohail has guided Eram many times. Sometimes by gently nudging her in a direction where he sees benefit for her and sometimes stopping her from moving in a direction which she later realized would have caused problems. He has given her advice regarding her personal life, her children, her business, her relatives and her future destiny and life purpose. All have come true with minor variations! Except her destiny which is still a few years away…….:)

Available for a Limited Time Only

For the first time ever, Sohail’s 1-1 Sessions are finally available to the public! At a discounted rate….ONLY through FHTJ!

It has taken many years for Eram to convince Sohail to come on her platform and offer his services to her community. Dimension jumping takes a lot of energy and focus and for 30 years he has developed a very private, referral-only practice with very high-end clients that seek guidance from him on a regular basis.

You won’t find him online, nor will you find a website or a social profile. He is extremely private and his clientele appreciate his discretion and exclusivity.

You can imagine how hard it was for Eram to convince him to appear on FHTJ! But she convinced him that her community is the right body of people that will not only benefit from his gift but will treat it with the proper respect and understanding it requires and deserves.

Therefore, he will NOT appear on any other platform anywhere else—online or otherwise.

Eram convinced him that her community is the right body of people that will not only benefit from his gift but will treat it with the proper respect and understanding it requires and deserves.

This is not only the first time he is appearing publicly, it may also be the last.

So, if you are interested in getting some real answers, get a session with Sohail NOW.

He can not only “read” your past, present and future timelines, he can suggest remedies in order to change the future to a favorable outcome. Sohail believes that anything is possible through the power of prayer which is often the remedy he recommends.

Each session he conducts, starts with an energy container of the highest Divine frequencies so you are actually get healing as the reading is going on.

Get Your 60 min 1-1 Session With Sohail

What Happens In a 1-1 Session With Sohail?

There is usually A LOT of information that comes through in each session. So in order to make the most of each session, we have arranged for you:

  • A 60 min 1-1 session on Zoom which will be recorded.

    It will be audio only but the recording will be provided to you as there is a lot of information that flows through.

  • Prepare your most pressing 3 questions and ask them first. Once these are answered and there is still time left, you may ask another question or simply ask him to tell you what else is coming through.

In his many experiences with people and traveling through the universes, Sohail has developed a deep and abiding respect for The Divine, The Creator.

He prides himself in being a humble slave to The Creator and holds His/Her will as the absolute.

While being a devout Muslim, he holds all religions and beliefs to be sacred. As long as you believe there is a Divine Intelligence of some sort out there, you will be able to benefit from his work. Even if you are an atheist, you can get the answers you seek, but the remedies he suggests to fix a timeline (if required) may or may not be in alignment with your beliefs.

So if you’re ready to open the doors and REVEAL your destiny, GET YOUR SESSION with Sohail Khan now.

"My session with Sohail has helped me deeply in dealing with stressful issues in my life. His strength and confidence combined with a free and happy spirit felt very healing and supportive. Some evidence that he was „real“ was that he could see issues with my teeth before I told him and I had been struggling with gum infections for the past months. The predictions he made for the future took a lot of weight and worries off my mind and on other levels alerted me to give more attention to my health. Overall I really enjoyed Sohail‘s powerful, warm energy and I would warmly recommend him."

~ Doris Attwood

"My session with Sohail was eye opening. He was able to identify specific issues that helped craft the direction of my coming year. He's incredible if you want to know your direction and important decisions that you may need to make."

~ Chris Atwood

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