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Download Eram and Stewart interview

Download MP3

Package A


12 Angelic Destiny Codes
Activate Your Super Star Potential PDF

Upgrade Your DNA and Change Yourself Forever as you embody your Divine
Superstar Presence with the help of these miraculous Activation Codes.

Download MP3
Download PDF

Angelic Destiny Code 1

This code was given by SANDALPHON the great Angelic Guardian of planet Earth, and the physicality of your being. It is designed to vibrate on a pure level of your biology……….this will stir your DNA into accelerated growth through the great TREE OF LIFE that exists within the spirals of your DNA.

Angelic Destiny Code 2

This code was given by GABRIEL the great Angel Messenger, who brought the Koran to Mohammed, and the birth tidings of the Christ to Mary his Mother. This code reveals your divine blueprint to you by bringing to you your life lessons.

Angelic Destiny Code 3

This code was given by RAPHAEL the great Angel Healer and is designed to help you open your BEING by activating your body’s light vehicle for Ascension. In speaking this code you will pulse your heart in its beat, so sending waves of light through your field or aura.

Angelic Destiny Code 4

This code was given by JOPHIEL the great Angel Liberator, as a sonic transmission that aligns our 3D mind with our Quantum mind, and so the physical meets the divine form of our spirit.

Angelic Destiny Code 5

The great Angelic Guide SHAMAEL gave this code to help us move forward through an inter-dimensional portal, so that our crystal energy may open our cells to this ancient code. Our cells remember that they once vibrated through a 12 Helix DNA, which we lived during the golden age of ATLANTIS, during a period of time between 250,000 and 13,000 years BC.

However, this current great time of awakening brings forth teaching from the Angels that we homo sapiens are moving into a triple helix DNA whilst still living on Planet Earth. This code helps us trigger this potentiality, and so fifth dimensionality becomes a probability.

Angelic Destiny Code 6

HANAEL the great Warrior Angel proclaimed this to me as a prayer for the higher self. This vibrates the great I AM THAT I AM and is an ancient encoding for awakening the I AM PRESENCE……your spiritual sovereignty.

The Master Guide St Germain gave us all the knowledge of the
I AM PRESENCE in 1987 on Mt Shasta (our planet’s root chakra).

Angelic Destiny Code 7

The great Archangel URIEL, the Angel of companionship gave this as code for our CELESTIAL CONDUCT, meaning that in saying this code, you will feel your divinity fully revealed in the world.

Angelic Destiny Code 8

RAZIEL the Angel of the Mysteries, who stands on the left side of the God, gave this code to help us reveal the wisdom of the Ascended Master’s wisdom, drawn from the Akashic record. The Akasha is a library of thought that is a vibrational store, created through light and sound, and which holds every thought created on our planet from time immemorial. Access to this record allows us to see our Soul Contract and Karmic patterns, in order to become the beings of light that will potentially grown us into EARTH ANGELS. This code will help to release all negative karma.

Angelic Destiny Code 9

MICHAEL the great Archangel Leader gave this code, with the guidance of St Germain. It is the code of the VIOLET FLAME, by which we may transmute all karma from our Soul Contract. THE RITUAL OF THE VIOLET FLAME is a beautiful visualization process that purifies all our cells.

Angelic Destiny Code 10

METATRON the great Archangel Teacher gave this code as a powerful call for aligning with our Divinity. This code truly opens a portal whereby our DIVINE STATUS is revealed. In many of the ancient sacred contexts VAYIKRA was used – for example Moses’ used this sonic code to conduct miracles, which led the people of Israel from captivity, like parting the Red Sea!

Angelic Destiny Code 11

ZADKIEL the great Comforter gave this code, which holds within it the sonic talisman of the wisdom of com-passion. Therefore, using this code brings us to the waves of wisdom that open the field of compassion in our lives.

Angelic Destiny Code 12

ZAPHKIEL the supernal Lover gave this code for a call that moves us directly in to connection with the SU-PREME BEING


Atlantean Stargate Attunement Mandala
For Your Home, Office and Mobile Device (PDF & JPG)

This sacred Mandala has been encoded with the HEART ENERGIES of the 12 Angels of Atlantis to attune you to the fields of Divine Love, Light and Grace that are streaming forth from the newly opened Stargate Portal.

Create a field of protective and healing grace by printing out the PDF of this sacred mandala and put it on the wall in your home or office. And save a copy of the JPG to your phone, PC or tablet for meditation or to use as your screen background.

The swirling light codes of the Angelic Frequencies attuned with intent by Angelic Emissary Stewart will constantly and effortlessly lift you into the Divine fields of miraculous grace.

Download PDF
Download Image


Angelic Keys to Miracle Mastery
Revelation of the Atlantean Portal PDF

Stewart Pearce is a an Angelic Emissary who has been guided by Arch Angel Michael his entire life.

Here he reveals key Angelic wisdom channelled from Angels of Atlantis on how to live Miracles and bring them in to every aspect of your life for better health, wealth, relationships and soul expression with the new energies of the Atlantean Stargate.

Download PDF


Angels of Atlantis
Manifestation Meditation MP3

As you listen to this manifestation meditation you will be blissfully tuned by Stewart’s extraordinary voice with the frequency and vibration of miracle manifestation. Listen often to raise your frequencies and come in to resonance with the Angelic Manifestation Miracles you seek.

Download MP3


Angels of Atlantis
Three Channeled Miracle Activation Prayers 3 Pdfs

The 12 Angels of Atlantis have specifically asked Stewart Pearce to channel three powerful prayers for just YOU to activate the frequency of miracles into every area of your life. Use these MIRACULOUS prayers in every situation to draw the Angels near and have the vast Cosmic Powers of the Universe helping you get what you want in life.


Angels of Atlantis Destiny Charge (MP3)

This meditation in Stewart’s rich and resonant voice designed to provide you with an instant frequency boost whenever you feel out of alignment and in need of help. Acting as a sonic, tonic the frequencies, vibrations of this recording call in the great beings of light to help you and guide you on your journey to fulfil your super-human destiny as an embodied superstar of divine consciousness living the earthly experience in bliss and radiance.

Download MP3


The Angel’s Promise (Video Seminar 35 mins)

In this stunning half an hour documentary seminar that is beautifully charged with music, light and sound that transmit the awe, wonder and magic of the Angels, Stewart Pearce takes on an in-depth exploration of each of the 12 Mighty Angels of Atlantis. You will understand how the Angels can bring you health, wealth, abundance and joy in every area of your life with ease.

Download MP4



These introduction and prologue to the Angels of Atlantis a spiritual tour de force that contains ancient healing mysteries and embedded codes of light.

Based on the teachings of the twelve archangels of Atlantis, this spiritual resource reveals how to become aligned with their power and wisdom. The inspirations offer powerful counsel and healing.

This book is a spiritual must-have that has been hailed as a new instant classic for anyone who is serious and authentic about their path of awakening.

Download PDF


12 x 7 minute Angelic Elixir Meditations (MP3)
To bring health, wealth, comfort, love, joy and beauty into your life at any moment.

These 12 meditations each carry the frequency of one of the Arch Angels of Atlantis that guided Kings and Royal priests throughout the ages. Each one has a specific purpose and can provide a short balm of soothing Angelic presence to bring help and love into your life in any situation.


Incantation Three Chants of the Mystics (MP3)
Sacred Chants in the Ancient Languages to download spiritual and physical immunity from source into you for healing and evolution.

From Stewart’s award-winning album incantation, these three chants in Stewart’s angelically charged voice of three of the world’s most beloved ancient chants.

  • Gayatri Mantra – Most sacred and powerful of the Hindu Chants
  • The Lord’s Prayer – Aramaic version the original language of Yeshua
  • 12 Angelic Codes – Hebrew encodement of Divine resonances to upgrade your cellular matrix.

Each one is set to music and can be played in the background to provide a constant energetic soundscape for your ascension and physical re-generation.

Package B

Embody Your Superstar Presence

Mentoring with Stewart Pearce have helped luminaries around the world with their careers.
And people from all backgrounds with ordinary, everyday life challenges.

Your Invitation to Manifest
Being the Super Star of Your own Life
with Stewart Pearce


Private Soul Reading
Empower Your Destiny with Stewart Pearce, Angelic Emissary & Celebrity Mentor
(only 30 sessions available)

Extraordinary opportunity for a 60 Minute Private Session with Stewart Pearce, Angelic Healer and Emissary.

Channelling Divine Angelic Healing and Guidance for YOU.

  • Stewart Pearce has guided and mentored members of Royalty, Celebrities, World Leaders, Globally renowned Spiritual Healers and Spiritual seekers around the world for more than 40 years.

Go deeper into understanding your life’s journey and purpose. Discover and discuss how to apply the Angelic Destiny Codes to create all the changes that you want in your life with the help of the Angels.

*Please note all session must be booked and taken within the next six weeks.

Stewart would like to help you see more deeply into the nature of your own divine soul and awaken you to the true potential of your own gifts.

Stewart Peace is the creator of two Angelic Sets of Oracle Cards which he may use during your reading to help you tune in to the wisdom of the Angels of Atlantis.

Would you like to find out:

  • Who you are and what is your purpose?
  • Are you living aligned to the Divine Plan for your Soul?
  • Can your problems be solved?
  • Have memories of your lifetimes in Atlantis been awakening in you?
  • Have you been experiencing the activation of your sacred Atlantean DNA?
  • What is the way forward out of pain, darkness, difficulty or confusion in your life?

Questions that Stewart Can help you address with great love, warmth and
compassion during your time together.

  • Can you see my Guardian Angel?
  • May I connect with a dear one in the Spirit world?
  • Why am I so confused and is this past life karma?
  • How can I change, and create a more joyous future?
  • Why is my life such a mess?
  • What can I do to become more spiritually intelligent?
  • Can you help with my relationships?
  • Why do I feel so drained of energy?
  • Are there dark entities around me?
  • My home feels psychically distressed can you help?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I become more spiritual?
  • Why is my creativity so blocked?
  • When am I going to create a significant other in my life?
  • My job is so dull, how can I find my purpose in life?

If you would like to know the answer to any of these questions and receive authentic, life and soul-changing, divinely channelled wisdom from a Master Teacher here on Earth than do invest in this sacred opportunity for counsel for your Soul’s evolution.

Do you want your life to Change for the Better Now?

You are precious and deserve to live a life of miracles and joy. Partner with the Angels and live the life you were meant to have. Shine in your own life. Do you feel called? Is this your time? If your heart says yes! Please take action to avoid disappointment as these sessions will sell out very quickly.

Looking forward to connecting with you heart to heart and soul to soul. Love Stewart and the Angels of Atlantis.

Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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