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For Inner Vision

Inner Vision: Intuitive Mastery for Inner Power

  • Accessing Your Intuitive Power Within: Quantum Inner Vision Healing Livestream
  • Weekly Email Communication from Marlene for 30 Days

Accessing Your Intuitive Power Within: Quantum Inner Vision Healing Livestream

Date & Time: October 26th at 9 AM PST / Noon EST

Still Saying You’re Not Intuitive?

Let’s Clear the Blocks to Tapping Into Your Intuition!
Mental, emotional, energetic and more.. we’ll dive deep in this class to uncover and clear them!

  • Get Trained by Marlene personally during this Livestream!

  • How does she tap in?
  • What’s the Secrets?
  • Designed Exclusively for YOU!

  • Send Marlene your Request with Personal Issues around Inner Vision & Intuition to be included for Customized Clearings
  • Clearings for:

  • Intuition Blocks
  • Inner Connection
  • Higher Consciousness Upgrade

  • Looking at Your Life from the Roof vs. the View from the Basement
  • Upscaling to the Highest & Best Version of Who You Are
  • Go Past the Masters Levels
  • Upgrade Your Spiritual Team!

  • Get the Best Crew Assisting You!
  • Meet Your Team
  • Quantum Stem Cell Optimization-Pineal & Pituitary Gland Upgrade

    Our current Duality programming has lowered our frequency, restricting us to a certain threshold of reality at a lower frequency band. We have DNA that has been “restricted” from us due to frequency restrictions and memory loss of who we are.

  • A Pineal & Pituitary Gland Upgrade includes

  • A DNA Activation
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Discover Many different levels of consciousness
  • Raising our Frequency of Vibration: to be in a higher vibrational state, this is who we really are! This activates our dormant DNA for better resiliency and focus
  • Increasing % of Function of the 2 Glands of the Brain


The pineal plays a major role in every aspect of human function. It’s the “regulator of regulators, effecting sleep, mood, and the immune system, and it also is a factor in longevity.”

Known as “the third eye”, “the mind’s eye”, “the all-seeing eye”, “the seat of consciousness”, and “the gateway to the soul”, this tiny pinecone-shaped endocrine gland is the stuff of myth, magic, and legends. It is a “star gate” or pathway between the physical and metaphysical dimensions. 

It’s essential to how we perceive reality, make decisions, perform and how we sleep. A healthy-functioning pineal is essential for mental development, peak performance, and spiritual awakening. 

When the pineal isn’t functioning properly, we can’t access our potential. It’s that simple. Most people sense that they aren’t living from their highest potential. Even more disturbing, when the pineal isn’t functioning correctly, we often don’t even know there’s a problem. A part of us knows, but consciously, we don’t connect with this reality. 

The problem is our brains aren’t functioning the way they’re designed to run. The pineal gland—and many other vital glands and organs—aren’t functioning within their intended design.

Our fast-paced modern lifestyle can have severe impacts on the health of the pineal gland.

It is constantly bombarded by toxins from multiple sources - the food and drink we consume, the chemicals we are exposed to and the stress-related compounds that our bodies produce.

As a result, our pineal gland can become hardened, calcified, and begin to lose its ability to properly carry out important functions.

Thankfully, Marlene shows us we have the power to change that!

This greater awakening that we’re going through at this time, the pineal gland activation, this coming Golden age, the Energetic shift that we’re experiencing opens doors within the pineal and allows us to have intuitive and higher awareness.


The Pituitary secretes and Balances the flow of hormones into your bloodstream which act as messengers to transmit information from the pituitary gland to distant cells, regulating their activity that affect proper functioning of your organs and glands, the stress hormone cortisol from the adrenals, blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

The endocrine system is a critical gateway joining physical function with spiritual experience. The pituitary relates to our growth and its health is also important for pineal gland activation. When it begins to vibrate in synchrony with the pineal gland, we are inspired to grow and renew ourselves both physically and spiritually, opening Intuition and Levels of Higher Consciousness

BONUS 1: Weekly Email Communication from Marlene for 30 Days

Stay Connected with Marlene Each Step of the Way!

Throughout the 30 days, Marlene will be in weekly contact with you to share progress reports to help you track your results!

Inner Vision

Total Package Value $1450

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

For Leaders

Exclusively for Leaders

  • Everything in Inner Vision +
  • Letting go of Limitation for Leaders: Accelerated Up scaling & Quantum Leap Escalation Activations for Visionaries & Leaders
  • Visionary Leadership Mastermind Q&A Livestream with Marlene
  • PERSONALIZED Remote Healing Sent to You Weekly from Marlene for 30 Days to Fortify Your improvements
  • (2) 1 on 1 Healing Sessions (30 min) with Marlene

Letting go of Limitation for Leaders: “Accelerated Up scaling & Quantum Leap Escalation Activations for Visionaries & Leaders

Date & Time: November 2nd at 9-11 AM PST

  • Intuitive Brain Awakening
  • Clearings for Connection
  • Consciousness Upgrade
  • Frequency of Vibration Increase
  • Graduation Ceremony

Is this You?

  • You’re successful and a lot of things are working great in your life, but you know you have been called to do more.
  • You are ready to connect with your intuition – so you can make choices from a place of true alignment and purpose.
  • You’re an action-taker and unstoppable when you are clear on a goal. But right now your next step is uncertain.
  • You feel anxious, tired, burned out or overwhelmed.
  • You’re ready to BE your most authentic self, ON PURPOSE!

How would you like to:

  • SEE Your Ideal Business?
  • Get the best employees, products, or have uncanny timing in your business?
  • KNOW what to do in almost any situation?
  • Be AWARE of what you need to do to Make the Sale?

You CAN!

This is what I've done, and I can help you to SHAVE DECADES OFF Your Learning Curve!

You can produce realistic, innovative solutions and spectacular results in your business and in your life week after week after week!

The VIP Visionary Leader Package Transforms You Into a Strategic Thinking, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leader Who Easily Achieves Outstanding Results & Success!

As an entrepreneur and business owner for nearly 2 decades, I have the unique perspective of coming from both the Right Brain and the Left Brain at the same time!

This is a huge benefit not only in business, but also in every single minute of my entire life!


The secret weapon of great Visionaries is they tap into their Intuitive abilities.

To be great you must become AWARE and then interpret your Situation.

When you KNOW what your Intuition says, you have the Clarity to Discern Opportunities, and to Recognize Synchronicities when they appear.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've found the right place! 

I empower entrepreneurs and business minded people to unlock their full potential using the Power of their Mind and Spirit!

My clients are Healers, Coaches, Speakers & Influencers.

They want it all – and they want to feel truly fulfilled by what they’ve created.

Sound like you?

We’ll work together so you can:

  • Quickly generate powerful, innovative, yet realistic ideas and dreams and then transform them into an energizing and attainable strategic vision.
  • Communicate colorful images of your goals to enlist the hearts and minds of your team and clients.
  • Magnetically attract the money and resources for growth
  • Accelerate the completion of challenges
  • Create your own visionary agenda
  • Imagine Your Vision into BE-ing
  • Show your team how they can participate with your vision, and strategy

I could go on describing the Secrets you’ll Discover about yourself and your business, so I’ve added it into this power-packed VIP Visionary Package which blends together all the tools to support your plans and progress, promote your growth, and guide your transformation to becoming a highly Effective & Successful Visionary Leader, entrepreneur or business owner, ON PURPOSE!

You’ll learn how to use the Secret Techniques to use your Intuitive state to activate your genius mind and become more creative, intuitive, and productive.

Achieve the Success and Fulfillment you Desire, in Business and in Your Life.

Leaders Have One Important Characteristic - They Take Rapid Action!

BONUS: ADD on 1 additional Session with Marlene
– Register in the next 24 hours!!

Visionary Leadership Mastermind Q&A Livestream with Marlene

Date & Time: December 10th at 9 AM PST / Noon EST

Share Your Vision w/ Marlene and She’ll Customize an Entire Clearing for Those Specific Results!

PERSONALIZED Remote Healing Sent to You Weekly from Marlene for 30 Days to Fortify Your improvements

Every Week for 30 Days AFTER Livestream #4 is Completed, Marlene will Send Remote Healing to you.

Personalized REMOTE Healing by Marlene!

This is your unique opportunity to get Priceless Remote Healing by Marlene

(2) 1 on 1 Healing Sessions (30 min) with Marlene

This is your unique opportunity to get priceless 1:1 time with Marlene to truly dive into the ROOT of an issue.

During these sessions, Marlene will personally TUNE INTO YOU to get an intuitive reading of what you’d like resolved. Marlene intuitively goes to the very root of what is causing issues for you.

During these 1:1 sessions you’ll Have an Opportunity to:

  • Get to the REAL CAUSE of your Problems!
  • Know How to Eliminate Issues Impacting your Inner Vision
  • Release the Trapped Energy behind Unconscious Traumas Still Playing out Today!
  • Talk to your High Self- what is it you need to know NOW
  • And much, MUCH more…

You don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to have 1:1 time with an internationally renowned Master Spiritual Healer who has helped celebrities, business leaders, and discerning women everywhere around the world reclaim their lives.

Experience an Intuitive Reading about You in another Lifetime & Psychic Interpretation by Marlene Exclusively for You about:

  • What you Experienced
  • What was Written in Your Permanent Memory about those Events that Eventually Led up to the Issue You’re experiencing TODAY!

Completing with the OLD will most Definitely Make Room for ALL You Have Envisioned for Yourself!

For Leaders

Total Package Value $2275

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $997
2 Pay Option Available At Checkout!

Click here for 2 payment plan

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644


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For Inner Vision

Discount: 86%

Total Package Value $1450

From Heartache to Joy


Your Intuition Power Accelerated Clearings and Training Livestream

Bonus: Weekly Email Communication from Marlene for 30 Days

For Leaders

Discount : 56%

Total Package Value $2275

From Heartache to Joy


Your Intuition Power Accelerated Clearings and Training Livestream

Bonus: Weekly Email Communication from Marlene for 30 Days

Exclusive Livestream with Marlene: Accelerated Intuitive

Up Scaling for Visionaries & Leaders

Visionary Leadership Mastermind Q&A Livestream with Marlene

PERSONALIZED Remote Healing Sent to You Weekly from Marlene for 30 Days to Fortify Your improvements

(2) 1 on 1 Healing Sessions (30 min) with Marlene

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