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Download Eram and Vera's interview

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Download Gretchen and Vera's interview

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Package A

Shifting Into Divine Connection
** Experience Pure Bliss Relationships **

  • 3x Powerful 90-Minute Group Calls
  • 3x Bonus Attunements Covering 1 Year

There are 3 types of relationships that have an immense impact on your health, happiness, and even your wealth! These are your relationship with your Self, your relationships with friends and family, and your relationships with romantic partners.

Get up close with Vera during 3 energetically powerful 90-minute group calls – each focusing on diving deep into the roots of your unconscious limiting beliefs around each relationship type.

Unravel your subliminal programming and clear the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that are unconsciously holding you back in life, love, health, and wealth…


3x Powerful 90-Minute Group Calls

Healing Your Relationship with Yourself

Date & Time: December 7th, 2020 at 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in life. To truly accept and feel gratitude for where you are in life and who you are as a person, as well as how you look and think, is having a respectful and loving relationship with yourself.

You spend every day with yourself, so to be truly happy it’s important to have a loving and respectful relationship with yourself. Let’s dive deep into our core, bring light to our underlying programming and limiting beliefs, and clear even the most pesky and stubborn blocks that are holding us back from manifesting true happiness in life.

During this 90-minute transformational LIVE Zoom call you will:

  • Level up your self-worth to embody the highest and happiest frequencies
  • Bring in your Divine perfection and remember you deserve to have it all
  • Create a healthy foundation to build all kinds of healthy relationships
  • Nurture your inner child and safely integrate lost soul fragments
  • Repair your connection with yourself and your higher power
Download MP3
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Healing Your Relationship with Friends & Family

Date & Time: December 14th, 2020 at 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

As souls we are born into a human family and experience close relationships with others. To be a Divine friend requires spiritual maturity. Once we have laid the foundation of a healthy relationship with ourselves, we can learn to see beyond form and personality, we open ourselves to Divine Connection with others.

Set yourself free from toxic relationships and start enriching your life and improving your health and happiness by forging deep, lasting relationships built around positive energies!

During this 90-minute transformational LIVE Zoom call you will:

  • Improve levels of mutual love and respect between you and your loved ones
  • Liberate yourself from toxic energies and negative judgements sent from loved ones
  • Learn how to forgive loved ones that didn’t fulfill your needs growing up
  • Heal past life karma that keeps unhealthy patterns playing out in every lifetime
  • Deepen the joy you experience from interacting with others while feeling safe
  • Attract more “high-vibe” friends to enrich your life
Download MP3
Download MP4

Healing Your Relationship with Romantic Partners

Date & Time: December 21st, 2020 at 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

This 90-minute call is the answer to the deepest, most fulfilling love relationship of your life – an eye-opening, heart-widening deep dive into the true energetic natures of you and your partner.

You’ll discover how to harness the Divine energetic realm to experience extraordinary intimacy, love, and connection in your existing relationship – or even to build the foundations for a new one!

The key lies in a series of energetic tools and techniques that shine light on who you and your partner really are, and offer a framework for connection and communication that allows both of you to profoundly understand each other, feel heard, respected, and appreciated. You’ll learn to interpret and work with each other’s unique energetic patterns, and resolve any conflict, as you return to a state of Divine harmony.

During this 90-minute transformational LIVE Zoom call you will:

  • Unlock your sensual side in safe and empowering ways
  • Take your power back from imbalanced romantic relationships
  • Break free from unhealthy and outdated vows, oaths, contracts, promises, and agreements
  • Cut cords and attachments with old relationship partners from any lifetime
  • Attract new romantic opportunities with full Divine support
Download MP3
Download MP4


3x Bonus Attunements Covering 1 Year

These 3 powerful bonus attunements are sent to you remotely via distance healing for anyone that purchases this package (or is gifted it by someone else that purchases it for them)

The attunements are sent 24/7 for one whole year and are laser-focused to reach the core of your Being as fast as possible. The energies build over time and are extremely gentle! There is no audio to download as this is being sent completely remotely via distance healing.

With these attunements you’ll experience:

  • Heightened levels of confidence in social situations
  • People will increasingly see you in your best Light
  • Attract opportunities to grow your relationships with ease & grace effortlessly

You’ll receive the attunements automatically delivered directly from Source within 48 hours of your purchase. (If you purchase this package for someone else, they’ll receive the attunements automatically directly from Source within 48 hours of receiving your gift. Source is smart!)

Available for a Limited Time Only

You Are Gorgeous & Youthful MP3

Look & feel ten years younger as this energy-infused clearing audio revitalizes your body on a cellular level. Bathe in the cosmically blissful rejuvenating energies as you magically reverse the effects of time. Feel more confident and gorgeous effortlessly!

Make sure you snap up this SPECIAL BONUS – only available for a limited time!!

Download MP3

Package B

Shifting Into Divine Connection
** PLATINUM Package **

  • EVERYTHING in Package A
  • 3 Months of 24/7 Partner Proxy Remote Healing
  • 30-Minute Recorded Silent Remote Healing Session

If you REALLY want to amplify your results and shift into Divine Connection, Package B is the right choice for you! Invest in this package NOW – from the moment you say ‘YES’ you’ll start to experience dramatic shifts in your relationships immediately!

This Platinum package includes everything in Package A + two powerful add-ons that are GUARANTEED to dramatically change the course of your relationships and life – for you AND your loved ones!


3 Months of 24/7 Partner Proxy Remote Healing

Partner Proxy Remote Healing is the easiest and fastest way to heal relationship issues. It’s a profoundly potent energy container that sends targeted Divine healing 24/7 to resolve relationship issues with ease & joy. By signing you and your loved one up for Partner Proxy Remote Healing, both you and your partner will experience HUGE benefits!

The more that gets healed in your system, the more that gets healed in your partner’s system on autopilot. The remote healing scans for the relationship blocks that what both of you have in common and goes to the root to heal it from everyone’s system at quantum speed.

When a block, weakness, or limiting belief is detected in your system, the remote healing instantly heals it in your system while checking your partner’s system for a similar issue. If it is found, it’s also cleared for your partner automatically!!

This groundbreaking process allows tricky & hidden programming to be uncovered and healed much quicker, skipping many layers to find the root issue quicker than ever before!

As you grow and raise your vibration, your partner also receives the same benefit, even if they don’t believe in energy work. You don’t have to grow alone!

Partner Proxy Remote Healing is PERFECT for:

  • Romantic partners
  • Best friends
  • Siblings
  • Parents
  • Pets

Rest assured that Source always honors the free will choice of everyone. All healing is always in accordance with everyone’s Highest purpose. Partner Proxy Remote Healing will not interfere with any other energy work you’re currently doing. It will not overprocess you or your loved ones. You and your loved ones will receive the perfect amount of healing in EVERY moment to improve your relationships.

The more loved ones you add to be in the Partner Proxy Remote Healing energy container with you, the faster everyone receives the healing shifts. Adding as many loved ones as possible is the best gift you can give!


30-Minute Recorded Silent Remote Healing Session

Sit back and relax at your scheduled time, as Pure Source Energy works on your energy field in accordance with your Highest Self. You can specify the specific areas you would like additional healing in ahead of time or leave it up to Source to deliver the perfect session.

This special no call-in remote healing format allows you to heal and receive at deeper levels without the interference of technology.

You will receive a silent recording of your session that is energetically encoded with the frequencies sent during the session that you can re-listen to as often as you need. This personalized recording allows you and your body to entrain to higher healing capacities than ever before!

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