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Download Eram and Vera interview

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Would you like to Upgrade the Core
Metabolism Balancer for 1 year or Lifetime?
Here's Your Chance - Exclusive Offer for FHTJ Only

Package A



HOW IT WORKS: When you listen to each Trigger Word Treatment MP3, it removes the charge attached to the word, so your system actually hears it without creating a microshock. Once your system has adapted to the energy, you can listen to the track on loop and/or on silent if you prefer. Break free from all the negative microshocks that trigger heavy energies in your system caused by trigger words once and for all.

  • 1


    Are the energies attached to the word ‘weight’ creating heavy blocks in your field? Be clear on all the energies and negative judgements attached to the word ‘weight’ so you can embody Divine weightlessness!

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  • 2


    Sugar CAN be good for you, but there is so much fear-based energy tied up in this word. This treatment will accurately tune your body to its needs, so you can enjoy treats without feeling guilty every time!

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  • 3


    Carbohydrates are SO important to a healthy diet, yet why does the word carry such an ‘unhealthy’ stigma to it? Clear the misinformation attached to this word so you can be more in touch with what your body is asking for.

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  • 4


    Fat is the main way the body stores energy. When did your system accept the word ‘fat’ as an insult or personal attack? Clear the microshocks that occur when you hear the word ‘fat’ and feel safer in your skin.

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  • 5


    The word ‘diet’ has heavily restrictive energies attached to it. Bodies react negatively to this word as it slows down the flow of life-force and triggers survival energies. Release the restrictions of the word ‘diet’ on your nutrition so you can ENJOY the process, instead of being scared of it!

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  • 6


    How many times throughout your life have you been asked “Are you going to ‘eat’ that?” Remove the negative connotations to this simple human need to survive and have more fun with giving your body the FUEL it needs!

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  • 7


    Too many mainstream media messages have bombarded your body about what’s considered ugly or not ugly. The scars from experiencing these negative judgements block you from seeing your true self. Become immune to all of the heavy energies entangled with the word ‘ugly’ so your most beautiful self can shine through!

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  • 8


    Not all lightworkers and healers are comfortable with having a body. There are many energies attached to this word that creates a constant and persistent shame program running in your tissues. Let go of the negative meanings attached to the word ‘body’ so you can increase the energy flow and raise the vibration of the body you currently have!

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  • 9


    How many horror stories about menopause have you heard that causes your body to react with dread and stress? Clear the fears about gaining weight and losing your drive triggered every time you hear the word ‘menopause’ - this is NOT the end of youth, but the BEGINNING of a REFRESHED, ENLIGHTENED woman.

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  • 10


    Hidden shame energies resonate at the word ‘cellulite’, which trap toxic energies that worsen the appearance of cellulite and make it impossible to shift no matter what you try. Clear the energies attached to this word and gently detox your body into your ideal shape!

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90-Minute Recorded Zoom Group Classes

Feeling Safe & Secure In Your Body

  • Clear the most common blocks in the way of you reaching your ideal weight
  • Break free from negative karmic cycles that cause your weight to go up and down like a rollercoaster
  • Be more present in your body and improve your relationship with yourself
  • Heal the safety issues that force your body to create excess weight as a form of protection
  • Let go of toxic programming associated with shock and trauma
  • Remove trapped negative judgements locked in your cells
  • Turbocharge your healing rate to be your ideal body weight as fast and fun as possible
Download MP3
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Upleveling Your Relationship With Food

  • Heal the shock and trauma from an endless cycle of starvation diets
  • Experience breakthroughs in optimal nutrition rates
  • Clear the root causes of food allergies, intolerances, and excess bloating
  • Break free from food addictions and unhealthy cravings
  • Balance your digestive system and energetically neutralize unhealthy bacteria and candida overgrowth
  • Gain clarity on which types of food will help you reach your goals at miraculous rates
  • Improve your relationship with every type of food and have more fun being on a nutritional adventure
Download MP3
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The Multidimensional Body Lift

  • Experience a deep healing of the root cause of cellulite and saggy skin
  • Energetically tone saggy skin connected with rapid weight loss
  • Clear blocks to tapping into your own unique youthening codes
  • Balance the hormones by pulling in the highest energies available
  • Clear grounding issues and energetic imbalances that contribute to excessive weight gain in empaths, healers, and lightworkers
  • Gain clarity on how to tone your body as fast as possible, while enjoying the process
  • Receive a youthening infusion into every cell of your body
Download MP3
Download MP4


3 Bonus Attunements Covering 1 Year

You will receive the attunements automatically, delivered directly from Source within 48 hours of your purchase.

These three attunements are sent remotely 24/7 for one whole year.

  • I am infinitely gorgeous inside and out!
  • I am full of joy and contentment in every given moment!
  • I am always the sexiest version of myself in accordance with my highest and best!

They are laser-focused to reach the core of your being as fast as possible. The energies built over time and are extremely gentle, and will not disrupt your previous or current programming.

You will receive the attunements automatically, delivered directly from Source within 48 hours of your purchase. (If you purchase this package for someone else, they will receive the attunements automatically directly from Source within 48 hours of receiving your gift). There is no audio to download as this is being sent completely remotely via distance healing.

Available for a Limited Time Only

Light Language Blessing For Receiving Orgasmic Energy - MP3

Allow every molecule in your body to light up with orgasmic energy! This high-level blessing utilizes Light Language from Pure Source Energy to infuse your body with vivacious life force! Feel more SEXY and CONFIDENT in your body as your energy sparkles with the highest vibration of orgasmic energy available on the planet!

Download MP3

Package B

This Package Includes:

  • Everything in A plus...
  • 3 Months of Core Metabolism Balance Remote Healing
  • 30-Minute Remote Healing Session (pre-recorded)


3 Months of Core Metabolism Balancer Remote Healing

Experience new NON-STOP, high-vibe healing for you and your body for the next three months.

Core Metabolism Balancer is a brand new form of remote healing that is sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to target and heal your metabolism.

Core Metabolism Balancer's primary function is to scan and heal you and your body of any blocks, weaknesses, and outdated programming that creates susceptibility to a slow and imbalanced metabolism.

Core Metabolism Balancer remote healing transmits thousands of specialized codes from Source directly to all of your cells, including:

  • Inner Love Cocoon - Extremely gentle Divine energy places a cocoon of protection around your core. This creates a safe space for you to love yourself. Many weight imbalances are connected with blocks to loving yourself unconditionally. Your capacity to receive and radiate Divine love safely creates a healthy foundation that allows the blocks behind excess weight gain to melt right off!
  • Anti-Hoarding Protection - These high-level codes reverse and block the energetic signals telling bodies to pack on the pounds. When mass consciousness was flooded with hoarding energies during the Coronavirus pandemic, many bodies began to entrain to these energies and hoard excess weight like never before. The remote healing gently unplugs your body from survival programming that gets activated during uncertain times!
  • Energetic Detox - Trapped toxins are magnets for cellulite and excess fat. Toxins have sneaky energies that can sabotage even your best efforts from having results. Allow the high-level codes to safely flush out energetic tar that can be hidden in your liver and other organs, allowing you to have access to more energy and feel your best!
  • Thyroid Youthening - The remote energy constantly scans your system for blocks, imbalances, and weaknesses related to having a healthy, thriving thyroid and metabolism. A youthening infusion is sent directly to the thyroid to reverse adrenal fatigue and bring your hormones back into harmony with your body. Bypass belief systems connected with your biological age and embody more youthfulness than ever before!
  • Willpower Booster - Weaknesses to willpower are scanned for and healed. Momentum created by unhealthy choices becomes neutralized. Your capacity to stand in your own power is amplified as you experience more ease with making healthy choices related to food, exercise, and self-care that is right for you. Experience the lightness and ease that comes with making aligned choices that increase your health and wellbeing!
  • Energetic Nutrition - The remote healing sends energetic nutrition in every moment to all of your cells and heals blocks and resistance to receiving nutrition directly from Source. It also heals the blocks in the way from your body absorbing and processing the vitamins and minerals in your food and supplements. Stop guessing about what your body wants to eat and experience more clarity in making delicious and healthy choices!
  • Metabolism Balancer - The remote energy constantly scans your system for blocks, imbalances, and weaknesses related to having a healthy, thriving metabolism. When these charges are detected, they are instantly healed on autopilot. Your metabolism continues to become healthier the longer you receive the energy!

This is a SMALL SAMPLE of the THOUSANDS of codes working behind the scenes 24/7 when you are receiving the Core Metabolism Balancer (without you having to lift a finger!). New challenges on the planet require new tools to overcome them, so new codes are added on a daily basis based on global shifts in real-time.


30-Minute Recorded Remote Healing Session

Sit back and relax at your scheduled time, as Pure Source Energy works on your energy field in accordance with your highest and best. You can specify the specific areas you would like additional healing in ahead of time or leave it up to Source to deliver the perfect session.

You will receive a silent recording of your session that is energetically encoded with the frequencies sent during the session that you can re-listen to as often as you need. This personalized recording allows you and your body to entrain to higher healing capacities than ever before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this work for me?

Yes! Both Trigger Word Treatment and Core Metabolism Balancer are channeled from Pure Source Energy. Since everyone is made of Pure Source Energy, it is universally compatible with everyone. From the very beginning, we’ll also clear any resistance and blocks to receiving the most out of the program.

Q. How many tracks can I listen to at one time?

It is best to listen to one MP3 once a day or every few days if you are new to Trigger Word Treatment. Please check in with your intuition before listening to multiple MP3s in one day as these recordings are very potent.

Once you are acclimated to the higher energies, you are welcome to play the MP3s on a loop (either with volume or silently), awake or sleeping, if your guidance recommends it.

Q. How often do I need to listen to the recordings?

It is best to follow your guidance, as the MP3s are designed to be flexible to suit your needs.

If you should happen to go through a new stressful or traumatic experience, then it is recommended to relisten to the MP3s best suited to clear the new negative energy.

Q. What if I can’t attend the calls live?

It is the same energy on the call whether you attend live or listen to the replay later. The replay is just as effective as attending live.

Q. What commitment is expected from me?

While this package contains an incredible amount of potent energy healing, energy healing is only part of a balanced life.

It's important to not only commit to listening to the MP3s, but also to commit to yourself by taking inspired action when appropriate.

You will have all the tools, resources, and support from this package for life, but it is necessary for you to accept that it is your responsibility to take the steps necessary to manifest your dreams.

Follow your guidance on opportunities and/or things that are available to bring into your reality to speed up your results. This can include certain foods, training, products and services, exercise programs, additional energy work, etc.

Q. What if I don't feel any energy during the remote session or once the Core Metabolism Balancer is activated?

This is intentional. The energies are programmed to run at a high frequency in a way that will not overwhelm or over-process you so you can live your life without the side effects of certain energy processes that make people tired, groggy, dizzy, uncontrollably cry, pass out, alter states of consciousness, or feel temporarily disoriented.

Those that are energetically sensitive may experience tingles and other energetic sensations at the beginning of the activation. These sensations become less noticeable as you begin to acclimate to the high vibrational energies. The Core Metabolism Balancer is always working at full strength even if it cannot be felt.

It is absolutely safe to receive Core Metabolism Balancer even if you are receiving remote healing from other modalities, healers, and programs.

Q. What if things appear to get worse?

We are working with Divine energy, which will not trigger you or over-process you or cause a negative detox or healing crisis experience or make things worse.

When unpleasant things show up, the momentum behind them has been building up for a long time before the tools were activated.

When possible, Core Metabolism Balancer will scan and prevent the unpleasant things from showing up. When it is not able to do that in time, Core Metabolism Balancer is already working on the root of the metabolism blocks to reverse it as soon as possible.

Q. What is the benefit of receiving Core Metabolism Balancer remote healing if I am already receiving remote healing from one of your other programs?

Every modality I create is coded in a dynamically different way to address the issues at hand from a different perspective with unique energies and frequencies. The energies are run at a high frequency through different channels and do not compete or clash with each other.

It creates a multiplicative effect (similar to adding another computer to a cluster of computers solving a complex equation) every time you experience multiple remote healing modalities at the same time - it harmonizes and amplifies each other, and will not negatively interfere with other energy work.

Q. When can I expect results?

It's different for everyone and how long it takes depends on the speed of which a person's system can process the energy and alignment with taking inspired action when required.

Shifts happen instantly so results can happen instantly. Even in the most stubborn situations, evidence that things are shifting positively can usually be seen in less than a month.

Everything unpreferred can be reversed given enough time and energy to allow you to have permanent positive results.

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