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Download Eram and Vera's interview

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Package A

Invest in this incredible package and you’ll be able to manifest anything you desire, anywhere you want, at any time you want it! Manifest out of thin air as if it were magic!!! Except it’s not – it’s a clear and fail-proof technique to put you in DIRECT CONNECTION with Divine Source energy and connect with the realm of infinite possibility.

Don’t wait any longer. Invest in yourself today and begin to reap the benefits from the moment you put down your pen and start writing.

Write down your desires and Source will grant your every wish.

Write down your hopes and dreams and Source will send you customizes blessings.

Write down your fears and Source will send you healing.

Write down your wins and Source will multiply them.

How is this possible, you ask?

Because in the realm of infinite possibility, it is already so!!

All you need is a reliable way to connect to Source, write down your intentions and it will be manifested in your physical 3D reality. All you have to do is keep writing and wait until it is granted to you!!

There is no safer, more reliable, and more fail-proof way to connect to Source than this!!

Get yours today! I guarantee you won’t regret it!

This Package Includes:

  • Your Magic Journal
  • Clearing ‘Just Be More Positive’ Audio
  • 90-Minute Live Supercharge Your Magic Journal Group Session
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: How to Create a Ten-Fold Blessing


Your Magic Journal

(Physical Journal to be shipped)

Fill out your shipping address here

Your own personal physical hardcover Magic Journal that will be shipped to your doorstep that will allow you to literally write your every desire into existence and set Divine healing in place using the power of your words.

You’ll have plenty of space to document your wins with over 300 blank pages waiting for you to unleash your imagination! Your Magic Journal is 6” x 9” so that it conveniently fits in your purse or bag. It features a sturdy hardcover so that the magic that you set in place can last a lifetime.

All Magic Journals are Divinely programmed to bypass the tricky learning curve of other journaling practices so you can start manifesting with Godlike potency from your first entry!


Clearing ‘Just Be More Positive’ Audio

This powerful clearing audio assists you in letting go of charges related to toxic positivity and all the annoyance and frustration that stems from being told to “just be more positive.”

Clear apathy, biases, and other blocks that interfere with your natural flow of gratitude. Get energetic support for remembering and enjoying all your wins!

Allow states of gratitude to come to you easily and effortlessly in ways that work for you!

Download MP3


+90-Minute Live Supercharge Your Magic Journal Group Session

Here's what you can expect during your 90 minute Supercharge Your Magic Journal Group Session...

  • Supercharge the power of your Magic Journal through a potent transmission to open the energy up to receive
  • Receive more gratitude and blessings while using your Magic Journal
  • During the live session you’ll have the opportunity to ask Vera anything you want
  • Learn from the comments, questions and answers from other Magic Journal users and their valuable experiences while connecting to a community of manifesting virtuosos to accelerate you manifesting capabilities even further
  • Share your own experiences to enhance the power and magic of your journal while also learning more tips and tricks to unlock more profound shifts in your life

Magic Journal users have been able to easily answer questions and issues like:

  • How to stop struggling to manifest the life you desire
  • How to quit cycles of attracting negative experiences, people, and energy into your life and how to release them forever
  • How to put an end to feeling held back even though you know you deserve more
  • How to manifest ANYTHING both easily and instantaneously
Download Group Session Video
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Available for a Limited Time Only

How to Create a Ten-Fold Blessing

For the first time ever, Vera will attune you to her special technique that allows her to send blessings out into the world and receive a ten-fold blessing in return.

This is one of her secret tools that has NEVER been shown before. However, for the first 20 people, Vera will share this POWERFUL technique!

When you listen to the audio, you receive the lifetime attunement.

It attunes you to be more in the flow of energetic exchange, which are the laws of the universe. The blessings you send out come back to you, ten-fold or higher!

The audio has instructions on EXACTLY how to do this.

The sky is the limit on the benefits!

This is the EXACT modality Vera uses to set in place that everyone that purchases from her gets their investment back ten-fold or higher!

Now she is teaching other people for the first time ever how to do it.

This bonus is available for the first 20 people who purchase Vera’s package – so BE QUICK!

Download MP3

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this work for me?

Yes! Your Magic Journal is connected to Pure Source Energy, which works for everyone! Even if you have tried many ways to manifest before, Power Journals are part of a brand new energetic technology that is available on the planet for the first time ever. Magic Journals are Divinely encoded to bypass the learning curve of connecting with Source.

Remember, everything is healable given enough time and energy.

Q. How long will the Magic Journal send customized healing?

Divine healing will be sent for the life of your Magic Journal. As long as your Magic Journal is intact and safely in your care, it will continue to send healing on your behalf.

If you would like to stop receiving Divine healing for what you wrote in your Magic Journal for any reason, simply remove the pages that contain your writing from your Magic Journal.

Q. What if things appear to get worse?

We are working with Divine energy, which will not trigger you or over-process you or cause a negative detox or healing crisis experience or make things worse.

When unpleasant things show up, the momentum behind them has been building up for a long time before the tools were activated.

You can always write additional entries in your Magic Journal and the Divine energy will adapt to your written requests. You always have the ability to use your tools to make the tools more effective for you.

Q. If I write my fears or concerns in the Magic Journal, will I accidentally manifest more problems?

Your Magic Journal creates a safe space where you can express yourself freely. It is not necessary to bottle up your emotions and try to force yourself to only have positive emotions in order to manifest. Divine healing will be set in place based on whatever you write down. Your Magic Journal is Divinely coded in a way where Source knows the difference between what you prefer and what you do not prefer and knows how to send compatible healing for all kinds of entries.

Q. Will everything I desire that I write down in the Magic Journal automatically manifest?

Everything that you write down will automatically receive energy, healing and blessings, but it is important to remember that Source can only do what is possible and will only give what you are capable of receiving in each moment, in accordance with your highest and best. Setting healing in place with your Magic Journal is not a replacement for taking inspired action where appropriate.

You are always welcome to experiment with your requests by using your Magic Journal to clear blocks in the way of receiving more and making the impossible possible.

Q. When can I expect results?

It's different for everyone and how long it takes depends on the speed of which a person's system can process the energy you are asking Source for, and alignment with taking inspired action when required.

Shifts happen instantly so results can happen instantly. Even in the most stubborn situations, evidence that things are shifting positively can usually be seen in less than a month.

Certain blocks can have a lot of energy behind them, and require a lot of healing to neutralize them, which sometimes takes time. Everything unpreferred can be reversed given enough time and energy to allow you to have permanent positive results. Divine healing always works!

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