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Core Metabolism Balancer for Life (for one person)

Core Metabolism Balancer is a form of remote healing that laser-targets metabolism blocks and is sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It turns every moment into a healing moment.

Judgements connected to body issues and metabolism can happen thousands of times in one day. Are you sending healing energy for every one of them or are you letting limiting beliefs and thoughts run rampant? Core Metabolism Balancer sends customized healing for metabolism blocks every nanosecond to keep up with the speed of your thoughts.

Similar to the way antivirus software on a computer constantly scans your computer and keeps it healthy and optimized, Core Metabolism Balancer scans your system constantly to discover and eliminate metabolism blocks without overwhelming or over-processing you or any other negative side effects. It amplifies your metabolic magnetism and strengthens your ideal weight manifestation muscle.

Note: For chronic and stubborn issues, a minimum of one year is recommended.

  • Access a life brimming with
  • More Freedom
  • More Happiness
  • More Passion
  • More Purpose
  • More Confidence

A Life that is fulfilled, feeling happy and healthy in your perfect body!

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Presenting To You The Unbelievable Opportunity To Receive the “Core Metabolism Balancer” for an Entire Year or a Lifetime!

  • Core Metabolism Balancer gets stronger and more profound as it heals deeper issues the longer you are receiving it.
  • Core Metabolism Balancer never stops up-leveling your metabolic magnetism!

NOTE: Receiving Core Metabolism Balancer for a year regularly costs $2,400 and priceless when it comes to lifetime!

Invest in your abundance today by taking advantage of this Unbelievable, Never Before Special Offer!

Enjoy the miraculous benefits of more metabolic magnetism for a year or for Life!!!

Remember you don’t have to do a thing. It’s all remotely done!
The energy works even while you are asleep!

Sign up & sleep easy! Wake up with a healthier metabolism every day!

More INCREDIBLE RESULTS After ONLY One Week of Core Metabolism Balancer Remote Healing

“Went for a physical yesterday and was actually down 7 lbs!”

“Nothing seemed to change. Watched what I ate . Usually eat fairly healthy . Went for a physical yesterday and was actually down 7 lbs. 👏 thank you Vera Happy."

~ Monica

“Less bloating and eating better!”

“Almost at the end of the 7 days now so I'll write my experiences so far: experienced a bit of a detox for the first couple of days but it wasn't harsh or anything. There has been less painful bloating overall this week which is great as that has been an ongoing issue for me.. and I've been eating more raw foods than normal too.. thank you very much Vera! 💖"

~ Luna

“Lost 4 Pounds!”

“Sugar cravings have diminished. More energy. Have lost 4lbs."

~ Jennifer

“My stomach feels less bloated and my clothes doesn’t feel as tight!”

“Almost the end of of the 7 days for me and I was craving more sweets but I was eating less and getting fuller faster. My stomach feels less bloated and my clothes doesn’t feel as tight. 🥳💃Thank you so much Vera Happy❤️🌸!!!!"

~ Beronica

“I slept better and drank more water!”

“Even though there was no noticeable change in weight, I did sleep better, drank more water than I normally do and feel more satisfied, in general. I will say, that in the beginning of the program, I craved more food, but ate less, if that makes any sense :)"

~ Sayuri

“Lost more than 2 pounds!”

“One week results: Down 2 lb 2 oz, fewer cravings. I got in a swimming pool last Sat for the first time in years, avoiding cold water due to left ankle pain from an old injury in 2008."

~ Jana

For 1 Year

Regular Price $2400

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $797

For Lifetime

Regular Price $30,000

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $3333

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