How to reduce wrinkles, look and feel younger, balance hormones, clear brain fog, eliminate joint pain and raise energy levels

  • Are you not the same person that you used to be?
  • Has aging and changing hormones taken its toll on your face, memory, joints and energy levels?
  • Do you suddenly feel worried that you are “old”?
  • Has aging suddenly hit you?

Would you like to:

  • Tap back into a fountain of youthful energy
  • Look and feel younger
  • Have much more energy
  • Have a clearer mind and memory
  • Feel hormonally balanced
  • Increase strength and mobility in your joints

Did you know that many factors influence how we age?

We can have a big influence on the way we age, our hormonal balance and our brain by opening up to having much, much more life force energy flowing through us.

Aging has a very specific vibration and we are taught that as we get older we will decline. This is a myth that has been busted by those who know how to access a lot more life force energy. The more energy that we have the more vibrant we feel.

We can absolutely get stronger and experience more of our highest essence as we age.

The IAS is an intelligent energetic serum that will adapt itself to the precise frequencies for YOU personally.

We are all at different ages and stages and this serum will literally formulate itself for your needs. It is an adaptagenic energy serum.

Each time you listen to the audios the Intelligent Anti-aging Serum (IAS) will be applied to your entire body, mind and spirit.

You will renew and revive yourself, resonating with vibrant frequencies that give you an entirely new feeling at a cellular level.


The Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum (IAS)
Youthen Your Face, Body and Brain

We each have a unique time in our lives where our cells are at their optimum. This is a time when we have felt most alive, vibrant, care free and filled with an energy that feels buoyant and youthful.

For example, many people feel at their most vibrant when they have fallen in love, found a passion that lights up their soul or even when on vacation in nature.

There are so many contributing aspects to feeling youthful. Each moment that we feel plugged into something greater than our own internal battery, we literally revive our cells. This is proven scientifically.

We can instigate clear physiological and hormonal shifts by simply shifting the way we feel.

But what if we don’t feel inspired?

What if we are not in love and don’t feel connected to our childhood passions?

Sometimes we move so far away from those feelings that they feel unattainable and out of our reach. The less familiar those feelings become, the more we enter into “the aging process”.

We all know people that have lost their spark and this goes hand in hand with aging symptoms.

So how can we reconnect to our internal fountain of youth?

How can we evoke all the necessary chemicals in our brain that rebalance hormones, plump up our skin and inject us with vitality?

Taking away stress is equal to taking a brick off a spring. Without the brick the spring can jump back up and stay up.

Karina has been teaching energy healing for 18 years and in every single workshop she sees people’s faces literally transform.

They usually enter the workshop with so much facial tension and holding so much frustration.

Within 2 hours their faces ALL change.

What looked like fixed wrinkles, drawn skin and set frown lines - transforms to rosy skin that looks like their facial collagen has just been woken up from a deep slumber.

People literally look 10 years younger.

Why does this happen every single time?

Why do people’s joints loosen?

Why does mental clarity return?

Why do people look and feel younger than they have in years?

And how can we make this last?!

People leave the workshop and lose the effect unless they practice daily which most people don’t. She wanted to come up with an easy way to sustain this anti-aging effect for people and capture this energy.

There is one simple answer...

We are divinely designed and as long as we stay plugged into our divine essence and more importantly to the source of our divinity - we will look and feel refreshed.

A battery runs out and slows down. Being plugged in provides constant energy.

The Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum (IAS) holds the resonant energies of our highest state of connection to what exists beyond the mind.

As you listen to the audios you will become aware of and feel connected to Source, to the intelligence that is flowing through the entire Universe, keeping nature alive and vivifying our spirits - when we are present with this energy.

Each time you listen to the IAS audios you will feel your heart open, your spirit connected and your body becoming more steady, strengthened and balanced.

You will feel like a waterfall of love, light, passion, energy and vitality is pouring into through your mind, body and spirit.

This will filter through into every aspect of life and this is what is the absolute essence of aging with vigour, liveliness and agility.

It is the frequencies of these higher states of consciousness that prevent and reverse aging.

Who Is IAS For?

  • You have lost your spark or feel like you are running on a short and limited battery
  • You feel like you look older and are noticing new symptoms that get in the way of you “living your best life”
  • You feel disconnected from your inner child, the playful side of you and haven't belly laughed in some time
  • You feel rigid, foggy and like you are now living in a slower lane of life
  • You would like to reconnect to your joie de vivre and visibly see this shining through your skin so clearly that you look like your collagen has had a big wake up
  • You have an aging mindset that you can’t seem to overcome on your own

What Will IAS Do For You?

  • Expose your energy system to a new vibration where youthfulness is abundant
  • Bring a radiant glow to your face
  • Release facial tension lines
  • Keep adapting to your unique needs each time you play the audios
  • Bring a new fluid way of moving and relating to your body
  • Remind your system how Source frequencies feel
  • Massively amplify the life force energy flowing through you and around you

Meet Karina Grant

Karina was born in 1977 and attended her first Louise Hay style breath work seminar at age 12.

When her Father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005, she searched for ways to help him and discovered energy healing and Quantum-Touch (QT). After seeing his posture straighten completely in just one session, she became a healing practitioner and has helped thousands of people around the world since then.

In 2007 Karina was invited to become England’s advanced instructor for Quantum-Touch, and has instructed many large workshops internationally.

Karina perceives energy clearly, which is incredibly useful when helping others.

Karina has spent 17 years teaching energy healing to leading medical and complementary health care professionals, public health advisors, research scientists, CEO’s, parents, carers, charities, teachers and people from all walks of life.

She has also enjoyed teaching people from The World Health Organisation and other prestigious places including The British Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change.

She is hugely passionate about teaching in non profits with the honour of teaching previously homeless people health skills.

Karina is also delighted to have launched Permissioning and Transformation™ workshops in Europe for insomnia and anxiety. Due to the success of this program with nurses, it now counts towards CPD points for nurses and midwives.

Karina taught many keyworkers during the first lockdown, launching the UK’s first mindfulness phoneline to give isolated people free access to her meditations.

She is fluent in many energy healing techniques and graduated from Tony Robbins Mastery University in 2001.

It is Karina’s utmost belief that energy healing is the fastest and most powerful way to facilitate recovery and wellness.

Karina's Clients LOVE Their Results!

“Airline Captain uses Karina’s audios”

“Good evening Karina. Just to let you know I passed my command check and am now a fully fledged airline captain. Hasn't sunk in yet. Thanks to you and your online audio meditations. Worked a treat!

~ N.B, Airline Captain

“Moving out of trauma”

“The session I had with Karina was the catalyst to find a way to help move me out of an enormous trauma. Karina’s techniques are the most powerful thing I have ever done and Karina personalised it for my situation.”

~ L. Goodman, Producer of “Shit to Sunshine” podcast

“It is on another level to anything else I have experienced”

“I have a therapy subscription service that I can call through my company. It is part of the wellbeing provision. The calls have been helpful and it was beneficial to talk. However, after each session with Karina I come away with life changing insights and tools. It is on another level to anything else I have experienced therapeutically. I can literally pinpoint huge changes in my life happening after each session with Karina. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude.”

~ I.R, Head of product development

“Best teacher I have come across in all my many years of healing”

Karina is the best teacher I have ever come across in all my many years of meditation and healing. She is an absolutely incredible healing practitioner. If you have the chance to have a session with her I highly recommend it. The energy is palpable, very relaxing and amazing!”

~ Tyroon Win, Consultant at The London College of Psychic Studies

“IBS/acne rosacea/torn meniscus/more energy/thicker hair”

“Energy healing with Karina has healed me more than I had believed it could. I had very low energy and low moods, IBS (developed 5 years ago), Acne Rosacea (I was on antibiotics almost a year) and constant backaches and headaches.

I also had had an arthroscopy for a torn meniscus on my left knee 2 years earlier and suffered daily with a stiff achy knee since.

After my first healing session my digestive discomfort vastly improved. Over the next few sessions Karina worked on my back and knee to great effect. I have not needed to visit my osteopath once since. Karina worked on my Liver to improve energy and cleared my Acne Rosacea completely. My quality of life has improved tremendously. I am more energetic and aware, and my moods are less intense. A pleasant surprise was the effect it had on my hair, which grew noticeably thicker and fuller.

~ F.W, London

“Karina has done what no other therapist, in the US or the UK, has been able to do in 34 years. My spine is straight, my limp has disappeared and my pain and stiffness are much reduced.”

“I originally contacted Karina in November, 2021. A car accident 34 years earlier had shifted my pelvis, causing me to limp and have constant pain on one side of my body. No therapist had been able to help me.

Karina has done what no other therapist, in the US or the UK, has been able to do in 34 years. The result? I now use my leg and back muscles appropriately. My spine is straight, my limp has disappeared and my pain and stiffness are much reduced.”

~ Thalassa Scholl, writer

“Heals the practitioner and takes great care of them”

“Karina caters wonderfully to such diverse groups. I believe this is the first training I have completed that heals the practitioner and takes great care of them, so they can help others. Wonderful!”

~ Rosena Johnson, UK Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, UK Athletics Disability team for Paralympics


“This was one of the most powerful and resourceful 7 hours I have ever experienced. As someone who struggles with the symptoms of ME/CFS, depression, anxiety and being highly sensitive, Karina’s tools here made me feel so safe, capable and loving. Highly, highly recommend.”

~ Sara Bazrielli, UK

“Ukranian trauma”

As a Ukranian I believe without Karina’s techniques I wouldn’t be able to keep calm. Even when events do occur I feel calm and relaxed inside.”

~ Anastasic C, Ukraine

“Anxiety - Psychotherapist doesn’t know any other technique that’s easier or more effective”

“I’ve used Karina’s techniques to treat patients who are suffering from anxiety. I’ve seen it help alleviate mental stress very, very rapidly.I don’t know any other technique that’s easier or more effective.”

~ Lisa Jennings, Former NHS Psychotherapist (now in private practice) & Nutritionist, London UK

“Speechless.. Life Changing, Incredible!! - As featured in “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” magazine”

“The week leading up to the first time I met Karina was undoubtedly the scariest and worst week of my life.

It began with an unusual amount of clicking in my left knee, which developed quickly into a terrible burning pain. It then became completely stiff and restricted in movement.

Within 4 days, the symptoms had worsened and spread to the entirety of both legs, hands,fingers, wrists and arms.

I WAS BARELY ABLE TO WALK! so stiff, I couldn’t bend my legs.. in a situation where I felt I was very close to needing a walking stick. I remember getting on the tube, and restraining myself from crying the whole journey.. feeling something eating away at my legs, experiencing something truly awful happening. My legs so sensitive to touch that I feared every person walking past in case they accidentally knocked me. Every night when I barely slept, I wished so hard that I’d wake up the next morning back to normal and it was all just a bad dream. It didn’t happen.

It was my mum who somehow stumbled across Karina – MY HERO!

She convinced me to give it a try.. I willingly agreed, even though I was unsure of what to expect, and a session was booked!

All I can say is KARINA GRANT CAN GRANT YOUR WISHES! I’ll put it very simply.. I was barely able to walk up the stairs on the way up to her flat. After the 60 minute session…

I WAS LITERALLY RUNNING DOWN THE STAIRS.. and as soon as I got home the music went on and I was dancing around like a child in a playground.

Karina is so lovely, welcoming and compassionate. Each session spent with Karina feels like one spent with a friend. She is so positive and reassuring, just talking to her feels like a healing in itself. During the session many sensations were experienced. Intense heat, tingling in each knee.. and then later in the session I experienced what seemed like a bone move or rotate in each knee.

Since that session I have also tried a long distance session with Karina, which is equally as powerful and completely astounding! This time it was for my hands and wrists.. which had been burning intensely for about 4 days straight. I remember being in the cinema and unable to concentrate on the film as it was so uncomfortable. As soon as the session began, the sensations began.. and I knew without mention which hand she was working on. Within 3 days after the session, the burning had vanished, like it had never existed. Two months on and it has never once returned.

So I urge you and the people who you love and care about, who may need some healing, to please at least try one session with Karina! There is a little sceptical side there in some of us..

all I can say is think with an open heart and open mind. There is such beauty and infinite possibility in this world.

Karina’s workshops are changing my life and the lives of those around me, each and every day!”

~ Joanna G, London - Style Director

“Trigeminal Neuralgia - staggering results”

“In doing the work with Karina I have experienced stunning physical and emotional results. I’ve had high levels of trigeminal neuralgia pain for 2 years. No medical interventions helped.

In just 2 sessions my consistent pain level is so low and on it’s way out. This is staggering. An unexpected benefit is the peace I feel inside.”

~ Megan G, USA

“Endocrine illness, sleep, mindblowing sessions”

“I’ve had several mind blowing remote healing sessions with Karina, for a long standing chronic endocrine illness that had not responded well to standard medical care. With each session Karina has powerfully shifted my energy to a frequency that is enabling healing from an emotional root cause level.

I can whole heartedly testify that Karina is an exceptional healer. In awe of the healing received, I was inspired to enrol on many of Karina’s courses, all of which have been completely amazing and enriched my life in so many wonderful ways. Also having previously struggled to be able to meditate for anything longer than a couple of minutes, since I started to use Karina’s audios from her website, I have finally been able to with ease and joy! I use them on a daily basis and the benefits are powerful.

I am sleeping so much better, my outlook on life is enriched and I’m more relaxed than I could ever believe possible. Thank you so much Karina for all that you do.”

~ Dr. JP, Scientist UK

“Resetting nervous system”

“It is absolutely amazing! I think I have finally found what I am looking for: an easy, quick and profound method to ease stress and a busy mind. I felt the effects during the course even the very first time when I learned it. I have been practising it at home every day ever since, and it works better and better every day. I especially like to do it before bed, despite the recent hot weather night I fell asleep quickly and I had the most uninterrupted sleep ever!

The big bonus of having the recording as well, that means I won’t miss anything. I will highly recommend this course to everyone.”

~ Cherry Delany

“Herniated disc healed, pain gone, grief transformed”

“I wanted to let you know that I feel you have healed my herniated disc that has been bothering me for the last 12 years. I still have occasional tightness around my back muscles (which I need to strengthen) but it is not the distinct herniated pain. Frankly, I just couldn’t believe it and kept waiting for the pain to come back but it hasn’t. Secondly,…I almost cannot explain it ….my thumb used to feel really stiff and contracted and after the session, it has completely opened up. I no longer have any pain in my arm either. If you remember, during the session, my right hand was twisting like a mop cloth! Thirdly, this one is also difficult to explain but I had cried so very deeply during the session and I didn’t know why I was crying. I feel now that the grief and trauma related to my mom was stuck in my body and has been released. Of course I mourn and miss mom but I don’t burst into tears ever time I think about her ….I can think of her and still be at peace.

Karina, I want to thank you deeply with all my heart. The universe conspired for me to find your website out of the blue. Thank you so very much ”

~ R.O, USA

Available for a Limited Time

Additional 30 Days Remote Healing

Here's what you get in Package A

  • 4 Live Group Healing Sessions
  • 16 Audio Files
  • 2 Bonus Healing Audio Files
  • 30 Days Remote Healing
  • Limited Time Bonus: 30 Days Additional Remote Healing
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Package A: No refund after Remote Healing begins


4 Live Group Healing Sessions


Date: 16th, 23rd, 30th November and 7th December @ 1.30pm UK time

4 x 1 hour intelligent anti-aging serum live group healing calls

  • Facial fountain of youth
  • Hormone balancing
  • Energy Boost
  • Dental power


16 Healing Audio Files


Please listen to the audios for 8 days to 8 weeks.

Audio 1: Facial Fountain of Youth, Anti-Wrinkle and Tightening
Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Make the face younger, brighter and more vital
  • Smooth away wrinkles, fine lines and the effects of stress
  • Tighten the facial skin and remove sagginess
  • Clear eye bags and dark circles
  • Minimise and clear double chins
  • Undo sun damage

Audio 2: Hair Fountain of Youth & Nail Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Make your hair look and feel thicker and more youthful
  • Reduce dryness and less brittle
  • Strengthen and thicken hair
  • Strengthen nails making them feel less brittle

Audio 3: Scar Healing Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Remove or minimise scars
  • Stimulate recovery of the skin
  • Increase self-confidence

Audio 4: Vision & Hearing Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Increase clarity of vision
  • Under-eye bags and wrinkles
  • Reduce dryness, irritation, and discomfort
  • Increase clarity of sounds

Audio 5: Sexual Health Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Increase and rebalance libido
  • Balance sex hormones and increase sexual wellbeing
  • Increase confidence in body image
  • Feel deeper relaxation in intimate situations

Audio 6: Mobility Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Increase joint flexibility and mobility
  • Strengthen bones
  • Improve balance
  • Reduce and eliminate pain
  • Strengthen muscles, tendons and joints

Audio 7: Body Shape Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Harmonise and optimise weight
  • Increase muscle tone and strength
  • Increase collagen and skin elasticity
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Youthen skin tone
  • Increase self esteem

Audio 8: Muscle Tone Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Invoke healthy weight
  • Tighten skin
  • Speed up metabolism

Audio 9: Dental Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to:

  • Strengthen teeth and gums
  • Reduce sensitivity
  • Balance saliva production

Audio 10: Hormonal imbalances Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to:

  • Reduce and eliminate hot flashes and night sweats
  • Balance mood and emotions
  • Harmonise sleep patterns
  • Increase heart health
  • More cognitive function

Audio 11: Metabolic & Weight Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to:

  • Balance and optimise weight
  • Increase metabolism
  • Increase energy levels
  • Increase desire to exercise
  • Increase desire to eat healthily

Audio 12: Cognitive decline & Brain Fog Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to:

  • Enhance memory and cognitive function
  • Increase clarity of mind and mental sharpness
  • Balance hormones
  • Reset anxiety

Audio 13: Sleep Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to:

  • Bring ease to falling alseep and staying asleep
  • Have deeply restful and rejuvinating sleep
  • Overcome anxiety

Audio 14: Varicose Veins Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to:

  • Reduce the appearance of varicose veins
  • Alleviate pain, heaviness and swelling

Audio 15: Joint Nerve & Muscle Pains Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to:

  • Alleviate joint, muscle and nerve pain and stiffness
  • Increase mobility

Audio 16: Raise Energy Levels Fountain of Youth Intelligent
Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to:

  • Boost energy levels
  • Balance hormones
  • Improve emotional health
  • Promote deeply restful sleep


30 Days Remote Healing


30 day container to support and maintain the energies. This provides a consistent and coherent vibration for your system to entrain to.


2 Additional Healing Audio Files

Value:$97 (Each)

Bonus 1: Magnetic Aura of Well-Being, Inner Peace and Self-Confidence Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Magnetize people to you with frequencies of well-being, love and attraction.
  • Create a bubble of self-confidence that supports you daily

Bonus 2: Restore, Detox and Upgrade Your Food Anti-Aging Serum Upgrade - MP3

This audio sends powerful Intelligent Anti-Aging Serum energies to

  • Upgrade the frequencies in your food to enhance the healing properties in what you eat
  • Enhance fruit and vegetables to their highest health potential
  • Detox out chemicals in your food

Available for a Limited Time

Additional 30 Days Remote Healing

For a limited time when you join IAS you will receive an additional 30 days remote healing to support and maintain the energies.

That's a total of 60 days of consistent and coherent vibration for your system to entrain to.

Get Started with IAS TODAY!

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Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Refund Policy: No refund after the Remote Healing begins.

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Fountain of Youth Supercharger IAS Course

4 x 60 Minute Healer Training Sessions

Unlock the Power of Healing with the Supercharger IAS Technique!

4 Training Sessions: 11,18, 25 Jan and 1st Feb @ 1.30pm UK time.

In this transformative course, you will not only discover the secrets of the Supercharger IAS technique but also learn how to harness its incredible potential for yourself and others.

Imagine having the ability to turbocharge your energy levels, elevate your brain power, and revitalize your body with a technique that's accessible to you.

With the Supercharger IAS technique, you will not only gain these benefits but also learn how to share them with your loved ones and clients.

Open the door to absorbing IAS energy at a quantum level, connecting with healing energies from the past, present, and future.

Not only will you experience these incredible benefits firsthand, but you'll also acquire the knowledge and skills to empower others on their healing journeys.

Unlock the secrets of emotional release and tension relief, guiding your higher self with simple commands. Watch as your loved ones and clients experience the same transformative changes in their lives.

Discover the art of facial anti-aging protocols combined with the Supercharger IAS technique, enabling you to erase the signs of aging for yourself and others.

Teach how to detoxify the skin, boost collagen levels, and harmonize hormones, all through this masterful healing technique.

Bid farewell to frown lines by teaching others the powerful healing code that can release thought pathways holding them in place.

Share the gift of deep relaxation and restorative sleep with a soothing mantra.

By the end of this course, you'll not only be a practitioner of the Supercharger IAS technique for yourself but also a skilled guide for those seeking healing and rejuvenation.

Transform your life and the lives of those around you as you embark on this journey of mastery and healing.

Be sure to add the Supercharger IAS Technique course today to your order and become a beacon of healing and empowerment!

“Panic attacks gone”

“Karina, you have really held my hand and pulled me out of the deep pit I was in! I sincerely thank God for sending me such a caring and wonderful practitioner as Karina Grant!! My children laugh every time I mention your name to all my friends and family- they are fed up as I talk about you so much!!

Thank you again and I will be using this powerful technique for the future!”

~ G,S, London

“Significant impact on health and wellbeing”

“I have worked with many, many healers over the years, and Karina's permissioning work stands out for many reasons. First of all, she has an exceptional presence, even if it is just a voice on the phone. Her methods are straightforward and yet extremely deep. She engages you so that you are participatory in the work, and that involvement is fundamental for incorporating her techniques and approaches. She taught me her technique a few weeks ago and I have done it every single day since. This work is having a significant impact on my general health and well being. Healing modalities are highly personal, but I recommend Karina to everyone. If it is a fit, you'll know right away. I knew immediately.”

~ Deborah Barlow, Artist, US

“Medication no longer needed after atrial fibrillation meds prescribed”

“Following a period of intense stress my husband was prescribed a blood pressure medication, he stopped the meds after a few days due to adverse reactions including excruciating muscle pains, spasms and an elevated need for urination and fatigue, immediately on stopping the medication the pain and urination problem stopped but he was left with such fatigue he couldn't get out of bed and developed constant twitching in his muscles.

He was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (we can only assume caused by the meds as he does not have a heart condition) and prescribed more meds which he was told could be a lifelong prescription.

Once home I arranged for some healing sessions with Karina and the symptoms started reducing, the following week he had another ECG scan which was normal and he was told he no longer needed the medication. He feels like his old self and his blood pressure (which has always been bordering on the high side) is now within the normal range. This healing is remarkable, thank you Karina!”

~ Sue Bryant, Bristol

“Lower back pain gone”

“Karina is very professional, respectful, beautiful inside out, and knowledgeable.

She helped me to overcome my chronic Lyme disease and low energy levels. After the first few healing sessions, I was able to have more energy for my kids and felt so much better physically and mentally.

This positive result was also shown in my blood results as my Lyme disease has vanished.

I highly recommend getting in touch with this honest and radiating positive healing practitioner.

Karina, thanks so much, for an amazing and delightful journey of my healing experience.”

~ Kate P, London

“Pain free - bunions and back pain”

“I came back to seek Karina’s help again due to ongoing pain on my lower back. I have a bulge on my second lowest disc and this has been giving me a lot of problems lately. I was in pain every day and my back was so weak that it felt like it was going to go at any time.Karina had successfully helped me eight years ago with my bunions so I decided to ask for her help again.

I had four sessions with Karina this time round to help me with my current problem. I am now totally pain-free and my back feels much stronger!

Thanks to the healing, I can now do mundane things that I couldn’t do before without pain.

I highly recommend Karina as she is incredibly talented and she has once again given me the healing needed to be pain-free!!Thank you Karina so much!!!”

~ Marina Maccormack, Teaching Assistant England

“From hardly able to walk to pain vanishing”

“Over 3 years ago I had constant problems with my ankles and feet. Finally, it got to a level where I could hardly walk anymore.

I found out about Karina’s healing on the internet. After starting my healing sessions with Karina, my healing and improvements happened quickly. The pain and discomfort in my ankles and feet went away, and my whole body felt so much more flexible. What a wonderful feeling it was! I had not felt like this for ages.

After 3 or 4 sessions with Karina, my problems simply vanished. It has been one year since our sessions and there is still no discomfort in my feet. This is so amazing! I was really lucky to find Karina and her excellent healing techniques. She can really work miracles!”

~ Soili, Helsinki, Finland

“Pain gone after 5 minutes”

“I had some pain in my hips and Karina gave me just a few minutes of healing. To my astonishment, within just a few minutes my pain had gone! Some people may or may not believe that this has happened, but it did!

I am learning the second course now with Karina and would highly recommend Karina’s workshops.

She has a very relaxed and respectful attitude towards all her participants and she is always smiling.

Many thanks, Karina”

~ R.P Dr’s GP Practice Manager, London

“Nurse’s elbow pain gone”

“Thank you Karina for the healing session. The discomfort was 6/7 and after the healing, it was completely fine.

After a couple of days, the pain from my elbow and finger has gone. Thank you again Karina for the wonderful healing session.”

~ Yasmin Z, NHS Nurse

“PhD scientist reports her bones moving back into alignment and complete return to health”

“It was truly amazing to feel bones move back into alignment in the sessions with Karina. Very clear physical changes occurred in my body in just a few sessions.

While the scientific and clinical investigations of energy medicine are ongoing and are gaining momentum, the results from a practical perspective are undeniable and outstanding. Like many other patients have reported, I found that the healing achieves very real physical improvement, and can easily facilitate return to health also for a condition considered very challenging for conventional medicine. The session was very powerful, and really facilitated return to complete health for me. Also, I found Karina to be an excellent, skilful and compassionate practitioner.”

~ C.F, London PhD Scientist

“Chronic back pain gone”

“Having suffered from chronic back problem for almost 5 years and having had constant physiotherapy and other alternative treatments, my first experience with Karina blew me away. I immediately felt as if an energy was healing the exact points that needed healing in my back which no physiotherapist has ever come close to doing. I could physically feel my muscles untwisting and bones moving back into place that I never knew where out of place. I felt energised and the difference in my posture at the end of the session was incredible!”

~ Jo Keen, London Fashion

“Bad posture/pain gone”

“All my life I’ve had bad posture, and this has worsened from a few falls I had as an overactive kid which set my back off track and made me slightly wonky. When I went to see Karina it had reached a breaking point, where I would be in severe pain almost constantly and any sudden movement could handicap me for days. I couldn’t look to my left, tilt my head to the left and it hurt badly to lift my left arm. I saw no other way, as I was disinclined to go to a chiropractor who would crack and bend my very fragile back into place, although I was perhaps a bit skeptical about this new way of healing I had never heard of before.

Upon meeting her I immediately felt relaxed and welcomed; she is very warm and friendly and it is obvious she really enjoys helping people. She measured the difference of height of my shoulder blades to about 2cm. After one hour of work they had moved over 1cm closer to each other, and since that first session I haven’t been in pain. It feels incredible. I can now bend my head in every direction; sometimes I look to my left and feel really pleased about being able to!

I have since been back for three more sessions, and they have all been intense and helpful. There is no doubt this is a legitimate and effective way of healing, and I heartily recommend anyone with similar (or other!) problems to see Karina, whether you are skeptical or not. I am also very much looking forward to attending her next workshop so that I, myself, can learn to maintain a healthy body and also help others.”

~ Kajsa P / London

“Lower back pain gone”

“I have to say a huge big thank you to you as the pain I was feeling in my lower back, left hip gloot and down my leg completely subsided a day later. You made 60% of the pain disappear within the 5 minute session that you did for me on that night (I can’t imagine what an hour would do for me!)

It’s basically like you gave it a kick start & boost for what would normally have taken a week to heal and I know this from other similar sporting injuries I have had in the past. So a very big thank you to you.”

~ R. Dorn, London

“London sports journalist healed after running marathon”

“Since running the 2001 London Marathon, I’ve had two operations and exhausted virtually every avenue to relieve the pain of an ankle injury that has hampered me ever since. I had come to terms with the fact that the joint would never be 100 per cent again, and would have to live in pain.

Some days were better than others. Then I tried Karina’s healing.
When I started the treatment, I had no idea what it was and what it involved, but had come to the stage that I was willing to give virtually anything a go.

During my first session, I told Karina about my sporting background and how frustrated I was that the pain remained constant. She listened and then got to work. To my amazement, the joint improved just after one session. All of a sudden I had a pain-free spring in my step and a smile on my face.Today am delighted to say that my ankle feels 98% better.

The treatment itself is ultra-relaxing. Karina’s incredible powers get to work almost immediately. It’s as if you can feel magic circulating around your body. You just tell her where it hurts and she hits the spot within seconds.

And when I came to her with a new ailment, she was straight on to it. Each session I came away from feeling energised and repaired.”

~ D.C – London Sports Journalist

“Years of tension released - back best its been in years”

“I came to Karina initially, for help with a back problem. From the very first session, my body started to release years (and I mean years) of tension.

“The more sessions I had the more I released and what was so amazing was that I started to release issues I carried with me since childhood that I had almost forgot. Now, my back is the best it has been in years, and I feel lighter within myself. Karina is superb in what she does and she delivers. She has compassion which comes through the work she does. I enjoy my sessions with Karina as you never know what comes up to be released and I would highly recommend Karina to anyone who is thinking about healing.”

~ TW, London

“Full recovery from broken arm in short time”

“Karina helped me to have a complete and full recovery from a broken arm within an amazingly short time frame, which seemed to have shocked the conventional doctors that I was going to see for a check up.

I had a full recovery within five weeks and to this day I have trouble remembering which arm I actually broke!!! If only I had been in touch with Karina when I broke my leg some years back, perhaps I wouldn’t feel the stiffness that I sometimes feel from time to time from the pins that are now in my leg.”

~ Ross Aiken, London DJ and events promoter

“Pain gone in 30 minutes”

“Karina reduced my nagging shoulder pain from a 7/10 to 0 within 30 minutes. Needless to say I was extremely happy and very impressed!”

~ P. Bessingham London

“Structural shifts”

“The introduction you gave us was a powerful moment for me providing confirmation again that God and the Universe does not want us to suffer a moment longer than necessary. I was so impressed with the healings you conducted in front of my very eyes, both involving bone structure shifts and realignment to enable to participants of my group to gain immediate benefits and increased mobility.

It was fantastic to see so little effort needed to achieve this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the few minutes you spent with me and I do think i gained in raising my vibrations as I have not since had a occurrence of the particular concerns. I am so grateful – thank you.”

~ Val G, London

“Immunologist has Lifechanging experience”

“I had no experience whatsoever of this before. Karina was so inspiring along those 2 days of training that I decided to practice and take it to the next level. Since I experienced this my life changed in a very positive way. Not only it helped on physical level but also in the way I approach life.

Even the most doubtful person felt that something was going on. I highly recommend Karina who is life inspiring.”

~ C Boulin, London PhD immunology

“Doctor says one of the best courses he has attended”

“Thanks Karina, it really was a good experience, one of the best courses I have attended, and thank you to the group for helping make it that way and for healing my torn calf muscle!”

~ Dr Rory M, MD (GP)

“Nurse fees like a different person”

“Karina was par excellence. The energy experienced was remarkable.
I am a different person all together. My daily life style and health has changed

~ Florence Namukash, London General Nurse NHS - North West London Hospital

“Felt scars for the first time/TMJ helped”

“Loved the workshop, done lots of them and this is my favourite. Karina is so down to earth and lovely – a joy to listen to and learn from. Wow – I felt my scars for the first time. Loads of other new sensations and I think it has helped my TMJ and rounded shoulders. Thank you!”

~ Jemmie Prittie, London Solar Events

“Lifechanging experience”

“Karina is very positive and has amazing results.

I learned about the amazing energy a person has inside them and how you can run with this energy to change your own life and the life of others to be an amazing experience.”

~ Krys Rozwadowska Retail, London

“Inspirational teacher”

“Karina is an inspiring teacher and a very gifted healer.”

~ Zina B, Belgium

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