Now more than ever it is important to keep you and your loved ones safe and protected!

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we have been bombarded with information that brings us down. Each and every day we hear conflicting ‘expert’ opinions. One says one thing and the other says the opposite. What do you believe?

This constant pull back and forth is creating internal struggles for each of us. Our own fears and worries are showing their ugly heads … BIG TIME!

Maybe this sounds like you...

  • Feeling a lack of protection around job, business and savings
  • Overwhelmed with worry of succumbing to the current scenario
  • Frozen in fear that you will fail to cope post pandemic
  • Afraid of the unknown regarding the virus and your health

Do you know that your current internal environment is based on the mass accumulation of external fear and its likes?

With this fear comes the constant pressure you put on yourself which in turn constantly pulls down your vibration.

Now more than ever it's very easy to bring down your vibration, as there is sometimes a strange comfort in that state! There is a state of distrust and therefore it sometimes becomes difficult to rise and sustain ourselves to higher grounds and to keep latching on the positive frequency.

This then means you are operating from the morphic environment of low energies and vibration.

The good news is you have an opportunity right now to make a choice!

To increase your vibration you need to be in that space to choose between lack/scarcity and abundance; fear of loss and new opportunity; ill health and well-being; etc.

When you increase your vibration then there is a need to stay in this state to receive more new opportunities, good health, and more money!

What if, during one of the most challenging times our generation has ever experienced, you could easily:

  • Let go of negative energies regarding work and money
  • Be shielded and protected from being exposed to lower energies
  • Keep away negative people and news that drains your energies
  • Have no harm done to you and your loved ones
  • Feel much grounded and in control (no matter the situation around)
  • Feel free and independent
  • Be able to remove the feeling of unexplained fear and allied lower emotions

Introducing …

Safeguard Yourself, Family, Work & Business

This POWERFUL program is infused with crystal energies to place you, your loved ones, your work and your business in a bubble of protection to ward you from lower energies. Each element of this program helps you allow a clear passage by transmuting from lower dark energies - lack/scarcity, fear, an unhealthy state of mind to higher energies.

It is designed to raise your vibration and keep it at a high level at all times, so you can:

  • Attract new opportunities and new money
  • Manifest space of abundance
  • Keep the energy of your space and home pure, clean and in a constant positive vibe
  • Instill a sense of peace and harmony at all times
  • Make you feel safe and secure from disharmony
  • Bring in the positive law of attraction - what you feel/think, is what you create
  • Keep you & your family, work and business safe

Here's what others have experienced

“I got married to an amazing man!”

“When I first spoke to Zeenat I loved the way she explained to me the work she does, how it works and her voice was so soothing. I started healing since that moment. I had a few fears and concerns, one of which was my Marriage. So we started working...she downloaded a beautiful grid for me and did sessions after sessions. I started releasing my fears and transmuting my fears to hope, love, joy and happiness. She would always encourage and guide me on the right path even if I would find it tough or too long. She consistently supported me and showered me with love and blessings. This year in March 2020, I got married to an amazing man! He is indeed a person whom I was waiting for. I trust that it is the gift of all the work Zeenat has done with me. I am so blessed to have her as a mentor and friend. She is an amazing soul and her work is beautiful. Thank you so much for everything ☺️☺"

~ MDS - India

“Experienced an immediate release!”

“Zeenat's contribution in Light Language is amazing. Be it grids, Light language transmission or the one-to-one sessions, I have experienced an immediate release in these sessions which are extremely experiential. The grids, we have in our house and office resonates so beautifully with us and reflects how it was created exclusively for one's need."

~ SL - India

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Discount: 83%

Total Package Value $600

From Heartache to Joy
Special Offer



3 Powerful MP3 Booster

3 Remote Energetic Booster Transmissions

Interactive Sharing & Receiving Facebook Support Group


Discount: 83%

Total Package Value $884

From Heartache to Joy



3 Powerful MP3 Booster

3 Remote Energetic Booster Transmissions

Interactive Sharing & Receiving Facebook Support Group

‘COSMIC SHIELD’ (Protection) Light Language Sacred Geometry Handcrafted Grid

6 x Live 45 Minute Light Language Group Energy calls:
1: to shift energy
2: to create opportunities
3: to manifest health, money & abundance

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Due to the nature of this product this package is non refundable

Who is Zeenat and How is She Unique:

Zeenat brings the Divine Energy as Light Language through both writing and in the form of sound. The Light Language (as they are not the language of our planet) Grids/Coasters or Transmission are codes and instructions that come from the space of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - they are channelled from various stargates and multidimensional galaxies to work on the person's DNA.

These Light Codes are brought with specific intention to help in increasing one’s underutilized capacity, to heal wounds and release past patterns, either of this lifetime or coming lifetimes across space, time and dimensions.

When one interacts with the Light Language the written or the spoken words start working on their auric fields and move into the blood reaching the cells and DNA where the untapped potential is released to heal and expand. They come to give guidance, support to all who connect. They (codes) work on an individual’s higher self to achieve their true path on this plane. They are permanent and the more you interact the deeper the impressions.

The energies in the physical Grid uses Light Language + Sacred Geometry + Crystals + Colours, and these four technologies come together making the Grid a powerful tool in the healing journey.

Zeenat is the living proof of her work as she uses the powerful downloads and the Grids in her daily life, as they are part of her toolbox!

Her clients often report:

  • A huge sense of release and supported
  • Increased focus and more goal oriented
  • Shifts in living situations or receiving jobs
  • Unexpected monies and gift
  • Grounded and strong in otherwise nervous situations
  • Shifts in their energy to attract more money
  • A sense of balance & calm in handling tough situations
  • Ease in easily receiving and giving more
  • Strong and creatively charged
  • More connected with one’s higher self
  • A sense of balance & calm in handling tough situations

Here's what others have experienced

“I received a $50.00 refund from a doctor's office I went to 4 years ago!”

“I am so grateful for the power, energy and vibration in the money grid I purchased. When I opened it and took a good look at it, I immediately felt the energy emanating from it. It was Divine. In your email, it said that you might receive a refund when you get the grid. Within 1 week I received a $50.00 refund from a doctor's office I went to 4 years ago. Wow, I got a refund! A couple of weeks after that, a relative said they wanted to give my daughter and I, an inheritance, that we would get when she passes. She said she didn't want to wait until she passes, she might live another 15 years. She is quite healthy. So she sent us a great sum of money. I feel the grid working in the background. I look at it and consciously connect to it in the morning when awakening and evening before I fall asleep. I know more finances are coming to me, I can feel it. Thank you for creating it. I have become more Blessed!"

~ Ginny, Florida USA

“Money that was stuck has started coming to me!”

“Among the things I most cherish in my home is the incredibly beautiful Lakshmi grid created by the amazing one and only Ms. Zeenat Lakdawalla. Ever since I got it, I sense change in ways that are astonishing to say the least. For one thing, money that was stuck has started coming to me. Someone who had promised to pay me a month later, surprised me by paying a month earlier. Things have turned for the better in practically in all areas of my life. For another, clutter is getting cleared easily and effortlessly. More than ever before, I feel that everything I choose to do is being blessed by the goddess Lakshmi. I am infinitely grateful to Zeenat for her amazing contributions to countless people all over the world. I know that if you are reading this testimonial you will get yourself one and allow it to add value to your life in unimaginable ways."

~ Bhagyalakshmi Murali, Bengaluru, India

“Lots of things have happened since listening to your recordings!”

“It's been a while ago I received your most beautiful money grid. Beside the fact that it's most beautiful, it also has something magic. So often I'm called to look at it and something inside of me starts to move. Lots of things have happened since listening to your recordings. Then I had a session with you and that alone was worth everything. Your energy is amazing and I could feel so much shifting inside of me. The money problem is not solved when you look at my bank account and I know that this is an illusion. Your work gives me the understanding of this process and the knowing that everything is perfect like it is. Therefore I cannot thank you enough for your amazing work. I would absolutely ask you to give Zeenat and her work a try!"

~ Martina Waidhas

“I Experienced Results BEFORE The Session Even Happened! That Week I Made TWICE The Income I Normally Do.... Unforgettable Session!”

“I've been struggling financially for probably multiple lifetimes! So I originally scheduled a finance related session with Zeenat, but it became so much more! I knew I had blocks around it and I knew that Zeenat speaks the light language... which I had never experienced before and that's why I wanted to work with her. I had been listening to the mp3 she provided for several days before my session... and I experienced results before the session even happened! That week I made twice the income I normally do!

Zeenat summed up in one word, my entire problem, not just regarding finances, but life! It made me so acutely aware, it made such perfect sense, it was like someone turned on the light in the dark room. There was a palpable presence of helping spirits around, I experienced very clear and beautiful visions, including one of what could be the Goddess Lakshmi herself. Unforgettable session! I wholeheartedly recommend working with Zeenat 100%... her work is very powerful! Thank you for the experience!"

~ Aleks M.

“I got a new job!”

“Hello Zeenat, I'm happy to inform you that I just got a confirmation for a new job. I believe the Laxmi grid really helped with my job application."

~ JP - Manila

“Wonderful things have been happening in my life!”

“I wanted to give Zeenat Lakdawalla a huge shout out. Her sessions are amazing and she tells me things I had thought I buried deep so I would never remember and we cleared them!! Wonderful things have been happening since!! I have had two sessions now and about to book my third. Highly recommended booking yours."

~ MP - USA

“I am moving towards a better life!”

“Thank you so much Dearest Zeenat

I am continuing to shift powerfully, and now have a better understanding of the situation that has been. For the first time in my whole life, I can really feel I am moving towards a better future and away from what has been so dysfunctional, seeing that the relationship was for my highest good to receive the lesson needed for me to release what was needed to be released from the time with ex-husband. Something huge has really shifted, feeling so liberated"

~ LN

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Discount: 83%

Total Package Value $600

From Heartache to Joy
Special Offer



3 Powerful MP3 Booster

3 Remote Energetic Booster Transmissions

Interactive Sharing & Receiving Facebook Support Group


Discount: 83%

Total Package Value $884

From Heartache to Joy



3 Powerful MP3 Booster

3 Remote Energetic Booster Transmissions

Interactive Sharing & Receiving Facebook Support Group

‘COSMIC SHIELD’ (Protection) Light Language Sacred Geometry Handcrafted Grid

6 x Live 45 Minute Light Language Group Energy calls:
1: to shift energy
2: to create opportunities
3: to manifest health, money & abundance

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Due to the nature of this product this package is non refundable

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package A


3 Expansion & Creation Power Boosters

The Light Language Downloaded Codes and Instructions infused in these MP3s will help in Expansion and Creation by Clearing of Programing that is NO LONGER SERVING YOU! Each MP3 has been energized to lift your vibration and must be heard in the order given.

These MP3s along with the Cosmic Shield (Protection Grid) will allow releasing of lower energies (emotions) such as FEAR, Worry, Insecurity, Panic etc. and work on building an Auric field that will protect you and create Growth and MORE Receiving in areas of Health, Financial Wealth and Abundance.

Track 1 – Release, release and release some more

Track 2 – Sustain

  • Appreciate and hold the space of abundance
  • Alignment and balance with money, wealth and health
  • Creation and allow the flow of positive energy
  • Balance the giving and receiving of energy
  • Opening up of the heart center and the throat to transmit light in your field in order to attract a positive and balanced outcome
  • Anchor trust and faith

Track 3 – Vibrate to move into the 5D with ease

  • Picking up yourself and being in the space of creation
  • Making choices from the space of consciousness
  • Act from the space of contentment, safety and there is enough, will be enough and I am good enough
  • A continuous flow of abundance, clarity, & space
  • Happiness, joy, simplicity, and feeling of support
  • Accepting of the ‘I am presence’
  • Create grace and love

How do these MP3s work?

Light language downloads of high frequency of codes and instructions will help you release whatever is not required in your system. These MP3s come from various multi-dimensional Stargateways and Portals.

The Light Language codes and instructions activate dormant DNA strands and enhance the quality of life as it works on all your bodies - the physical, emotional and spiritual making the expansion and manifestation easier and faster.

Please play the MP3s in the house on mute or with volume as it will alter energies for your family members too.

Following are the release or detox symptoms:

  • Sleepiness

  • Heaviness

  • Yawning

  • Burping

  • Stomach rumbling

  • Frequent rushing to the washroom

  • A deep connection within

  • A feeling of reassurance, love, peace, & resonating at the Soul level.

DO NOT PLAY THEM WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY OR WEIGHTS, HANDLING BABIES - they are very powerful, & overwhelming and can cause dizziness & pressure. Please be Hydrated & Relaxed while listening to them.


Three Remote Energetic Booster Light Language Transmissions

Dates: April 27, May 7th & 11th
Times: 8:00 PM Indian Standard Time

These 3 Light Language downloads will be of 15-20 minutes done energetically (remotely) based on the group energies and needs.

Instructions for Receiving the Transmissions:

  • Make a list of things that you wish to release during the transmission. Post the transmission please burn the list
  • LLT is for 15 - 20 mins so choose a Quiet Space for Comfort & Have a Glass of Water Nearby (this can be in your office, home, garden, park… where ever you are most comfortable)
  • You can receive the download at any place/time as there are particular rituals to be followed, just be comfortable and relaxed!
  • Be open to the Divine and the Light Beings
  • The download is based on the Group Energies, so be open to Receiving
  • This transmission will bring in the Required Codes and Instructions that are needed for you to ascend to your Higher Self
  • Please do not drive during this transmission.

Post the session you may:

  • Feel Energized and Charged with a Desire to take MORE action!
  • Be driven to look at decluttering of mind and things around you
  • Feel heaviness and need to sleep - which will be sound sleep
  • Urge to use the restroom more frequently
  • Tingling and Pulsating Energy
  • Desire to Rest and or Take a Break

Please note the LLT is sent remotely so there are no replays needed.


Facebook Private Group: Total Support Throughout Your Journey

By being part of this program, you become part of an Exclusive Private Community on Facebook! You will interact with the group energy and also have access to me (if needed). In a group you are part of a BIG community and as the agenda of the group is the same as yours, you will tend to receive insights, support and TOGETHERNESS for you to buckle up and move forward!

  • By being here you will be able to work and be part of a community whose goal is to move forward
  • You will get the needed push and support from me and the group when things show up or when you are unable to move
  • Participate in group work other than the calls and remote transmission
  • I will be in the group to answer your questions, do some impromptu energy work based on the group energy, laugh with you, encourage you, & be honest with you. All these are only available within the group!
  • Encourage sharing your success however small it is, post happy and encouraging pics, some awesome quotes and great happenings throughout our journey together!

“My digestion relaxed and I now feel protected by Divine!”

“Dear Zeenat,
Thank you for this powerful activation gift. Truly amazing in purity connection to Divine. Much gratitude for sharing your gift! Light language entered deeply in my energy and I experienced showering of abundant energies and frequencies.

The third eye opened and awareness of Egyptian pyramid in/on my third eye (any insights about meaning?). Also in the midst of light language activation, download my digestion relaxed!

My experience was sacredness. I have been seeing and feeling Beings around me for some time now. The download was Blissfulness! Feel protected by Divine. Thank you, dear Zeenat."

~ R

“I am feeling joyous!”

“Hello Zeenat,

Thank you so much for the download and activation. Am still feeling the warmth throughout my body but most especially at the top and.back of my head. I am feeling joyous right now.

Many thanks"

~ J.P

“I saw the face of Mother Theresa!”

“Dear Zeenat,
Thank you for today's download. It is wonderful, during the first part I suddenly saw the face of Mother Theresa in front of my face looking at me. I ordered my Laxmi Money Grid so when it arrives I am sure I will listen to it again 🙂

Much Love & Gratitude"

~ M

“The codes are awesome!”

“Feels amazing such a fine vibration. Compassion Codes are awesome. Very exciting to become aware of my third eye.I am so grateful Zeenat THANK YOU SO MUCH BLESSINGS"

~ L.W.

“I feel more calm and relaxed!”

“There was lots of green and violet energy flashing and swirling and in many different ways behind my closed eyes, third eye forehead area and I felt the healing energy coming in, pushing through the stuck energy in my body a few times. I feel more calm and relaxed. I will see what happens as I process this healing overnight into tomorrow morning. Thank you so much!"

~ L

“I feel less fear about having the flu!”

“I released a lot of tension around my heart, I feel less fear about having the flu and I had many yawning and tears during the call, thank you so much, dear Zeenat"

~ MC - Germany


Total Package Value $600

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97

*** 83% Saving ***

Due to the nature of this product this package is non refundable

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus


Cosmic Sheild Light Language Sacred Geometry Grid

Format: Digital copy of the Grid to be downloaded by the buyer on their phone/desktop or to be framed

YES to More Shielding and Protection!
Yes to raising vibration!
Yes to dwelling in the 5D

The creation of these beautiful handcrafted fully loaded Light Language codes and instructions that are being channeled onto the Sacred Geometry with infusion of crystal energy to create a Shield to keep you in the state of high vibration to attract Health, Money & Abundance!

These codes and instructions will work with you forever (it has no shelf life). You tune into the energy and it starts and continues to do its work even when you are not actively working with it.

The LLSC Cosmic Shielding Grid heals your entire body – physical, emotional and spiritual. This provides activations of your DNA and the crystalline structure of your aura and chakra system.

The energy flowing through the Sacred Geometry along with the light language MAKES THE GRID UNIQUE AND SUPER POWERFUL!

The grids vibrational frequency with a constant flow of protection, healing and abundance along with your intention will assist and ALIGN your energetic body/space in helping you to achieve/manifest YOUR GOALS!

The Powerful Energy is ALREADY encoded when you receive it and it’s designed to AMPLIFY all your requirements of shielding and thereby creating a field of protection that allows the contrast flow of positivity and abundance.

The Cosmic Shield Grid is like a device that Transmutes lower energies and it continuously keeps your frequency raised bringing you higher and higher.

This fully energized LIGHT LANGUAGE SACRED GEOMETRY COMIC SHIELD GRID that can be kept with you at all times on your phone/desktop or in a frame. Once you have downloaded the grid on your device or taken a printout of the grid, you do not have to do anything as all work will be done by the Grid as it filters your energy and places you high vibration during this period.

And what’s more, is that even post this current seclusion and uncertainty, the energy through the grid continues its work on you and your family.

“The Protection Grid has protected me from a lot of toxic people and situations and it has been a source of emotional purification”

“The protection grid is beautifully handmade, black and white just how I imagine my life to be. The protection grid has surrounded me in a beautiful way and kept me away from many negative, jealousy filled situations. My family and my son both feel extremely peaceful and we feel surrounded by a lot shielding from fear, resentments.

It has helped me shield my energy from all negative influences, negative family influences and it has hugely helped me keep my energy, my space and home energy pure, clean and with high-frequency positivity. Ten minutes that I spend with this grid it clears my heart of heaviness and it has given a lot of confidence, inner harmony and it’s helping me create a life on a daily basis.

The grid has protected me from a lot of toxic people and situations and it has been a source of emotional purification and the healing transformation that I need."

~ M - India

“The Protection Grid helped me with my terrible legal situation but protected me from a very aggressive family member”

“I ordered the Protection grid from Zeenat when I was going through a very rough patch with my family. It came in as a real blessing as it not only helped me with my terrible legal situation but protected me from a very aggressive family member. Zeenat asked me to take a photograph of it and have it on my person when I was out as well to protect me from situations and people that drowned me and I must say that I just feel protected over all. God bless you Zeenat for all the fabulous work and light energy you bring down to us all the time."

~ FB - India

“I take my Protection Grid with me everywhere!”

“I take my protection grid with me everywhere since the incidents in my life like leaving stove on for several moments when I felt guided to check stove, left my wallet at the grocery store reached the car felt I left something went in to check and yes my wallet was with the cashier who handed it back to me, then my drive to a country place, than going up the mountain during the rain which was bad then came the roadblock. I believe I am protected, as yes we survived the storm from the side people (city) cleared reached our destiny late but was safe so spend the night happily. When my husband asked me did you have protection I said yes Zeenat’s I said yes.

I am hoping and praying that Zeenat more people have this grid and I pray that you all have one too. Thank you Zeenat love you"



6 x Live 45 Minute Group Energy Light Language Transmission Sessions with REPLAY

Dates: April 23rd, 30th, May 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
Times: 10:30 AM EST (Eastern USA) 9:30 AM CT (Central USA) 8:30 AM MT (Mountain USA) 7:30 AM PT (Pacific USA) 3:30 PM UK (London) 4:30 PM CET (European) 8:00 PM IST (India)

The package includes 6 group sessions to assist and support you to keep raising your vibration to make choices from the highest plane and answer any questions that may come up during the program, plus these calls will help you to clear issues if you feel you’re particularly stuck with your finances, health or life in general.

Each class will be 45 minutes and we will be using the InstantTeleseminar platform. Attending the class live is just as powerful as the replay. The call replay is active immediately post the Live call.

During these 6 Group Sessions, your energy will optimize and create EVEN MORE FLOW towards abundance and wellbeing! With each successive call, you will move closer to the 5D framework. 

These 6 Group Energy Transmission Sessions will also include:

  • Harnessing the collective energies of the group and making a difference in YOUR life! You will also become a part of the energy powerhouse to provide support and strength to others, even if it means that you are not actively doing any interaction! YOUR ENERGY VIBRATION WILL SOAR!!!
  • You will feel that your auric field has strengthened as your days are filled with positivity and you are manifesting faster
  • Further, there will be a heightened sense of:
  • Connectedness

  • Calmness

  • Hopefulness

  • Fearlessness

  • Worthiness

  • Power (In your power)

  • Heightened Creativity

  • Lighter & More Grounded

  • Allowance & Acceptance

  • Saying ‘YES to MORE’ frequently

  • Letting Go Of Negative Energy

  • Staying in the flow

Will provide self-work in alignment to what would be required to MOVE FORWARD as everybody will experience this energy! There will be Opening Up the Stargates for MORE MONEY, HEALTH & WELLBEING

“I received 2 unexpected cheques!”

“What you just said resonates so much with me and explained so much of what was going on in my life until recently !....

I have also received 2 unexpected cheques !!!!"

~ AA - Hollywood

“I listened over and over again”

“Thank you so much - have LOVED this mediation and listened to it over and over! Much appreciation to you for sharing this with us! Love the music too - is that your beautiful creation as well"

~ KF - USA

“Such a powerful transmission”

“Thank you dear beautiful heart Zeenat. Such a powerful transmission. May you be blessed as much as you are a blessing for myself and others."


“Money is no longer an issue!”

“Much appreciation, Zeenat, for your valuable work! I am feeling increasingly graceful and what it's like to be genuinely feminine for the first time in life. There's a sense of completion or wholeness in what had been fragmented in my energy.I feel embraced by the Divine Feminine, which is both nurturing ... and empowering. Money is no longer an issue because I feel supported in Abundance by the Divine. While writing this I realize I am in love with myself and all is well. Thank you, Zeenat!! Eternal gratitude to you!"

~ DL - USA

“I feel so synchronicity all around me!”

“It's amazing your downloads and work..I feel so synchronicity all around me. The money grid has become my lover, soulmate friend I talk to it and sometimes sleep keeping it on my left side..palms on it. thank you so much for everything u have changed my life."

~ N - India

“I have started receiving gifts, meals, after my money grid”

“Yes, I have started receiving gifts, meals, after my money grid. I thank my grid and the grid fulfills my wish in the best way. Feeling excited to get started a new business venture. received an idea today."

~ NR - India

“Felt like such a powerful shift!”

“So powerful! I have been so tired this am and releasing alot today! Using the bathroom a lot. My energy is returning this afternoon. I had a powerful dream where I was stuck in a very difficult situation of divine feminine repression but remembered to invoke divine support and help for the best possible outcome IN MY DREAM! This is a first! Felt like such a powerful shift!"

~ J C - USA

“This process is a complete wow!”

“This process is a complete wow! I have listened to it every night since you sent it. I am so excited to have all of that cleared. Along with the 1 on 1 session with you Zeenat and the Womb clearing it has been a rough detox. I am flowing through it and am completely grateful for it all. In the middle of the emotional clearing symptoms, I have had some powerful ahas of "stuff" I did not remember. I am willing to release!!!!"

~ E AB - USA

“Got 2 new clients in 2 days!”

“I received my grid 4 days ago and got 2 new clients in 2 days and today I feel that procrastination will soon be a thing from the past. One of my friends felt protected yesterday as soon as she entered the room where I hung my grid. I put the grid face down and that feeling disappeared."



Total Package Value $884

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147

*** 83% Saving ***

Due to the nature of this product this package is non refundable

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Light Language Sacred Geometry (LLSG) grids work?

Light Language codes and instructions are been channeled onto a grid for the manifestation of goals, healing of all bodies – physical, emotional and spiritual, activation of our DNA and the crystalline structure of our chakra system. The energy of the hand-crafted Light Language, Sacred Geometry and Colors make the grid powerful and unique. The grids vibrational frequency along with your intention will assist and align your energetic body/space, helping you to achieve/manifest your goal.

Q. How do I use the email version of the LLSG Cosmic Shield Grid?

LLSG Cosmic Shield Grid will be shared with you on full payment as part of your welcome package. (package B only). It will be a small size pdf/jpg file that you will have to download on your device (mobile or desktop or both). You can also frame and either mount or place the grid on the wall at your home or workplace.

Q. When I get the grid or I listen to the transmission will I be 100% Ok. Will I have no trouble in life thereafter?

The grid and transmissions are tools to help open up your DNA. It will support you through your journey. They will guide you and help you maintain your vibration levels, it will help you let go of anything that holds lower energies. You will be presented with choices that can help you grow and expand.

Since change is the only constant in our lives, you must allow the energy to work in a way that it benefits your highest good. If you change something in your life without the support of energy, then you will need to take full responsibility for your actions and the effects it may have on your mind, body and or soul.

Please note the choice is always yours! 🙂

Q. Can I put crystals or add colour on this grid?

NO, you cannot add anything on the Grid. You are advised to use the Grid as provided, please do not add or remove elements.

Q. Can I frame the Grid?

Yes, you can use a wooden frame box with a glass top for the Grid. Please do not use plastic or any other material to frame the grid.

Q. Can this Grid be used only for me or will my family benefit from the same?

Yes, the Cosmic Shield LLSG Grid has been shared for you and your family members only.

Q. How do I take care of the Grid?

  • Keep the grid in the open allow light to flow. Due to any circumstances if the grid is kept in a cupboard, then do move it out once in the day to look at it allowing the energy to flow
  • If framed then clean the frame with plain cloth
  • Keep the framed grid out during full moon night as it will enhance its energy

Q. Are there any rituals that need to be followed when interacting with the LLSG Grid/s?

There are NO rituals that need to be done with the Grid/s. When you look at or touch the grid the language, sacred geometry and colour seep into you. Everything is right as you are interacting with the highest and purest form of energy.

Q. Can I gift this Cosmic Shield Grid?

Yes, these beautiful work can be given as gifts to family, friends, etc. as it might sound weird that the Grids/Coasters select the people who they wish to work with. By you gifting these to them, you are serving as a mediator. You were required to do this act of kindness for yours and their highest good.

Q. What are the expected effects when I hear or when I am part of the Light Language Transmission (LLT)?

Light language Transmissions will help you release lower energies. While releasing the same you may experience detox symptoms - sleepiness, heaviness, yawning, burping, stomach rumbling, frequent rushing to the washroom etc. You may also conversely experience deep connection within, feel safe and reassured, loved, peaceful etc.

At all times while listening to the MP3s please be Hydrated & Relaxed while listening to them.

Q. How often must I listen to LLT? And when will I see a difference?

I suggest listening to LLT for three weeks, three times a day. These are the releasing, sustaining and ascension MP3s. Also, as part of your Package B, we would be doing 6 coaching calls and 3 remote energy transmission and this will further enhance your work.

We are unique and therefore our healing journey is also unique. Some are ahead of us and some beside us and some behind us, we are all on the same path and heading toward the light. Some experience the shifts right away, while others take longer. Group energies work best as they help each one to climb up and stay together. We borrow benefits from our members and grow with them. Suggest that we continue to do the work and allow the results to show. The LLT and the Grid having codes and instructions work on your DNA. It will show you or take you to things to improve your current space.

I must mention here, we are responsible for our journey and for the choices that we make. Having said that all choices are the right choice.

Q. Can I listen to my Light Language Transmission (LLT) while I sleep?

Yes, I suggest that the audio is kept on loop in mute throughout the night as it works on subconscious while you’re sleeping, or even in a drowsy state. This helps as your conscious mind won’t be interfering with the receiving and healing process.

Q. Can I listen to the LLT while driving?

DO NOT PLAY THEM WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY OR LIFTING WEIGHTS, HANDLING BABIES - the LLTs are very powerful, overwhelming and can cause dizziness & pressure.

Q. Should I listen to all of the LLT even if I think I don’t need the same? Is there any particular order in which I must listen to the LLT?

If you have been drawn to this call I am certain you need to hear all the LLT in the package. The LLT has been given to me based on each one who is here today listening into the call or replay for them to pick up this package.

Also, the sequence has been pre-decided and I have just placed it together. Listening to all will have an accumulative effect and work on what you need.

Order of listening:

  1. Release, release, release
  2. Sustain
  3. Ascend to the 5D protocol

Q. Will I see myself becoming stress and worry-free? Will I get a new job once I start or complete the program as instructed by listening to the audio and having the Shielding Grid with me?

You are energy and more the positive energy more are the rewards of the same. Through this program, you are working towards vibrating at a high frequency that will help us to attract and manifest things faster. Energy goes where your thoughts and feelings go and it expands there, so when you hold on to the space of high vibrations your external environment starts to respond accordingly.

I wish and desire that when I do work for myself or for others that every change made during the session remains as is, however change is the only constant in our lives and that makes predictions and foretell your future choices.

Please note you are the creator of all your realities.

Recommend that you keep a journal of gratitude as and when you receive and say ‘Thank you’! The universe knows what is most desired by you and it shall send more. Please note that you are responding and your energy is shifting.

Q. Can I play the LLT in the house for others to listen to it?

Most definitely, YES!!! When you shift your energy, your families energy shifts too as you are all connected.

However, this work needs to be respected and therefore if you want your friends and extended family to benefit, they must buy the package as the energy exchange only includes you and your family members.

About Zeenat Lakdawalla:

Zeenat is a Spiritual Artist, the creator of the World’s first Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids!

She has launched several powerful Grids and Transmissions. To name a few, the beautifully handmade ‘Luxury Laxmi Grid’ for Manifestation of More Money, and the ‘Ganesha Grid’ for releasing obstacles. Besides this she has done over 100’s of customised and non-customised LLSGC Grids and shipped them across the Globe.

She started her journey over a decade ago, being a light-worker with high intuitive capabilities allows her to effectively use Light Language either through grids or transmissions. She uses Light Language along with other modalities while working with clients to have faster results.

She helps and assists her clients:

  • To heal and manifest more money
  • Fulfilling careers with new jobs/roles
  • Open to receiving financial freedom
  • Find life partner
  • Moving from stuckness to creation
  • Have a healthy approach towards physical and emotional bodies and much more...

While working with her clients, she uses different modalities that help and assist in healing and growth. Her biggest achievement when she does her one-on-one sessions is to empower her clients so that they can do their healing with the tools that she brings down and also through the work assignments that she gives her clients to work on, between her sessions making them more self-reliant and confident.

Zeenat’s goal is to help people Heal, Explore and Expand. She says her physical body is just a vessel, a conduit and it gives her tremendous joy to create Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids (LLSCC) and bring down transmission for your higher self.

For her personal well-being, she practice Vipassana, Art of Living, Yoga and walk. She further enjoys penning down her thoughts through a blog on her website.

She is a certified practitioner for the Akashic records, Tibetan bowls, Scrying Level 1-3, Pendulum Dowsing with Angels, Angel and Tarot card reading, Crystal Therapy and a Munay Ki teacher - 13 Rites.

She studied Hypnotherapy level one and two from the California Hypnosis Institute of India and also completed The Diana Cooper School foundation course for Angel and Ascension (Atlantis).

Practitioner of ancient Japanese healing art ‘Jin Shin Jyutus’ - designed to harmonize physical energies.

I came from nothing and I will disappear into nothing. Time spent here is short and is filled with learning to unlearn my past and to let go of my future. As I spend time to be in the now and expand myself to evolve, so when I ascend into nothingness my light be shine upon you to brighten your life as I go – Zeenat Lakdawalla

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3 Powerful MP3 Booster

3 Remote Energetic Booster Transmissions

Interactive Sharing & Receiving Facebook Support Group

‘COSMIC SHIELD’ (Protection) Light Language Sacred Geometry Handcrafted Grid

6 x Live 45 Minute Light Language Group Energy calls:
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