Emotional Weight Release for a Healthier You: Light Language Sacred Geometry Coasters

What if I told you that:

  • Weight is holding you from your MONEY ABUNDANCE


The Soul breathes life into the BODY, a sacred vessel for earthly experiences. It is intelligent and supreme, equipped with systems and knowledge for growth, wear and tear, and, protection. The body’s primary function is to absorb and process food and water, but they also constantly receive thoughts | feelings | and emotions that cannot be processed and accumulate as fat. The physical body has a deep emotional link between food and comfort from infancy for both celebration and grief.

Weight gain has various factors: sleep disorders, ageing, dehydration, medication, genetics, social influences, ancestral imprints, and environmental factors. It is vital to also acknowledge the profound psychological aspects that impact weight as during sadness, depression, anger, and stress etc, EMOTIONAL HUNGER may replace STOMACH HUNGER seeking comfort in energy-dense food - high in calories, carbs and sweets. These unresolved emotions disrupt the digestive system, hindering healthy weight.

The KEY Factors that Affect Your Weight Psychologically are based on

  • 1

    Body Image

    Childhood experiences like name-calling, bullying, or ridicule, can breed a fear of being noticed, leading to weight as a protective shield. This distorts self-perception and triggers feelings of being unattractive.

  • 2

    Self Image | Self Sabotage

    Abuse, neglect, rejection, or betrayal during childhood can erode self-worth, fostering shame, unresolved anger, and destructive relationship patterns.

  • 3

    Neglect - (hurt and rejection)

    Growing up with busy or limited resources can leave an emotional void leading to food filling the gaps. Additionally, overachievers or perfectionists
    tend to prioritize others over their own needs, amplifying the sense of emptiness.

  • 4

    Trauma - (guilt and shame)

    Life-altering events like loss, assault, job instability, or health deterioration can induce guilt, shame, and food serves as a distraction and comfort.

  • 5


    Experiencing sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional abuse often results is suppressed emotions through food. This pattern may lead to attracting dysfunctional relationships.
    These psychological factors often find expression through ANGER & STRESS. The connection between anger, stress, and weight imbalance is intricate and multifaceted. When anger and stress go unaddressed, they can have a profound impact on our relationship with food and contribute to weight imbalances.

  • 6


    As a defence mechanism, often stems from a sense of powerlessness or past experiences of injustice. It can lead to emotional eating as a way to cope with and suppress these intense feelings. The act of consuming high-calorie, comfort foods provides temporary relief and a sense of control, but it can result in weight gain over time.

  • 7


    On the other hand is often caused by negative emotions such as worry, fear, depression, loneliness, and anxiety which gets reflected in physical well-being. Stress triggers the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that prepares the body for fight or flight. Elevated cortisol levels can disrupt the normal functioning of the digestive system and increase cravings for calorie-dense, sugary, and fatty foods. This can lead to overeating and the accumulation of excess weight.

Both anger and stress can create a vicious cycle of negative emotions and overeating. When you feel angry or stressed, you may turn to food as a way to soothe or distract yourself. However, this relief is often followed by feelings of guilt, shame, or regret, further fueling the cycle of emotional eating.

Merely addressing food or going on a diet may provide interim results. FOOD is just a symptom and weight is a deep cry of the soul, a manifestation of disharmony in the energy system. By addressing and healing these unresolved emotions, we can break this cycle and restore a healthier relationship with food.

The goal is to break through the ceiling that limits letting go of weight and learn to appreciate one’s body while shedding unhealthy weight

Are you ready to free yourself from the constraints of the UNHEALTHY EMOTIONAL BURDEN OF STRESS & ANGER that have hindered you from attaining a balanced weight and holistic well-being?

Now, envision the possibility of an impactful and efficient impactful and efficient approach that empowers you to ATTAIN & SUSTAIN VITALITY, leading to a Healthy Weight and a Body that remains in a state of CONSTANT BALANCE & HARMONY.

Presenting the ‘COSMIC WEIGHT RELEASE COASTER’, a meticulously handcrafted Light Language Sacred Geometry creation by Zeenat - the visionary who brought forth the World’s first Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids. The Coaster uplifts vibrations, aids Health and Body Weight, igniting boundless joy in ALL aspects of YOUR life!

Our body comprises 70% water, and it has been proven that positive suggestions can elevate vibration. Scientific evidence demonstrates that water can exhibit diverse crystal structures depending on its surroundings.

The molecular transformation occurring within water aids in DNA expansion. Consumption of energized water facilitates multiple processes at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Water plays a vital role in decoding messages within the bloodstream and, consequently, our DNA.

  • Balance mental health and body nourishment
  • Stabilize cortisol levels for better well-being
  • Restore key organ function for optimal health
  • Instantly relax and release stress hormones
  • Let go of low self-worth and esteem
  • Release anger and promote emotional balance
  • Let go of grief from past traumas and experiences
  • Release suppressed emotions from abuse and PTSD
  • Enhance self-care and self-love for a positive body image
  • Enhance healthy relationships by reconnecting with self
  • Balance emotions and improve social and family dynamics related to eating
  • Release self-sabotage patterns hindering weight management
  • Release hoarding energy and foster abundance
  • Foster internal harmony and raise vibration
  • Improve decision-making capabilities regarding food – in social and family contexts

Experience a profound connection with your body through the transformative power of the Cosmic Weight Release Coaster. This sacred tool invites you to embrace your body's innate wisdom and discover the beauty and potential that reside within you. It serves as a catalyst for creating a new reality, one where you can release excess weight, nourish your body, and unlock the hidden depths of your being.

Enjoy the journey of self-discovery and empowerment, redefining your relationship with your body and embracing the limitless possibilities that await. Step into a new chapter of your life, where you fully embody and celebrate the incredible essence that you are.

This potent Light Language Cosmic Weight Release Coaster carries high vibration codes in the water that benefits you, your pets/animals and plants.


My clients have received

  • Calmness & felt At Ease

  • Settled

  • Creatively Charged

  • More Grounded

  • Strength

  • Blessings

  • More Connected with SELF

  • Immediate release when either drinking charged water or when holding it in the hand

  • Balanced

  • Grounded

  • A weight lifted off them

  • A sense of balance & calm in handling tough situations

What Makes This Program Special?

  • World’s First HandCrafted Light Language Cosmic Coaster in a physical form
  • Accelerated 30 Minute, Private 1:1 Session with Zeenat!
  • 4 Weight Release Series Special Group Call with Zeenat
  • 6 Powerful Energy Booster MP3s to Support Weight Release
  • 1 Bonus Light Language MP3 To deepen your Healing


"This course was absolutely wonderful! I was really low emotionally prior to the course and my weight supported that. I did not handle confrontation at all-I ran away from opportunities to even provide a learning moment. I allowed others to manipulate, control and take power from me which I am not experiencing as much now. I have communicated how I feel about that either verbally or through actions recently. I have grown to be less attached to the whims of others through this process. I have been religiously using my coaster and have been doing the downloads. I noticed that it has been easier to release those who do not serve my best interests or who are not tracking as I am without mourning their loss as much. I released over 17 lbs throughout the course of the program. Although I gained some of it back already-it was because I was going to put myself back into a negatively charged situation and my body was not looking forward to that. I have since decided only to do what feels good to my body and is in my highest and best alignment. Most (if not all) of that weight was due to negative emotions and I'm in the process of allowing my body to be in alignment with only that which serves me. I have had a major win in appreciating my body for the way it is and is not and giving it more love, attention and positivity so it can heal as necessary. I can look at my body with love now instead of the negative way that I looked at it before the course."

~ TT - USA

"I have significantly improved listening to the mp3s and with the coaster - I am more aware when I eat or begin to overeat or snack when my body is satisfied. My body inches have gone down quite a bit and my clothes fit better. Most importantly, I am feeling so good in my skin, more content and confident. I speak so kindly to myself and my body is now showing me better results from the strength training I've been doing. I built a house and move in with many repairs for the builder to fix and that is finally getting done after 5 months! Many of my neighbors have become like family and my intuition is so much stronger - what I sense or feel is spot on. I am just very happy with myself and really loving my body now. That is the great gift! "

~ KP - USA

"I feel calmer since using the coaster and more empowered. I feel more in charge of my experience of life. It is helping me to make positive changes. I have received more gifts and compliments out of the blue. I feel I have released some blocks around self esteem and I'm not judging myself as much. Thank you for your wonderful program. "

~ JM - USA

"I do feel more in control and happier. Have not lost much weight but I feel less emotional pain. The mp3s are very relaxing and I love using the coaster."

~ MS - USA

"I Am soooo very GRATEFUL for the cleansing/ clearing away once and for all these layers of emotional baggage/ Wounds etc ...to FEEL lighter more centered in myself ... more of a connection to SOURCE ....THANK YOU ZEENAT for this light language CLEARING so I can FINALLY get closer to becoming Self Realized ...I will continue this endless journey for I find it is the most Important thing we can do for ourselves and all life every where .....FORVER GRATE-FULL I FOUND YOU TO HELP SHINE THE LIGHT ON ALL THAT IS FALSE..... MANY BLESSING TO YOU... "

~ JH - USA

"I've lost 10 pounds and feel lighter emotionally. I had some gastro-intestinal distress following listening to the light language which you addressed in an email. Very helpful. I'm finding food less important to turn to when I'm stressed, upset or angry. I've had a 10 pound weight loss to date. I feel like I'm calmer and have a better relationship with food. Something has definitely shifted my attention and cravings away from using food as the "go to." "

~ BB - USA

"I feel much more concern over my food choices being healthier. I won $100.00 on a lottery ticket last weekend. Very enjoyable, I couldn't attend the live sessions. I am still listening to the replays daily. I have released so much and I am sure there is more to come. I love the coasters, 1 is under my water pitcher and 1 under the bed side glass. I give myself totally to the system and let myself change/release as needed. I came in open, without a specific goal and have enjoyed the changes."

~ CO - USA

Meet Zeenat Lakdawala

Zeenat is a Spiritual Guide, the Creator of the World's first Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids, and a Transformational Energy Healer with over 10 years of experience. She is an esteemed international speaker and has positively impacted numerous clients worldwide.

With a profound connection to the supreme consciousness, Zeenat receives information from various Higher Dimensional Beings, enabling her to bring forth the most benevolent Language of Light in the form of Codes, Instructions, and Sacred Blueprints. These transmissions awaken dormant souls, catalyzing high vibrational shifts that lead to healing, renewed motivation, empowerment, growth, and abundance.

As a conduit of multi and inter-dimensional energy, Zeenat assists clients in transcending lower dimensions and attaining higher vibrations, facilitating a state of 'Bliss' in both the spiritual and physical realms. Throughout her work, she employs diverse modalities that support healing and personal development.

It's important to note that Zeenat is not a Fortune Teller. Instead, she possesses a unique ability to perceive individual energies and their distinctive blueprints. By working with her clients' auric fields, she can read their energy and provide guidance for their highest good. Zeenat empowers her clients, equipping them with the necessary tools to facilitate their own healing. She also assigns specific tasks between sessions, fostering self-reliance and confidence.

She helps and assists her clients:

  • to attract abundance and manifest greater wealth
  • to pursue fulfilling careers with new opportunities
  • to embrace financial freedom with open arms
  • to discover life partners and cultivate meaningful relationships
  • to transition from stagnation to creative empowerment
  • to cultivate a healthy mindset towards physical and emotional well-being and much more...

Zeenat is renowned as a "Miracle Worker," facilitating profound transformations for her clients. Through her guidance, individuals can release blockages from their core, leading to an improved sense of well-being and an open receptivity to abundance. Zeenat firmly embraces the power of YES and that we create our reality in every minute of the NOW!

Available for a Limited Time Only


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PACKAGE A, PACKAGE B & PACKAGE C: No Refund after Physical Item Will Be Shipped or first group call or session is taken, whichever comes first.

Sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and time of the session. Missed sessions (no-shows) will not be rescheduled or refunded.


World’s First Handcrafted Light Language Cosmic Weight Release Coaster

Value: $377

Physical Item Will Be Shipped




Experience the transformative power of the Light Language Sacred Geometry Cosmic Weight Release Coaster from the moment it arrives in your hands.

This divine tool has been specifically downloaded to heal your physical, emotional and mental body. By incorporating daily/regular use of the Cosmic Coaster, you will unlock a sense of balance and alignment in your emotional and spiritual being. Prepare for profound activations of your DNA and the crystalline structure of your subtle body and chakra system.

What sets this Cosmic Coaster apart is its timeless nature—it will work with you indefinitely, continuously carrying out its purpose even when you are not actively engaged with it.

Let the powerful energy flowing through the Sacred Geometry and Light Language of this extraordinary Coaster guide you on a unique and transformative journey.

Light Language Sacred Geometry Cosmic Coaster dimensions: 5 inches × 5 inches ready to use

The Cosmic Coaster will be delivered to you in 25 working days! Please note: While it may not be physically with you yet, the energies begin working with you as soon as you place your order!


Powerful Light Language Booster - 6MP3s

Value: $667

Total Runtime: 1 Hour

The Light Language MP3s will serve as your additional guides and support as you start reducing the unhealthy excess weight. One of the best ways to listen to these light language MP3s is by keeping the water glass on the Cosmic Weight Release Coaster.

Regular listening to these MP3s and drinking charged water will expand your DNA, transmute lower energies and enhance your sensitive toward your sacred temple. It will promote growth and receiving in various aspects of life.

The following audios included are

1. Releasing of Stress - Balancing of Cortisol

Stress, regardless of its nature or intensity, is a major factor in weight imbalance. When under stress, the body releases cortisol, a hormone that triggers the fight-or-flight response. However, in the absence of a physical threat, this energy generated results in cravings for high-carb and sugary foods.

Emotional eating, driven by stress and coping mechanisms, stems from emotional hunger. It serves as a distraction and numbs one's response to the external environment. Prolonged exposure to chronic stress can result in a loss of self-control when it comes to food.

The Stress Release Light Language MP3

  • Relax and stay calm
  • Balance and maintain flow of Cortisol
  • Enhance mood and clarity under unpleasant situations
  • Differentiate between physical and emotional hunger
  • Reduce cravings for sugar or salt cravings

2. Releasing Anger

Emotions are vital in our lives, and balance is key. However, anger is often stigmatized and labeled as "bad" or "wrong," often with gender bias. Anger acts as a defense mechanism, falsely empowering us but ultimately disrupting our peace and well-being. Unresolved anger can lead to illness and imbalances. Managing anger is crucial for our overall health and harmony.

This Light Language Anger Release MP3 will help

  • Move from disharmonious frequencies to internal balance
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Regulate harmful chemical release in the body that damages organs
  • Maintain optimal body temperature
  • Enhance digestion
  • Soothe overworked organs, especially the liver

3. Releasing Self Sabotage

The human desire for appreciation, acceptance and acknowledgement (I call this the triple-A Acquired Syndrome) is often sought from both parents. However, when these needs are not met as expected, it creates a deficiency that leads to low self-esteem. In this phase, individuals experience a sense of lack and feel inadequate in various aspects of their lives. There is a constant need to prove self and get the triple-A from the external environment and when it is not received the need to become invisible becomes very acute.

This Light Language Anger Release MP3 will help

  • Release fear, doubt, guilt and disappointment
  • Let go of false protection
  • Overcome fear of relationships
  • Release self-judgment
  • Expand self-acceptance and love

4. Kidney Enhancer

Strong emotions like stress and anger have a profound effect on the body's organs. When experiencing these emotions, the body releases hormones as it perceives a sense of threat and strives to maintain a balanced state and ensure our safety and protection . During stress, the body craves high-energy foods, straining digestion. Chronic stress can impair the kidney's function increasing risk like high blood pressure and diabetes. The body's intricate balance and organ functions can suffer from ongoing stress effects.

This Light Language Kidney Enhancer MP3 will help

  • Optimal organ function
  • Reduce sugar cravings
  • Boost willpower
  • Release fear, insecurities and isolation

5. Healthy Gut

The gut, known as the second brain, is a repository of emotions and intuition.It houses a vast network of nerves and neurons that connect it to the brain, playing a vital role in digestion.

The gut also experiences emotions and stress as it receives communication from the brain and this causes disharmony in the digestive process such as irritable bowel syndrome amongst others. The intricate relationship between the gut and emotions highlights the deep influence our mental and emotional well-being has on our digestive health.

This Light Language Healthy Gut MP3 will help

  • Relax the brain to impact the gut
  • Balance the gut - stress response
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Harmonise organs for digestion

6. Root Chakra Healing

Our chakra system, known as the energy system, holds significant importance in our overall energy balance. It also influences our weight management journey. Our physical body reflects our self-perception and how the world perceives us. The chakras also play a role in managing food cravings and other related factors. Three primary chakras, namely Throat, Sacral, and Root, contribute to the balance, alignment, and maintenance of a healthy weight. The Root chakra, starting from conception and continuing until 12 months, marks the beginning of all development. Imbalance and disharmony in the first chakra result in excessive cravings and a disconnected sense of embodiment. Feeling unsafe, one operates on autopilot, constantly seeking survival. Excessive mental exertion prevails due to a lack of awareness and being disconnected from the present.

This Light Language Root Chakra MP3 will help

  • Stay Grounded
  • Re-establish a sense of belonging
  • Let go of excessive food reliance
  • Eliminate fear, and reduce stress
  • Cultivate a healthy connection with oneself, food, and optimal eating
  • Recognize and honour the body for living and flourishing


Facebook Private Group Support

Value: $100

Online Community

By joining Zeenat's program, you gain access to her exclusive Facebook community. This community provides support, insights, and togetherness as we share our experiences and work towards common goals.

The group's collective energy creates a safe and comforting environment where you can receive the necessary push and support. Zeenat will personally engage with the group, answering questions, providing impromptu energy work, offering encouragement, and being honest. These valuable interactions are only available within the group.

Sharing your successes motivates fellow members, and the group will be active starting July 2, 2023


Email Support

Value: $67

One of the ways, Zeenat stays connected with program participants is through emailers. These emails provide support on the journey of achieving optimal weight and self-love. They contain tips and suggestions, intuitively guided in terms of frequency and quantity. Zeenat ensures they don't exceed the appropriate limit set for her program.


Pre and Post-Program Survey to Map Progress

Value: $107

Another valuable resource that maintains your strong connection with the program is the survey/feedback form. By completing the questions, you can evaluate your progress in the weight release journey. The purpose is to track your advancement from point A to B through the program.

Available for a Limited Time Only


That will take care of

  • Hormonal balance
  • Self Image and Body Image
  • Clearer and better skin and hair
  • Improved savings and more money
  • Better Immunity
  • And Build a healthier relationship with food

The process of Listening to the Light Language Transmission

  • Start listening from today for 21 days
  • If you miss a day you need to start the process again
  • Hear 3 times in a loop for the first three days, thereafter you can hear it as many times as you wish


Package A

Discount: 86%

Total Price $1502

Introductory Special Offer $207

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

"Enjoyed the programme was amazed by the results less cravings weight loss eating healthier less bloating. I am amazed at the results for this programme really enjoyed doing it bought it for the first 3 mp3s instead I am eating healthier lost weight less bloating less cravings more clarity "

~ RL - UK

"This is a very long journey. But I feel and am witnessing changes for the better. I am pleased that I can speak and finally be heard. I will continue this always. It is the way forward for me at last! It is definitely not easy and very painful from time to time but that is what must be done. I thank you Zeenat for the guidance. Again I say that I acknowledge , I accept, I heal and I surrender. My bank balance has increased and my savings, I receive discounts often online, my food choices are extremely beneficial now, my partner has slowly improved, I am looking at myself and what’s going on around me with new understanding. This all makes me feel at ease much more. Thank you so much for this help and guidance. Yes to more healing and light!"

~ KN - UK

"­­­­­­­­­­­­­The Weight & Wait Release program helps me to recognize how unconscious I was about my eating habits, and how being unbalanced physically affects my relationship with money. Now that I realize what, how often, and how much food I put into my mouth, I am seeing positive results in my life choices, self-image, and especially financial prosperity. I am releasing a little weight each month, and at the same time receiving an extra $1,000/mo. This is totally unexpected and appreciated. I am also attracting more opportunities for positive life experiences. I am very very grateful for Zeenat and her very unique gifts/talents that she so generously shares with humanity. She is a true blessing."

~ TL - USA

"I find that I am responding to situations rather than reacting more and more. Also, my partner is acting way more politely and respectfully every day. Also, everyday problems are getting resolved with ease as I am finding straightforward solutions quickly and clearly. I seem to be getting confidence and a clear head each day also. Anger has not appeared in me or my spouse since the start of the Anger Release Program. What a relief. Much gratitude and love Zeenat. You are SO Blessed in your work for all of us. Thank you very very much. For the start of a new life, I am willing to do what it takes to continue on this path. God’s Love to you always"

~ KN - UK

"I've been able to release 2 lbs. since the beginning of the program, and though my weight fluctuates, my eating habits have greatly improved. My weight at the moment continues to go up and down; however, I am realizing that as I drop expectations of what this program is supposed to do for me, I am benefiting in so many ways. I am more calm and relaxed about money. Therefore it is flowing much more easily."

~ TL - USA

"I have had some beautiful experiences come my way out of the blue. I have been looking for a house to live in and have been moving from one vacation rental to another but was just asked to house-sit for a couple that lives right on the ocean while they are on a trip. I have been staying here for free in complete luxury! Also, I have found a house to live in but need furniture, I sold all of my belongings a year ago to travel. I can feel that I am being given an opportunity to remember pure manifestation. I have no money at this time and need money to purchase furniture but can feel the absolute call to just trust it will show up! I am releasing blocks to trusting and believing I am worthy of beauty and opulence as I write this!"

~ TK - USA

"My body feels slimmer. My jeans fit again. I find the MP3s very helpful. I even play them more than once on days when I feel the stress mounting. I hope that now that a big stressor is past, the weight numbers will change. It is clear that Zeenat puts a lot of effort into this program. I really appreciate that. I am very glad I signed up and I plan to keep repeating it. Thank you.."

~ SC

"I find that I am responding to situations rather than reacting more and more. Also, my partner is acting way more politely and respectfully every day. Also, everyday problems are getting resolved with ease as I am finding straightforward solutions quickly and clearly. I seem to be getting confidence and a clear head more each day also. Anger has not appeared in me or my spouse since the start of the Anger Release Program. What a relief. Much gratitude and love Zeenat. You are SO Blessed in your work for all of us. Thank you very very much. For the start of a new life, I am willing to do what it takes to continue on this path. God’s Love to you always."

~ KN - UK

Includes everything in Package A Plus


4 Live Group Calls 45 minutes

Value: $1617

Via Webcast
Wednesday, July 6, 13, 20 and 27 at 6:30 am Pacific / 7:30 am Mountain / 8:30 am Central / 9:30 am Eastern / 1:30 pm GMT / 3:30 pm CET / 7:00 pm IST

This package includes Four (4) Live Group Energy Calls designed specifically for the program. These calls address physical, emotional, and mental health aspects, in addition to food, that contribute to unhealthy weight.

The Live Group Calls are influenced by the group energy, whether you join the live call or listen to the replay. These dynamic calls provide valuable information, along with Light Language downloads and instant healing for participants.

Each class lasts 45 to 60 minutes and will be conducted through the InstantTeleseminar platform. Attending live or listening to the replay both offer powerful experiences. The call replay becomes available immediately after the Live call.

Call 1 & 2 - Release Stored Emotions From Various
Organs with Light Language

Wednesday July 6 & 13, 2023, at 6:30 am Pacific / 7:30 am Mountain / 8:30 am Central / 9:30 am Eastern / 1:30 pm GMT / 3:30 pm CET / 7:00 pm IST

Are you aware that suppressing or not expressing emotions can contribute to weight fluctuations and various health issues? Emotions can have a physiological impact on organs, affecting their optimal functioning. Negative emotions hinder your success and overall well-being.

On the first two call you will be able to

  • Cleanse built-up anger from organs through detoxification
  • Transition from emotional hunger to true stomach hunger
  • Embrace the body and self-image with acceptance
  • Gain knowledge and implement strategies to heal cravings and develop food awareness
  • Experience an enhanced sense of self-esteem and self-worth

Call 3 - Harmonised GUT, Healthy Weight with Light Language

Thursday, July 20, 2023, at 6:30 am Pacific / 7:30 am Mountain / 8:30 am Central / 9:30 am Eastern / 1:30 pm GMT / 3:30 pm CET / 7:00 pm IST

In this session, we will delve into the interconnection between emotional well-being, gut health, and maintaining a healthy weight. Using Light Language, we will activate and align the subtle energies within our bodies, with a specific focus on the gut region.

By joining this group call, anticipate a profound state of relaxation and release as the potent frequencies of Light Language harmonize your gut. You might

  • Uncover increased clarity
  • Improved digestion, and
  • A greater sense of emotional equilibrium

Call 4 - Body Love Meditation with Light Language

Thursday, July 27, 2023, at 6:30 am Pacific / 7:30 am Mountain / 8:30 am Central / 9:30 am Eastern / 1:30 pm GMT / 3:30 pm CET / 7:00 pm IST

The meditation will permeate your cells, facilitating the necessary transformation as you are guided to take action.

  • Opt for nutritious foods
  • Discover your own healthy weight, independent of others' opinions
  • Let go of self-judgment and judgment towards others

Package B

Discount: 91%

Total Price $3109

Introductory Special Offer $277

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

"I received the highest refund I have ever gotten from filing income tax. It was a big surprise! I received an invitation to visit my brother and sister in law in Virginia. It will be my first vacation in 3 years. Thank you very much for the downloads and information about anger. I still don't really get very angry."

~ CS - USA

"The content was great with the clearings, activations and processes during the calls, and then the MP3s. I feel more calm so I know I am releasing anger from my organs. I will be listening to both calls a second time and then start listening to the MP3s, so I feel I will be releasing more anger and weights as I go along"

~ L - USA

"­­­­­­­­­­­­­Unexpected money came just when I thought I was financially depleted. It was enough to cover expenses. I think about and worry about money much much less. The program has lifted my self-confidence and I feel much lighter."

~ TL - USA

"Wanting to take care of my body. Listening to what I want and how I want to feel from my heart.
I'm getting compliments for the work I do. Now I realize I have receiving discounts. This program has helped me feel more relaxed."

~ CA - USA

"Received compliments on my artistic ability from two people and a compliment from another on my kindness. It had been a long while since I’ve received compliments."

~ C - USA

"Communication with partner slightly improved. Have come to actually see my reactions vs responses. I had a couple of blind spots finally reveal themselves to me. Facing the naked truth is quite a humbling experience. Feeling lighter afterwards. Much improvement inside me"

~ KN - UK

"Thank you Zeenat. It felt like I was listening to my soul sister. Very powerful and the light language connection was amazing. All the memories were re -integrated. I felt lighter and felt the shift almost immediately. Sending you infinite blessings and unconditional love from my soul"

~ JK - USA

"The Cosmic Coasters (self love and manifest) have worked great for me. I use he self love cosmic coaster to charge my morning water. It helps me feel grounded and good about myself.

The manifest cosmic coaster I have used for more focus intentions. I have a new home and a new car which manifested in less than 4 months. I have used this coaster too, to bring more peacefulness and new opportunities to my life.

I am overall very happy using the cosmic coasters.
Thank you for the work you do.
Many blessings to you"

~ CA - US

Includes everything in Package A & Package B Plus


Accelerated 30 Minute, Private 1:1 Session with Zeenat!

Value: $407

These are exclusively for the first 30 buyers only

Zeenat's Claircognizian abilities aid in perceiving and understanding her clients' obstacles, enabling profound clearing and release work for their progress in all areas of life. Through various modalities, she supports healing and personal growth. Her ultimate accomplishment in one-on-one sessions is empowering clients to utilize the tools she provides and work on assignments independently, fostering self-reliance and confidence.'

She helps and assists her clients:

  • Healing and attracting abundance
  • Satisfying careers with fresh opportunities
  • Welcoming financial freedom
  • Finding a life partner
  • Transitioning from stagnation to creation
  • Cultivating a healthy relationship with body and emotions
  • Letting go of grief and sorrow
  • Releasing Fear and Guilt hindering growth
  • Releasing Traumas from this or past lives
  • and more…

Calls can be conducted via Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Whatsapp. Feel free to record the call on your end for future listening.

Package C

Discount: 91%

Total Price $3516

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"The coasters are fabulous.Im feeling subtle changes in my awareness-Feel the changes are quite auric. Physically health is slowly improving.Water tastes better-Gave one to my Hubby-He has been noticing subtle changes -Improved self love,health is good.
Thank You "

~ RN - India

"Grounding/Prosperity and Trust coaster gives me a sense of direction and calm at work. I have noticed when I work with the coaster I seem to be going along with the flow with no resistance.

I use the Emotional Balance (EB) and Expression Coasters in my personal space while working (at my table) and relaxing (next to my bed).

The EB is like my creative booster and keeps my energy level high and with it coming into my space I have seen a positive shift with personal work opportunities and money.

Around a year back I would find it hard to speak for myself and find myself in situations where people would get the best of me and keep pushing till all healthy boundaries are crossed. I started using the Expression Coaster over a year back and I have seen that I have a stronger approach towards handling these issues. I have a sense that I'm connected with my higher self and receive guidance as to what needs to be said and done when in need."

~ SNK - Mumbai"

"I have been using Zeenat’s coaster grid for a few months now and it has definitely helped in bringing balance into my life, especially between masculine and feminine. I make sure to put a glass bottle on the grid and drink from it at least twice a day, morning and evening. Thank you Zeenat for introducing this simple yet miraculous Emotional Balance coaster into my life. Lots of love!"

~ S Ghate - Mumbai

"It is an honour and a privilege to know Ms.Zeenat Lakdawalla. Her creations are as awesome as she is. I have on my desk the coaster for the Healthy Relationship. It is the first thing that draws my attention the moment I sit at my desk. It has unlocked my creative capabilities in amazing ways.It is so incredibly beautiful that just looking at it gets me to a place of balance, greater peace and calm. Infinite loving gratitude to this amazing miracle worker and her magical creations."

~ BM India

"From the moment I received my Cosmic Coasters… I knew they were really special! The details that are encoded in these are just incredible! I immediately put my glass of water on one and some coins on the other… and within 24 hours the MAGIC BEGAN TO HAPPEN!!!!

A friend who had been paying me $50 a month for some furniture she bought from me just out of the blue sent me the balance of $900 the very NEXT DAY!!! I was SHOCKED… she didn’t tell me she would be doing this and I figured it would take her another 2 years to pay off this debt!!!!’’

I use these EVERY single day and I literally feel like I am floating on Cloud Nine!!! They REALLY are that powerful and now I want the entire collection to improve every aspect of my life!!! I was even thinking about giving some away as gifts this Holiday Season… who wouldn’t want a gift like this that brings Abundance into EVERY area of YOUR life?!?!?!?! Just Brilliant! Lots of Love to you Zeenat… Keep Creating, the World needs your gifts!"

~ TBB - Germany

"For the past few months, I have been in somewhat low spirits. And to add to that I have been facing tremendous and unexpected financial expenses/losses. Unexpected interest charges slapped towards a pending home payment we weren't aware of, booking a non-refundable flight ticket on the wrong travel date, 2 fraudulent charges on the credit cards, it just went on and on. I was getting tired, angry and frustrated which was causing a lot of stress and friction in the family as well.

Though I received this coaster from Zeenat a couple of months back, I didn't really use it. I had so much going on in my life or energy field, I just wasn't feeling inclined to try anything. But I had reached a low point last week and something came over me and I started to use the coaster. I was done with the negativity and desperately wanted a shift.

And shift it did! I can't even begin to explain what a tremendous amount of positivity has come over me. My negative thoughts were being replaced by positive ones. I could sense a vibrational change around me, people were being kinder, my daughter's admission abroad which was getting stretched and delayed finally came through, we found a beautiful house that we plan to move into, all this in a matter of 2 to 3 days!

Yesterday my driver dropped by and handed over a cheque of 30,000/- Indian rupees ($420) towards repayment of a loan we had lent him a few years ago! This was completely unexpected as we had decided to never demand it from him and to allow him as long as he needs to repay. And this was a pleasant surprise as all I faced the past few months were unexpected expenses and for the first time in YEARS I was receiving payment, that was NOT my salary 🙂

I am in awe of what this little tool has done to my life! You have to try it to believe it. Whether my lip balm makes it to my handbag or not, but this coaster is going with me everywhere!!

Zeenat, thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such an amazing tool for us! You are incredible! God bless you!"

~ NR - India

"After getting the Expressing with Ease coaster from Zeenat and having used it for over 4 months I can totally say that there is the substantial release of fear of not being able to stand for myself and express myself, I feel very comfortable using it and I have been noticing a continuous change in myself. I feel I am being heard and also I have started listening to myself, earlier I would do things to please others. All in all it has helped me practice mindful speech, action and deeds!"

~ MJ - India

"The coasters have definitely given the water a sense of purity and high vibe. I am eager to start writing intentions and potentising them on the coasters, also. And to experiment with healing for an issue or someone else in need."

~ UM -Japan

"I purchased several coasters including the relationship coaster, I charge water for my husband and me, and I have noticed we talk more affectionately and express our love and gratitude to each other more than ever. I personally engage with others in a more gentle compassionate yet strong and self-assured manner since using the coaster every day. The heart chakra coaster was my first purchase and it has absolutely calmed me and energised a deep feeling of peace and safety when I drink my water on this coaster I use this one specifically for our transmissions and at night .

The stress release coaster sits on my desk, I drink this while I’m writing to clients, and on my big workload days I feel supported and confident to get through any work issues or energies I’m clearing from the spaces I work on.

I love my Ganesh Grid like it’s a parent , it sits next to my bed, I hold it against my heart when it calls me I feel it speaking to me like a loving mother giving me courage and guidance and it’s always part of my crystal grid work. I have a picture of it on my screen saver so I see it everyone I use my phone it’s a wise , powerful protective presence in our lives ( I’ve said our cause I feel my husband is also being helped without knowing it as it’s on full display and has a real presence in our home.

Thank you Zeenat meeting you has been one of the most sacred and powerful healing times in my life you have opened my potential to expand and be in my highest joy and self appreciation than any other modality I’ve experienced, light language speaks to my deepest self and was a missing piece to my remembrance.

I can honestly say I love you and all you’ve brought into my awareness
Thank you thank you thank you"

~ SC - Australia

"I must say that those Coasters are a God Send! Slowly slowly they have been addressing and refining so many of my set backs. They have helped me get to the Core of a problem and somehow it gets sorted without me dilrectly helping work it all out. I think this work is done subtly and quietly so my mind does not get iln the way too much. These coasters have altered all of my actions, words, thoughts and deeds moving me forward with solutions to many daily troubles. I am responding much much more and very little reacting these days. Each coaster does what it says it will do.

The self esteem for example has removed my doubts regarding my value to this life,- this world -with what I have to offer as me . If i am belittled by someone, it washes over me. Whereas before this help from the Coaster I would be continually crushed by the judgement and meanness coming from people. The different Coasters also have helped me understand why this activity is coming from people Why they behave the way they do and that it is not their fault. I would wish everyone out there to get these Coasters as it is a bilg step up on the Healing, Neutralising and Releasing Ladder. Bless you"

~ K - UK

"I am using the Cosmic Coaster for quite a while now and can confirm that my energy level more and more stabilized especially during and after my Covid infection. I do have a way to go and I am very grateful that I was able to discover this tool."

~ CB - Germany

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